..."And that is why I want to be in the running team." He looked at me with a blank face. The running team leader Todd was interviewing me to see if I had the "spirit" for it, and by the looks of it, I don't think im even getting a chance to run! "Carter" He said with a sigh. "Carter, Carter, Carter...... You want a spot in the team, yet you give me lame reasons". I knew it, same old wanna-be-perfect Todd from freshman year, nothing's changed, except his long nose that grew about 2 inches more since then. "Well do I get a spot or not",I asked half annoyed. "What do you think?" He asked.

"So that dick said no?!", my best friend Randell asked heatedly. "Well he asked me what I thought, but I think he knew that I wasn't confident with myself either." He cursed Todd under his breath. Randell, or as i call him for short, Randy, is my best friend, and he has been since middle school. He and I were like two peas in a pod. He has darkish brown hair, golden brown eyes, and a bit of a trimmed beard. Even though im bisexual i am not and was never attracted to Randy in a sexual way. Although, lets just say, he is not ugly. Oh hell! Lets just say he is the hottest and cutest guy in school. But yet, I never thought about him more than I had to, nor have I dreamed of him. He was simply my best friend. He, like every person in this world, knows im bisexual. I score both ways, so what? That's exactly what he said when he found out and boy was I glad he took that calmly, although he does seem to distance a bit farther when we sit close together. "So what are you gonna do now?" His deep yet smooth voice interrupted my thoughts. " I dont know" I groaned, "How am I supposed to get to college without atleast joining an after school program."... "Have you tried out for leadership?" He asked while flexing his oh-so-big biceps. "They're all filled up" I said whining. "Hey! How about cheerleading!." I punched him on his shoulder and we both laughed. "Oh im sorry, i forget that mr.popularity can't be seen cheerleading because it would totally ruin his reputation." He said sarcastically. I guess he was kind of right, I was sort of popular, but he was definetely more popular than me. There is never a time I can catch him by himself. "But seriously, what am I going to do Randy? Urrgghhh Stupid Todd!!" I expected for him to just nod his head or whatever but instead he looked up at me with a smile. An oh-so-perfect smile (lets just say hes perfect). "I know a team that hasn't filled up yet!" I let out a sigh of relief, "Phew, thank geezus". "The soccer team!", he said still smiling. I spoke too soon. I...HATED...SOCCER.

"Ugh, why are you doing this to me?" I said whining (Yes, i whine half the time, get used to it). "Hey, do you want to be accepted easier to college?" Randy asked. "Yes, but.." "No, enough with excuses, its for your own good Carter." I hate it when he's right... "Ooo gotta go bro, ill be late for football practice, good luck!". And with that I was all alone. "Carter, what's up!" I saw my buddy Darren calling me from behind a table. "What can I do for you today my funky man"... "Well, believe it or not, im here to join the soccer team." He nearly choked on the water he was drinking. "But you HATE soccer", he said (Told you i was popular). I explained to him what happened and what I was planning. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess it is kind of urgent." I nodded my head. "Alright, you convinced me, lets go talk to coach and who knows, he might just let you play right now."... "Oh wait! You have to sign in so we can know who comes in and goes out". He lend me his pen, i was writing my name when I took notice of the name above mine, "Angelo Reed", greeeaat, just great, the schools most conceited, arrogant, asshole and agressive student was here. Remember when I said Randy may be the hottest kid in school, I lied, Angelo is not only hot, he is athletic, cocky, and smart. But aside from those nice things I told you, come the bad things as well (scroll back up if you missed them). His hair is brown, its like a mix of dark brown with light brown, it was as if he had highlights (I've stared at him enough to know that he doesn't). His eyes were gray, he was lightly tanned like a peanut butter color, and he was fit, biceps, six pack, muscular thighs, and that all fit perfectly well with his straight toothed smile.... Now you may be wondering how I know all of this, and it's because i stare him down every day just because I hate him that much. Honest!, but there was a time that Angelo sort of noticed me. But i'll tell you that later.

"All set?" ,Darren asked. We entered the field.

Guess what... I got accepted! No surprise since that jackass judges by physical appearance, which is why I qualified for it. I have black hair, as black as a never ending hole, I have marble green eyes, a six pack, but aside from that my thighs aren't very muscular like Randy or Angelo , and I guess we can say my biceps aren't "fully grown" (Har Har laugh it out). Anyways, im starting practice tomorrow. Well, since im home and at peace. I guess i'll tell you my little incident with Angelo now.

It was the first day of our junior year. We all basically knew eachother already, so it wasn't all that nerv-wrecking, our teacher Mrs.Swatt was apparently one of those teachers that like introducing new kids in the school. Our school wasn't exactly a big school, so the teachers knew a new kid when they saw one. "Class, settle down, I want you to meet a new student at our school, this is Angelo Reed." The girls practically drooled when they saw him. And boys... and by boys, I mean me, but at that time nobody knew I was bisexual. He was sooo hot! Sooo perfect! Sooo!!.... "Carter Huffman",I heard Mrs.Swatt blurt out. "Huh?" I was brought back to reality. I saw Angelo make his way next to me, where an empty chair remained. OH MY LIFE! HE'S SITTING NEXT TO ME! I tried not to show my excitedness. "Hey", he said smiling. I was speechless. I finally regained my breath and said hi. We didn't talk all that much, but every now and then he'd ask me questions about certain pre-calc problems. It was all good through half of the school year, until I came out of the closet,





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