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"Another practise Friday guys, now shower up and get out of here, you guys have 30 minutes." Coach Henry said in his usual loud voice which carried across the locker room, completely hulking out in his much too small black tank top and snug fitting gray shorts. With his salt and pepper moustache he looked like a 70's porn star. "And Adam..."

"Yes coach?" Adam asked sounding somewhat nervous. "What did I do now?" He thought to himself.

"Let Nathan know when you see him, if he cuts practise again you'll be our new captain." Coach said with a grin as he turned to walk back to his office. "Soccer comes before boys." He said as his office door shut behind him.

"Seriously dude, you must be in love." Peter said giving Marcus a playful slap on his bare ass.

"What are you talking about?" Marcus blushed; he had been excited all day knowing Anderson was picking him up to take him out on a date.

"Usually your eyes are glued to Coach and what he's packing in those shorts all practice." Peter laughed, as he stepped out of his sweaty jockstrap. "I guess since Anderson, there are no more Coach Henry masturbation sessions."

"Anderson is picking me up." Marcus said with a big beaming smile. "We're going to Vancouver tonight for the Arcade Fire show."

"I wanted to go to that concert." Scott said, his voice had a tinge of jealousy. "So not fair, you don't even listen to good music; your itunes is like a shrine to Britney."

"Don't even start bashing my Britney." Marcus said pointedly. "You know Miss Spears is my personal hero."

"So Scott, correct me if I'm wrong." Adam said in a coy tone. "Was that you fondling Brad up before football Practise this afternoon?"

"That was I good sir." Scott said in a pretend British accent. "It's so good to have that fine ass in my life again. I think he gained a little weight during our falling out, and all of it went to that bubble butt." Scott pretended to grab two ass cheeks and shuck his head back and forth like he was motor boating an ass.

"So you guys are an item?" Marcus asked cautiously. "Or just glorified fuck friends again?"

"We both admitted having feelings for each other; and we're taking things slow and steady." Scott said suddenly coming to a realization. "I just thought of something."

"What? That you have to delete your Grindr because you're in a relationship now?" Peter grinned, he stretched and let out a yawn, totally unaware some of the team was checking out his naked muscular body and his thick flaccid cock that hung nicely.

"No, that it's Spandex Christmas!" Scott exclaimed. "I get to dress Brad up in the tightest costumes and parade him around in public all in the name of Halloween."

"Why am I not surprised." Marcus said shaking his head in disbelief. "I haven't even thought of what I'm going to go as for Brent's Halloween Party."

"So we're going to that?" Adam asked looking confused. "I got the invite on facebook but I just disregarded it because you know, he's an asshole and everything."

"Oh no, It's one of the top parties of the year, regardless if he's a dick." Scott said dirty thoughts racing through his head. "Sexy guys, slutty costumes and the whole fucking mansion is done up like a haunted house."

"It's a good night." Peter said throwing his phone in his gym bag. "Babe can I borrow your phone, my battery died? I just want to check the movie times."

"Date night tonight, or are you really checking in with your mom?" Scott said trying to get Peter riled up.

"I'll flat out tell you to your face that I'm a momma's boy." Peter winked.

"Guys I'm gonna hit the shower; just leave my phone in the locker bubs." Adam said handing his phone to Peter. As Adam made his way to the shower area Scott's eyes were locked on Adam's firm bubble butt, the way each fleshy globe lifted with each step.

"Any reason your mentally fucking my boyfriend?" Peter laughed giving Scott a nudge, breaking his trance.

"Dude when are you gonna tap that ass?" Scott said shaking his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "You're dating the hottest guy in school; you should be walking around with your dick inside him twenty four hours."

"Guys I hate to miss this conversation, but Anderson sent me a text, he's parked out front." Marcus said grabbing his bag and giving both Scott and Peter a kiss on the cheek. "Fill me in later." Marcus smiled as he walked off.

"I fucking love him man." Peter said in a low voice, so no one would overhear. "The first time I laid eyes on Adam, I knew he was the one."

"Like marriage material?" Scott asked, sounding stunned, he'd never heard Peter talk like this before.

"Yeah, buy a house, get married, have some kids, a golden retriever and all that good stuff." Peter smiled, the thought alone made him overflow with happiness.

"Just no minivans please, I'll vomit." Scott said giving Peter a playful fist to the shoulder.

"No way man, I want one of those rugged looking Mercedes G class SUV's in a dark silver." Peter said looking off in thought. "Adam and I both sporting aviator sunglasses, dressed in matching navy pinstriped suits with Porter and Preston in the back, while we're driving down some highway along the Pacific coast in the G wagon."

