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This Story contains course language and sexuality. It is not intended for those under the age of 18.


"Oh my god... doctor, you're so big..." The cute, muscular, 20 something red head moaned as he was bent over the edge of the examination table and pounded mercilessly before being lifted up onto the examination table by the tall dark and handsome doctor, the typical hot dad type, salt and pepper hair with steel blue eyes, sweat beading down his forehead as he took his patent to the edge of climax. Now on his back with his legs over the doctors shoulders the red head with the amazing jock butt bit his lip and jacked his 8 inch uncut cock as the doctor grunted and slammed into his tight hole. "I'm gonna cum doc, fuuuuuuckk...." The jock screamed.

"Adam, do I hear you getting ready?" A woman's voice said from the other side of the door. It sounded like it was straining to remain calm but that was not going to be much longer.

"I... I'm getting up mom!" Adam replied, he was startled and reached for a Kleenex, he'd just shot a load of hot sticky cum all over his taught 6 pack abs. "When can I move out." Adam muttered under his breath as he cleaned himself up with a bunch of cheap tissue that only seemed to come apart and stick to his cum soaked shaft and stomach, while with his free hand he logged off 'Hot Doctors and naughty virgins' and heavy handily shut his Macbook. "Dad runs a multinational company and we're using the cheap generic tissues again..." Adam thought to himself as he picked the pieces off his dick.

"30 minutes until our guest arrives Adam, get moving!" His mom said sounding more annoyed than last time. 

"I'm on it Tina." Adam replied sarcastically.

"Don't call me Tina; I'm your mother Adam Logan." his mom called out as she made her way down the stairs. "And wear something nice!"


Adam finished drying off his body as he tied the towel around his waist and wiped some of the condensation from the bathroom mirror with his forearm.

"Damn, I look good." Adam thought to himself as he started to put product into his sandy blonde hair, with both hands he tussled it about and fixed it into a messy yet straight style that was pushed over towards his right side. Adam had been spending a lot more time at the gym, and it was showing. His pecs were full and firm with just the right amount of give when it came to squeezing them. His stomach was taught and tight and 6 pack abs visible. His arms and legs were both toned and had definition. Thick legs traveled up to Adams best feature besides his blue eyes, a tight and firm all over smooth bubble butt. It was high and round. All this had left Adam with a body that gay men lusted and straight men questioned their sexuality over.

Now dry, Adam put on a pair of gray Calvin's that hugged his butt and showed off his sizable package. He stepped into a pair of light blue faded jeans that were fitted but still loose enough to look casual, well worn in, they were his favourite pair. Throwing a white v-neck t-shirt over his head, he pulled it over careful with his hair and pushed both his arms through each of the sleeves. The shirt fit snug over his pecs and the sleeves bulged above his biceps. Before leaving the bathroom he ran his hand through his hair once more getting it just right.

"Thank god... finally!" Kristy Adam's younger sister said as she shoved past and slammed the door to the bathroom behind her. She wasn't sure why Adam always took forever in the bathroom but she had a couple ideas. "And put the seat down!"

Adam made his way down the stairs to the kitchen, on the table there was toast stacked perfectly on a platter like something you would see in a Williams-Sonoma catalogue. Placing a piece of buttered toast in his mouth and holding it in his teeth, he grabbed a mug from the cupboard and the coffee pot with the other hand pouring a rather large helping.

"Adam get a plate, you'll get crumbs everywhere." Said the housekeeper Maria, a petite Filipino woman.  she grabbed the toast from his mouth and placed it on a small plate. "I'm going to miss cleaning up after you."  

"I wish you could come with us." Adam said putting his arm around Maria's shoulders and pulling her in for a one armed hug.

"I know, but my kids are settled in here and they love their school and friends." Maria replied softly. "And, your mom got me a job with the family across the street, they have two daughters, so I wont have to worry about any Kleenex piles under the bed."

