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Adam had spent the last few days at school managing to avoid both Principal Bradshaw and Coach Henry, the image of their sexual encounter still fresh in his mind. With Coach cancelling Friday soccer practice without any reason, Adam felt he had finally made it through the rest of the week without having to encounter any uncomfortable situations between the two men.

"So let's talk later, make plans." Nathan said, looking relieved the weekend was finally here. "Hello... Adam." Nathan said waving his hand in front of Adam's face. "You in there?"

"Sorry man." Adam replied as he came to, he was deep in thought, every time he looked at Nathan he was reminded of his father on both knees servicing Coach's cock. "Call me, we'll hang out over the weekend, Peter and I have plans tonight."

"You need a ride home?" Nathan asked, studying Adam closely. "You sure you're ok? You seem really distant."

"I've just got this dull headache, had it all day, just won't quit." Adam lied, rubbing his temples for affect. "I'm actually going to get a ride with Peter; he's just talking his sweet ass time going over some test results."

"Sounds good." Nathan said as he put his book bag over his shoulder. "I'll see you both later, now get some Advil into you, you'll feel way better." Nathan walked off with his usual confident stride; Adam's eyes followed him until he was out of sight.

"Sorry I took so long." Peter said, coming up behind Adam and giving him a backwards bear hug, lifting his feet inches off the ground. "You ok babe?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Adam smiled; Peter could always cheer him up. "I was just talking to Nathan before you got here. It's just awkward keeping shit from him, especially about his dad."

"You're just a sweet, caring guy." Peter said giving Adam a kiss on the forehead. "That's why I love you."

Adam was sure he had heard correctly, did Peter just say that he loved him? Adam's whole mood had suddenly changed. It was exactly what he had wanted to hear.

"Did you say that you love me?" Adam asked looking up at peter with an adorable boyish smile. "I heard that right?"

"I did, didn't I?" Peter laughed, his cheeks went red. "I hope that's not too weird."

"Not at all, I love you too." Adam replied stepping up on his toes to give Peter a kiss on the lips, Peter's hands on the small of his back pulling him in closer, while Peter leaned against the row of lockers. "I'm the luckiest guy." Adam said breaking the kiss.

"Sorry to interrupt boys." A voice came, Adam turned around, his week of avoiding Mr. Bradshaw was almost over and now almost at home base, the last person he wanted to see was before him. "Adam, could I see you in my office?" Mr. Bradshaw asked his tone delicate.

"Sure I guess." Adam muttered, fiddling with his hands nervously. "Is it going to be long Sir? I have to get home soon." Adam was trying to find any excuse.

"I promise it won't take long." Mr. Bradshaw smiled, his eyes betrayed him. Adam could see fear behind that smile. "Peter you don't mind waiting."

"Actually Sir, I'd like to come in with Adam if that's ok." Peter said firmly, but with respect.

"That won't be necessary Peter." Mr. Bradshaw said, looking uncomfortable and avoiding Peter's eyes.

"He knows." Adam said abruptly, looking up at Mr. Bradshaw sheepishly. "He knows everything."

"Well, I suppose you should come along after all." Mr. Bradshaw said a look of shame came across his face.


Principal Bradshaw's office faced out overlooking the grounds, a forest of fall colours in contrast to the dark green grass of the well manicured soccer and footballs fields. The large floor to ceiling window looked right over the tennis courts where some preppy looking tenth grade boys were playing a match.

The large dark wood desk of polished mahogany was detailed with matching wood moldings giving the office an almost Presidential feel. Glass showcases framed with matching wood displayed the Principals many awards for accomplishments not only as an Educator but as a renowned businessman. Historical black and white pictures of the Town of White Oaks adorned the walls, as well as a picture of his family. Evelyn his wife was centre, with a much younger Nathan to her side, Mr. Bradshaw standing behind her as a proud patriarch.

Adam and Peter both sat in burgundy leather bound chairs, each facing in towards the desk, Mr. Bradshaw fixed himself a drink of Brandy at the sideboard table knocking it back in one go before making his way to his seat. Placing both his hands on the desk each griped to the other like he was saying a silent prayer, he lifted his head to look at both boys.

