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Nancy's diner was your typical 50's style diner, old Coca-Cola memorabilia lined the walls and the floor was black and white checkers that made Peter slightly nauseous to look at. What it did have however, was the best burgers and shakes in town.  And with Peter forgetting to make reservations, it was a far cry from the trendy Asano Sushi Bar they had planned to go to.

"I feel like such a looser taking you here on our first date." Peter said with a look of disappointment as he took a fry dipped in ketchup and took it all in one bite. "Thanks for at least letting me pay."

"Are you kidding? I'll take a burger and strawberry shake over spicy tuna rolls any day." Adam said. "Do you think that's Nancy of Nancy's diner?" Adam grinned nodding towards the older lady behind the counter with the sour look on her face, sporting a pair of white running shoes with her red dress and apron, her hair looking frazzled and the lenses of her eye glasses yellowed from years of smoking.

"I think that's Nancy." Peter laughed. "Didn't you just love the smell of stale tobacco smoke when she brought us our food?"

"Poor Nancy..." Adam said with an amused look. "So I have some good news."

"Do tell." Peter said taking a drink of his cream soda.

"I came out to my parents today." Adam said pumping his fist in a playful manner.

"Really..? Congrats buddy!" Peter said stunned. "And how did that go?"

"Amazing actually, I always thought they've kind of known, and they said they were just waiting for me to tell them when I was ready." Adam replied, he'd never felt so comfortable in his own body as he did right now.

"When did you tell them?" Peter asked.

"A few hours ago." Adam said with a slight laugh. "After coming out at Nathan's I felt like I was on a roll, besides, Marcus mentioned the word date and my dad overheard so I kind of had to clear that up."

"This is awesome, so they were completely cool with it?" Peter said giving Adam a high five. "Proud of you bud."

"Totally cool with me being gay." Adam smiled. "My mom naturally wanted to know who I was going on a date with, and if they would meet him, and wanted to see pictures... I had to finally tell her to back off."

"That's cute. My mom is like that to. I kinda did show my mom your pic though; she said you're too hot for me." Peter laughed.

"Tell her thanks for the compliment, but I feel her son is too hot for me." Adam said; he was turning red in the face.

"It's kind of adorable when you blush and get shy like that." Peter said. "Most guys I've dated and just in general with your body and looks are cocky and only into themselves."

"I guess I'm just not into being a dick. I just treat people how I want to be treated; I'm nice to everyone until they give me a reason not to be." Adam paused to take a drink of his shake. "Brent however is a douche bag; I didn't need to give him a chance to see that."

"You didn't have to date him." Peter laughed. "Enough about him anyways, he's a looser. I wanna  know what do you think about White Oaks so far?"

"I love it; I've gotten to see a fair bit of it on my runs. I can't wait for next summer to go down to the beach." Adam said imagining how hot a shirtless Peter would look running along the beach.

 "Take some beers and go hang out down there...." Peter said as thoughts flooded his head as to how much he missed summer. "We might get another heat wave, who knows."

"Beer sounds so good right about now." Adam said thinking about how much he could go for one.

"I know I'm craving a cold one too." Peter laughed. "Not that I'm not enjoying this date because I definitely am, but I kind of feel like an asshole for missing Scott's party."

"Me too... And it's not even nine o'clock yet." Adam said checking his phone. "I think we should go."

"Besides, I kind of want to show off my hot date." Peter smiled at Adam. "Let's get out of here."


"I'm so glad you guys came." Scott said excited to see Peter and Adam turn up together. "As you can see things are well under way, fingers crossed no one's puked yet."

"Your parents will kill you if you destroy their house, you know that right?" Peter laughed.

"I know my parents would murder me." Adam said with a cute smirk, He was amazed by the amount of people in the house which looked like the Scottish Embassy; only yesterday they had a quiet dinner here, now it was in full out party mode.

"I'm going to take my chances. Worst case I'll just move in with you." Scott grinned while playfully batting his eyelashes at Peter.

"Wouldn't that be awesome?" Peter said sarcastically.

"Guys, I'm gonna find Nathan and Marcus." Adam said as he walked away into the crowded main hall. He could feel eyes watching him and people whisper, he was sure this had something to do with him showing up with Peter the most popular guy in school.

