Winter break. I've been waiting for this day forever. As soon as I exit school I see many kids giving eachother hugs goodbye. I, on the other hand, just leave like nothing. I'll see everyone in 2 weeks anyway. I make my way home, the wind gives me a chilly feeling, a warning on how cold it will get. I almost run inside the house. 'Oh good! You're just in time Artie!', my grandma calls out coming downstairs. 'For what exactly?', I ask. 'Well i'm about to go to work, and It wont be long before your friend Angelo gets here, so I want you to get the tools he'll be needing.', she says while putting on a red apron. All I hear is the word 'friend'. Friend? Pfft! Pigs would have to fly before that happens! 'Stay out of trouble', she said giving me a kiss on the cheek. She walks out the house. I get moody about the thought about Angelo coming over in a few minutes. Out of all the guys my grandmother could have hired to do some housework, did it have to be my enemy? I cursed Angelo under my breath and went outside to get what he might need. I found nails and pins... not like they would be needed but one never knows. Its the stupid rock that makes me lose my balance and drop the pins & nails. Urrgghh!!! Fuck you Angelo!! I crouch down and start picking up the hundreds of nails and pins... 'I wont even bother to ask what you are doing.', a voice behind me startled me. Like always... It's Angelo. 'Angelo... h-h-how long have you been there?', I asked nervously. 'About 2 minutes', he said with that cocky smile. If anyone is cockier than me, it's Angelo. 'Sorry... I dropped the nails and... got a bit too mad to hear anyone..', I started explaining as if it mattered. 'It's okay, it was a nice view anyway.', Angelo said giving another grin. My eyes went wide, did he mean my butt was a nice view? He noticed the look I had on my face and put his lips tight together, as if trying not to laugh. 'I meant the flowers on your window.', he said. My face turned tomato red. 'I... I... knew that..', I mumbled. 'Sure you did', he said under his breath. 'Just do your work.', I told him. He chuckled a bit. I went inside and entertained myself... at times I found myself gazing at Angelo from the upstairs window. Unfortunately, it wasnt hot, which meant no sweaty Angelo... Geez what I would give to see those arms dripping wet, that chest that can pass as drums. Those... 'Carter!' The shout broke my thoughts. 'Huh?', I managed to blurt out. 'Dude, I called you like 20 times!', Angelo exclaimed. Looking down at him from up here, he looked small. 'Oh.. Sorry, I was... distracted.', I told him. 'Well can you come down now?', he asked annoyingly. I whined and complained but eventually went down there. 'What's the problem your highness', I said sarcastically. He ignored my joke. 'I need to buy some tools.', he told me. 'Okay sir, will that be all? We have a 10% discount ye know.', I joked again. 'Will you stop with your non-funny sarcastic jokes?', he said frusturated. 'Well what do you need my permission for?', I told him rather than ask him. 'I want you to tag along with me.', he demanded. Can you believe it? He DEMANDED it. 'What for?', I asked. 'Well... in case I need more than 2 hands for some things.', he explained. 'Ugh fine.', I complained. I locked the door and we headed to the hardware store. It was awkward walking with Angelo. He didn't talk much. I didn't talk much. Nothing like Randy, who if he sees me quiet, he does his best to make me talk. I guess you can say Angelo and I are stubborn. 'So... how is Randy?', he asked. 'Stop', I told him. 'Stop what?', he asked as if he had no idea. 'Everytime we manage to talk, you bring Randy up as if he was by my side every day.'... 'sorry', he mumbled. 'What?', I was shocked. 'I said sorry', he said angrily. 'It's a Miracle! He's sorry!', I joked. 'Well you seemed serious about me bugging you about Randy, so I apologize.', he said. 'Well thanks.', I told him. We entered the store and Angelo right away started looking for the tools he needed. After what seemed like 10 minutes I went to check on him. 'Are you done yet?', I asked, desperately wanting to leave. 'Yeah. Let me just find the s-', he stopped talking. 'The.. what?', I asked. His eyes stared straight at something, it wasnt hard to tell he was shocked. He came back to his senses. He snatched my left hand. No.... not snatch. Grabbed. He was holding my hand! 'Angelo, that's my ha-'... 'Angelo!! Is that you?! Oh my god it's been such a long time.', a girl interrupted before I could talk. 'Yeah! A very long time!', Angelo agreed. 'And this is your... boyfriend.. I suppose?', she asked looking at me up and down in a frightful way. 'Yeah... we've been together for about 2 years now.', Angelo said giving that toothy smile. 'Thats nice... you guys must be perfect for eachother.', she said. 'Uh huh, one meant for another, right honey bun?', Angelo said as he put his soft yet firm cheek on mine. I realized he meant me when he said 'honey bun'. I could have punched him right there. But something told me he didn't want me to screw this up for him. Probably because of how hard he was holding my hand... as if his life depended on it. 'Hun?', Angelos voice brought me to my senses. 'Huh?...Oh... Yeah! Me and my sweet tart are as happy as can be!', I played along. 'How sweet.', she said with a hint of sarcasm. 'Well if you'll excuse us... we have some tools to look for.', Angelo said. 'Sure, it was nice to see you again.', she responded. He walked to a farther aisle... 'is she still looking at us?', he talked through gritted teeth. 'Yeah', I told him, smiling so the girl wouldnt suspect anything. 'Ill explain everything once we leave.', he told me. He put his arm around my right shoulder. I smiled, layed my hand on top of his, and pinched it as hard as I could. 'URGH!', he groaned, obviously holding it in. 'Don't ever lay your hand on me', I said smiling. 'Was that necessary?', Angelo groaned as he massaged his hand. 'Apparently it was.', I said. After 10 minutes of pretending, the girl finally had left. We bought the tools and made our way back. 'Can you explain what just happened?', I told Angelo. I was as confused as a lost puppy. 'It's a long story', he said. 'I want to hear it.', I told him. 'Fine..', he sighed. 'That girl back there is my ex girlfriend.', he said. 'Why am I not surprised?', I teased. 'Anyways, she was a good girlfriend and all. She was beautiful, perfect, faithful, and all those things. I knew she probably had flaws, but I didn't think it'd be a big deal. As the time went by, Hannah would ask me questions every time she'd see me talking to a girl. I thought I could have handled it. But it started getting serious when she would stalk me everywhere... call my girl friends and threaten them... it got way out of hand, so I broke up with her. She made a big scene infront of school begging me for her forgiveness. I thought she would get over it in a few weeks. But it got worse when she would threaten my new hook up. She sent me messages saying that she wont stop until she has my love. I got tired of her at one point, that I just blurted out that I was gay, and I kept going on and on about a boy I fell deeply in love with.'