"I want to apologize for what you saw the other day Adam." Mr. Bradshaw said, his voice was determined, yet shaking as he looked into Adam's eyes. "Never have I allowed my personal life to interfere with my professional one. And the one time I faltered, look where it's got me."

"Mr. Bradshaw I shouldn't have come back into the school." Adam said, he wanted to be anywhere else but in this office right now. "I forgot my phone and I got it back so everything is good, really."

"You can call me Alex, School is done for the day." Alex smiled softly. "Part of the reason I opened this school was to give people an environment to flourish. I never had that opportunity growing up and I want to make sure my son and others like him had a place where they could be themselves. Can I get you boys a drink?" Alex said suddenly changing the topic.

"No I'm good." Adam said, thinking how he could grab the decanter of Brandy off the sideboard table and chug it back to make the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach go away.

"I'm fine thanks." Peter said looking intently on Alex, like he was seeing an episode of his favourite show. He seemed to be fascinated by the whole situation.

"I realised I was attracted to men at a very early age, however I didn't have the courage to say it and I still really don't, it's only being caught by you Adam which lead me to tell you both." Alex said looking ashamed. "Coach Henry and I have been good friends for a number of years and overtime he was someone I was able to confide in and share my feelings and desires with. Henry and his husband have a relationship they've somewhat invited me into." Alex paused and took a deep breath. "It has given me the freedom, to at least allow some of who I really am to come out, because otherwise I don't think I could keep carrying on the way things are."

"So you're gay?" Peter asked, feeling completely empathetic for Alex. "What about Evelyn?"

"I love Evelyn very much, she has been a great wife, and for my own selfish reasons she has been the security I've needed all these years." Alex said looking to the picture of his family on the wall. "Do I love her? Yes, very much so. Am I in love with her? No. I love her the way you love a close friend, she gave me my son Nathan, the greatest achievement of my life, I share so much with her, and she is all I've ever known."

"I mostly understand how you feel; I've only just come out." Adam said compassionately. "For me it's just so awkward, Nathan is a really good friend, and I knew this huge thing about his dad that he didn't even know. Every time I've seen him since I feel this strong feeling of guilt."

"Please don't feel that way Adam." Alex said giving him a smile. "I'm sorry I've put this on you. Not to bring down my wife, but Evelyn hasn't been without her faults. I've been aware of her affairs with other men for years, but she deserves that attention that I've been so reluctant to give her. At the end of the day we have a great friendship and below the surface I know that she knows my attraction is towards men. We are both comfortable with how things are to some extent, don't ask me how we got there, it just came about that way."

"Why not come out Alex?" Peter spoke up. "Seriously you would have my support and I promise to be there for Nathan when he finds out."

"I know you would, you boys are great friends to him." Alex smiled; his expression was warm, seeming far less tense.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of Alex; you did what was expected of you for the times. You've accomplished so much; I mean look at all your awards." Adam exclaimed pointing to the display cases. "You have nothing to prove, just be yourself, you deserve to have what Nathan and Simon, me and Peter have."

"I know the time is coming." Alex began. "I will get there. What I do need is your word that you will allow me the time to come out to my son and tell him on my terms."

"Of course." Adam nodded in approval. "I totally respect that. We are there for Nathan but this is about you."

"One hundred percent sir." Peter said giving Alex assurance. "You have our word."


Peter sat on the edge of the bed completely blindfolded. The whole experience had him feeling somewhat aroused although he didn't know what to expect. Adam had gone though the trouble of making him just a steak for dinner after he burned both sides dishes and set off the smoke alarm twice. Peter didn't care, it was the thought that counted and at least Adam knew how to cook a steak and that was all Peter could ask for.

Blindfolded Peter's other senses were heightened, he could pick up Adam's natural musk mixed in with the smell of his cologne from the pile of clothing that overflowed from the wicker laundry hamper in the corner. A woody aroma with hints of cinnamon and clove hit Peter's nostrils from the Diptyque candle burning nearby. He was feeling relaxed and starting to feel the effects of the wine he'd had with dinner when he heard the loud pop of a cork from a bottle, along with the sound of glasses being placed down.

"Ok, you can take the blindfold off." Adam's voice came, Peter's heart fluttered with anticipation.

