I probably seem desperate, but at that time it felt like Randy was the one. The one that made my heart skip two beats everytime he came across me. The one whom I have traded Gray for. I was sure of it!... Anyways, that night he told me he broke up with Dakota. He told me the journey of feelings he went through to discover the feelings he actually had for me. He said that he felt kind of weird about it at first, since I was his best friend and all. We hugged for a very long time... just there... sitting on the couch. And I'll even admit... I slept happier than a kitten with a ball of yarn that night!

'Artie! Kim is here!', my grandmother shouts from downstairs. Already? I haven't even had a chance to take a shower yet! I hear my door knob turn. 'Well well well, look what we have here', Kim says crossing her arms on her chest.

'Fuck off, I fell asleep again.', I say getting up from bed slower than a snail. 'Let me take a quick shower and i'll be right with you.'

'Oh great, another hour of waiting.', she said with a whiney voice. I gave her a mad look. She sighed, 'just hurry up okay?'

I had called Kim to come over earlier on today only for the fact my graduation was just 2 days away, and I needed someones opinion on what to wear. So of course I had to call her. Even though she is a bit too honest, honesty is what I need at this point.

The shower did me good, I was wide awake after. I go downstairs to find Kim. I'm shocked to see her helping my grandmother cook breakfast! Ha! And here I was thinking she had no other skill than fashion. 'Goodmorning.', I say to both. They say good morning back in unison. 'So Kim, how much do you think we'll spend today?', I ask taking a bite out of a green apple.

'Well, lets see, something for the graduation ceremony... I'd say about $150, plus something for the after party, $50 counting jeans and shirt, oh and lets not forget shoes! Plus $45 more!', she calculates the math in her head. 'That will be $245 in total.'

I stare at her until she catches my glance. 'But... I guess we can get shoes at a cheaper price, $20 maybe?', she asks unsure if I like the deal or not. 'And I have a pair of jeans that I've only worn once.', I say. Kim calculates the math in her head. 'Great! That cuts it down to about $175?', she asks again making sure i'm okay with it. However, i'm still a bit bugged about it.

'It's okay Artie, I'll pay for it.', my grandmother adds. She says taking a box out from underneath the sink. She opens it, a bunch of benjamins are spread. My eyes widen, 'Geez grandma, where did that come from?', I ask gazing at the amount of money in it. There was definitely more than $245 in there. 'Well, before your parents left, they gave me this box... they told me to use it when it was necessary, specifically mentioning school supplies, clothing, and well pretty much anything.'

This was news to me. Never have I ever heard of my parents doing something for me. I mean, besides writing a few letters to me. And here I was thinking that they left me and my grandmother isolated, without any help whatsoever.

'Ohhh Artie, did you really think your parents would just leave us here flat busted?', she says as if reading my mind.

I nod my head. 'Don't think they went away for their own personal benefit, they do it for you.', she says taking some money out and handing it over to me. I realized how right she was. I smile and push the money in her hand away from my face. 'It's okay grandma, i'll pay for it, I have some money saved up.', I tell her. 'Nonsense! Save your responsibilty for college. Here take it.', she says giving me the money. I smirk and give her a tight hug.

Hmmm, college. Now that she mentions it, I haven't even thought of college. Of course Randy and I applied to the same college. But what was going to be left of my grandmother? My thoughts were interrupted by Kim pulling me by my arm. 'Alright, let's go already before all the stores close!', she exclaimed.

I told Kim to pick up Randy before we go. And of course she ordered me to tell her the latest story. 'Geez Louise! Weren't you just going out with that hunk with gorgeous eyes?', she asked referring to Gray. 'Well yeah.. but it didn't quite work out.', I tell her. She shakes her head and honks.

Randy comes out looking hotter than ever. Or maybe it's just me? His green colored shirt, despite the tightness, accommodated really well on his body, making him look fit. His smile once he saw me was heart melting. Kim sighed, 'too bad he's my friends son.', I heard her mumble before lowering the passanger window. Randy pokes his head inside, 'hey Kim', he says giving her a short wave. 'Hey you', he says locking his eyes on me and giving me a minute long kiss. I blush. 'Hmm not used to it yet huh?', he says placing his forehead against mine. 'Don't worry, you will soon.', he says getting on the car.

On our way, Randy tells us how he came out to his mother. According to him, she knew all along that he had a thing for me. Which made me blush even more!

