It was early monday morning, 2 days passed since the party. As always I made my way to school, I looked at my watch, wow! Looks like i'm finally going to have extra time to talk to my friends before school starts. I walked in school, and went to our hang out spot as always, I expected to see Randy smiling at me as always, but this time he seemed distracted, he was looking straight, I tried to observe what he was looking at but all he did was look straight, and squint his eyes as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle. I walked up to them, 'Hey Meggan' I said. 'Hey Carter', she said. 'Hey Randy', I said. He stayed looking forward. 'Earth to Randy!', Meggan shouted. Randy snapped out of it, 'oh, hey Carter', he said. 'Haha what distracted you so much sweetie?', Meggan asked Randy, 'Ohh uhh nothing, just thinking', Randy answered. 'Well you look so cute when you think', Meggan said, leaning in to give him a pop kiss, but unlike Randy himself, he flinched, backing his face up. 'Randy, what's the matter?', Meggan asked curiously. 'Nothing, I just... didn't see you coming', he answered suspiciously, I dont know if I was the only idiot that noticed it or if Meggan actually bought that. But soon after that weird moment, they started slobbering eachother like always. I couldn't help but stare at them for a while kissing. It wasn't something I usually do but for some reason I just did. While they kissed, I also couldn't help but say to myself, 'oh Meggan, you weren't the only one that tasted that candy'. Ahhhh! Wipe those dirty thoughts off your mind Carter!, I told myself. I went to my first period class, writing class. But before I could sit in my seat next to Lisa, Ms.Gwen told us to stand against the wall. After the last bell rang, she continued on telling us what we were going to do. I'm sure you are all aware that I told you we were getting new seats since I announced thatlast class.', I must have been day dreaming since I forgot. She started naming people of who was sitting where. And guess who I saw next to...I'm sure it's no surprise to you guys so I'll skip on telling you who. So there I was writing away, as a matter of fact, we were all writing away. Next thing we knew, we were done with the lesson f0r the day. 'Hmmm 20 minutes left over?! Good job guys, youre welcome to talk for the last 20 minutes.' Everyone talked to their elbow partners, except us. It was awkward if you ask me, he just glanced at the wall clock, I played with my pencil. I thought we were going to be like this for the whole period, till he spoke up. 'Sooo... what did you think of the party?', he asked. I realized he was talking to me after a while, 'Huh? Me?' I asked. 'Actually I was talking to your chair', he joked, or so I thought. I tried my best not to laugh or smile, so I bit my bottom lip. After I was sure I stopped laughing Inside, I answered him. 'Well yeah, it was alright I guess', I said. 'Yeap, you were with Randell and Meggan right?', 'Yeah.' We chatted with simple words, I told him how I was quitting on soccer and all of a sudden he brought the party up again. 'So, how did Meggan take it?', he said. 'Take what?', I asked. 'You kissing her man, what else?', he said. Oh my geezus, he was right... How are we going to tell Meggan, I hadn't thought about it till now. I guess she wouldn't make a big deal out of it, it was just a dare after all. I decided to talk to Randy about it later on. 'Wait... You did tell her, haven't you?', 'That's something for me to worry about, besides she wont make a big deal about me kissing.... well you know who... since it was just a dare.', he looked at me observing my face and every detail. 'What.' I told him. 'Something tells me that it wasnt just a dare.', he said. 'What's that supposed to mean?', 'It means that you obviously have something for your little friend over there.', he said annoyed. 'WHAT?!' I shouted out. I quickly lowered my voice, 'what?!, you're sick, do you think I would actually feel like that towards my best friend?!', 'No, I actually think that not only you, but HE also enjoyed that kiss to.', he said in an annoying smart tone. 'Well even if I did, NOT SAYING THAT I DO, have feelings for MY friend. What does that have to do with YOU?'.... He stood silent for a minute or two, 'I just don't want my best bud to get hurt.' The bell rang, Angelo left as quick as a mouse after cheese. What did he mean by 'my best bud', was he referring to me? Was he considering me his 'best bud' now? I walked out of frist period with lots of thoughts.

I saw Randy after school and decided to walk with him and Meggan after school. We had a chat about some memories for a while, we dropped Meggan off at her house, then it was just me and him. We talked about other things and then I brought up what was bugging me this whole day. 'Hey Randy?', 'Hm?', 'Do you think we should tell Meggan about the kiss?', he thought about it for a while. 'What for? It was just a dare.', he said. 'Well yeah, that's what I thought to, but then...', I was close to telling him about Angelo, but I thought it over and decided to leave that part out since they didn't really like eachother and Angelos name would just bring him to a bad mood. 'But?...' he snapped me back to earth. 'Oh uhh nevermind.', we got to my house... 'Well talk to you tomorrow?', I said. 'Well actually uhh I was thinking that, well, maybe, if you feel like it, I can call you and we can have a conversation, like old times you know?', 'Well, sure', I said. 'Great, I'll be the one calling you so dont worry', he said smiling with that beautiful smile. 'Well, later.', I said. 'Bye', he said and gave me a tap with his hand on my shoulder. I saw something different in Randy, he didn't usually tap me on my shoulder, as a matter of fact we rarely even touch eachother for a handshake. Could it be that I was so delusional to actually believe that Randy was coming on to me? Or worse, that he really WAS coming on to me?....

(I know that this chapter and all the others have been short, I've been trying to make them as long as I possibly can but unfortunately I don't have enough time to make them as big as you guys wish for. Hopefully in the future I save more time or come up with a better solution to make the chapters longer, Thanks for the feedback! -Robbie)



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