Slowly pulling the blindfold away from his eyes, Peter couldn't believe what was before him. Standing with a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé in hand Adam was standing their completely naked in all his muscular glory. His smooth skin still kissed with some summer bronze, a cheeky smile across his handsome face. He walked to the table and picked up a glass pouring the champagne into it slowly, not to waste a drop of the pricy bubbly. Handing it to Peter he poured himself one.

"Cheer's" Adam said raising his glass towards Peter.

"Cheer's" Peter smiled as their glasses clinked. "So what's the occasion? Not that I have any complaints about drinking Dom and having my hot boyfriend naked before me."

"I just wanted to make tonight special." Adam said with a grin, his cheeks became red as he blushed slightly. "I just want you to know how happy I am that I got to meet you, and how lucky I feel. I would never have thought two months ago that my life would be where it is right now."

"I feel the same way babe." Peter said reaching his hand out pulling Adam in closer so he was standing right in front of him. "And I meant it earlier when I said I loved you."

"Same here" Adam said his smile beaming from ear to ear.

"I know it's only been about two months but when I'm not with you I miss you, and when I'm with you time flies by and I'm watching the time, dreading when you have to leave again." Peter said taking a sip of his drink before placing it on the bedside table.

"We have the house to ourselves tonight; my parents took Kristy to California for the weekend to visit her friends." Adam said placing his glass on the table and climbing onto Peter's lap so he was straddling the six foot five stud, Adam placed both arms around Peter and leaned in for a kiss. "I'm ready; I want you inside me so bad."

"Are you sure?" Peter's eyes lit up as he asked. "I'm ready if you're ready; I just don't want you to feel rushed or pressured."

"I don't, I've just been thinking about it a lot lately, and I'm ready." Adam leaned in again for a kiss. "Just take it easy, at least at first."

"Of course, you tell me what you want, you set the pace babe." Peter smiled as he caressed Adam's toned back, letting his hand travel down towards his round ample butt, stopping Peter grabbed a handful of Adam's cheek and gave it a firm squeeze and a little shake. Peter brought his mouth up against Adam's ear before speaking. "Tonight is all about you ok? Just let me work on you, and I'll make you feel really good."


"Thanks for coming over." Simon said as he stepped aside to let Brent in, lifting his glasses up he rubbed his eyes which gave Brent the impression he'd been napping. "Sorry it's kind of messy in here, I've got exams."

"It reeks of pot in here." Brent said as he stepped across the threshold. "I actually read your message like twenty times just to make sure I was seeing it right. How did you know I was in the city?"

"Your status update and you checking in at the Four Seasons might have tipped me off." Simon replied giving Brent an amused look as he shut the door behind him.

"I suppose that makes sense." Brent said as he took in the view of the city lights from the floor to ceiling windows of Simon's penthouse. "So why did you ask me over, don't we hate each other?"

"Hate is a little harsh Brent." Simon laughed, running his hands through his dark wavy hair; his usually tidy stubble was looking a little fuller. "It was a disagreement."

"Way to down play it." Brent grinned. "I'm pretty sure we're both engaging in blackmail tactics."

"I'm just so fucking board, you're right; this monogamy thing is killing me." Simon said taking a sip of his beer as he seated himself down on the white leather sectional.

"Why am I not fucking surprised." Brent said sounding far from shocked by Simon's admission. "I could have told you that, in fact I did."

"Hey at least I gave it a try." Simon said defensively.

"I want to know one thing." Brent said sounding suddenly stern. "Were you telling me the truth when you said my dad is having an affair?"

"Yes I was." Simon said plainly. "You're dad has a mistress, that Lana woman I told you about."

Why wouldn't he?" Brent said shaking his head looking a little disappointed. "As long as he keeps my mom in Parisian designers and lavish homes... my family is so fucked up. Is it any wonder I'm such a toxic human."

"You're not toxic." Simon said sounding a bit compassionate.

"Oh shut up, you're so full of it. I am the worst person, I get high on other peoples misery." Brent said, sounding annoyed. "And look at me, I'm hot as fuck, but once guys dig below the surface they are disgusted by what they see, take Peter for example."