'Did it work?', I asked.

'Eventually... took me 4 months to get rid of her.'

'Serves you right', I laughed.

'Shut up', he said punching me softly on my shoulder. 'Why am I even telling my life story to you.', Angelo asked me. 'Because... i'm a very nosy person', I said. He smiled. We got home and Angelo started working again. This time I stayed watching him. After a while Angelo realized I was looking at him. 'You're gonna help me or stay there looking cute all day honey bun?', Angelo asked. I know I probably shouldn't have, but I blushed... he smiled with success. I stood up to accompany Angelo, when my phone rang. 'Randy?', I answered. 'Hey Carter, watcha doing?', I looked at Angelo and panicked. If Randy finds out his ex friend is here, he'll kill me! 'Ummm just... here... outside, getting some fresh air.', I said laughing nervously. 'Well how about you take a break from that fresh air and come over?', he said. 'Uhh sure, I'll be over in like 10 minutes.', I told him. 'Sounds good, see you then.', he said. I walked over to Angelo. 'Listen I gotta go and meet up with... some-'... 'Randy', he interrupted. 'Yeah.', I admitted to him. 'But, you still need help? I could reschedule.', I said. 'Nah, Ill be fine. It's not like you'll be any sort of help anyway.', he said looking at me if I was a fragile stick. (Which I am not!). 'Screw you, can you tell my grandma that i'll be back in like 3 hours.', I asked. '3 hours?! What the hell are you gonna do rock him to sleep?', he sort of shouted. I gave him a dont-start face. 'Sorry... but it's true.', he said. 'Whatever I do.. is none of your concern.', I told him clearly. 'Whatever.', he mumbled. I left quickly... not wanting to hear Angelo anymore. He goes from Nice guy to a jerk, it's amazing how fast a person can change moods.

