Wow, two girlfriends... I thought to myself while walking on my way home. The wind blew through my hair, as if to remind it that fall is on its way. How many girlfriends does one need to be satisfied? I asked myself. I opened the door to find my grandmother watching her favorite T.V show called "Love and Scars". I sat next to her, for at least 2 minutes without a word. She finally noticed me when it went on to commercials. 'Hey Artie, how was school?', she asked. 'Ehh it was good'. 'That's nice to hear, but why so late?'. I thought about what I saw just a half hour ago, 'Well I ran out of pencils so I went to the store to buy a pack', I said, leaving out what I had seen of Angelo. 'Well you could have just told me Artie, I would have bought them for you earlier, you know being out this late can lead to many dangers'. 'It's okay grandma I didn't want to bot-', 'Oh SSSHHH SHHH it's starting!', she said interrupting me and pointing at the T.V. I laughed and patted her shoulder, and made my way to my room. I layed in my bed organizing my thoughts. I then remembered about Angelo's letter...

I shuffled through my back pack looking for the letter. I found it and opened it carefully as if it were to be a valuable posession which is quite stupid. I began reading:

"My life.... to be honest my life is good enough. If I had a chance to change it, I wouldn't change a single thing. I am half Italian, as most people figured out since the name Angelo isn't really popular around here. I have friends that are at an okay level, the only differences between me and them are that I care about my education, I have respect for everyone whether small or big, or dark or light. I have a girlfriend who I care about very much (HA! Oh most certainly). But although I have all these great things, I am still looking for that small piece of my life that brings happiness to me."

Likes: Writing, Soccer, and Onion Rings

Dislikes: Bossiness, Gossipers, and Criticism

Hmmm surprising that he didn't put "ESPECIALLY Homo/Bisexuals" on dislikes. Although what really caught my attention was the piece of life that brought him happiness. But I knew better than to put anyone on the spot like that, so Instead I wrote on how "interesting" was the fact that he liked onion rings. I finished writing my paper and went to bed.

As I enter school I see Randy flashing that big smile he always has at me, I make my way to our morning hangout spot, and like every other morning Meggan is sitting in between Randys legs and saying 'sweet' things to eachother, I'm not the sensitive type, so work with me here, it's hard to say sweet. 'Hey Carter', Meggan spoke up first. 'Hi', I simply said. 'So, what are you up to today?', Randy asked. 'Same ole' things I always do', I said. 'Well are you going to Sabrinas halloween party this weekend?', Meggan asked. 'Uhh I don't think so, since I wasn't invited', I told her. She suddenly did a face that showed she regret telling me about it. 'Well, maybe she'll invite you later on today', Randy said. 'Well I guess we'll see now wont we?', I said, 'but I gotta go to my classes now'. I entered first period and of course, the nightmare was still sitting behind me, but thankfully Lisa came today, so I won't have Angelo as any kind of partner. 'So I want to start the class off by reading the reflections we gave about our classmates', Ms.Gwen said, 'So, who wants to volunteer?', Alice went first... Which was no surprise since that girl loves the attention. It kept going and going until the whole class participated. When it was my turn I decided to add more to what I had planned, I said what most people said about eachothers letters anyways. Ms.Gwen let Angelo go last since he was new and probably didnt know how the class worked quite yet. Angelo went up infront of the classroom and I was begging to god, the seven winds, and any other belief that brought good to us that he wouldn't embarrass me...

He looked at the class for a minute. Then began reading, 'what I like about Carters letter is.... well... everything..', my eyes almost fell out, my jaw almost landed hard on the ground, was I actually hearing this or was I just so desperate on wanting not to be embarrassed by him. 'I feel as if he wrote the letter with all his feelings, and as if he was being truthful in it.', I sat there speechless... and here I was thinking he was going to make me suffer. Ms.Gwen told him to take a seat, and soon after that the bell rang. I had the urge to tell him thanks, and like the doofus that I am, I did just that. 'Hey, Angelo... I just wanted to thank you for...', 'I only did it to make a good impression ont he teacher and for my grade.', he told me, and with that he took off before I could reply. I hated myself for never telling him anything back. Right after that Sabrina came with an orange envelope, it was an invatation to her halloween party. Well, looks like I'll have to buy my costume...

(P.S Now that I've heard that the chapters are too small, I'll try making the next chapters longer. Thanks for the feedback!)



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