"I don't think you and Peter broke up because you're toxic. You guys just had purely sexual relationship; there is more to a relationship than just sex." Simon said, swallowing his swig of beer as he lit up a cigarette.

"That is hilarious, that is so rich coming from you, the guy who can't even commit to one guy." Brent said trying to suppress his laughter.

That's different, I love Nathan, I just enjoy having sex with different people. I have both a sexual and intellectual relationship with Nathan."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Brent scoffed, rolling his eyes. "And intellectual and Nathan should never be used in the same sentence."

"Say's the football jock." Simon laughed. "So can we both put our shit aside and be friends or at least civil?"

"If you can I can. If I keep all this negativity around me I'll be needing Botox by twenty." Brent said bluntly. "So what are these issues you are having?"

"I love Nathan, hell, I'll marry the guy." Simon said sounding sincere as he took a drag of his smoke. "I just can't do this one guy thing."

"Because you're a slut?" Brent said with a grin. "It's the way that you're wired."

"Yeah well, the last year has been a buffet of guys and then Nathan wants me to quit cold turkey." Simon said looking frustrated. "Besides you coming over here and blackmailing me for sex, I was doing really well with monogamy."

"Are you serious, I was the only guy you slept with since Rob's party besides Nathan?" Brent balked.

"Up until last night." Simon said with a guilty look. "I was at this bar having some drinks with my buddy and his girlfriend and there was this fucking gorgeous bartender, like six foot perfection, model looks, totally reminded me of Chris Pine."

"Sounds hot, so what happened?" Brent asked looking eager for details.

"My friends left, I was there until close and he asked me where he and his equally hot co-worker could get some blow." Simon said taking another drag of his smoke. "I told him I had some and we came back here, next thing I know I'm doing lines of his ass and suddenly I'm balls deep in some of the tightest ass I've ever had."

"Go big or go home." Brent blurted out a laugh. "Not one but two guys in one night."

"Yes sir and I might have them back over tonight when they get off." Simon said sounding pleased with himself as he put out his cigarette butt. "You're welcome to join?"

"Thanks but no thanks; I don't sleep with the help." Brent said looking put off, but pondering the idea. "So what does this mean for you and Nathan?"

"Well, you're dad has his women on the side, so why can't I have my cake and eat it too?" Simon said sounding distant. "We all have our secrets and the less Nathan knows the better."


Peter kneeled on the floor by the edge of the bed completely naked, his face was buried in between Adam's bubble butt as his tongue lapped hungrily at his tight hole. Adam was exposed and vulnerable on his back, his ass as close to the edge of the bed as possible as Peter gripped the back of both his knees pushing his legs back and giving him more access to his butt.

"You taste so fucking good babe." Peter said looking up between Adam's legs to meet his eyes. He could tell that Adam loved every minute of getting his ass eaten from the look on his face. Peter's stubble from his five o'clock shadow was a couple days overdue for a trim; it felt so good scratching gently over Adam's most sensitive spot.

"Keep doing that." Adam groaned as Peter's tongue went back to work probing his tight hole.

"You like me eating you out?" Peter asked in a husky voice. "I love eating ass babe, and your ass is perfect."

"Yeah keep doing it." Adam said sounding breathless as his body pulsated with waves of pleasure spreading out from his still whole cherry.

"Can I put a finger in you?" Peter asked sounding lustful but also not wanting to pressure Adam into anything he wasn't ready for.

"Yeah, of course" Adam said sounding nervous but still wanting it badly. "I got some lube; it's in the top of my night stand." The words barely left Adam's mouth as he heard Peter open the night stand drawer and the lid pop open as Peter generously applied lube to his finger.

"Just tell me to go slower or stop if it's too much ok?" Peter said warmly as he placed his greased up finger against Adam's tight knot. Pushing slowly the end of his finger slid in, as he got to the knuckle however, Adam's hole was tightly squeezing around his finger, fighting against his entry. "It's ok babe, just relax and breathe, It won't hurt as much if you just relax."

"Ok." Adam exhaled before Peter felt him relax his ass. The feeling was odd for Adam and yet he wanted more. "Feels good now."