"So, how was the date?" Scott asked looking eager to hear the details. "Showing up here together, word is going to spread around like wildfire."

"I'm over it, if people find out so what, I'm not going to hide it." Peter replied flatly looking as if he could care less what people thought.

"Look who just showed up?" Scott said nudging Peter in the arm. "Hotness!"

"The twins....... Charlie and Brad?" Peter laughed. "I play football with them... They're pretty hot I guess."

"You play football with them, I play around with them." Scott grinned his mind racing with kinky, perverted thoughts.

"You guys fuck around?" Peter asked surprised. "How didn't I know this?"

"I don't recall the article in our best friend's contract where I had to list off every guy I've slept with." Scott grinned. "But I'll be happy to start; I'll even write you a list."

"And I'm sure that list would rival Santa Claus's." Peter smiled. "So, with both twins at the same time?"

"No, gross... I'm not into incest. One at a time, I don't even know if they're aware I fuck both of them." Scott said shrugging his shoulders. "I can totally picture Brad in those spandex football pants just sat on my face."

"Hey Scott, thanks for having us man." Brad said walking over holding a twenty four pack of beer. "Where should I put this?" Brad and his brother Charlie were both identical twins, the only difference between the two was Brad was a little more built in the muscle department. Brad and Charlie had dark sandy blond hair and the sexiest pair of blue eyes that would make any guy melt. Their lips were full and had the slightest of pouts. Their jaws were defined and angular. Broad shoulders and arms that cut in nicely leading down to a good sizable butt you'd expect to see on a football player, full, round and firm.

"No worries, the garage is fine, the doors through the kitchen." Scott replied looking at Peter and biting his lip as Brad walked away from them. "He is so hot. His ass is so fucking tight... ugh!"

"You should probably take a very cold shower." Peter said in an amused tone, shaking his head.

"I will if he comes with." Scott said, his mind wondering to the thought of a very wet and naked Brad in his shower.

"Why don't you ask him out, if you like him so much." Peter asked. "He honestly looks like this fitness model Evan Wadle, you should Google him and you'll see what I mean. I use to jerk off to this Evan guys pics all the time."

"I'm too nervous, besides I can't decide who I like more, Brad or Charlie." Scott wondered. "What's more, they both look great in spandex."

"I see your spandex fetish is alive and well... Maybe you can move to Utah, and be the gay version of sister wives." Peter said looking amused. "Obviously they both have different personalities, pick the one you like better. I'd go with Brad; he seems the more outgoing of the two."

"Right now... my dick picks both." Scott said adjusting his crotch through his jeans.

"You're gross." Peter laughed looking at Scott while shaking his head. "Such a pervert."

"I'm an 18 year old with sex on my mind, total shocker." Scott replied in mocking tone. "Fuck, you're not going to guess who is coming our way..."

"Brent.... Great, he's coming towards us." Peter said in a hushed tone.

"Have you spoken to him since school started?"  Scott whispered back.

"Not really. We said hi in passing." Peter replied.

"You're looking good." Brent said looking Peter over and coming in for a hug. "I heard you're seeing that Adam guy?"

"They had a date." Scott spoke up.

"I heard, people said you two showed up together, you know how gossip spreads around these parties." Brent said in a cool tone, his voice sounded distant and bored.

"People need to get a life, nothing better to do than talk shit." Peter said with an annoyed look on his face.

"Well, you put this many gay men in one house it's bound to happen." Brent smiled; it came across as fake. "I just wanted to let you know, I did a lot of soul searching while I was in the Hamptons this summer and I've completely moved on, I hope we can put our past behind us and move on as friends."

"I'm fine with us being civil." Peter said wanting to accept Brent's offer but thinking there was more behind it.

"Well, now that I've got that out of the way, I should probably go get a drink." Brent said turning his back and walking away.

"How much did you want to punch him in his arrogant face?" Scott asked, puttng his hand on Peter's shoulder.

"You have no idea. And that fake ass apology, what was that even..." Peter said sounding off put.

