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October was underway; it was now the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. The aromas in the store were like culinary heaven, one of the employees was surrounded by a swarm of overly enthusiastic housewives while running a baking demonstration on how to make the perfect pumpkin pie. The shelves were neatly stacked with different spices, sauces, bake wares and gadgets for the kitchen.

"I never thought we'd be spending our Friday off of school in a Williams-Sonoma, I should be sleeping in." Peter said as he picked up a sixty dollar pepper mill, seeing the price tag he placed it back down in shock. "Sixty bucks for that? You can buy one at Target for ten."

"I'm so sorry Rosie couldn't help you out with the dinner." Scott said as he grabbed a second sample of Lemon Cranberry loaf with a sweet tangy cream cheese icing. "God, this stuff is good!"

"It's ok, I'm sure I'll be fine, I've got about a day and a half to prep everything." Marcus said sounding a little unsure. He picked up a jar of cranberry relish, and placed it in his basket.

"Peeling carrots is the closest I want you getting to my food." Peter ginned. "Don't think because you shop in high-end kitchen stores you know your way around a kitchen."

"I hate you." Marcus said in a dry tone, sticking out his tongue at Peter. "I know what I'm doing."

"So how are things going with you and Anderson? Have you guys fucked around yet?" Scott asked as he snagged another sample of the loaf.

"No we haven't had sex yet, we went on a date, and we talk more or less every day. Anderson is a perfect gentleman." Marcus said giving Scott a playful punch in the arm. "I did invite him to my dinner tomorrow night, he said he might come."

"I'm glad things are going well so far." Peter said as he picked up a jar of Turkey Brine spice mix. "What is Turkey brine?"

"Oh thanks, I need that!" Marcus said eagerly grabbing the Turkey brine out of Peter's hands. "Its spices and herbs you use to basically marinate your Turkey, you mix it with Apple cider and it makes the bird really moist and flavourful."

"It's like thirty dollars." Peter said sounding appalled. "You can buy your own spices for next to nothing."

"You know Peter, you're right. Why don't we head over to the nearest convenience store, forget the brine, we'll just Shake 'n Bake the turkey or something." Marcus smiled, shaking his head.

"Oh my god, I haven't had Shake 'n Bake in forever." Scott said checking out the guy with the tattoos covering his arm's that was looking at gourmet sauces next to the gluten free boxed pastas. "Check out my future husband."

"Who, the guy with all the tattoos, that's Shane Brooks; he was on the football team. He graduated last year." Peter said sizing Shane up. "Man did he pack on some muscle."

"I know who Shane Brooks is." Scott said starring intensely at the guy. Shane looked about nineteen he had a completely shaved head with the exception of a wide strip of black hair that ran from the front of his head to the back down the middle; it was buzzed short and looked almost like a faux hawk. Scott could get past the slightly outdated hair style because this guys face was gorgeous, two sultry brown eyes and a cute nose that turned up slightly at the tip. He had an adorable dimple on his chin that was covered in a weeks' worth of stubble. He had two muscular arms that fit snuggly in the short sleeves of his white polo; both arms were completely covered in tattoos that were like a sleeve down each arm.

"Get a grip you pervert, you're practically drooling." Marcus laughed, giving Scott a firm nudge.

"I would bottom for him in a second." Scott said composing himself, as Shane made his way over to them. "I bet he has a piercing on his cock."

"You disgust me." Marcus said with a smirk, he could picture Shane having a cock piercing too.

"Guys, it's been a while." Shane said as he gave his old team mate Peter a fist bump. "How are the boys looking this season?"

"The team could use you back." Peter said, not sounding hopeful. "Let's just say we're off to a rocky start."

"That sucks; I haven't even touched a football since last season. I've been working on perfecting my culinary skills." Shane began, his voice was handsome, Scott could listen to him talk all day. "I started my own business catering events, nothing huge, corporate affairs mostly; hopefully I can get a small team together and start doing weddings."

"Good for you. I had no idea you were such a food buff." Scott said, his tone was a little flirtatious.

"Oh yeah, I live for it. My dad says if the catering thing takes off he'll help me open a restaurant." Shane said, sounding passionate about his aspirations.

"Wait... I just thought of something!" Marcus said excitedly. "Tomorrow I'm having a Thanksgiving dinner for all the guys, my original cook dropped out, are you by any chance able to help me out? And obviously stay and have dinner with us, Brent and some other guys from the football team will be there."

"Is Brent still Brent?" Shane asked with a grin.

