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Peter tilted his head back letting the warm water rinse the soap from his hair, the suds beaded down his broad muscular back towards the deep crack of his hard sculpted ass, like that of a roman statute. His hands traveled across the ridges and curves of his body, cock hung flaccid between two thick bulging thighs. He loved the feeling of the warm water running over his face, both eyes closed he could feel the cool air rush into the shower as the bathroom door opened, letting steam escape.

“Do I have company?” Peter asked the corner of his mouth turning into a playful grin. “Get in here.”

“I wanna wake up to this view every day.” Adam replied, getting an eyeful of Peter’s hard body through the glass shower door, he loved how his pecs jutted out like a shelf of muscle above his taught abs that tapered into a tight ‘V’, a light dusting of blond hair above a flaccid 6 inch cock, the two dimples on either side of that athletic ass were delicious. “I’ve got an idea.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” Peter smiled feeling Adam’s presence now behind him.

“Let me show you.” Adam said, he reached around and grabbed Peter’s now semi erect cock, pulling back on his foreskin exposing the head while he stroked the shaft. “I know you say you’re a total top, but this ass needs to be worshiped.”

“It does huh?” Peter laughed, arching his back, making his muscle rump stick out.

Adam, now kneeling behind Peter, was faced with the most perfect butt ever, in all the porn he’d ever seen, this ass was a masterpiece. Adam grabbed each cheek in his hands, kneading them like dough; there was little give in both these marble boulders. Spreading them apart, Adam could see the perfect, tightest pink hole, completely virgin, Peter was total dom top. “That’s gonna change.” Adam thought to himself admiring what was his. He felt like a starving castaway on an island without food, now presented with a 12 oz steak, even though he could dive face first he knew he needed to make Peter feel safe, he needed to let him know that getting his ass played with was amazing, that once he’d had a tongue in his asshole he’d be craving a throbbing cock.

“Like what you see?” Peter asked, leaning forward against the titled wall sticking his butt out.

“Very much.” Adam replied, tracing circles with the tip of his tongue over Peter’s glutes, when he got close to the middle, he softly bit on it and gave it a kiss with his full pouty lips. Adam could tell his man liked it, the more he got closer to the centre where both cheeks met he could feel Peter push back. Adam grabbed both glutes again and separated them, placing kisses all over Peter’s backside, he slowly reached the middle, nuzzling his face inward, he began to lap at Peter’s hole, he could feel Peter go from tight, to letting go and relaxing, now nibbling at his back door, his tongue more ridged began to press against Peter’s button, slowly entering before pulling out again and wiggling the tip against it teasingly. Peter let out a moan.

Adam had Peter right where he wanted him; face deep in muscle butt, Adam slowly reached both hands around grabbing Peter by the thighs, he pulled him back more onto his face, the stubble from a week and a half without shaving was rubbing against Peter’s most intimate spot. Peter was now stroking his cock, grunting and moaning, his other hand went to his chest where he played with his nipple squeezing it hard between his finger and thumb.

“Holy fuck, stick your tongue inside me again.” Peter said his eyes closed tightly, the water still running and beading down his hard body.

Adam knew Peter was getting close, his knees were wobbly, his hole was open and wanting the tongue deeper, even the pace of stroking his now fully erect cock was picking up. Adam reached down to his own vital organ and began to work on his shaft. The thought of being face deep inside the Quarterbacks ass was all too much as Adam fired a load of cum against the shower wall. Peter bucked his hips away from Adam’s face, suddenly turning around, he grabbed Adam by the hair and pressed his cock against Adam’s face firing a shot against his lips. Adam smiled, looking up into Peter’s eyes, his face was flush red. Sticking out his tongue Adam lapped up cum, swallowing it.

Peter lifted Adam up to his feet, and pulled him in for a long kiss, both their tongues fighting for supremacy. “I think we’re gonna be late for school.” He laughed.


Now that most of the trees were without leaves, the morning sun low in the sky shined brightly through the bare branches, the light glistened of the frost covered grass, the air crisp and cold, and the smell of burning wood fires hung heavily.

Nathan sat in his car looking at the crowd of students slowly filing into the school, dreading the day. He’d made such a fool of himself at Brent’s Halloween party that he knew for sure he’d be the topic of everyone’s conversation. Suddenly, he saw his opportunity, Scott and Marcus were walking up the front path towards the front doors, Nathan grabbed his leather book bag, swiftly throwing the strap over his shoulder, he slammed the car door shut, and quickly made a beeline for his friends.