'Tux or suit?', I ask Kim. She takes time to analyze them. 'I say tux... what about you Randy?', she asks him. 'Tux', he immediately responds. 'So we can look like partners, friends, boyfriends', he says putting his hands around my waist. He gives me a quick kiss. 'Hmm so you're wearing a tux too?', Kim asks. Randy nods his head. 'Alright, let me go try it on.', I say carrying the tux on my arm.

Kim heads to the cashier to ask what room is empty. Meanwhile, Randy takes the time to hug me. The feeling of his body against mine was relaxing. It's like if we connected. The relaxing feeling doesn't last long when I see Angelo glaring at me. My eyes widen, I shouldn't be surprised since he appears almost everywhere I go, but I still am. Thankfully, Randy isn't looking this way. 'Number 5', Kim breaks our eye lock. 'Huh?', I blurt out. 'Dressing room 5', she repeats.

I enter room 5 with my tux in my hand. 'You sure you don't want your boyfriend to help you out with that?', Kim asks smirking while looking at Randy. Randys face turns red as he chuckles. I shake my head and laugh too. I close the door and immediately focus on the mirror infront of me, I don't even bother looking around the room. I admire my legs and thighs first, congratulating myself for how good I've been doing at taking care of them. I move on to focus on my upper body above the waist. I take off my shirt, revealing an 8 pack. 'Good Job Carter', I tell myself. It's not until I analyze my face that I realize that someone is behind me...

Angelo quickly places his hand on my mouth, tightening it as hard as he can. Which was very smart of him since I started screaming at the top of my lungs. I remove his hand from my face. 'What the hell are you doing here?!', I say breathing heavily.

'Buying a tux... and found you on my search.', he said smirking. My frusturation quickly turns into anger. 'So... Why didn't you tell me that you and Randy are dating?', he said not caring if he was loud. I quickly shush him.

'That's none of your business! Now get the hell out of here!', I whisper. He grins. 'Okay', he says. Of course he would be fine with that, Randy was outside. 'No No No!', I say quickly grabbing his arm and pulling him back from the door. 'Mmmm you don't want me to leave?', he said cockily. 'No! I mean... Yes!... I mean.. Ugh!', I say slapping my forehead. He pushes me to the opposite wall of the mirror.

'What the hell are you doing?', I ask, yet I know exactly what he is doing. He rips my shirt open and brushes his hands around my chest. 'Helping you undress', he said winking at me. Before I could refuse to anything, his lips touched mine. His tongue explores my mouth. He pulls my jeans down. Luckily I come to my senses and push him away. 'Everything okay in there?', I hear Kim ask. Its my turn to cover Angelos mouth. 'Uhh Yeah... I'm just- WOAH!', I blurt out when I feel Angelo slip his hand in my brief and tug my now hardened meat. I can feel him giggle on my hand. Was everything a joke to him?

'Are you sure everything is okay Carter?', Randy asks. I can't help but moan, Angelos hand is like fire to my cock. He starts pulling it. I quickly snatch his hand away and pull my jeans up. I barely have time to put on my shirt when I hear the door knob turn. 'Done!', I shout closing the door behind me. I don't dare look back. 'Fits perfectly', I chuckle nervously.

I buy the tux and we head to buy the rest of the stuff. The whole day I think of Angelo. I was angered by what he did. Ugh, how could he do that after he knew I was dating Randy. I remembered I had his phone number and decided to call him once I got home. I quickly went to my room and closed the door.

'Hello?', he answers. Hearing his voice makes me even more angry. 'Why the fuck did you do that you disgusting bastard!!?', I yell at him. 'Hey to you too Carter', he said sarcastically.

'Don't hey me you stupid dick, I asked you a question...', I say, charged up.

'To show you that i'm still attracted to you.', he said.

'Well I don't need you to show me anything, I have a boyfriend to spoil me when it's needed.', I say.

'That's not what you said earlier on.', he said laughing. I'm definitely mad now. I realize I wouldn't get anywhere with non stop yelling. So I put on my serious voice.

'Listen Angelo, I have a boyfriend now. Someone that I actually love. Not just a toy like yourself, but someone with a true and honest heart. So please, if you truly want a serious relationship ... grow up and leave me and Randy alone.'

I click on him without waiting for a reply. He doesn't call back. 'Good', I say to myself. This is how it should be... Me and Randy as far away as possible from Angelo....

(Hey guys, it's me again. Based on the comments, it looks like i'm making a second part to this story. The first part will officially end in the next chapter [Chapter 24]. HOWEVER, I need time to oraganize and think through the second part of "A Kick To The Heart", so that will take some time. Not to worry! I will be starting a fresh new story after finishing this one, please look forward to my new storyline, 'The Rules of Friendship'. - Robbie)



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