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September was flying by; the cooler air had that sweet smell of autumn leaves that were starting to fall from the trees with the lightest of breezes. The trees that surrounded the school grounds were now changing to rich vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. It had been over four weeks now since Adam came to While Oaks and with five games behind them, the fall soccer season was well underway.

White Oaks high was taking on their biggest rivals, the soccer team from the nearby 'Our Lady of Peace' Catholic high School.  The game was fast approaching the ninety minute mark and both teams were still tied with zero goals. This game was essential; both teams were completely tied in the standings for first place; if White Oaks could pull out a goal late in the game than they could finally take the top spot for themselves.

White Oak's defence was on fire, Peter owned the net and made sure not a single shot on goal got past him, he threw his six foot five frame in all directions just to get a complete block or the slightest deflection of the ball from his net. These Catholic boys were starting to look frustrated and taking any shot they could on Peter.

Finally, an opportunity presented itself, Peter took a goal kick, sending the ball towards Nathan who was playing forward on the right wing, Nathan saw Adam was set up; Nathan got his head under the ball and sent it in Adam's direction with the most beautiful header. Adam got the ball with his chest and brought it down to his feet, in one swift move he tapped the ball bringing it through the rival defenders legs, before the defender had time to react, Adam was clear and now on a breakaway, he could hear the fans on the sidelines screaming with excitement as it was now only him and the other goalie. Soon he could feel that the defenders were starting to gain ground on him, now it was his chance to take a shot and win this game with the minutes dwindling.

Adam leaned forward and pulled his right leg back getting his foot steady to strike the ball. He brought his leg down; his foot was firmly in place ready to take the shot. The screams from the sidelines were growing even more intense. His foot connected with the ball the sound was electric, Adam now could only watch as the ball made its way through the air, traveling towards the goalie that was ready to pounce with both his hands up. It was no use, the goalie was too far out and Adam had masterfully put his foot under the ball, giving it just the right amount of lift, chipping it over the goalie, once he saw the ball hit the net and travel down to the back of the goal Adam new they had done it. Cheers rang out from the sidelines; the feeling was unreal, and then the best sound ever, the referee blew the final whistle. All of a sudden Adam was surrounded by his team mates. First place never felt so good.

"I love you!" Marcus cried out, his voice was filled with excitement as he jumped on Adam's back. "Can I have your babies?"

"Adam, that foot of yours is Golden." Scott said holding Adam's face and giving him a kiss right on the mouth. 

"Thanks guys; it was Nathan's assist though, beautiful header buddy." Adam said giving Nathan a high five.

"I taught him everything he knows." Peter said jokingly as he gave Adam a firm pat on the butt. "You looked great out there."

"You held up pretty good, they were desperate for a goal." Adam laughed.

"Yeah I felt like I was in front of a firing squad a little bit." Peter smiled, as he put his arm around Adam. "My hands were starting to feel numb."

"Great goal Adam, boys lets shake hands with the other team then meet back at the locker room." Coach Henry said as he gave Nathan a firm pat on the back. "And great assist Nathan."


The sweaty musk of twenty jocks was overwhelming in the change room as the boys were down to just their jock straps and waiting for Coach Henry to address the team. "I want to congratulate you all on the win, that was a boring game to watch, with no goal until the end, but the action in the last few minutes was worth it." Coach Henry paused. "I think I speak for everyone when I say Peter got us this win, without him in net being the brick wall he is, I think we'd be looking at a score more like 5-1 for those Catholic boys. Congrats, on top spot, number one in the standings. Now go shower up, you guys stink." Coach Henry said holding his nose as he headed back to his office.

"I'm sure they're thrilled they just got screwed by a bunch a gay guys."  Scott laughed.

"This is the closest Marcus will ever come to being on top." Peter said with a wide grin.

"You're so funny." Marcus said in a sarcastic tone giving Peter a playful shove. "So it's Friday, what are we doing tonight? I'm in the mood to dance." Marcus peeled of his jock strap and wrapped his towel around his waist.

"I'm down for a night at Bloke." Peter said putting the idea out there.

"I'm game for anything as long as I can get wasted." Scott said getting ready to hit the shower. "I'll invite Brad along; he was going to come over to my place for Friday night fuck fest."

"You two are always fucking, are you dating yet?" Nathan laughed.

"Just because you have amazing sexual chemistry with a guy doesn't mean you have to put a ring on his finger." Scott teased. "We just like to hang out, play X-box and penetrate each other."

"Penetrate is such a disturbing word. Can you at least say fucking, screwing, or maybe having sex?" Peter said looking grossed out.

"What's this Bloke place?" Adam asked curiously.

"It's a gay bar, you'll love it. They play really good music." Marcus replied.

"This will be my first gay bar experience." Adam smiled.

"Perfect, we can all meet for nine o'clock at my place and head over together?" Nathan said. "I've got a dinner tonight at the golf and country club otherwise I'd say come over earlier."

"Oh my god, you're so prestigious." Peter said in a mocking tone. "The golf and country club."

"Are you looking to score some old man balls?" Adam laughed.