"That's great, but I'll still miss you. " Adam said with an exaggerated pout. "And I have sinus issues."

"Is that what it is?" Maria replied, crossing her arms. "So you know, your mom wants to try the cooking and cleaning when you move to the new house." Maria said sounding cautiously optimistic.

"Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that, not going to lie. We'll probably all end up dead from food poisoning." Adam replied shaking his head.

Maria snorted and began to laugh. "Give her some credit."

"Adam, you wouldn't be insinuating to Maria I'm an awful cook now would you?" Tina said walking into the kitchen and looking Adam over. "Really? Jeans..."

"Mom the turkey you made last Thanksgiving was so under cooked, it practically had a pulse." Adam said. "And yes jeans... I'm talking to a high school principal not the head of admissions to Yale."

The door bell rang and Tina looked at Adam and rolled her eyes. "That's our guest. Your dad is in the parlour, go join him."

"Later Maria." Adam said shoving the last of his toast into his mouth and downing his coffee in one gulp.


"Thank you for having me." The tall around 6 ft man said as he took a sip of his tea placing it back onto the saucer before he began to speak again. He was a slender man with gray hair and a clean shaven face. He had green eyes and glasses that framed his face well. He wore a brown tweed blazer with a white dress shirt and dark navy dress pants. This man looked distinguished, like some silver fox who could grace a GQ cover. "So Adam I hear you're into competitive soccer."

"He's got an impressive career for an 18 year old Mr. Bradshaw." Kent, Adam's dad said proudly. Kent looked much like his son only his hairline was receding and starting to turn gray. However he still maintained a great body shape and worked out almost daily.

"Please, call me Alex, The students call me Mr. Bradshaw. " Alex laughed. "It makes me sound old."

"Yeah, soccer is my life, I've always had a dream of playing in MLS or the English league, though I don't think I'm at the European level just yet." Adam said with a half smile.

"Well I'm sure you will be a welcomed addition to our team. " Alex said. "So did you have any questions about the school Adam?" Alex pulled a brochure out of his brief case and passed it across the coffee table to Adam. On the cover of the brochure was a picture of the school, it looked impressive Adam thought. It had an historical looking gray stone exterior and a central clock tower which green English ivy grew up, encircling the clock at the top. The paths were lined with boxwood hedges and chestnut trees lined the central path which led to the wooden front doors of the schools which looked like they had been taken from some 15th century castle.

"This place looks like Harvard." Adam said sounding impressed.

"It was actually the original city hall before they moved it to downtown White Oaks. We had it fully refurbished and remodelled into a school with enough capacity for 500 students." Alex said. "Before I became the Principal, I was the CEO of my own company, it was a national development firm called Bradshaw group. I sold the company to take on another passion of mine which is education."

"I'm so looking forward to moving back home." Tina said with a warm smile. "We've been in Oakville, California for the last 10 years now, Kent's work brought us here... I'm from Victoria, British Columbia originally and Kent's from Toronto. We lived in Vancouver before moving here. I was excited to move to California at first, that is until I found out Oakville is nowhere near the beach and we are living in a red square inside a blue state. The people here are so backwards and narrow minded."

"Can I be excused for a moment?" Adam said getting up from his arm chair. "Too much coffee."

"Use the upstairs bathroom dear, Maria just cleaned the downstairs." Tina said as she leaned in close towards Alex and Kent. 

"So has Adam come out to you yet?" Alex asked point-blank. "Sorry to be so forward, I just wanted to get to this quickly while he's out of the room."

"Not yet, but he's aware it's an all boys school with a focus on gay youth." Kent replied. "He grew up in Vancouver around gay people.... Tina and I have tons of gay friends."

"We're going to let him come out in his own time but hopefully this will help, being with guys just like him and give him a little push. Like I said, this town is very conservative; Adam would get so much hassle if he came out at high school here." Tina said as she paused and took a sip of her tea. "We figured we had a gay son when I found some, how should I say this...  interesting DVD's in a shoe box, besides my son isn't exactly hard on the eyes and zero interest in women. Never once brought a girl home even though I know they are lining up to be with him.

