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Simon had this air of sophistication about him, he was confident, well dressed and even at 23 years of age, seemed like a man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. The way he talked was smooth and articulate, yet he could be 'just one of the guys' when he so chose. His black slim fit Tom Ford suit was well tailored to his six foot three defined build; it fit his body to a 'T'. His sultry dark eyes framed by his black rimmed glasses, his thick dark wavy hair was slightly out of place but bushed back, despite his healthy amount of stubble, it was well groomed and in shape.

"I missed you." Nathan said staring longingly into Simon's dark brown eyes. He brought his mouth to Simon's ear. "Don't leave me this long again. Promise?" Nathan pulled Simon's slim black neck tie just below the knot brining him in for a kiss. How much he missed the feeling of Simon's dark stubble against his face. He missed everything about him, the smell of his cologne and the product he used in his hair as well as his own sexy musk.

"I missed you too babe." Simon said, his hands traveled down Nathan's back resting at his butt. "I've missed this too." Simon gave Nathan's butt cheeks a firm squeeze lifting each of his perfect fleshy globes, making each of his glutes bounce in his hands.

"How was New York?" Nathan asked as he kissed Simon's neck, his one arm around Simon's shoulders, the other hand on his chest. Nathan had longed to touch him for so long now.

"It wasn't as fun without you, but it's New York." Simon said kissing Nathan playfully on the tip of his nose. "I got you something." Simon said as he pulled something out of his suit pocket. It was in a red box with gold embellishments around the border. Inside the box was a silver watch with gold detailing around the face as well as some of the links.

"Simon, you shouldn't have done this." Nathan smiled looking at Simon and bursting with excitement. "It's Cartier; you must have spent a fortune on this."

"It's the least I could do, you're worth every penny." Simon said, caressing the side of Nathan's face with the back of his hand. "I know our open relationship can sometimes get to you, but, at the end of the day, you're the man I come home to."

Nathan hated hearing that last part but he couldn't imagine bringing up his feelings during this perfect moment, he wanted everything to go the way he had thought it out in his head, maybe than he could make Simon see that he was the one man worth having.

"I wish I got you something." Nathan laughed. "I feel so spoilt."

"You can take us upstairs; I think you know what I want." Simon said in a cocky tone, his one hand on Nathan's butt, just for emphasis he gave it a firm squeeze.

"I'm so glad I skipped school today." Nathan said taking Simon's hand, leading him up the stairs to his room.

"I can't wait to taste that ass." Simon said watching Nathan climb the stairs in front. "Gonna have you sit on my face real good."


Coach Henry's gym class was slowly becoming everyone's favourite part of the day, the gym bunnies got to work out while the less athletic types used the period to catch up on other class assignments or the latest gossip.

"So, have you thought about where you're going to take Adam for your date?" Scott asked as he jogged on the treadmill next to Peter.

"I thought about this place downtown called Asano, they have the best sushi." Peter said, his breathing was fast; the treadmill going at a good pace.

"You can never go wrong with Sushi. I've been to Asano a couple times; Marcus took me there for my birthday." Scott said as he wiped the sweat that was beading down his head away from his eyes. "If you guys want to swing by after you're more than welcome."

"Yeah, I'll mention it to him. Kind of bummed that we're missing your party, but Adam is worth it." Peter said, taking a drink from his water bottle. "I'm so fucking nervous I could puke. I really want this to go well. I only met this kid and he's got me so hooked on him."

"That's cute; I never thought you were such a big softy." Scott said in a teasing voice.

"Me neither, this guy is different... I try to act so confident around him when I'm really thinking I hope he likes me, I hope I didn't do something to blow it the entire time." Peter laughed.

"Take it slow and as it comes, if you over think everything you'll probably end up blowing it. Just be yourself, he said yes to the date so you're off to a good start." Scott replied.

"He's so cool to talk to, when we stayed up at Nathans the other night he told me all this stuff about his life back in California, how hard it was being in the closet in a conservative town, I know he's almost my size and completely able, but, I just wanted to hold him and tell him I'll take care of him." Peter said with a big smile across his face.

"Adorable. But seriously, just take things easy. You don't want to go from zero to lesbian overnight, take things little by little, and then you can rent the U-haul."
Scott said lightly punching Peter in the shoulder.

"I know... I honestly feel like one of those people I can't stand, who get all mushy and gushy about a guy but I can't help it." Peter said looking at Scott with a helpless expression.

"You think you're going to make it to third base tonight?" Scott asked giving Peter a devious grin.

"No way, I'm not looking for another Brent, besides, I'm pretty sure Adam is a virgin." Peter paused. "I want to make his first time special if we end up making it that far."

"Peter Williams, you sound like such a homo." Scott laughed. "You usually love to destroy a tight hole."

"Like I said, this one is special." Peter smiled.


"Fuck....... uh........" Nathan moaned as he was on all fours taking a pounding from Simon who was thrusting into him like it was his mission in life. "Harder...... yes!"

"Yeah, you like my cock inside you?" Simon asked grabbing Nathan by the hair and pulling his head back so he could speak into his ear. "You feel so good." Simon's shaft would pull out just till the tip of his cock was left inside then thrust back into Nathan's hungry ass. His tight hole gripped his dick pulling it back in for more of Simon's assault. Simon lifted Nathan up so he was sitting on his cock while he sat on the edge of the bed getting deeper inside of Nathan. Nathan moaned, his toes curled as Simon's cock was touching his spot and making his cock twitch every time Simon hit it. With one hand Simon jerked Nathan's cock trying to bring him closer, he wanted Nathan to shoot his load as soon as he was.