"If by that you mean a douche bag, then yes, more than ever." Scott laughed.

"Well I was supposed to be going to my Aunts place for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow but they canceled on us, everyone has this stomach bug so I'd be glad to come." Shane smiled. "And Marcus, I'll totally help you out with the cooking, free of charge."

"Thank you so much!" Marcus exclaimed. "You're ok to come over for say, eight a.m.? I've got a ton of prep work."

"Eight o'clock is fine; I'll bring some wine." Shane replied, checking his phone for the time. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, I'd stay and talk but I'm here on business."

"See you tomorrow." Marcus said turning towards Peter and Scott and letting out a sigh of relief as Shane walked off. "There is no way I could have pulled this off alone."

"I know." Peter laughed. "I was counting down the minutes until you had a full out meltdown. I had visions of us sitting around a table eating cold stuffing and a bucket of KFC."

"I don't think it would be that disastrous." Marcus rolled his eyes. "Now I get to be Shane's Sous-chef."

"More like his kitchen bitch." Scott smirked, as Marcus gave him cut eye.

"Didn't you say Brad was coming?" Peter asked curiously.

"Unfortunately Marcus invited him." Scott said in a snarky tone.

"I can't keep up with who you're screwing at any given moment Scott. I thought you two were practically dating." Marcus said in a snappy tone.

"This could be awkward, having Shane there." Peter said sounding unsure. "You know him and Brad dated for a long time, I don't think things ended very well either."

"Shit, I forgot about that." Marcus said, he sounded as if he could care less. "Well, we're all grown ass men, so Brad can suck it up."

"So, what happened exactly between you and Brad?" Peter asked. "You guys have been all over each other lately."

"Oh god, please!" Marcus cried. "I've heard this story to death already."

"I was fucking him the other day, and after we both came, he says to me something like, I was the best fuck he's had all month." Scott said sounding bitter. "So I called him a slut, and something about him looking fat in spandex."

"Ouch..." Peter said looking squeamish. "You go right for the nuts."

"So you're mad at him because he is doing exactly what you do, which is fool around with other men." Marcus said sounding unimpressed. "Scott, he's a good guy, you should have told him how you felt about him. I'm sure he really liked you too, in fact I'm certain of it."

"What makes you say that?" Scott said softly, he was feeling slightly foolish.

"I think the fact that he dressed up in gear to go along with your fetish says a lot." Peter said putting his hand on Scott's shoulder. "And I've seen him in the locker room, he is far from fat, I wish I had abs like that."

"Just promise me that tomorrow you will be on your best behaviour." Marcus said looking at Scott, eye to eye. "Promise?"

"Yes, I'll be a good boy." Scott replied. "I promise."


"It smells amazing in here Shane, I feel so bad, I've barely lifted a finger." Marcus said as he got off the phone. With a small spoon he tasted some of the gravy. "Shane, this gravy is life altering." Shane had taken over the kitchen and Marcus wasn't complaining one bit. The smells were incredible, pumpkin bisque, gravy, stuffing, Bacon and Brussels sprout casserole and of course the star attraction, the big bird seasoned and in the oven. It was Saturday and the countdown to dinner was on.

"No problem, I've got everything covered." Shane said as he tended to the different pots on the stove top. "So if you don't mind me asking, who was that on the phone?"

"Oh, that was Anderson; he's this guy I'm talking too." Marcus said, a big smile came across his face. "We went on a date last week."

"I could tell it was a guy." Shane laughed. "Your face instantly broke out in this huge smile. Anderson is such a handsome name, I think it's impossible to have the name Anderson and not be hot. So tell me about him."

"Have you ever seen Henry Cavil?" Marcus asked, talking about Anderson made him feel light and fuzzy inside.

"You know I'm one of the biggest comic book geeks right? You don't think I know the actor who plays Superman." Shane grinned. "Yeah, I know Henry Cavil, he's been used many times as... let's say... material."

"Well Anderson looks like him, and as if his looks weren't enough, he's got this charming personality, he's tall, which I love, muscular, I could really go on and on, but I'll spare you." Marcus laughed. "Anyways he said he's for sure coming now."

"Well I know you'll likely want to obsess for hours over what to wear and if your hair is just right so don't worry. I've got everything under control here." Shane smiled.

"You're awesome, thank you so much!" Marcus replied.


