'Don't eat so much', Randy told me. 'What the hell... why? I don't think I'll get fat with one burger Randy.' He laughed. 'It's not that, but since there are still leftovers from our thanksgiving dinner my mom wanted to invite you and your grandmother today to have dinner with us... you know, so you guys wouldn't feel lonely and stuff.'...'Hmm seems like a plan, I'll tell my grandma.', 'And bring your appetite, because they way im seeing it, you're falling in love with that hamburger.', he said once again laughing. I took a big bite out of my cheeseburger and wiped away the ketchup that spread out to my upper lip. 'Speaking about 'love', why isn't your sugar pie with you today?'... by 'sugar pie' I meant Meggan. Randy looked across the cafeteria and took a long look at Meggan sitting with her friends, the friends that she sat with long before her and Randy were in a relationship. I remember when he stared at Meggan every moment of every second in

lunch, he would look at her longer than he is doing right now! Except, he would stare at her with excitement. Until one day, he gave into his feelings and asked Meggan out. Of course, she accepted. Getting asked out by Randy is like being asked 'Hey would you like a free ticket to Hawaii and $1,000,000 plus a lifelong feeling of happiness?', to be honest, I thought Meggan had probably only accepted to be Randys girlfriend to be little Ms.Popularity, but it turned out, she actually liked him. 'I feel as if you weren't listening to a thing I just said.', Randy interrupted my thoughts. 'Huh?', I blurted out. 'I was saying that I got in a fight with Meggan.', 'What? Why?', I asked in a curious tone. 'Nothing big really, she just kept complaining about how much I have changed.... and I denied it. Does it look like I have changed?', he asked. 'Not a damn thing', I said. If there is one thing i've learned from my years of being friends with Randy... Is never

go against Randy, it can be a hard battle. 'Well anyways, she kind of cooled off so I'm thinking that she'll join us in dinner.", he said once again looking at her. The bell rang, lunch was over....

'Hmmm new shoes, gel, keys... I feel like i'm forgetting something', I said out loud. 'Like me maybe?', my grandma said locking the door. 'Oh sorry grandma, I was in such a hurry I forgot about you.', I explained trying to sound as sweet as possible. 'Well what's the rush dear?', 'Nothing I just don't want to be late.', 'We'll get their in time', she said so calmy. I loved my grandma, always makes everything sound so easy.

We made our way out, I looked to my left to find Kim going out too. 'Hey Kim', I waved. 'Heeeey Randy, Heeeey Seth.', she said giving a smile with her straight white teeth. 'Where are you headed?', I looked at her up and down. 'Well my friend invited me to her house for dinner, and i'm afraid of being late soo... yeah, I'm going early.', 'Oh, how ironic, i'm going to my friends house for dinner to!', 'Well do you guys want a ride? I still have some time.', Kim asked glancing at her golden watch. Before I could answer, grandma interrupted, 'That's okay Kimmy, we need the fresh air, and not to mention, the exercise.', she laughed while patting my stomach. 'Suit yourselves, see you guys another time', she said getting in her car and driving away.

We rang Randys doorbell and were then greeted by Randys mother, she gave me a tight hug, and then moved to my grandma... ' Hello Mrs.Steins! My my, still young I see!', Randys mom told my grandmother. My grandma answered back with compliments to, it went on for a while until finally she told us to come in, there was Randy, Meggan,... and Kim?! 'Kim?', Kim stopped chatting with Meggan and looked up with a surprised looking face. 'Carter? What are you doing here? Did you stalk me?', 'Uhh no, did YOU stalk ME?', I asked. 'No, this is my friends dinner I was talking about, and besides, I came here first you genius.', 'True', I said giving her the point. 'And you could have been here faster if you would have accepted my offer for a ride.' We both laughed. 'Wait, so you two know eachother?', Randy asked confused. 'Yeap, Kim is my neighbor.'... 'So Kim, how did you meet MY best friend.', I asked her. 'Well it was like 3 years ago when we both worked at a

hair salon, we got close, and then we became friends.', 'wait a minute, Randy worked at a hair salon?.', 'Wait, I thought we were talking about Becky.', she said pointing at Randys mom. 'Ohh, I thought we were talking about Randy.', before we could begin talking, my grandmother and Becky came out with dinner. We began eating, 'I guess you did bring your appetite like I told you', Randy said laughing. 'Well you almost killed me after eating just that one burger for luch.', he smiled. 'Besides, im not the one gobbling the food as if it were to get up and walk away.' He laughed and began choking on his water ... I patted his back, 'my bad bro.'

We talked after dinner... Kimberly with Meggan, My gradndmother with Becky, and Randy with me. We brought up random topics about the past, we laughed about most of them. 'Wow, it's been a long time since we have talked like this.', Randy told me. 'Yeah, feels good.', I said. 'Artie, we need to go already.', my grandmother called me while getting her coat. 'Coming!... Well, i'll see you tomorrow?', I asked him. 'Like always', he said grinning. 'Seth! Carter!... would you guys like a ride?', Kim asked. 'No thanks hun, we don't want to be a bother.', grandma said. 'Nonsense! Let's go, it's as cold as a fridge out there.', Kim told her. We said bye and got on Kims car. We drove off... 'So... That went well didn't it?', Kim asked. 'Yes. Magnificent... but you know I think Carter had more fun than anyone there.', my grandma said with a smirk on her face. 'Ha! I thought I was the only one that noticed it.', Kim said. 'Whaaat? We were just having a normal conversation.', I told them.'Sure, a normal conversation with a lot of laughing and faces that looked like if they were full of pure happiness.', Kim teased. I blushed. We got home, 'Well, I'll let you kids talk, Love and Scars is staring in 5 minutes!', grandma ran off faster than a mouse. Kim turned to me. 'Speak', she said sternly. I took a deep breath, and told her what I thought. 'I knew it!', she said. 'knew what?', 'that you had something for your friend.', 'well... not something but... just... Oh who am I kidding! I've fallen for my own friend!', I said. 'Mhm.', Kim said nodding her head. 'I feel like a sick disgusting friend.'... 'Excuse me? Why?', Kim asked. 'Because! Who in their right mind would fall in love with their friend!'... 'Why not? That's how most relationships start off as, friends.', Kim said shuffling my hair. 'But this is different, he's with Meggan.'... it remained silent for a minute. 'Who knows, maybe you have a chance with him... I practically had to move my hands around to distract Meggan from looking at how happy you both looked... I just dont know if it worked though.'... 'I wouldn't try to win Randy from Meggan even if we were the last three people in the world.', I told Kim. 'I have to go, but remember Carter, there's always a chance.'... I got off her car and walked all the way to my room, my grandma was too distracted to see how upset I was, which was good, I didn't want her to worry. I sighed... 'A Chance', I repeated to myself in my mind... If only Randy felt the same way as I feel about him... If only...

(Thanks again guys! Hopefully after I'm done with this story I have enough inspiration to make many others. Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying this one!- Robbie)



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