“Guys, wait up!” Nathan shouted, he sprinted across the front lawn of the school, leaping over a boxwood hedge, landing within feet of his friends. “So glad you guys are here. I didn’t want to go in alone.”

“I’ll see you later Scott.” Marcus said, giving Scott an air kiss on the cheek, avoiding any eye contact with Nathan what so ever, as he made his way into the crowded sea of students.

“I guess he’s still super pissed at me.” Nathan said, looking disheveled.

“You ok buddy, you look kinda out of it? Scott asked, looking Nathan over. “You didn’t even style your hair and you’re wearing different coloured socks.”

“Fuck!” Nathan replied looking at his Navy blue and burgundy mismatched socks. “I’ve been completely out of it since the party, I’m pretty sure I’m still hung over.”

“I heard you drank a ton dude.” Scott ginned, giving Nathan a hard pat on the back. “I’m sure you and Marcus will have your issues sorted out by the end of the week.”

“That’s not even all of it man, I’m sure you heard?” Nathan asked quietly, he paused a moment.

“Nothing, what’s up now?” Scott asked in a hushed tone.

“I gave Shane a blow job...” Nathan said quietly, hiding his mouth afraid people passing by could read his lips. “I’m a total hypocrite.”

“You gave Shane head?” Scott replied, putting his arm up for a high five. “Dude, that’s awesome.”

“No it’s not and keep it down... I cheated on my boyfriend man.” Nathan had the most guilty of looks on his face. “I’ve barely slept, I can’t even deal with how Simon is going to react, and I’ve got to tell him.”

“Please, he cheated on you left and right.” Scott said dismissively. “I’m glad you cheated; now you can dump his ass.”

“No, that was different; we had an open relationship then.” Nathan replied looking more flustered.

“Nathan, you need to get rid of that guy.” Scott rolled his eyes in frustration. “Look I know he’s like your first, but you are so young and you are tying yourself down to a guy who has no respect for you. He vanishes all last summer, comes home when it suits him and then throws some designer swag your way and expects that makes up for everything.”

“You know you guys are really starting to sound way more convincing, maybe this is my chance.” Nathan replied, looking down at his phone, he had two missed calls from Simon.


Adam was on the bleachers overlooking the field where Brent and his squad were tossing a football around; Peter who was in a sleeveless skin tight black Under Armor shirt and gray gym shorts that barely covered his upper thighs, had mischievously intercepted a pass to Brad and made a run for the end zone. Looking down at his lunch tray he scowled at the lasagna realizing it was meat-free, too idle to go back to the cafeteria; he dug in his fork and reluctantly began eating.

Marcus sat on the bleachers next to Adam. “It’s getting chilly, I heard we might get snow this weekend.” Marcus zipped his sweater up as high as the zipper would go.

“I’m looking forward to it. It never snowed in California where we lived.” Adam said, his eyes still glued to Peter.

“Checking out your man?” Marcus laughed, taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

“Marcus, it’s crazy... We’ve been having so much sex.” Adam replied quietly. “This morning I gave him a rim job in the shower.”

“He let you play around in his ass?” Marcus said sounding shocked. “It must be love, I’ve never heard of anyone getting close to his booty.”

“I thought I was a total bottom, but lately I just want to fuck him so bad, I can’t stop checking out his butt, between soccer and football he’s got a great one.” Adam said still eyes locked onto Peter’s round rump.

“Well, I think if he let you eat him out, he’d be warm to the idea of taking it up the butt.” Marcus smiled, taking a long sip. “Even Nathan has noticed how different Peter has been, and in a good way! He seems to be really genuinely happy.”

“I hope so man; I’m so in love with the guy.” Adam replied, his face was a little flush. “So you’re speaking to Nathan again?”

“No, this was before the whole Anderson conversation.” Marcus said sounding defensive.

“Can’t you guys just make up? You’re best friends.” Adam asked pleadingly. “I feel like you two are the glue that keeps the group tight.”

“If he wants to apologize I’m open to it, but he really made me feel like crap.” Marcus replied, sounding softer. “I love him but sometimes he speaks before he thinks.”

“I know he does, but even if he said it wrong and sounded like a total dick, he was only looking out for you at the end of the day.” Adam said putting his arm around Marcus.

“I know he is.” Marcus said watching the scrimmage before them, Peter was now shirtless, a group of thirsty juniors on the lower benches were getting an eyeful of his perfect pecs and washboard stomach, a misting of sweat made his skin glisten. “I can’t believe our soccer season is already over, I thought for sure we’d make playoffs.”