"And that's your reason for moving back to Canada? Adam is so lucky to have such great parents." Alex said with a beaming smile. "Just amazing."

"Well I was actually promoted to Chief Executive of our Canadian division which has its head quarters just outside of White Oaks so let's just say everything fell perfectly into place. " Kent replied. "When we were looking at schools in the area, you were the top choice by far."

"My son Nathan was bullied in school. He's always been very forward and open with who he is. I couldn't stand to see him go through the torture he had to endure, day after day.  I'm a very blessed man and wanted to open a school for gay students and allies, that is when my dream of White Oaks Secondary school for Boys came to be real." Alex said he looked as though he was thinking far back. "Besides the school though, you'll love the golf Kent, we have some of the best courses in the country."

"Adam and I love to go to the driving range and do the occasional 9 holes. This will let us get in a lot more father son bonding time wont it Adam?" Kent said as Adam came back into the room taking his seat between his mom and dad.

"Damn straight old man." Adam said rubbing his dad on the head. "Another opportunity for me to kick your butt." 

"Well usually I don't get to meet my students and Parents like this. It was great I was only an hour away. My wife and I have a cottage up by Pine Lake; we usually spend the last few weeks of summer up there." Alex said, as he placed a folder of forms on the table. "I'll leave you with the information and policies package."

"I hope to meet you and your wife as soon as we get settled in." Tina smiled.

"I would love that. And Adam, I'm sure Nathan my son would love to take you on a tour of the town and introduce you to the guys on the team." Alex collected his belongings and stood up extending his hand towards Adam.

"Sounds great." Adam said shaking Alex's hand firmly. "I look forward to it sir."


The flight was going smoothly, Adam guessed by now they were about half way into the journey. Kent's company had given them the use the company's private jet to fly the family to Vancouver."I could get use to this." Adam thought, reclined in the plush leather seat. 

Adam was playing games on his phone while Kristy sat up ahead watching some movie on the big screen. Both Adam's parents were out cold. Neither of them being good flyers and had taken an ativan prior to the flight. Adam was glad he would at least get three hours to himself.

"Can I offer you a drink sir?" A deep voice asked, bringing Adam out of his trance on the different coloured gems that were falling and exploding on the game in front of him. "Very addictive game..." The man said smiling, a row of perfect white teeth. The flight attendant had a stocky build and was shorter than Adam at about 5'9. He had an olive complexion, likely Italian or somewhere around the Mediterranean and slicked back black hair with the most smouldering pair of brown eyes Adam had ever seen.  He wore black dress pants with a black vest over a white dress shirt that was all neatly pressed and tucked in. A badge with the name Nicholas was attached to his vest.

"Any scotch Nicholas?" Adam said with a grin.

"Are you 21?" The flight attendant asked amused.

"Make it a coke." Adam said sounding slightly annoyed.

"Yes sir." The flight attendant added ice cubes to the crystal tumbler and poured the coke over them. That glass looks way to good for coke Adam though.

"Here you are sir." Nicholas said handing Adam the glass.

"Thanks man." Adam said taking the glass as he felt it leave his finger tips. He felt a sudden sensation on his crotch that made him jolt upright. The entire contents of the glass had ended up on Adam's lap. "Fuck that's cold."

"Sir, I'm so sorry." The man said grabbing a white linen napkin, he began to dab Adam's pants dry. He feverishly dabbed around Adam's crotch, between his thighs and around his shaft. Adam was starting to feel aroused.

"I've got it, don't worry man." Adam said blushing red across his whole face and neck. "It's only coke, it'll come out."

Nicholas noticed how much Adam was blushing and seemed to be uncomfortable. "I might have something you can change into." Nicholas replied.