I opened the door to Randy's house. I was used to just going into Randys house without knocking. As always, the house was empty besides Randy. His mom works late and usually comes out around 11 pm. I walked upstairs to his room and knocked. I never really go into his room without knocking... in fear that I might find him naked one day and get an entirely visible erection... Randy opened the door, and what I feared stood right infront of me... a naked Randy..

Okay, maybe not entirely naked. He was all naked with the exception of his very tight dark briefs. My eyes focused on the huge bulge on his briefs. Maybe it was just my thirst for flesh, but man! That is one huge cock! 'Carter?', Randys voice broke into my ears. I looked up at his perfect face. 'Are you okay?', he asked. 'Y-yeah... why do you ask?', I asked stupidly, knowing exactly why. 'Well you look a bit pale.', he said. 'Oh... well... umm... i'm getting a bit sick.', I lied. Or was I? Maybe I WAS getting sick, I was getting Randy fever. 'Well, I wouldn't be surprised... it's getting chilly around this time.', he said. 'Come on in.'.... I went in the room, and of course, found it neat and organized. Randy was a really organized person, unlike me. That is one major difference between me and him. 'So... what's up?', I asked, trying not to breathe too hard when I talked. But who wouldn't breathe hard? His legs and thighs were perfectly sized and shaped, his abs were nicely toned, and his biceps were almost the size of bowling balls. 'Well nothing really, I was getting kind of lonely.', he said. 'Hmm sounds like you are in need of a girlfriend.', I told him. 'I dont know... That break up with Meggan was pretty harsh... i'm just in need of a friend right now.', he said, giving me a sad look. 'Nonsense! We're finding you a girlfriend!', I said, trying to sound as supportive as possible. I got a laugh out of him, which was a good sign. I realize how hard it must be for Randy after breaking up with Meggan, so I control my selfish needs and try to be the best friend that I am. I look down from his window to find a couple moving in across the street... with a girl possibly the same age as me... as RANDY! 'Better turn that frown upside down my man, because there goes your dream.',I said, making her seem admireable. 'Hey... not bad Carter... you know for a guy that is bi, you do know good taste in girls.', he said smiling. 'Yeap... I know pretty women when I see em', I said. We both laughed. 'So how bout it?', I asked him. 'How bout what?', he asked clueless. 'Lady cupid over there.', I said, pointing at the girl. 'Well, she seems nice... but do you think she'll like me?', he asked. 'Hahahaha!', I couldn't help but laugh. 'It's not funny!', he said, laughing along. 'Oh come on Randy! Who in their right mind wouldn't want this!', I said grabbing a firm hold on his thigh. Oh lord, I tried so hard not to get an erection. The soft touch and the warmth was too much to handle... I remembered my decading bodies technique. I quickly imagined sex with a lifeless body and fortunately calmed my erection down auick enough. Randy just laughed, fortunately taking the whole grabbing thigh thing as a joke. I got out a sigh of relief. 'Well... I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask her on a date.', he said. 'There you go!', I said cheerfully. 'But... it wouldn't bother you in any way?', he asked. 'What? No! Why would it?', I told him. 'Well you know, maybe I wouldn't spend much time with you, or things like that.', he said. 'Randy, you should be worried more about your girlfriend than me. Whatever I feel doesn't matter, okay?', I told him, as if we knew the girl would accept. 'Nah, a girl can be the love of my life, but she will never take the spot of my best friend.', he said patting my back heavily. 'Gee... thanks.', I said. 'Any time', he smiled. 'Well... it's getting dark, I should go home.', I told him. 'Alright, see you tomorrow?', he asked. 'Do I have a choice?', I joked. He threw a paperball at me, landing it on my head. 'You dick', he said while laughing. I left speed walking to my house. Thinking about the question that Randy asked me, does him having a girlfriend bother me?...



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