*Beep! Beep! Beep!*, the sound of my alarm woke me up. 'Why the hell are you waking me up?!', I yelled at the alarm clock. I looked at my calendar... three more days of vacation. 'Stupid alarm clock', I gave it menacing eyes, as if it was alive and hated me. I got comfortable inside my bed sheets again... *RIIIIING*, I heard my phone all the way across my room. 'Why does time hate me!?!'... I whined. I grouchily threw my sheets and stomped all the way to where my phone was. Without even looking to see who was calling, I answered the phone with one of my worst attitudes. 'WHAT!?', I shouted. 'Uhh.... Hi to you to.', Randy answered. 'Oh.... Randy... Sorry it's just that my alarm clock got me mad, and then my phone rang, and so I had to run and get it and so forth.', it took me a while to hear how insane that sounded. 'Well... I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go to the park... I have something big to tell you!', he told me with an excited tone.

'Sure. Why not.', I accepted his request. 'I mean it's only 7am, not like if I was sleeping or anything.', I mumbled sarcastically. 'You said something?', he asked. 'No, I was just... talking to my grandmother.', I told him. We ended the conversation. I took a quick shower and made my way out.

'Where ya' headed Artie?', my grandmother called from the kitchen. 'Just to the park, with Randy.', I told her. She raised an eyebrow, 'at seven in the morning? You rarely even breathe at this time.'

I laughed. 'Well, I was wide awake for some reason... so I figured It wouldn't kill me to go.' She finished off her coffee and started getting ready for work. 'Okay, but hurry back, I dont want Angelo to think we are ignoring him by not being here.', she said as she put on a hair net. I wish I could help my grandmother out... but work is incredibly hard to find now in days, especially for a seventeen year old. I put my warm dark blue sweater on, and made my way to the park.

I found Randy in a park bench. He seemed happy. He was looking around like if he was glad that he was alive after some sort of accident. 'Carter!', he shouted when he finally got a glimpse of me. I walked towards him, 'Hey', I simply said. 'So what's the big news?', I asked as curious as a monkey. He showed a big smile. 'Well you know that girl that we saw moving in across the street?', he asked. 'Yeah.. what about her?', I asked. He gave me a face that told me all I had to know. 'You...?', he nodded his head as if he understood what I meant. 'And she...?' He nodded his head again. 'Can you believe it?!', he exclaimed happier than ever. I didn't understand why I felt so shocked... It was abvious that she would accept going out with Randy. 'Congratulations.', I tried sounding as supporting and cheerful as possible, but failed when Randy gave a long stare at my face expression. 'You don't really seem happy about it.', he said concerned about me. 'I am...

it's just that i'm not really a morning person so i'm kind of lazy right now.'

'Okay, if it helps you sleep at night..', he said giving a heavy sigh. 'Randy, why would I have a problem with you dating her?', I asked him. 'I don't know, you tell me.', he answered. 'No, I wont tell you because I dont have a problem with it!', I told him starting to get grumpy. 'Oh really? Because I was really looking forward to blabbering to you about her.', he said obviously trying to get me pissed. I wondered if he knew that I had a crush on him. According to him however, he thinks I get upset over the fact that he doesn't spend enough time with me. 'Well go ahead! Blabber!', I told him reassuring him that nothing was wrong. 'Well for starters her name is Dakota...', he looked at me to see If I was keeping up. 'Go on', I told him. 'Well, she turned 18 about two days ago. She said that this was her surprise from her parents. She hated it at first, but she says that shes starting to get used to L.A anyway.'

'So where does she come from?', I asked him. 'She says she came from North Dakota.'....'That's funny, her name and the state are the same.', I realized how rude I said it. 'Yeah, she struggled to tell me her name at first for that reason, she thought it was stupid, I told her that such a beautiful name suited her.', his eyes sparkled as he remembered her. I felt my blood boil of jealousy. I couldn't help it! I was madly in love with Randy. 'Well I have to go and wait for Ang-... I mean... a family friend.', I remembered that Randy didn't know Angelo was working at my house. 'Alright... oh before you go! I wanted to ask you if you want to go to the movies.', he told me. 'Sure', I said, happy that he still wasn't forgetting me for Dakota. 'Oh, and Dakota will be accompanying us.', he shouted before he left. Urrrgghhh!! What the hell! They got together today and already made plans for a movie tonight? If I would have known that she would be coming with us

I would have made up an excuse NOT to go with them. I walked home hating life more than ever at this point.