"I'll be fine, really." Adam said adjusting his crotch. Trying in vain to hide his growing erection, it was no use as the studly flight attendant had already noticed.

"Don't worry about that." Nicholas said in a hushed tone.

"Worry about what?" Adam said sounding mildly alarmed.

Nicholas nodded towards Adams crotch.

"Sorry dude... It kind of happened when you were dabbing my junk." Adam said turning even redder.

Nicholas leaned forward brining his mouth close to Adam's ear.  "You are so fucking hot." he whispered as he began to dab at Adam's shaft again he was brushing his hand over his twitching rock hard cock making Adam stream precum and moan lightly as he bit his bottom lip. He was feeling so much pleasure and his parents were only two seats ahead. This was so wrong but Adam couldn't help it, he was so turned on by this handsome waiter practically giving him a hand job through his pants.

"I'm getting close." Adam said breathing in deeply.

"Good boy." Nicholas whispered seductively into Adam's ear making the hairs on the back of Adam's neck stand up, sending shivers down his spine. At the same time he wanted to rip his clothes off and go full on with this stud but he had to hold back, he was on a plane with his family none the less.

"I'm gonna cum..." Adam whispered looking into the man's face, starring right into his eyes as his body tensed up and he could feel three thick shots of cum leave his cock.

"So, how about that change of pants Mr. Logan?" Nicholas asked. "You'll find a pair in that small room at the back. You can change in there as well."

"Thanks..." Adam said getting his bearings, still breathing heavy and trying to process what just happened.

"Now, let me get you that scotch." Nicholas smiled as he placed a small white paper napkin over Adam's cum and coke soaked crotch in a failed attempt to hide it. "I hope you fly with us again very soon Mr. Logan."


Adam still couldn't believe what had happened with that Nicholas guy. That was my first sexual experience with a guy Adam thought. He'd had chances when guys looked at him in the change room shower a little too long, but he never had the balls to follow through with anything. "Does this still make me a virgin, or maybe like half a virgin." Adam thought to himself.

"White Oaks will be coming up shortly." The driver said putting down the glass divider. His voice brought Adam out of his daze, he looked almost like Jon Hamm on steroids and smelled of smoke, the Mercedes town car smelt more like a taxi.

"Awesome, thanks man." Adam replied. "I'll try wake my parents up." Adam nudged his mother. "Wake up!" he said loudly, taking great pleasure in it. Tina had woken Adam up too many times, this was revenge.

"SHIT!" Tina jumped startled. "Where are we?" She looked in her handbag for a mirror, when she found one she fixed her slightly dishevelled hair. 

"I don't know, a sign we past five minutes ago said White Oaks was in a couple miles." Kristy said sounding bored. "There are so many trees here."

"And that's a bad thing?" Kent said as he came to after his ativan induced slumber.

"I can't believe I'm leaving my friends, my school... all of that behind. " Kristy said rolling her eyes her tone was unimpressed and verging on catty.

"I see buildings up head." Adam said, excitement in his voice.

"Thank god... something to look at besides Christmas trees." Kristy said sounding just as sour as before.

"They're actually called spruce, pines, and fur trees." Adam said correcting Kristy who looked like she was about the blow.

"Thanks for that insight Adam." Kristy said her tone sarcastic.

"Good we made it!" Kent said sounding excited. His legs were numb from all the sitting.

A sign with letters in fancy writing, showed 'Welcome to White Oaks - Where the Pacific meets the Mountains.' The sign adorned a stone wall and was covered in ivy, a garden bed in front of the sign was nicely bordered with boxwood and red and white flowers grew into a nice full spread, the colours of the Canadian flag that stood tallest amongst a pair of flag poles, beside what was presumably the town crest on the other.

As the car drove down the main street called Three Oaks Boulevard, huge houses, some like manors came into view.  Many gated in with the finest of luxury cars in the driveway. All the gardens were perfectly maintained and hedges and bushes were pruned like something out of home and garden magazine.