"Actually it's a peace keeping mission." Nathan said flashing Adam and Peter his middle finger. "I'm meeting with Brent."

"Are you for real?" Marcus gasped. "Seriously?"

"After the fight you two had at my house?" Scott said looking baffled.

"Look, we're not going to run around and hold hands and braid each other's hair, but it's really important for me not have any drama or hostility in my life." Nathan said, feeling like he was under the microscope. "Simon and I have had a great month so far, and I think Brent as much as me, just wants to put all that bullshit behind us."

"That's very mature of you." Peter said sounding impressed yet skeptical. "You do remember he slept with your boyfriend though?"

"Yeah, and we were in an open relationship at the time, if it was monogamous I'd completely cut the bitch, however I do have two classes with him and its awkward and totally uncomfortable not talking to someone and avoiding eye contact in passing.

"If that is what makes you happy, then go for it." Scott said. "I just remember that old saying; keep your friends close and your enemies closer." 

"That's my plan." Nathan smiled. "We will just have to see how dinner goes."

"So who initiated the dinner?" Adam asked looking amused.

"I did." Nathan smiled.

"You're a classy lady Nathan Bradshaw." Marcus laughed. "I can only imagine what the old Nathan would have done."


Peter took the bar of soap and worked it into a rich lather as he rubbed it over his chest and underarms washing away the dirt and sweat. He ran his head under the shower letting the water and shampoo from his hair cascade down his chest and over his abs.

"Want me to get your back?" Adam asked with a grin.

"How about I get yours?" Peter said giving Adam a wink. "You played great out their today babe."

"You did too. Coach is right, without you in net we'd have lost for sure." Adam said, he loved it when Peter called him babe, they had been dating now for a few weeks and things were going great. Peter still gave him crazy butterflies.

"I'm looking forward to tonight." Peter said as he took his bar of soap and started washing Adam's strong muscular back, his hands traveling down, he stopped just short of touching Adam's butt.

"Keep going." Adam said looking over his shoulder. "I want you too."

"What if we get caught?" Peter said with a smirk.

"It's kinda hot, the thought of being caught." Adam said as he turned to face Peter.

"You've got a bit of a kinky side don't you?" Peter laughed.

Adam put his arms around Peter's strong shoulders, he loved how tall Peter was, and how it made him feel protected and safe even though he could easily take care of himself. Peter leaned down and kissed Adam softly on the lips. Adam placed his hands on Peter's chest letting his hands travel over his pecs as Peter's hands rested at the small of Adam's back pulling him in close, skin to skin, their wet naked bodies pressing against each other.

"I don't know why I'm waiting." Adam said pulling his lips away; he gently kissed Peter's neck nuzzling in close.

"Maybe you're nervous, I don't wanna rush you." Peter said still holding Adam close,

"You make me so horny; I've never masturbated so much in my life." Adam said his eyes were full with wanting, but Peter could tell that he was also a little unsure.

"For your first time, I promise to take it easy on you." Peter smiled. "I'm going through crazy amounts of tissue myself, but honestly, I like you a lot and I'm not in a rush."

"Sex is on my mind a lot lately." Adam said giving Peter a kiss on the lips; he placed one hand on Peter's shaft and started rubbing his already semi hard penis. His kisses traveled down Peter's neck, towards his chest and finally his washboard abs.

"You're such a fucker, someone might walk in." Peter laughed, watching as Adam got on his knees, his face only inches from his cock. Adam didn't say a word; he put the head of Peter's cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue over the tip while sucking on it. Peter ran his hand through Adam's hair as he held the back of his head in place. "This is so hot." Peter said sounding completely turned on. Adam pushed forward into Peter's crotch, taking more of his cock into his mouth, Adam loved the smell of Peter's crotch, and even after a shower he could pick up on Peter's natural smell. With two strong arms Peter lifted Adam up so they were standing nearly face to face.

"Didn't like it?" Adam asked looking disappointed.

"No, I thought I heard someone?" Peter said in a hushed tone. Both boys could now hear the sound of heavy footsteps.

"You two are still here?" Coach Henry said walking into the change room, his arms were folded across his broad chest; he had an amused yet questioning look on his face. "I was going to turn the lights out."

"Sorry Coach, we just got caught up in conversation." Peter said turning red, trying to find any excuse he could muster.

"Oh, it was conversation that kept you here so long?" Coach Henry said with a grin. "Maybe you boys can take the conversation back to Peter's place? Now dry off boys, I'm closing up shop in ten." Adam and Peter watched as Coach left the shower area.

Adam was trying to suppress a laugh, he couldn't believe how close they'd come to being caught. "Do you think he bought the conversation excuse?"

"Not a fucking chance." Peter laughed. "We'll have to pick up where we left off later. You sure you've never given head before?"

"Never, I just got some amazing tips from Nathan." Adam grinned.

"Well you seem to know what you're doing." Peter smirked as he leaned in to give Adam a kiss.


Three magnificent chandeliers made of deer antlers hung from the high vaulted ceiling. The light in the dining room was dim, the many table top candles and a large wood fire place gave the grand room a soft warm glow. Mounts of deer and moose heads were mounted on the rich mahogany wood paneled walls. Each table setting was pristine with a cream tablecloth, burgundy cloth napkins and highly polished silverware with only the finest crystal glasses. A small vase of fresh cut flowers was in the centre of every table.

