The next morning, was a school morning, unfortunately. I wake up and right away feel the dizziness. My throat is as dry as a sponge in the sun. I curse the stupid effects that come after being drunk. I glance at my clock... great, I'll surely be about twenty minutes late getting to school. The phone rings... I check the number... 'Unknown'... I answer it anyways. 'Hello?', for the first time since yesterday I heard my voice. 'Artie, why are you still home?! You know you aren't going to make it to school on time!', my grandmother scolded me. 'Sorry grandma, I overslept a bit.', I told her. 'Let this be a lesson for you Carter Huffman... anyways, I was calling to leave a voicemail, since I THOUGHT you wouldn't be here. But I just wanted you to know that I had to come to the bakery shop early and wont be home until 7:30 pm because of the event we are having.', she explained. 'Oh, okay.', I simply said. 'Alright Artie, don't be any later for school than

you already are.', she said. 'I wont grandma', I told her. She hung up. I whined at the thought of school. My mouth and lips had a dry feeling... mouth... lips... last night... Angelo kissing me? Was it a dream? It certainly felt like a dream, I can't remember a thing after getting to my house. But I did remember confessing my love to Randy.... what will he think of me now? As much as I didn't want to go to school... I knew that I had to face these problems one way or another.

I walk in period one, remembering that the thing I hated the most about being late, was the stares. I noticed that we had a substitute... Which basically meant doing classwork with partners. Good. I had to talk with Angelo.

I noticed how focused he was in his work. I sat down for a while remembering what happened last night... or what I dreamt. I finally decided to break the Ice. 'Angelo..', I mumbled. 'Hmm?', he answered while still working. 'How... are you today?', I asked. 'Fine.', he replied. It went silent again for about fifteen minutes. 'Angelo.. I have to tell you som-', he cut me off. 'What happened last night was a mistake.', he said annoyed. 'Wait, so it actually happened?', I asked. He rolled his eyes, indicating that it was real. 'And... it didn't mean anything right?', I asked. 'Of course not! I'm not....', he stopped shouting and continued whispering. 'I'm not gay!', he said. I couldn't help but see how serious he was about this. I grinned. 'Why are you grinning?', he asked seriously, with a scowl. 'Well you are acting as if i'm asking you to propose to me... trust me, I don't want a relationship with you.', I said chuckling. Wow, this was the first time

that I was taking something so... easily. 'Soo... does this mean we have to go back to being enemies?', I asked him. 'What? No!... we can still be friends.', he said. I let out a sigh of relief. The bell rang... 'Sorry that I... did what I did.', Angelo said awkwardly. 'Oh it's not all your fault... If I had backed away... It would have never happened.', I told him. That seemed to relax him. He left out the classroom, and I followed. I hate having feelings for him...

Earlier on today I bumped into Randy. I honestly wasn't expecting to talk to him so soon, I figured it would take atleast a month or two. Anyways, he asked me if we could talk, and of course, I said yes. I didn't want to spend days hiding from him. I rather get it over with. So now i'm here waiting for him in the emptiest spot in lunch, instead of eating with Darren like I usually do. Billions of butterflies wandered in my stomach. I see Randy heading towards me, by the serious look on his face, I can tell this talk will be about last night. A person pops out infront of Randy... I realize it's Dakota. She holds on to his hips, and goes in for a kiss. I find myself staring at them. Randy catches my stare when he opens his eyes, and breaks the kiss between him and Dakota. He tells her something and continues making his way to me. As he gets closer, the world gets mute, and all I hear are his footsteps. 'Hey.', he simply says, trying to smile. 'Hey', I

say in a low toned voice. He sits down, smart enough to keep a far distance from me. Or maybe it was just me. It's quiet for a good amount of time, I'd say five minutes. I look at the people eating their lunch, avoiding any type of eye contact that he tries making. 'You do know why we are having this talk, don't you?', he asked. I kept my lips sealed, trying to speak, but just couldn't. 'Do you remember what you told me last night?', he asked. I nodded my head. 'Is it true?', he asked again. Once again, I nodded my head. I felt like I was going to break down of tears if he asked anything else. 'Listen... Carter... You're my best friend, but that's as far as we can go. I love you, but not the way that YOU love me. We are friends. My love is all for Dakota... I lost my virginity to her, which by the way, i'm sorry you had to see that... but what do you expect, I'm 18, I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her.' I finally gained the courage to let a few words out. 'I understand. I just had to let that out, it was killing me.', I said in a raspy voice. The bell rang, indicating that lunch was over. I got up to leave, he stopped me with his hand. 'Can we still be friends like we used to?', he said. 'Sure.', I said. As happy as I was that we were still friends, I was still upset that two guys that were so close to me didn't feel the same way about me. I closed my eyes for a quick second, I liked the feeling of being away from anything by closing my eyes. I walked slowly with my eyes closed, I smiled at how much I was enjoying this. I inhaled the air... and then *BAM!!*, I felt a sudden pain in my face... 'What the FUCK!!', I shouted while leaning against the lockers...