"These houses are massive." Kristy said sounding excited which was a far cry from just moments ago on the edge of a breakdown.

"So this is the main road, it takes you thru the entire town." The driver said. "North to south, Mountain pass road runs along the coast on an east to west. Where Three Oaks meets Mountain pass, that's where the downtown is, if you like shopping you'll want to check it out."

The driver drove the limo up a long driveway that led to a beautiful Cape Cod style mansion with pale yellow wood siding and black wooden shutters on both sides of all the windows. A porch with an overhead veranda wrapped its way around the whole of the house the railings painted white. A massive Oak tree in the middle of the lawn with a tree swing tied from a strong low hanging branch which the driveway wrapped around as it headed back out to the road. It was one of those horse shoe shaped driveways. A small sign painted white with black letters with the number 85 was above the middle of the 3 car garage.

"Welcome home kids." Kent said with a big smile.


The following morning Adam woke up to the sun coming through the blinds ever so slightly shining against a pile of boxes which contained 99 percent of his life. Ignoring the daunting chore of unpacking, his mind drifted to the events of yesterday with Nicholas the hot flight attendant who gave him a hand job. Adam pictured what it would be like to have Nicholas in bed with him right then and there and what his cock might look like, what it would feel like in his hand, better yet in his mouth. Adam started to play with his shaft jerking it up and down, spitting in his hand and lubing it up nice and slick, letting his other hand travel over his pecs he played with his nipples, they were becoming hard the more he became aroused.

"Adam... are you up?" came a knock at the door. Adam composed himself and covered his throbbing cock under his duvet as the door began to open.

"Hey mom..." Adam said pretending to yawn like he had only just woken up.

"Hey honey, did you sleep well?" Tina asked.

"The best sleep ever, this new bed is like sleeping on a cloud." Adam said putting his hand over his duvet covered crotch to further hide his now semi erect penis.

"Your dad, Kristy and I were going to head downtown and pick up groceries and some other things for the house, I'm sure you want to sleep in, want anything?" Tina asked.

"No I'm fine I'll just have some coffee I'm not feeling hungry at the moment." Adam replied "We do have coffee in right?"

"Are you kidding? The four of us without caffeine, I can't even imagine. There's a pot on the counter." Tina said laughing. "We're leaving now, but call me if you need anything."

"Thanks mom..." Adam said waiting for her to shut the door. Once he was sure he was in the clear he took the duvet off and started playing with his now flaccid cock. "Now where were we?" Adam said to himself.


The house had already been decorated before they got there; Tina was a perfectionist and could never move into an empty house. The way the house was decorated Adam could have sworn he woke up in a Pottery Barn.

Adam poured himself a cup of coffee, black, just how he liked it and made his way to the front bay window to look at the houses over the road and take in the neighborhood. The move made Adam a little anxious, but this place was so great it was hard not to be taken away by its beauty and feel completely at home. Out of the corner of Adam's eye he spotted someone cutting across his lawn walking towards his house.

"Fuck..." Adam groaned, he was not in the mood for visitors. "He pulled away from the window so he couldn't be seen and sat in an arm chair out of sight. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Adam pretended not to hear it and stayed quiet.

Then there was a second knock, "Hello?" A man's voice called out on the other side of the door. Then another knock.

"Shit, this guys persistent." Adam muttered under his breath.

"I clearly just saw you in the window about 10 seconds ago." The man's voice said in a demanding tone.

Great Adam thought.  "Busted." He said to himself. "One second, I'm coming!"

"You better be." The voice replied.

"Who the fuck is this douche..." Adam thought to himself as he opened the front door.