Scott was beyond horny, since him and Brad stopped talking he was full of pent up sexual frustration. Thoughts of Shane flooded his mind; he couldn't stop thinking about how hot he looked covered with tattoos. Normally he liked his guys preppy and clean cut just like Brad but something about this stud had him wanting to take a fat cock up his ass.

"You should have seen the arms on this guy." Scott said as he jogged on the treadmill going at a good pace, his speaking sounded labored as he breathed heavily catching his breath as he swept the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"It's a shame about you and Brad though, you guys looked really hot together." Adam said as he jogged alongside Scott. "I'm excited for tonight; I'm going to indulge myself like crazy, pie, chocolate, cake, bring it on."

"Speaking of indulge, I wouldn't mind indulging myself on that ass." Scott said nodding towards the guy doing squats on the mat in front of them. The guys gym shorts were a little on the tighter side and showed of two beefy ass cheeks that begged to rip the seam in the seat of his shorts. "Fuck, why am I such a whore. I just wanna fuck everything lately."

"Have you had sex since you and Brad had your falling out?" Adam laughed. "Maybe next time you should rub one out before you come to the gym, then you won't have such a raging case of blue balls."

"Good idea but whacking off does little for me, I have this urge to dominate some preppy jock boy and violate him." Scott said as he adjusted his crotch, the guy doing squats was giving him a great performance. "But this Shane guy, He makes me wanna be his bottom boy."

"He'll be there tonight at Marcus' maybe you can pick him up and take him home after." Adam said with a grin. "I feel so lazy compared to what you've done with guys; I need to get pointers from you."

"Whatever, you and Peter must fuck like Rabbits." Scott said, quickly dismissing Adam's claim. "I find it hard to believe two muscle boys like you and Peter have been dating for a month and you haven't had a cock up your ass yet?

"Seriously, Peter is adamant we wait until I'm ready." Adam laughed.

"And when is that?" Scott asked bluntly. "Once he puts a wedding ring on your finger? Seriously stop putting the cock on a pedestal, I mean it is a wonderful thing but you don't want to build it up into something huge, it's supposed to be simple."

"What do you mean like?" Adam asked curiously.

"I mean, it's perfectly natural, it's something we're made to share. Don't try to wait for this perfect moment to come along; you'll end up killing it with all the pressure. Just let the mood strike, and go for it." Scott said giving Adam a smile. "You can ask me anything."

"I think I'm just nervous about how it's going to feel. But I do really want it, I actually crave it." Adam said sounding a little frustrated. "I just don't want to look like an idiot, like I don't know what I'm doing."

"Do you know how many guys would kill to get in your pants, experience or not, you're hot as fuck dude, and you're a virgin." Scott began. "I remember my first time, it's not supposed to play out like a porno, he let me take the lead, get use to his cock inside me and when I got more comfortable with the feeling he slowly started to take over."

"You're right, I've got to stop mentally blocking myself and just go for it." Adam replied sounding more confident.

"And might I suggest you wear a wrestling singlet." Scott laughed. "Spandex always spices up the love making."

"I'll have to see about that one." Adam grinned. "One day I'm sure."


"I like the blue tie." Simon said as he was lay on Nathan's bed watching Nathan give him a fashion show as he picked out what to wear. "We have to be at this thing in an hour babe, just so you know."

"I love how you're giving me a timeframe to get ready and you're still in your underwear." Nathan said looking amused.

"Yeah, well I was thinking maybe you could come over here and you know.........." Simon said raising his eyebrow seductively.

"I just finished my hair, I'm not going to get all sweaty and mess it up giving you a blow job." Nathan said in a flirtatious tone.

"Baby, c'mon.......... I love you." Simon said patting the bed next to him for Nathan to come climb up next to him, while his other hand played with his cock under the waistband of his underwear, he began to peel them off throwing them at Nathan. "I'll make it worth your while, trust me."

"How are you going to make it worth my while?" Nathan said as he climbed up onto the high bed and cuddled up next to Simon, he kissed Simon on the lips, than he bit is lower lip softly and pulled on it with his teeth.

"Lay down, I'll show you." Simon replied as Nathan lay on his back, his head rested on his pillows. Simon slowly unbuttoned Nathan's pants and pulled down his zipper, placing both hands under Nathan's ass he pulled the pants off in one smooth sweep by the back pockets and long with Nathan's boxer briefs. With one arm Simon lifted Nathan's thick leg in the air and placed his lips just by his inner ankle while kissing it softly, letting his mouth and tongue travel down Nathan's leg towards his knee, than over his inner thigh as Nathan rubbed his own cock. His other hand caressed his chest, and teased his nipples, making them hard. Simon's mouth was now near Nathan's balls as he playfully licked them and put them in his mouth, it wasn't long before Simon grabbed Nathan's other leg and pushed both legs back so they were nearly back by Nathan's ears. With Nathan so vulnerable and exposed Simon began to playfully lick and tickle Nathan's smooth taint, slowly letting his tongue travel to Nathan's tight hole where he licked and probed at it. Nathan moaned as he worked his own cock and held Simon in place, while he got rimmed out.

