Until I came out of the closet... We were halfway done with our junior year, It was then I decided I should come out of the closet. Of course there was talking about it the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that one, and, well you get me. To be honest, I was careless about everyone's thoughts, All I need are my real friends by my side. But I'll be honest, there is one person that broke my heart into pieces after he avoided me.

I entered Mrs.Swatts class, and surprisingly, Angelo was there..... early!.....and on time! I walked to my seat. 'Well well well, look who rised up early.' I said with a big smile. Silence... He looked straight ahead. Maybe he's sick, I thought. 'Anyone there?', I waved my hand infront of his face. Still silence, and he still kept looking straight ahead. There was only one explanation to his silence, he must have heard of my coming out. I mean come on! It's obvious! Me, coming out, Me, considered a monster, Me, the laugh of half of the school, Angelo, a tough man, Angelo, good reputation, Me, bad reputation.

And that my friends is why I hate Angelo Reed. I sighed... and to know that he is team leader of our soccer team does not make me any happier. This was going to be a loooong year.

I woke up the next morning with the smell of sizzling bacon. I showered, dressed, and made my way downstairs afterwards. I found my grandmother slicing up onions. 'Goodmorning Artie', she spoke with a smooth voice. 'Mornin Grandma'... By the way, Artie is short for Carter, well atleast in my grandmas dictonary, hahaha! I live alone with my grandmother, unfortunately my grandfather died three years ago, so she and I took care of ourselves. As for my Mother and Father, they apparently work on traveling and move from place to place, so since they can't take responsibility for me, they left me in my grandmothers hands. Which isnt really necessary since im almost 18. They usually send me a letter and money from the mail about every month. I ate my breakfast and was making my way out the door. 'Ah, ah, ah, aren't you forgetting something?', my grandma asked before I opened the door. I rechecked myself and then looked at my grandma. We both laughed, I gave her a kiss on the cheek, 'Thats my boy, take care okay?'...'Sure thing grandma'.

The incident with Angelo was about a year ago or months, im not sure. Point is, we are now seniors... I arrived to school, It was a pretty sunny day. Randy was waiting for me outside of school. 'Uhh any later?!', Randy said. 'Sorry, it was a slow day for me today dude.' I told him. 'Its alright, lets go in shall we?' He said. He moved aside from the entrance, and motioned his hand. 'Ladies go first', he said smirking. I punched him in his shoulder and we both went on our way to our classes. I had Angelo for one class, and whenever we had new seats, the teacher seems to put us at the opposite sides of eachother. Well, anyways, there's exactly 2 hours for school to finish, meaning soccer try outs. The coach may judge us by physical appearance but he still wants to know if we are capable of kicking a ball around.

It was now after school. Try outs are starting, my legs are shaking of nervousness. We all waited in a horizontal line. The team leader, or as we know him, Angelo, had a paper with all the names of people trying out. 'Alright guys, I'll be saying your names one by one, so please, pay... attention.' That's one of the things that I liked from Angelo before he turned into a complete jerk, he was demanding. He stepped infront of the first kid, 'Steve Brooks?' The kid nodded, and Angelo smiled as a good-to-go sign. He moved on to the next kid and did the sane thing. He kept on doing this until I noticed he was 3 kids away from me. I breathed fast and hard... What should I do? Should I look at him straight in the eye? Or should I look down? All these questions popped out of nowhere. He finished off with the 3rd kid and went to the second... Should I punch him straight in the face? Should I show him my anger?... He went to the last kid before me... Should I smile? Should I laugh?... He finished off with the last kid by giving him a smile, he looked back down at his list and his smile faded away quickly and very noticeable if I may add. "Carter.... Huffman" he said in a whisper. He couldn't even look at me in the eye. He went to the next kid, no smiles afterwards, you can tell this shocked the guts out of him. 'Alright guys, first game starts on Monday, everyone is excused', coach announced. I looked back to Angelo, I can tell he was mad. I got a glimpse if him, oh yes, definetely mad. I smiled, I can't wait for the game...



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