The guy standing on his doorstep was about 6 ft the same height as Adam. He had Brown hair that was combed back neatly and sat high atop his head, something like you'd see on a runway model. He had blue, blue eyes and a strong defined jaw line, his body was slender and well toned. He wore a navy cardigan open with a gray deep v-neck shirt underneath showing of some nice peck cleavage and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that hung from the centre of the 'V', a pair of well fitted tan khaki shorts that ended 2 inches above his knees. To finish off his outfit was a pair of white leather dock shoes without socks, the shoes so white it looked like they had just come out of the box. With his right hand he held a Louis Vuitton men's bag in brown and light brown Damier canvas. "Shit this dude is put together Adam thought checking him out while trying not to be too obvious.

"Hi, I'm Nathan." The teen said extending his hand. He was cute and typically masculine looking with a hint of a lisp in his voice which Adam found endearing.

"I'm Adam, nice to meet you Nathan." His hand and Nathans met in a firm grip.

"So I don't usually do this shit, but my dad is crazy and pretty much told me I had to be the welcoming committee." Nathan said half smiling, he sounded slightly annoyed too. "Anyways my mom made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread for your family." Nathan unceremoniously pulled a loaf out of his bag that was wrapped in parchment paper and plastic wrap. Handing it over to Adam.

"Ugh... Thanks." Adam said taking the loaf; it was still warm to the touch. "Thank your mom for me."

"Oh... she didn't really make it, are you kidding? Sylvia our maid baked it." Nathan smiled. "My mother has no idea what to do in the kitchen. Though, she is pretty handy with a cork screw."

"Sounds like my mom... I mean, the not having a clue in the kitchen part." Adam laughed.

"So enjoying your last Saturday of summer before school starts?" Nathan asked seeming more comfortable now.

"Yeah, just going to unpack a little, might go for a run later, and check out the neighborhood." Adam said taking a sip of his coffee he still had in his hand. "Seems like a nice place."

"Yeah it's a great place. I live just across the street." Nathan said as he pointed towards a huge English style manor looking house. It was surrounded by a high black iron fence and had a Range Rover and a Porsche parked out front.

"Nice place." Adam said looking at it in amazement. "It's huge..."

"Thanks Adam." Nathan said as he paused and changed the subject, his tone had become more direct again, a little stand offish. "So I know we just met, but I'm having some of the guys from the soccer team over tonight. In case you didn't know I'm also the captain."

"Right on. I'll be trying out for sure." Adam said excitedly.

"Are you kidding? Don't try fooling me, my dad told me all about your soccer background; you're on the team no questions about it." Nathan said with a grin. "So are you going to come over for some drinks tonight? My parents are at a charity fundraiser in Vancouver overnight and it is the last weekend of summer........"

"That sounds great; I should probably unpack a bit first though." Adam said sounding more reserved and quiet. He knew being in the closet was going to make things awkward. Especially around a group of gay guys who were likely all out to their families.

"I'm not taking no for an answer Adam." Nathan laughed changing his tone and speaking almost firmly. "At 8 o'clock tonight, you will walk your ass across this road and you'll have a great night and you'll be glad you came. Otherwise we will all come over here and carry you over." Nathan laughed.

"Fine, I'm in..." Adam smiled. "I'll be there at 8."

"Oh and one more thing, before you go..." Nathan said as he rummaged around through his bag, "here it is." Nathan pulled a small white garment out of his bag and placed it in Adam's hand with the loaf.

"What is this?" Adam said looking taken back by the garment.

 "It's a jock strap, duh..." Nathan said with a coy smile. "It's part of your soccer uniform. Welcome to the team."

Adam laughed nervously but was slightly turned on by the tiny garment. "I'll cherish it."

"You better, see you later." Nathan said as he turned to walk away.

Adam watched Nathan walk away; he had a cute round butt that filled out the back of his shorts nicely.

As he went back inside he placed the loaf on the kitchen table, he held the jock strap up; right on the front of the waist band was the letters 'W.O.S.C'. "White Oaks... Soccer Club." Adam said as he put them in the pocket of his sweatpants.  "I think I'm going to like it here." Adam thought to himself, a broad smile grew across his face.


End of Chapter 1 



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