"I'm.... so close now." Nathan said gasping, he loved the way Simon could be such a gentleman while making him feel completely violated between the sheets. Precum was leaking steadily from Nathan's cock, making his dick slick and helping Simon edge him even closer to release.

"Me to babe........" Simon breathed heavy, as his body started to tense up, Nathan could feel the sweat on Simon's hairy chest against his back as he picked up the pace even more. As soon as Nathan felt the warmth of Simon's cum fill him inside, he felt his own cock erupt in the biggest load he'd shot in a long time. Simon lay back onto the bed and Nathan fell back with him, lying in his arms. Simon pulled Nathan in, kissing him on the lips. "You are such a good fuck; you take my dick like no one can." Simon smiled still breathing heavy, his chest rising and falling.

"Let me fix us a snack, then round two?" Nathan said getting up and throwing on a bathrobe. "I've got some chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of Moët in the fridge."

"You are going to be walking sideways when I am finished with you." Simon said giving Nathan a pat on the butt.


"Thanks again for the ride, have fun at Scott's tonight." Adam said as he stepped out of the car. "Tell Nathan I said hi, can't believe that little bitch cut class today."

"What do you expect? Simon wanted to see him; he will drop anything and anyone to be at Simon's side." Marcus laughed. "Have fun on your date tonight!"

Adam watched Marcus drive off as he turned to see his father in the garage. He suddenly felt nervous, had his dad heard Marcus mention his date.  He was sure if he wasn't so excited for this evening that he'd probably have an anxiety attack.

"Hi dad." Adam said walking over and giving his dad a hug.

"Hello stranger." Kent said, he was glad to see Adam. "Long time, I feel like we haven't even seen each other since we moved."

"I know, school is going great but I've had so much homework, besides trying to hang out with as many people as I can, need to make friends." Adam smiled.

"Making lots of friends?" Kent asked his arm still around Adam's shoulders.

"Yeah, I've met a good group of guys." Adam smiled.

"We'll have to have them over sometime and meet them." Kent said. "So, I couldn't help but over hear, did your friend say you have a date tonight?"

Adam paused and took a deep breath, he wanted to hold back so much but at the same time he'd felt so liberated since coming out to the guys, perhaps this was his moment. "I do actually, tonight." Adam said he was fidgeting with the collar on his school shirt.

"Who's the lucky person?" Kent asked with wide smile.

"Someone special." Adam laughed; he was feeling nervous and could feel his palms start to sweat. Did his dad actually say person he thought to himself. Not girl, not boy but person. "Is mom home?"

"She is, did you want to talk with her about something?" Kent asked softly.

"I'd like to talk to you both actually." Adam said as he leaned into his dad's chest. "I love you dad."

Kent smiled as he looked at Adam, he was so proud of the man his son was becoming. He put his hand on Adam's shoulder and gave it a reassuring touch. "I love you to son."


Tina was acting as nervous as Adam was feeling; in fact her non-stop moving about the kitchen was giving him such an extreme case of anxiety he felt like he was going to pass out.

"Are you finished yet?" Kent asked as him and Adam sat around the kitchen table. "What are you even doing?"

"I thought we could use some coffee?" Tina said sounding excited and slightly off her head.

"I think caffeine is the last thing you need dear." Kent said looking at Adam and grinning.

"So, dad tells me you made lot of friends?" Tina asked as she looked over at Kent and smiled. She finally joined them at the kitchen table with a glass of wine in hand.

"Yeah, some really great guys." Adam said nervously but managing a smile.

"And he said you have a date tonight?" Tina asked looking again at Kent; they both shared a knowing look.

Adam knew this was it, there was no turning back and he almost didn't care, he was so tired of years of being almost completely who he was except for this one part, this part that was so important to who he was, and what would shape his life to come.

"I've met someone who I haven't known very long, but I really like them. Someone I'd like to get to know much better." Adam began, his voice was shaking. "His name is Peter." Adam paused looking down at his hands which were trembling. "So I guess what I'm also telling you guys, is that I'm gay."

"I think that's great news." Kent said in a gentle tone as he placed his arm around Adam's shoulder and pulled him in for a hug. "Best news I've heard in a while."

Adam looked up, he couldn't believe he was hearing this; he looked to his mother who had a smile on her face and tears streaming from her eyes. "I'm so happy you told us Adam." She said placing her hand on top of Adam's and holding it tight. "We love you so, so much and we only want you to be who you are."

Adam felt stunned, like that evening at Nathan's he could feel years of doubt, denial, hostility and shame leave him, he felt light, he felt validated and free to finally tell the two people in his life who mattered the most.

"I think you guys knew." Adam said wiping a tear away with a slight grin.

"We had our ideas, I mean you are very handsome, and I know that you could have any girl you wanted but you never did. I didn't want to ask you, I thought maybe it was you just being too busy with sports." Tina said still holding Adam's hand. "Besides, I wanted you to tell us when you were ready, on your own terms."

"I thought about telling you guys before, but the right opportunity never seemed to come up, or I'd just get to awkward and want to avoid the conversation." Adam laughed.

"Well I'm glad you told us because you never have anything to worry about as far as being gay, your mom and I and I know Kristy to, will always love and support you." Kent said placing his hand Adam on the shoulder.

"So do we get to meet Peter?" Tina asked excitement in her voice.

"Not anytime soon." Adam laughed. "We haven't even had our first date yet."

"Well, he is very lucky to have met our son. I hope he treats you well." Kent said proudly.

"Do you at least have a picture?" Tina grinned.

"Mom, you're so nosey." Adam replied looking very amused. "Maybe later, I should go and get ready."


End of Chapter 5



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