"You've had way too much time to think about this." Scott snorted as he let out a small laugh. "And who are Porter and Preston? They sound like the kind of guys who Brent sleeps with."

"They are mine and Adam's Twin sons." Peter said looking a little offended by the Brent comment.

"Dude this is like your gayest moment ever." Scott smirked. "Gayer then that time we were watching Netflix, and Burlesque was in your recently watched."

"Ok, that was my dad; he's a straight man who is not afraid to admit he likes Cher." Peter said defensively.

"Whatever you say bud." Scott laughed, as he grabbed his towel. "Just let me know when you finally pop your boyfriends cherry, I'll want details."


Adam combed his fingers through his sandy blond hair, messing it up somewhat so it didn't look too perfect. He liked how his vintage looking burnt orange t-shirt hugged him in all the right places, from his biceps to his pectorals, he'd been going hard at the gym and made some gains lately, even his jeans were fitting tighter in the legs and back.

The evening air was getting more brisk as the days in October were flying by, the evenings growing darker. Adam sat on the door step waiting for Peter to arrive, putting on his blue zip up hoodie.

"Can I meet him?" Tina asked, sticking her head out the front door.

"Mom, don't creep up behind people." Adam said looking startled, as Tina came and sat down next to him.

"I want to see this guy who's the reason my son is hardly home anymore." Tina said giving Adam a subtle guilt trip. "He can stay in the car, I'll just wave."

"Mom I love you but you're crazy." Adam said giving his mom a reassuring smile. "We will have him over for dinner soon and then you can ask him all the questions I know you're dying to ask him."

"Your dad and I were talking the other day about when we had the sex talk with you." Tina began, as Adam looked suddenly uncomfortable. "We only talked about vaginal sex, which was obviously a waste of time. Just promise me you and Peter will practise safe anal ok?"

"Oh my god mom, please stop." Adam looked mortified. "Never say anal again."

"You think me and your dad don't know what anal is?" Tina laughed, putting her arm around Adam. "If we didn't know what that was, Kristy wouldn't be your only sibling."

"Thank you for the life advice mom, I'm going to pretend this conversation never happened." Adam said awkwardly fidgeting where he sat.

"Have a good night, and be safe." Tina replied in a warm voice giving Adam a kiss in on the cheek as she stood up to go back inside.

Adam knew that she would likely be hiding behind the curtains trying to sneak a peek at Peter. He barely had time to clear his mind when headlights shone in his eyes, those ridiculously bright kinds that all luxury cars had, the ones that would shine like the light of a million suns off your rear view mirror so you couldn't see shit. A Mercedes SL-63 roadster drove up the driveway stopping before Adam who stood up to get in.

"Your dad is letting you take his car out?" Adam asked as he got comfortable in the deep leather seat.

"Dad is away on Business and my mom is out with her girlfriends." Peter said as they drove off, the engine purred like a cougar. "I was trying to call you; I wanted to see if you wanted to do dinner before the movie?"

"Shit my phone." Adam said panicking a little. "I fucking left it in the locker."

"Well the movie starts in an hour." Peter said sounding a little whiney. "Can you just get it tomorrow?"

"No, I need it." Adam said, looking at Peter with puppy eyes. "Can you just take me by the school on the way?"

"I'm sure Coach found it and put it safely away in his office." Peter replied, giving Adam a firm pat on his inner thigh. "Besides, the school is likely closed."

"Please bubs, I really want to try." Adam said with a cute pout. "All of our dirty pics are on that phone."

"Ok fine." Peter said in a snappy tone. "Just hurry, you know how much I love the movie trailers."

"You're the best." Adam replied leaning over to Peter. "Give me a kiss, don't be such a grouch."


"They make me feel so exposed." Brad said looking over his shoulder and checking out his backend in the full length mirror in painted on athletic tights. "Are you sure these are a large how come there's no tag?"

"You're gonna have a red Speedo over them so just chill." Scott replied as he stood back looking Brad over. "Now do I buy you that Superman Under Armor compression top to go with the blue tights or do we just leave you shirtless and I'll paint the Superman sign on your chest."

"Given that you can already see enough of my junk in these, I'd like to at least be covered up somewhat, so yes to the shirt." Brad said pulling the blue tights out of his butt crack. "No way are these a large, look how they're riding up my ass."

"Trust me, I know." Scott said giving Brad's supple ass a firm smack. "What do you think I've been looking at this whole time?"

"Oh no buddy, don't even think about it." Brad grinned, grabbing Scott's hand and pulling it off his butt cheek. "No ass for you."

"Come on, you look so good." Scott sulked. "Pleeeeeaseeee?"

