I was expecting for the break up between Gray and I to be a bit more emotional for me. But right now, half of my mind was upset, while the other felt kind of glad. I felt guilty right away. I wanted to hide under a rock and never come out. But I knew I had to settle things between us.

I grabbed my black jacket and went outside. I immediately noticed the black puffy clouds covering the blue sky. Better hurry up before it rains, I thought. The walk to Grays house seemed forever. Probably because of how nervous I was about talking to him. The butterflies in my stomach started multiplying as I got closer to his house. The big black gate made it even more fearful. I open the gate and take in a deep breath. As soon as I take a step in I feel my head bump with someone elses. I look up to find him looking at me straight in the eyes. 'Gray!', I almost shout. 'Hey.', he says taking a pair of blue headphones off his head. 'Listen... we have got to talk.', I say avoiding his gaze. 'Okay', he says quietly. To be honest, I was expecting a 'theres-nothing-to-talk-about.', so I really hadn't prepared anything to talk about.

He closed the gate behind him. 'Walk with me', he said as he started walking. 'Where are we going?', I ask. 'I don't know, I was thinking of taking a walk to forget what happened yesterday.', he says. 'Yeah... about that... I'm really sorry.', I say not knowing what exactly to say. 'No biggie, besides, atleast you were being honest.', he says. 'But I shouldn't have done it anyways...', I say beginning to feel my throat tighten up of emotion. 'Carter... I didn't break up with you for kissing them... I broke up with you because you have feelings for ONE of them.', he says. I was speechless once again, ashamed that it was true. 'You don't have to say anything, but you more than me know its true.', he said. We walked in silence for a few minutes. 'So... whats going to happen now?', I break the silence. 'What do you mean?', he asks. 'I mean, whats gonna happen between us? You and me?', I ask. 'Well if you mean like... friends.... then...', he doesn't finish his words... he's deciding whether to be friends or not. 'Well... I guess we can make that work', he said giving me a sincere smile. The urge to hug him was too much to control, so I wave my arms out and give him a tight hug. He lets out a deep sigh. 'I'm glad we're friends.', I whisper to him.

I walk home with a warm feeling. Thankfully, Gray and I can still be friends. I arrive home to find a surprise sitting outside the door. 'What are you doing here?', I tell Randy roughly. 'I heard you and Gray were having problems.', he says. News sure travels fast. 'Well for your information, yes, we had problems... so we broke up.', I said grumpily. 'Do I have to ask why?', he said giving a tight frown. I shook my head, too mad at him to answer, too mad at ME to answer. 'I'm really sorry..', he said gazing at the floor. 'It's okay...', I say. 'I also wanted to ask you something... although you'll probably punch me in the face for asking.', he said chuckling nervously. 'Umm... will... will you be my... boyfriend?', he said shuffling his feet on the floor. 'Randy... I told you already, me and you can only remain friends.', I say annoyingly.


'NO BUTS!', I interrupt him.

'Now if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere else to go.', I say jogging quickly to the park. I don't hate Randy at this moment, I just need time to think. I go straight to my swing and start thinking about things. Grays words pop in my mind again, *I didn't break up with you for kissing them... I broke up with you because you have feelings for ONE of them.*, but who was the ONE?... I stop rocking the swing as I try to figure this all out. It isn't until I feel a strong push that my thoughts fade. 'Why did I have the feeling that I would find you here?', Angelo says softly. 'I have no idea', I say facing forward as he rocks the swing. 'Waiting for Hannah?', I ask him. 'Nope, just here to accompany you.'... that woke me up from my love spell. 'Listen Angelo... I didn't-', 'I know, I know, you didn't mean to make out with me.', he said it as if it was a daily routine. He stopped rocking the swing and held me steady in place. '...but, I did.', he said giving a cocky smile. 'Angelo, I-'... 'AND, I broke up with Hannah.', he said leaning in from behind the swing. 'Angelo, I'm not going out with you!', I say loud and clear. 'I figured... but that wont stop me from trying.', he said. I stand up and back away from him. 'Well you better try hard... because as of now, you're not succeeding.', I say frusturated. I start making my way home, leaving Angelo behind. What is it with these jerks?!

- One week later -

As much as I have tried to avoid Angelo and Randy, they keep coming like lost puppies. My phone is filled with messages, from both Angelo and Randy. I dont reply to either. The rain grows louder by the hour. I stay inside watching movies with two blankets covering my entire body. I could stay like this forever, I think. I hear a knock on the door. Doesn't my grandmother have a key? Why does she have to knock? I drag myself out of the couch and open the door. To my surprise, it's Randy. Randy without a raincoat, Randy soaked in water everywhere, Randy with a beautiful, but beaten down with water rose. His voice shakes as he talks, 'Will you be mine, Mr.Huffman?', he says gulping hard. His hand offering me the rose. I take the rose from him, 'Yes...', I say. His eyes widen. 'Did you j-just say...?', he trails off. I nod my head and smile. 'Yes! I'll be your boyfriend!'...



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