"At least he said be friends and leave the past behind." Scott said trying to make light of the situation.

"Yeah, we'll see how that goes. I'm not hopeful that's for sure." Peter replied, he knew Brent all too well.


"My parents were totally fine with it, I think I'd have come out years ago if I knew how great it would be." Adam said his eyes were glossy and looked like he was starting to get a good beer buzz going.
"I can't believe you told your parents." Marcus said giving Adam a hug and squeezing him tight. "So happy for you."

"Yes, congratulations." Simon said as he stood with his arm around Nathan a glass of wine in the other.

"Adam this is Simon by the way, I don't think I introduced him. Simon this is Adam." Nathan smiled.

"Pleasure to meet you Adam." Simon said in a friendly tone, his eyes traveled up and down Adam as he extended his hand.

"Nice to meet you Simon." Adam replied giving Simon a firm hand shake. He didn't like this Simon guy but for Nathan's sake he'd play nice. Adam could feel Simon's eyes undress him.

"We'll excuse me, I'm going to go outside for some fresh air." Marcus said abruptly with a guilty look.

"Fresh air my ass... You're still smoking?" Nathan said sounding disappointed.

"Save the lecture Mother." Marcus grinned. "I won't be long."

"I'll come too." Adam said putting his hand on Marcus's shoulder as the two began to leave.

"Adam you don't smoke do you?" Nathan asked sounding alarmed.

"No way, I actually need some fresh air; I'm starting to feel pretty buzzed." Adam laughed.

"I'm gonna join Marcus, you know I like a cigarette when I'm being social." Simon said giving Nathan a kiss on the lips before leaving him in the kitchen.

"Great, everyone leave me." Nathan muttered under his breath as he turned to the counter to refill his wine glass.

"Hello Nathan Bradshaw." Brent said in a forced pleasant tone as he came over to Nathan holding up his own glass to cheers. "Scott throws a great party. I still think mine would have been better though."

"Not everything is a competition." Nathan laughed, he hated everyone for leaving him alone with this asshole.

"So I heard about Adam and Peter, what a downgrade for Peter." Brent said in a snobby tone.

"Are you kidding? Adam is hot." Nathan replied looking both annoyed and amused at once. "I think somebody's jealous."

"I'm jealous?" Brent laughed coldly. "More like you're the jealous one my friend. I know that you don't like the open relationship situation you've got going with Simon, I see it in your eyes when you watch him talking up other guys."

"You know absolutely nothing of my relationship with Simon." Nathan replied his voice was raised and hostile. "So please back off."

"That bitchy side of yours is coming back out again." Brent smirked. "I've missed it."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Nathan forced a laugh. "I don't have time for your bullshit Brent."

"We'll since you're so cool with your open relationship; I guess you won't mind..." Brent began as he paused for a moment. "When I was in New York I fucked your boyfriend." Brent smiled falsely. "Actually make that, he fucked me... Don't you just love how his dick curves? Hits the spot really good."

"You fucking slut!" Nathan yelled, suddenly erupting into a rage all he could see was red, he grabbed Brent by the collar of his shirt and shoved him hard into the fridge door. "I will fuck your shit up!" Nathan yelled. Brent grabbed Nathan by the neck of his shirt and with all his strength shoved him hard into the counter, knocking over bottles and some glasses in the process. With one hand behind his back Nathan grabbed a red cup filled with some kind of alcohol and in one swift move through the contents into Brent's face. Brent's face became even more enraged as he lifted his arm up to punch Nathan with his tightly clenched fist. Suddenly a strong hand gripped hard onto Brent's wrist, it was Simon.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Simon said his voice raised, he was visibly angry and red in the face. "You keep your hands of my boyfriend." Simon pushed Brent away from Nathan.

"What's wrong Nathan? I thought you liked to share him." Brent said giving Nathan a dirty look.

Suddenly a knowing look came across Simon's face. "So that's what this is about?" Simon said in disbelief.

"Shut the fuck up." Nathan yelled across the kitchen at Brent. "Leave....Now!"

"Who are you? This isn't even your house." Brent yelled back. "get over yourself."

"No, but it is mine, and this is my friend." Scott said coming to Nathan's side. Most of the party had heard the fight break out and all eyes were on them.