"No way, you told me if I agreed to let you dress me for Halloween, that you'd let me fuck you." Brad said crossing his beefy arms across his chest. "Fair is fair."

"But I'm horny..." Scott whined, looking at Brad and pouting. "Can I just put the tip in?"

"Nothing is going in my back door until you take my cock up your ass." Brad peeled off the blue tights, kicking them to the side.

"Fine, but I get to fuck you right after, in a jock strap." Scott said in a demanding tone.

"Deal, now get on all fours." Brad said as he watched Scott step out of his boxer shorts, already shirtless he climbed up onto the bed. Brad walked up behind Scott reaching out and grabbing onto one of his firm ass cheeks as he gave it a squeeze. "Soccer has been good to you." Brad loved how freckly Scott was; even his ass was covered in a dusting of freckles, not a hair in sight, typical red head. Taking both hands, Brad spread Scott's butt cheeksĀ apart getting a look at the tight pink hole he'd wanted to fuck for what seemed like forever. Finally now he was getting his chance.

"Yeah, fucking eat my ass." Scott said in an aggressive tone. Even as a man about to bottom he still came across as being in charge.

Brad moved in, bringing his mouth over Scott's hole he stuck his tongue out and lapped at his sweet rose bud, flicking his tongue against Scott's asshole he reached under him and started to message his cock. Now getting nice and wet, Brad stuck his tongue inside Scott's hole teasing it. Scott let a moan escape; Brad knew he was doing well.

"You're so tight; no way my cock is getting inside you like this." Brad said as he put two fingers in his mouth getting them wet with saliva. Once Brad felt he'd gotten Scott's hole wet enough with spit and his fingers slick enough to gain entry to that pink knot, he placed his middle finger at the spot. Scott bit down on his bottom lip as he felt the finger slowly push into him; it had been so long he forgot what taking it up the ass felt like. Now in up to his knuckle, brad swirled the finger around inside him, loosening him up for a second finger, Scott gasped as he felt a second finger penetrate his hole. "Is that ok?" Brad asked as he gave Scott a swat across the butt with his free hand.

"Feels good, don't stop." Scott let out a gasp and pushed back onto Brad's fingers, arching his back to give Brad full access to his hole.

"You think you're a big alpha top like Peter don't you?" Brad asked in a low seductive voice. "But you're really just a big bottom slut like the rest of us."

"Fuck you; I'm not a bottom slut." Scott said defensively, yet still pushing back on Brad's fingers, almost riding them.

"It's ok to like it up the butt, and clearly you do." Brad let out a laugh, speaking in a cocky tone. "You keep pushing back onto my fingers, and you'll end up with my whole fist up there." Brad climbed up onto the bed behind Scott and spat, letting the string of spit slowly fall downwards onto the tip of his cock. Taking his other hand he worked the spit over his cock getting it ready for Scott's ass. "You ready?" Brad whispered leaning over Scott, almost dominating him, pulling his fingers out of Scott's round ass he grabbed his cock and guided it to Scott's tight button.

"Please fuck me." Scott groaned, never would he of thought he'd be uttering those words to Brad when he was usually the one dominating the football studs ass.

"Gonna make you my bitch." Brad said his voice sounded hoarse with lust as he pushed the head of his dick into Scott's tight embrace, Scott was beyond playing nice, he wanted this studs cum inside him. "Yeah push back onto my cock you little slut." Brad breathed heavily as Scott made his long thick shaft vanish up his butt. Brad leaned over Scott again and put his arm around Scott's neck pulling him back so he could whisper into his ear. "I'm gonna blow a load inside your ass so big you'll be tasting my spunk." Brad whispered.

"Enjoy this now, because after this you go back to being my little cum dump." Scott moaned, his eyes looked dizzy with equal parts lust and rage from being spoken to in such a way.

With this Brad pulled out leaving the head inside Scott, then thrusting in hard, Scott let a moan escape his lips again as Brad put him in an almost chokehold thrusting into him like a dog after a bitch in heat. He could feel himself get closer to cumming as Scott's tight ass clamped down around his dick.

"Yeah, keep hitting that spot." Scott moaned as Brad's cockhead laid down a beating on his prostate, making Scott ooze precum from his piss slit. "I'm gonna blow a load man." Scott bit down hard on his lip as he felt shot after shot of his warm spunk leave him.

"Good, so am I." Brad replied grabbing Scott by the hips thrusting feverishly inside him, the walls of his ass milking his cock. "Fuck!" Brad cried as he unloaded a torrent of cum inside Scott, before falling down on top of him, his cock still inside. "That was amazing." Brad said catching his breath.