“I know, and the football team makes it to finals... I swear I heard Brent cheer when that team beat us in shootouts.” Adam sounded bitter.

“Probably, he’s always been jealous of our success.” Marcus said with a smirk. “Don’t let it bother you; his parents aren’t emotionally available so he turned out evil.”

“God damn just look at that ass.” Adam said, his eyes were heavy and seemingly transfixed to Peter’s jock butt, his gray gym shorts were so far up his crack each muscular cheek was proudly on display showing off plenty of those thick legs. “I need to fuck him so bad, I’m so afraid he won’t let me though.”

“Relationships are about compromise, I have a feeling he will be a little reluctant but if he loves you, then you make the effort.” Marcus replied placing his hand on Adam’s shoulder and giving him a shake. “I on the other hand love being catcher; if Anderson ever wanted to bottom I think I’d need a strap on.”

“Oh my god, you amaze me.” Adam laughed, choking a bit on his cardboard tasting lunch. Looking back over the field, Peter was now running over to them, his solid pecs bouncing ever so slightly, his bulging arms swaying at his sides, biceps like softballs.

“Sup boys?” Peter asked messing up Adam’s hair playfully. “What’s for lunch?” taking the fork from Adam he put it in his mouth and looked repulsed. “Nice to see that’s what $25,000 a year buys you.”

“It’s vegan, gluten free.” Adam replied, fixing his hair back into place.

“That explains it.” Peter said folding his buff arms across his chest. “I’m gonna go hit the shower before next period, wanna join?”

“I’d love too.” Adam grinned.


As a finishing touch, trendy retail gay’s sprinkled faux snow on the Saks window displays, which were outlined in white garland with black ornaments; each window shown a different Winterscape with an element of high fashion. In contrast, along Three Oaks Boulevard the pumpkins were still untouched by mold as city garbage collectors tossed them into the back of the truck where they would soon become compost. Nathan was feeling sorry for himself and treating it with some retail therapy; he was both taken aback by the beauty of the displays but also appalled by its earliness.

“Christmas comes earlier every year.” A voice came, as Nathan saw the reflection of Shane in the window. His haid was now completely buzzed close, and neck tattoo visible above the collar of his army green military jacket, his light blue slim fit jeans were distressed and both knees worn out. “That must off been some hangover?”

“Shit man, you have no idea.” Nathan blushed looking down at his feet. “I’m really sorry for what I did.”

“Dude, its fine... It wasn’t my first drunken sloppy blow job and I’m sure as hell it won’t be my last.” Shane laughed. “I feel bad, I mean really guilty that you have a boyfriend.”

“It’s me who should feel like bad.” Nathan half smiled. “This week has been a total write off; I’m in a stupid fight with Marcus and I sucked a dick that didn’t belong to my boyfriend.”

“If it’s any consolation you looked really hot in your cop outfit.” Shane grinned, flashing his white teeth.

“Thanks, even though I was the only tool in a costume.” Nathan laughed, making a snorting sound, his face turned red. “I just snorted, that’s terrible.”

“It’s cute.” Shane replied, pausing a moment. “So are you doing some holiday shopping?”

“Yeah for myself.” Nathan shifted awkwardly where he stood. “How about you?”

“I’m on my way to Whole Foods to pick up some red quinoa for a new recipe I’m trying out.” Shane said, looking at Nathan, he smiled shyly. “Don’t tell Scott I don’t shop at Fresh Ideas, there prices make Whole Foods look like Walmart.”

“I’ll keep it between us.” Nathan said, looking for something more to say. “So I guess you heard the football team made it to finals?”

“Yeah, too bad it didn’t work out that way for you guys.” Shane replied, looking sorry. “I guess Peter’s happy though, the perks of being on both teams.”

“Yeah, although he’s pretty bummed... Nothing worse for a goalie than a game ending in shootouts.” Nathan shrugged. “And I know for fact Scott is pretty stoked about a few more weeks of watching guys tackle each other in tight pants.”

“That guy is such a horn dog.” Shane smirked. “Well we should do coffee sometime?”

“I’d like to man, but it’s kinda awkward for me right now.” Nathan spoke weakly.

“I get it, it’s cool, you have a boyfriend.” Shane said, he sounded disappointed. “Well I guess I should get going.”

“Thanks Shane, I’ll see you around.” Nathan replied watching as Shane walked away, suddenly the chill of the evening air was more apparent.


End of Chapter 17

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