It's been a month and a half since Gray and I have been going out. And I must admit, I've enjoyed those days. Angelo has stopped working for me... or my grandmother if I may say. Maybe it was for the best anyway. As for Randy, ever since he found out that Gray and I were going out, he has tried to hang out with me more. But out of the 45 times hes asked to hang out, I've only accepted once. With the exception of today. We only agreed on meeting up today since Gray was going on a one week vacation.

'You sure you don't want to come?', Gray asked. 'Positive. You need your time with your family.', I told him. 'I wish I had a choice to stay.', Gray said pulling me in for a hug. 'But you know that this trip is important for you and your family.', I told him. 'Ugh, I know... But trust me, it wont be fun at all without you.', he says brushing my cheeks with his fingers. I smile and kiss him deeply. I kissed him as if he was leaving forever, when he was really leaving for a week to his sisters wedding who lived in Miami. 'Gray, time to go hun.', his mom shouted from inside the car. 'Coming!', he shouted back. 'Don't forget me alright?', he said with a satisfying smile. 'I wont', I told him giving him one last kiss on his cheek. He got in the car and waved until he drove off...

I felt like going home and thinking about Gray until he comes back. But I had already told Randy I would hang out with him today. I made my way to Randy's house. Hoping this week would end quick...

I opened the door to his house, which is what we did when we were best friends. But are we best friends now? I went upstairs to his bedroom. I knocked on his door, and he almost immediately opened the door. 'Hey Randy.', I say, trying to sound cheerful. 'Hey Carter...', he kept his eyes on me. 'Well, are we going to keep staring at eachother like owls, or what?', I said avoiding his eyes. 'Nope.', he said, and waved me in his room. 'So, what do you have planned?', I asked as I hopped on his bed making myself at home. I didn't want things to be awkward between us. 'Well I was thinking about watching a movie.', he said. 'Alright.', I tell him. 'Ill go get the popcorn.', he says looking at me strangely.

Thankfully, the movie that we watched was a horror movie, and not a romance one. Once the movie finished, we started talking about school and old memories. Then it grew silent. 'So... hows your relationship with Gray so far?', Randy asked trying to sound normal. But the awkwardness in his voice gave him away. 'It's great. He left to Miami for a week though. It's his sisters wedding.', I tell him. 'Oh.', he says. A while later he brought it back up. 'Hey, don't you ever get the feeling that he's probably cheating on you while he's away?', he asks. 'Not really... I trust him.', I tell him. 'You guys have only been going out for... what?... 2 months?', he says. 'Yeah... what's your point?', I tell him. 'That you can't trust a person so quickly.', he says. 'Oh I can... and I do.', I say getting frusturated. 'Oh come on Carter, with a body like he has, do you really think he's not cheating on you?', Randy said. 'Thats it...', I say getting up from his bed.

'Where are you going?', he asks. 'Home... I tried communicating with you... but it's like talking to a troll.', I say opening the door. 'Well i'm speaking facts! You can't trust anyone so easily!', He snaps. 'YES I CAN! AND I DO!', I shout. 'Well fine! If you want to look like a fool, go ahead!', he says. My anger takes over, and next thing I know, I swing my fist at him...

He quickly backs up and grabs my arm. I miss. He pulls me and I wait for a punch in my face... instead I feel a warm feeling against my lips. I open my eyes to see Randy kissing me! I quickly break up the kiss... I swing my fist, this time hitting him on his cheek. He pulls me in again for another kiss... this time I dont break away. I was completely paralyzed. Every single bone in my body froze. Randy is the one that breaks the kiss, he hugs me and breathes on my neck. I didn't want to let him go... 'maybe I just missed Gray', I told myself. We stay hugging eachother for quite a while. 'Why are you doing this Randy?', I whisper with a shaky voice. 'I don't know... I have no idea what's wrong with me.', he says breathing heavily.

'Well, whats the deal?', I asked confused. 'I think I might have a crush on you.', he said hugging me tighter by the minute. I sighed. A few months ago I would have thrown up my heart after him saying that. But now, I felt more pity for him rather than love. 'Randy...', I said giving a deep breath. We broke from the hug. He looked down. 'Look at me.', I demanded. His body trembled, as if he was afraid of me. 'Randy, look at me.', I repeated. He still looked down. I grabbed his face with my hands gently and made him face me. 'Listen, the thought of you having a crush on me would have been amazing months ago. But I have a boyfriend now... and you have a girlfriend. I can't just dump Gray like nothing. I love Gray... and I'm sure you love Dakota too.', I caress his face, smooth and warm. I see a tear run down his face... which really surprised me since I have NEVER seen Randy cry. Not even when he broke up with Meggan.

I wiped his tear with my thumb. 'Oh Randy, please don't cry.', I pleaded. And just like that, he stopped. I hugged him one last time. 'Can we still be friends?', I asked while hugging him. 'If that's what it takes to be close to you.', he whispered in my ear. His warm breath in my ear sent shivers down my spine. I broke up the hug. 'I have to go', I told him. 'Are you gonna be okay?', I asked. 'It's all good. I'll probably go visit Dakota right now.', he said forcing a smile. I smiled back. I closed his door and immediately frowned. Why the hell did he do this? Why now? Why not months ago? The questions filled my head and I felt streams of tears coming down.

How the hell was I going to tell Gray that Randy and I kissed...



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