"Yeah, it was." Scott rolled over, so he was face to face with Brad, but still under him. He leaned in and gave Brad a long kiss on the lips, staring at Brad with the most intense bedroom eyes.

"What's up?" Brad smiled, looking longingly into Scott's eyes. "You took that like a champ."

"I did, didn't I?" Scott sighed, looking back at Brad; his green eyes had this submissive look about them. "Now bend over fucker, it's my turn." Scott said suddenly changing his tone as he flipped Brad onto his back, pinning him down.


The car pulled up in front of the school, the lights were still on inside which gave Adam some hope the doors would still be open as he swung his legs out of the car and made a dash for the doors. The face of the clock up on the central clock tower with lit up as the evening sky turned dark. "Please be open." Adam thought to himself as he made his way to the front door." Grabbing the handle and pulling the door forward a wave of relief came over him as he found his way inside.

Adam looked around; the school looked different with no one there, no chatter in the halls, none of the students checking him out when he first walked in, like he got every morning. Making his way down the corridor towards the athletics wing he came across a janitor who was waxing the floor with some contraption that looked like a miniature zamboni. Figuring he hadn't been stopped Adam carried on until he came to the locker room door, giving it a light push it opened.

The smell of sweat hit Adam like a fist, that musky smell only a team of jocks could produce. The lights were still on; Adam made his way to the locker where he hoped to find his phone. He opened the door slowly; his heart sank as it was no longer there.

"Great someone either stole it or it's locked up in Coaches office." Adam thought to himself. He could see that the lights were on inside Coaches office through the frosted glass windows. "Worth a try." Adam said under his breath as he walked slowly towards Coaches office, as he got nearer he could almost make out the sound of hushed talking from the other side, the door was open a crack. By now Adam could definitely hear sounds coming from inside.

Adam tapped his knuckle on the door before opening it. "Coach Henry, I forgot my..." Adam began as he was met with a scene that cut him off before he could get anymore words out.

"Adam!" Coach exclaimed, a look of horror across his face which was now beat red as a man was kneeled before him with Coach's cock inside their mouth, Coach's hand still on the back of their head. "You shouldn't be here."

Adam stood frozen; completely stunned by the sight before him as the man kneeling down before Coach down pulled his head back releasing Coach Henry's cock. Even worse Adam knew this man too.

"Principal Bradshaw?" Adam uttered, now he was completely taken back.

"Adam the school is closed." Principal Bradshaw said weakly as he got to his feet and straightened his dress shirt, he started quickly doing the buttons up looking completely dishevelled, like a man who had just been caught in the act.

"I'm so sorry I left my phone here, I can get it tomorrow." Adam blurted out. He wasn't even sure he was speaking English he spoke so quickly as he backed away.

He hurriedly walked to the change room door, swinging it open he nearly hit the janitor. "Sorry..." Adam mumbled as he paced down the corridor. He couldn't believe what he saw. Opening the front doors the brisk evening air hit his face; he could see Peter sitting in the car tapping his watch, telling him to hurry.

"Sorry, was I long?" Adam said as he climbed in the passenger side seat.

"Long enough." Peter said as he pressed his foot on the gas. "So forget dinner, we can always grab a slice of pizza while we're at the movie."

"Yeah, sounds good." Adam mumbled, fidgeting with his hands.

"You ok?" Peter asked sounding concerned, giving Adam pat on the shoulder. "You look like you saw a ghost or something."

"I wish it was a ghost." Adam said shaking his head. "You'll never guess what I saw, I can't even deal."

"Dramatic much?" Peter laughed, giving Adam a reassuring glance. "What was so bad?"

"Well, let's say I walked in on Coach Henry getting his dick sucked." Adam said with a vacant look.

"What, by a student?" Peter almost yelled out. "No fucking way."

"Oh way worse, trust me." Adam said shaking his head. "Try Principal Bradshaw."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Peter exclaimed. "Mr. Bradshaw was sucking coach off?"

"That's right." Adam said quietly, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Every single inch from what I saw."

"But he's married to a woman, Evelyn Bradshaw nonetheless." Peter said sounding confused. "It explains some of the lingering stares I got from him, especially at football games and shit like that."

"Oh and let's not forget he's Nathan's dad." Adam said in disbelief. "What are we going to do about Nathan?"

"Nothing." Peter said sternly. "Not a word."

"Seriously?" Adam asked taken aback. "We're just going to pretend like this never happened?"

"Exactly, it's not our place to get involved." Peter said firmly. "I told you, you should have just gotten your phone tomorrow."

"I'll start listening to you more often." Adam smirked; he dreaded the next time he had to see Coach or Principal Bradshaw.


End of Chapter 14



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