'Ooohhh I'm so sorry.', I heard a deep soothing voice speak. My eye vision returned enough for me to notice a guy. I rubbed my eyes and face. Infront of me stood a guy with honey brown colored hair and blueish greenish eyes. He was perfect. No doubt that he was handsome. I noticed how fit he was, way more fit than Me, Angelo, and Randy! He looked more like a college student in his sophomore year. He certainly had all the right features. 'Are you alright man?', he asked. 'Yeah, i'm fine, it's my fault anyway, I wasn't looking where I was going.', I explained. He gave me a beautiful smile, that revealed his perfect white teeth. Geez, what was this guy, a model or a god? 'Ugh, i'm sorry, i'm new to this school and it hasn't exactly been an easy day today. My name is Gray Andrews.', he said. 'Well hi Gray Andrews, it was nice meeting you, but I have to go to my class now so... bye!', I said turning around. 'Wait!', he shouted. I turn back around to face him, from a farther distance I notice his royal blue t-shirt is like skin.... so tight you could see his eight pack, his enormous biceps, and his built chest. 'Yes?', I say trying not to drool while I speak. 'Sorry for bothering you dude, but do you know where this room is?', he asked pointing at a 3 digit number. 'Lucky you!', I shouted. 'I have this class next too.', 'great! Can you show me the way?', he asked. 'Nope. Find it yourself.', I told him. He looked at me with a confused look. 'Kidding, follow me.', I said laughing. 'Wow, you're really outgoing.', he said smiling. 'Yeah, i'm not like this all the time... I guess today is your lucky day.', I said smirking. We entered class, unfortunately all the tables were taken. There was a desk all the way in the back that had room for two... both Gray and I sit down there. Basically the teacher introduces Gray to the students and we then proceed with working. Gray was the perfect partner... hardworking yet, he made the working fun with his conversations. He said he moved here from Connecticut. He turned 18 two weeks ago according to him. With me getting more and more interested in Grays conversation... the bell rang quickly. 'This was cool. Can we keep talking tomorrow?', he asked. 'Sure.', I said. I left at the same time as he did... and I couldn't help but notice that we were going in the same direction. He glanced at me, I did too. He chuckled, 'do you mind if I walk with you?', he asked. 'Uhh, not at all.', I told him. We walked in awkward silence. 'So, what do you think of the school?', I asked him. 'It's great... better than I expected.', he said. 'What did you think of the lunch?', I said, I was irritated about how horrible I am at starting a conversation. 'Horrible!', he said laughing. 'Who the hell puts tomato on mashes potatos!', he exclaimed. I laughed along, 'only in L.A.', I added. 'Ahh feels good knowing that I made a friend on my first day of school.', he said. 'Ohh.', I said avoiding eye contact and made a gloomy face. 'Or maybe not...', he said noticing my reaction. 'No!... of course I want to be your friend but... I dont think you would want to be my friend after I tell you something very important.', I tell him. 'And what is that?', he asks curiously. 'I'', I say slowly and clearly. He bursts out laughing. I was confused as to if he was laughing at how nuts that sounded or how disgusting I seem to him. 'I'm serious!', I told him. He catched a breath from laughing, 'that was it? Your very 'important' news was that you're gay?', he asked. I nodded. He stopped walking, I realized that we were infront of his house. 'Well I have to go, see ya tomorrow?', he asked once again. 'Sure', I responded. I started to walk, when he called out, 'Hey.'... I turned... 'If it makes you feel any better... i'm gay too.', he smiled and went inside his house.....

(Hey guys! I just want to thank you guys for all the positive comments... I think i'll most definetely make more stories in the future! For now, I hope you are enjoying this one. - Robbie)



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