"Of course babe, remember you just have to relax your body, the more tense you are, the more it's going to hurt." Peter said and he kissed Adam's inner thighs as his finger slid in all the way. Peter moved his finger around in circular motions trying to open Adam up inside, ready for another finger and soon hopefully his dick. "Can we try another finger?"

"Go for it." Adam said as he was getting use to the feeling. Having part of Peter inside him was turning him on more than he'd ever felt in his life.

Peter's middle finger was now pushing against Adam's hole sliding alongside his other finger into the warm tight embrace of his boyfriends virgin ass.

"Fuck that feels good." Adam said as he pulled both his legs back causing his butt to lift up, giving Peter more access to his ass. "I want your cock."

"You sure?" Peter asked a little stunned; his cock flinched when he heard those words come out of Adam's mouth. "You're still so tight."

"Lay down on the bed, I want to get on top of you." Adam said as he sat up making way for Peter.

Peter laid back, both his hands behind his head causing his biceps to bulge nicely; he knew Adam loved his arms.

"Yeah I like that, flex for me babe." Adam smiled as he got the bottle of lube and coated Peter's cock with a healthy amount. Taking some more he applied it to his ass getting ready to take Peter's thick shaft.

Adam straddled Peter; he could feel the blunt head of Peter's cock right against his hole that despite getting two fingers inside him was still tight as ever. He braced himself for what was to come, Nathan had told him before what to expect. He took a deep breath as he lowered himself down onto Peter's manhood, he felt the head penetrate his tight fortress and suddenly slide in. Adam felt a flash of heat and numbed pain travel up his body, he gasped, grimacing a little as he lowered himself more onto Peter's cock. Eventually the tenderness around his tight ring was diminishing and the pain becoming more along the lines of pleasure as his hole opened up to let Peter inside.

Next was the feeling of Peter's thick long cock hitting the inside walls of his ass, he could feel his eyes water a little and a slight rush of pain again travel up from deep within him. Adam remembered what Peter had told him, "Just relax". Adam did and started to lower himself onto his knees on either side of Peter, his ass resting on peter's lap, his cock deep within him. Adam startled to lightly rock his hips helping him use Peter's cock to open him up further, knowing this was the only way to make the pain go away. It was working; he could feel his ass giving way for Peter's cock, embracing it. Adam's face had this look of lusty accomplishment.

Peter had wanted so badly for this to happen. He loved Adam and wanted to make his first time special. Peter gently placed both his hands on Adam's ass cheeks and lightly started to thrust a little into Adam's tight ass. At first Adam was not sure, the feeling he'd just gotten use to was now interrupted by a knew feeling, again a little pain at first, he felt an unwanted pressure, than just like before Adam felt himself relax and open up.

Adam started pumping Peter's cock, squeezing it with his ass ring, as Peter pushed into him, lifting Adam's butt up and pushing it down onto his lap. Peter could already feel himself getting close to cumming. He took hold of Adam's cock and started jacking him off while he thrust more forcefully now into Adam.

Adam had never felt so much pleasure, whatever Peter was doing was edging him closer to cumming. He could feel Peter's tool hitting against this place inside him making him, he was leaking a steady amount of precum.

"Looks like we found your prostate." Peter grinned as Adam groaned in pleasure.

"Babe, I'm gonna cum." Adam said his face was flush, totally overcome with lust and a dire need to feel Peter fill him with his hot seed.

"Same here." Peter replied, he was now gripping hard onto Adam's bubble butt holding him in place as he thrust into Adam only pulling out less than half way before going deeper again while Adam jacked himself off. The second he heard Adam moan and his cum shoot across his abs up to his chest he was done, his cock sent a load deep inside of Adam.

Adam fell onto Peter, his head now resting on his shoulder, Peter's cock still inside him. "That felt so good." Adam said bringing his mouth to Peter's ear.

"You have no idea." Peter replied turning to face Adam he kissed him on the lips, holding it for several seconds before pulling away. "You have no idea handsome, the things I want to do to you."

Adam said nothing; he lay there with a smile on his face as Peter's strong arms held him close.


End of Chapter 15

** Thank you all for being patient with me. I know this Chapter took a while to get out. I've been swamped with school and had to put the writing aside for a bit. I have every intention of keeping this series going so fear not. The Boys of White Oaks is here to stay! **



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