"That feels so good." Nathan moaned, trying to trap Simon's head between his thighs, Simon held both legs firmly in place making Nathan still vulnerable to his hot tongue.

"I know how to make my baby feel real good." Simon said looking up to see Nathan moving about restlessly and heavy with lust. "You taste so fucking good." Simon got upright and positioned both Nathan's legs over his shoulders, placing his cock over Nathan's tight hole he slapped the tight pucker with his cock head, teasing it, making Nathan beg for it. Simon placed his cock head right on Nathan's hole and slowly pushed in, once he was in half way he leaned forward, pushing Nathan back and lifting his ass up so he could get deeper inside. Simon began to thrust hard and deep.

"Yeah, fuck me hard." Nathan cried out, as he rubbed his shaft more vigorously, Simon was thrusting in and out of him like his life depended on it.

"Ugh... you're so fucking tight." Simon groaned throwing his head back as he slammed roughly into Nathan. Soon Simon unloaded into Nathan's ass, still thrusting to make sure he filled Nathan with every last drop. "Ugh....." Simon groaned again still balls deep inside Nathan.

"How's my hair look?" Nathan moaned, as he leaned up to kiss Simon, still working his cock over, while lip locked with Simon. Nathan hit his climax and erupted sending three shots of cum onto his chest.

"It looks just fine." Simon laughed, as he caressed Nathan's face. "And I'd go with the black tie."


Guests were starting to arrive at Marcus' home; the pre-dinner drinks were flowing nicely. The champagne was chilled over ice inside a leather bound ice bucket with an abundance of amber colored liquor in crystal decanters with matching tumblers neatly placed in front. The long dining room table was beautifully decorated with gourds, small pumpkins and squash with a large beautiful arrangement of fall flowers in reds, yellows and oranges at the centre of the table, two smaller arrangements of the same flowers were near both ends of the long wooden harvest table, it all looked like something Martha Stewart herself would want to aspire too.

"Looks like Shane and Brad are getting along just fine." Marcus said taking a sip of his champagne while he watched Brad talk, but more like flirt in the kitchen with Shane. "I didn't think things between them left of in the greatest way."

"Well they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe in this case the dick grow harder." Brent smirked.

"He's clearly being friendly with him to make me jealous." Scott said taking a big swig of his drink, as he watched Shane feed Brad a bite of mash potatoes of a spoon.

"Go easy with the scotch." Marcus said pulling the glass away from Scott's lips. "I want you able to form words and sentences when dinners being served."

"He's such a little bitch, slutting it up with his ex, rubbing it in my face." Scott said giving Brad and Shane daggers with his eyes.

"He's allowed to talk to other guys." Marcus said looking nervous, he didn't want a scene.

"You and Brad are so annoying." Brent exclaimed, sounding irritated. "Just tell each other how you both feel already, stop with the games. Seriously, Brad won't shut up taking about you, and now you won't stop talking about him." Brent said before quickly walking off to get another drink.

"What the fuck does Brent know?" Scott said in an angry tone. "We always have to hear about that Preston guy he fucked in the Hamptons all summer."

"He has a point though; being stubborn is not going to help either of you. You're hurt, Brad's hurt so just get it all out on the table and move on." Marcus said as he gave Scott a reassuring pat on the back. "Just don't get it all out on my table; you can go to my room and talk in private."

"You might be right." Scott said, looking deep in thought. "Besides, the makeup sex is going to be epic."

"And you're not having sex on my bed." Marcus grinned. "That's reserved for me and my guy."

"Fucking right, so Anderson is coming to dinner? Dude he's so hot... If you guys have sex can I watch?" Scott asked in an almost begging way.

"You're a sick, sick man Scott Weir." Marcus laughed. "Not a chance."

"Fine, I just had to ask." Scott smiled, leaning in to give Marcus a kiss on the cheek. "I'm happy things are going well with you buddy."

"Me too." Marcus smiled widely.


To be continued


End of Chapter 11



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