"Reservations under Van Straten." Nathan said to the handsome Maitre d' as he waited to be shown to his seat. Nathan wore a tweed blazer with brown suede patches on each elbow over a navy polo shirt and a pair of dark beige chino pants. 

"Certainly Mr. Bradshaw, This way." The Maitre d' led the way through the dining room. Nathan could see Brent already at the table looking at his phone; he was dressed in a slim gray suit with skinny black tie. All of a sudden, Nathan felt underdressed.

"Thank you." Nathan said as the Maitre d' pulled out his chair.

Brent placed his phone in the pocket of his suit jacket. "Hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of ordering you a glass of the chardonnay." Brent said his voice was warmer but still had a distance to it.

"You must be a mind reader." Nathan smiled, as he took a sip. "Thanks for agreeing to meet."

"I'm glad you reached out to me." Brent said with a slight smile. "I don't like not talking."

"I wanted to apologize for how things went down at Scott's party." Nathan began. "The way things were said to each other and how you just came out with having sex with Simon; it felt like you were throwing it in my face."

"Well at the time I was." Brent said pointedly. "However, it was completely out of line, and I apologize for that."

"I didn't want to hold a grudge; after all I did give Simon the go ahead to see guys outside of our relationship." Nathan replied. "So, let's both move past this?" Nathan said raising his wine glass.

"All is forgotten." Brent smiled as he lifted his tumbler with aged scotch over ice. "Cheers and congratulations on the win today." Brent said sounding more sincere than usual. "I caught the last thirty minutes of the game."

"It was a pretty sweet victory." Nathan smiled. "Peter saved our ass in net though."

"And don't forget that nice goal from Adam." Brent said taking a sip of his drink. "So are Peter and him official yet?"

"I'm not sure if they use a title yet, but I know they're always hanging out." Nathan replied. "Why do you still have feelings for Peter?"

"I did, that's why I went to the Hamptons for the whole summer, I didn't want to run into him and I needed to clear my head." Brent paused "I met a guy out their called Preston, total hunk."

"Preston Rothschild right?" Nathan asked curiously.

"That's the guy. I watched him play polo a few times, shit man, those horse riding pants do wonders for a man."

"Look at you fucking high society, Upper East Side boys." Nathan laughed.

"I'm a Van Straten, what can I say?" Brent smirked. "But yes, I'm over Peter."

"Seeing anyone else?" Nathan asked.

"Just some guy I see time to time, purely sexual." Brent said with the slightest of smiles. Brent felt little pity for Nathan, he had no idea Brent slept with Simon the night after Scott's party, however Brent needed to get his revenge.


"You didn't tell us about your dinner with Brent." Scott nearly yelled across the table his one arm around Brad's shoulder.  The music in Bloke made it almost impossible to talk now the DJ had taken his booth. Adam, Marcus and Peter were now drunk enough to attempt some dancing.

"It went well, we're civil, and that's all I wanted." Nathan said loudly straining his voice over the noise; he took a sip of his purple colored cocktail. "These Black Tulips are deadly. I'm gonna be on the fucking table after this."  

"I'll be joining you." Brad laughed as he knocked back the rest of his cocktail. "I'm gonna buy a round, can I get you guys another?" Brad wore a pair of slim fitting blue jeans and red and blue plaid shirt. He looked way too Abercrombie Nathan thought, but he was a typical Football jock and fashion wasn't on the forefront of his mind. Still, he looked hot and Nathan wasn't going to complain about the eye candy.

"I'll take another of these." Nathan smiled and pointed to his glass.

"I'm good for now babe." Scott said giving Brad a pat on his butt as he left the private booth.

"Did you call him babe?" Nathan laughed. "You totally are gushing over him."

"Fuck you." Scott said with an amused look. "You're so obsessed."

"I've known you a long time; I can see how happy you are with him." Nathan replied

"Yeah, whatever Bradshaw." Scott smirked. "Check out Adam and Peter."

Nathan turned to see Adam being pressed up against the wall by Peter as the two feverishly made out with one another, both their hands traveling over each other's hard bodies.

"Looks like our California Virgin might not be so virginal after all." Scott laughed.

"I gave Adam some pointers the other day, Peter can thank me later." Nathan grinned. "They're so cute together; I've never seen Peter so happy."

"It's nice isn't it?" Scott smiled. "Now we just gotta get Marcus with a good guy, I know he really wants a boyfriend."

"It's a shame Coach Henry is married." Nathan said loudly as a new song with an insane amount of bass came on. "Do we know any gay daddy types or anything?"

"I think my dad's lawyer is gay." Scott yelled. "He's fucking hot; he always wears those under armor spandex running tights to the gym, if I was into older dudes I'd totally bone him."

"We should make it happen, Marcus would die." Nathan laughed; he loved how open Scott was with his sexuality and his fetish for certain tight fitting attire. "I say it's worth a shot."


End of Chapter 8



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