By the time I got home, drops of rain started hitting the pavement. I ran inside avoiding any drop to fall on my hair. I checked the house to see if my grandma was still here. After realizing that she wasn't home, I sat, read a book, and waited patiently for Angelo. After a while, I heard a loud thunder roar followed by heavy rain. Hmm... with this weather i'm almost positive that Angelo is not coming. I was deciding on going to Randys house early, when I heard two hard knocks. I opened the door and found a soaked Angelo...

'Woah, did you dive into a pool on your way here?', I laughed loudly. 'Ha-Ha', he gave a sarcastic laugh. I welcomed him in. 'I actually thought you weren't gonna come.', I told him. 'I always keep my word... whether its raining or snowing.', he said. 'Blah blah blah whatever, just get to work.', I told him. 'Alright, I'll be outside if you need me.', he said. 'What!? Uh no..', I refused to letting Angelo work outside. 'Why? The rain isn't all that bad.', he protested. 'Okay tough guy, but I dont want you to wet the floors, so therefore you wont work...', I told him. He looked around the house. 'Well... I can work on that.', he said, pointing at a crack on the wall. 'You sure you just don't want to just go back home?', I asked. 'I didn't come here just to get sent back Carter.', he answered. 'Fine... just try not to get the floors too wet.', I instructed him. 'Don't worry, I have that taken care of.', he assured me. I went to the basement and got

some tools I found. 'Well, did you get dry enough Ang-..... Why are you naked?', I blurted out as I saw Angelo.

'So I wont get your floors wet.', he said. He was shirtless and had some dry shorts on. He stood barefoot on a chair fixing the crack on the wall. 'Talk about making yourself at home.', I said uncomfortably. 'Well... do you want your floors wet?', he convinced me. 'Whatever, just do what you gotta do.', I told him grumpily. 'Hmm someones not in the mood...', he said while working. 'Oh you haven't noticed? Everytime I have to look at you, my mood goes sour.', I told him with no sort of sorrow. 'Ouch... that hurt.', he laughed. He obviously didn't care. I let out a deep sigh. 'But seriously, what's been up with you lately?', he asked. 'Nothing that concerns you.', I told him sourly once again. 'Ahh, love problems I see.', he responded yet still focusing on his working. How the hell did he know. 'Lets remember that everyone at school likes me with the exception... of you.', he said. 'Girls and guys always come for me for advice or to let their feelings out.', he said proudly. 'Ugh, I wouldn't tell you my problems if my life depended on it.', I kept my anger flowing. He laughed while reaching the ceiling to cover the crack, I couldn't help but notice his back, muscular and how it moved while he stretched. 'So... who's the girl?.... or boy.', he asked. 'Someone', I blurted out of frusturation. 'That isn't specific enough.', he responded immediately. 'What does the sex matter?', I asked. 'Well both have different feelings ye know?', he said. 'If I tell you, will you stop bothering me?', I asked almost pleading. 'Sure, why not.', he said. 'Okay... so there's this... person.. that I like. And this person found another person... and they are now together. The thing is, I still like that person.', I summarized shortly. 'Randy?', he asked. I froze and cleared my throat.

He now made his way to the couch. 'Doesn't take a genius to figure out that you have fallen in love with your best friend.', he told me in a soothing voice. 'How would you know i'm talking about Randy?', I asked. He got up and scratched his head in frusturation. 'You know whats the problem with you Carter?', I remained silent, shocked by his reaction. 'The problem with you is that you are very lousy at trying to hide your emotions.', he said pointing his finger at me. 'Emotions?... you rarely ever see me to know what i'm feeling.', I replied angrily. 'And those few times I see you, I can see you trying to hide your emotions.', he replied. 'WHAT EMOTIONS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!', I yelled. 'The emotions that you tried hiding that day in the locker room when you helped me with my injury?', he said. My mouth was wide open. 'Or how about the time you were gazing at me through your window .', he reminded me. I continued with remaining silent. 'Or my favorite