"Fine I'll leave. But no one puts a finger on me and gets away with it." Brent said calmly as he walked away, the collar of his shirt ripped, his hair wet and dishevelled from the drink thrown on him. "This is not over!"


The party was still going strong as Nathan and Simon sat on a bench in the garden where it was quiet and peaceful, with only the sound of running water from the nearby pond. It was a cool evening and Nathan had left his coat inside, he was in such a rush to get outside and collect himself. The two sat there in silence while Simon comforted him, rubbing his back.

"You should have told me sooner you didn't like our arrangement." Simon said softly, running his hand through Nathan's hair.

"It only ever benefited you." Nathan said wiping away a tear. "I just wanted to make us work being so far apart; I knew you'd have urges I couldn't always be there to fulfill."

"But clearly you're not ok with that." Simon said calmly.

"I never slept with other guys Simon. I only want to be with you, it's you who takes advantage of our open set up." Nathan said sounding a little annoyed.

"I guess Brent told you about us sleeping together while we were in New York?" Simon began. "Look he was in the Hampton's I was in Manhattan, we both got invited to a party of a mutual friend and we only fooled around once. There was even another party where we didn't even talk to each other."

"But still?" Nathan said raising his voice slightly. "Brent of all people, you know I could barely stand him. Now I hate his guts."

"Nathan you mean so much to me babe, and we've known each other a long time, I don't want to fuck up what we have." Simon said pulling Nathan in close. "I will stop seeing other guys, and be yours exclusively if that makes you happy?"

"You would be able to do that for me?" Nathan asked sounding surprised.

"Anything, I love you, you know that." Simon smiled.

"I would really like that." Nathan said looking into Simon's eyes leaning in for a kiss. "I love you too."


"What a night." Peter said taking off his shirt and throwing it over the arm of Scott's sofa. "I can't believe that fight between Nathan and Brent." Peter stepped out of his pants putting them with his shirt. He was now only wearing a black pair of box cut briefs that hugged his impressive bulge and jock butt. Adam tried not to look but couldn't help it. Peter's body was a work of art. His pecs were so well defined as well as his arm and leg muscles, yet still with the slight supple softness of youth.

"Yeah that was unreal." Adam replied transfixed on Peter's body. "I would have kicked Brent's ass had he managed to punch Nathan."

"Yeah, I hear ya." Peter said putting a blanket on the floor with a pillow from the sofa. "Let's just sleep off the booze then we will get out of here. You take the sofa and I'll take the floor."

"You're kidding there must be enough room for both of us up here. Look how deep this sofa goes back." Adam said feeling bad Peter wanted to sleep on the floor.

"No way, I'm a gentleman; I insist I sleep on the floor." Peter said watching as Adam started to undress down to his gray boxers; they were on the loser side but still showed off Adam's bubble butt, the boxers even rode up his butt a little showing off some of Adam's skin. Peter noticed trying not to get caught. "Not to be rude, I mean this solely as a compliment but you have an incredible butt. It's literally like two perfect melons."

"Thanks a lot." Adam laughed looking a little shy. "You have a great body; you really do work out a lot."

"Yeah it helps when Coach Henry is your gym teacher; he lets us work out the entire class." Peter said flexing his arms for effect.

"So we should go on another date. I'll pay this time." Adam said sounding less shy.

"I would really like that." Peter smiled. "Maybe see a movie."

"I'm game." Adam said as Peter came to sit down on the couch with him.

"I really like you Adam, a lot." Peter began. "You're kind of on my mind all the time lately."

"Same with you, I think about you all the time and in case I'm not completely obvious I get pretty shy around you." Adam smiled.

"I do notice and it's very cute." Peter said putting his arm around Adam's back and pulling him in for a kiss. "I know you've never been with a guy before and I don't want to pressure you, but I'd like to be your first, not now, but when you're ready, I really want to make your first time special."

"I'd like that." Adam smiled, a wave of warmth coming over his body, his heart felt like it was skipping beats. He had never been so happy. Once again Peter pulled Adam in for a long passionate kiss.


End of Chapter 6



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