one, the time you blushed when you thought I told you that you had a cute butt.', he crossed his arms. 'So please, just stop trying to deny the world.', he said. 'If you are even thinking... that I ever liked you at one point... you have no idea how wrong you are.', I told him. 'I'm wrong?', he said it as if challenging me or making me a bet. He once again, sat down on the couch. 'Look at me in the eyes and tell me you have NEVER had a crush on me before.', he said it with such confidence. I looked at him in the eyes and shivered. Why couldn't I do it? I managed to speak. 'I..', I mumbled. 'h-have never..', I stuttered a bit. I saw Angelo about three inches away from my face. I felt his breath hit my neck. His body warmth that made me freeze like a statue. I struggled to say the last few words. 'Exactly.', he said. He got back to work while I sat there with my chin resting on my knees. I can't believe how blind I was, I had considered Angelo an enemy,

when he himself knew that I had a crush on him. I felt like an idiot. After 10 long minutes he decided to talk to me again. 'Sorry I said what I said, It wasn't right for me to put you on the spot like that.', he apologized. 'Nah, it's alright, I deserved it for acting stupid.', I said. 'No no no, I deserved all the bullshit you gave me... I had no right to stop talking to you out of the nowhere.', he said. I realized he was talking about the day I came out. 'Well you didn't want your reputation ruined, and I completely understand that.', I told him. 'I'm so sorry Carter...', he said giving me a short hug. 'It's okay.', I told him. 'Well... are we cool with eachother now?', he asked laughing. 'I think so.', I laughed too. I looked at the time.. Shit! I should have been walking to the theatres 15 minutes ago. 'Listen, I gotta go to the theatres with Randy.. but you can go home anytime you want.', I told him. 'Yeah, I'll just finish this up.', he said giving me a genuine smile. I left and thought this all out. Wow, I can't believe all that happened under 1 hour. Me and Angelo friends... Who would have thought.

I waited for Randy and Dakota outside the theatres. Half my thoughts were focusing on Angelo and the others on meeting Dakota. I looked around at some of the girls surrounding me, trying to give myself ideas of how Dakota might look. At a further distance I saw a girl, sort of slutty, she wore a cheetah dress way above her knees, and heels as high as 6 inches. No, Randy wouldn't get a girl that would give up her virginity for five bucks. At a closer distance, I saw another girl with a turtle neck shirt and very quiet. No, Randy wouldn't get a girl that is too shy to even talk to her boyfriend. I was startled when I felt two hands grab my hips. I turned to see Randys cute face. 'Hey!', I greeted him. 'Hey! This is Dakota.', he said presenting me a girl by his side. I remember seeing her the night she moved in. She had a hoodie on so it was hard to describe her that time. Now she wore shorts ,sneakers, and a t-shirt. 'Hi i'm Dakota', she said with a straight white tooth showing smile. She sounded nice, and wasn't exposing her body in public. 'Hi, i'm Carter, Randys very very best friend.', I told her. Wow, even I startled myself at how selfish I sounded about Randy. 'So i've heard. He's told me alot about you.', she said. 'Well shall we go in?',Randy told Dakota. 'Yeah', she said kissing him on the lips. It has been a long time since I've seen Randy kiss someone... I was jealous.

We entered the theatres and looked for our movie, a horror movie. We sat down once we got in. Dakota and Randy in the second row.. and me in the third. I tried really hard to concentrate on the movie, I really did.. but every five minutes of the movie, Randy and Dakota would kiss. Dakota was nothing like Meggan. She isn't as easily scared as Meggan. At one point I heard Randy whisper to Dakota, 'you are the best thing that has happened to me since my ex girlfriend.', and gave her a long kiss. That made me snap. I gave a hard crunch to my popcorn... Randy and Dakota turned around. 'Oh sorry... I got scared.', I lied. 'Happens to me all the time', Dakota whispered smiling. I smiled at her kindness, but I just couldn't see her as my friend. Not now, or in the future. The movie finished. We all exited, Randy and Dakota of course still kissing. 'So... are we walking together or what?', I asked. I was talking to a wall. They were kissing and walking at the same time. My anger got the best of me and I stormed off by myself. I was expecting to be less ignored by Randy. I was angry, especially now that I realized how I felt about him... but not only him... I felt different towards Angelo. What the hell is the matter with me?..



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