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Peter's arms, shoulders and chest felt like they were on fire. With his teeth clenched and his elbows starting to buckle, he managed to put out one final rep before resting the barbell with 320 pounds of weight back onto the stand. "That's one more rep than yesterday." Peter thought to himself feeling fairly proud with his achievement. He loved that Coach Henry was there gym teacher; he basically let the boys use the school gym for the entire period. Was it part of the school curriculum? Probably not, but Peter didn't really care, his arms were looking buff.

"As always, thanks for the spot." Peter said, as he wiped the sweat of his forehead with the gym towel.

"So, tomorrow is leg day?" Scott asked as he let out a big yawn.

"It certainly is my good man." Peter said as he flexed, checked out his biceps in the mirror behind the weight rack. "Don't tell me you're tired?"

"I'm exhausted... I must be getting run down or something." Scott said rubbing his itching eyes. "I feel a little stuffy."

"We'll stay away from me than." Peter said covering his mouth and nose with the bottom of his red under armor compression tank top; this showed off his hard and chiselled six pac abs with a light dusting of blonde hair, the spandex material in the top clung like skin to his well developed pecs.

"Screw you roid monkey." Scott laughed. "When did you get abs?"

"Roid monkey?" Peter said sounding amused and irritable. "These muscles are all mine baby, one hundred percent Canadian beef."

"No filler?" Scott said pressing on; he knew how to piss Peter off. "Canadian beef my ass."

"See this barbell?" Peter asked seriously but clearly not "Wanna see filler? Bend over." Peter laughed.

"So Friday night, I was thinking of having some people over for a get together." Scott said abruptly changing the topic. "I know Marcus is definitely in, Nathan said he has to see what Simon is doing... obviously."

"A get together?" Peter grinned. "More like the first keg party of the school year right?"

"Well my parents are in Turks and Caicos 'til next Monday." Scott smiled.

"I'd love to but I have a date that night." Peter said still checking out his arms in the mirror.

"A date huh?" Scott said, as he started curling some 45 pound dumb bells, his arms nicely muscled and looking pumped.   "You know sitting at home on a Friday night checking out potential bottoms on Grindr isn't called a date, it's called being a whore."

"Actually I have a date, and it's with Adam." Peter said quietly, he didn't want word to get around the school just yet, he knew everyone would be talking about it otherwise. "Hence why I said keep your cold to yourself."

"Good for you." Scott said looking astonished.

"Don't look so surprised." Peter laughed.

"No... Just Adam is really hot is all." Scott replied. "Dare I say, White Oaks has a new power couple on the horizon?"

"If all goes well..................." Peter smiled. "Now shut up or you'll jinx it."

"I assume we are almost whispering because we don't want crazy ex to find out?" Scott asked in a hushed tone.

"The last thing I need is for Brent to fuck anything up." Peter said heatedly.

"Your secret is safe with me." Scott said pretending to zip his lips.

"So, how about you?" Peter asked curiously as he gulped down half his water bottle in one go. "Seeing anyone?"

"Not really, the usual suspects you know, the friends with benefits." Scott said pushing his sweat soaked hair back from his face; his wet red hair looked almost copper. "And I'm more than fine with that." Scott said with a cocky grin.

"You're such a hoe." Peter laughed.


Downtown White Oaks was like stepping into Bal Harbour, Florida or Chevy Chase, Maryland, a strip of high end stores ranging from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry and Cartier and so on. Cafes with quaint sidewalk patios set up with small tables and chairs under different colored awnings and canopies, it reminded Adam of Paris. Garden beds were perfectly pruned and trees trimmed in perfect round shapes that lined the street on both sides. At the end of the strip where Adam could see Three Oaks Boulevard join up with Mountain Pass Road was a traffic roundabout with a large water fountain in the middle. 

"How about Brooks Brothers?" Adam said looking in the store window deciding if it was a go inside or pass kind of store. "This store reeks of white privilege; it looks like shit my dad would wear." Adam said with a disgusted look on his face.

"Yeah... you don't strike me as pockets square kind of guy either." Nathan smirked. "I'm still adamant that you need a classic navy blazer, something you can wear with a dress shirt to a formal function or put over a t-shirt and its casual, yet classic."

"You're my stylist; you tell me where we go." Adam laughed.

"I'm thinking Ted Baker would have exactly what we're looking for." Nathan said opening the door for Adam. "After you sir."

Adam followed Nathan between the different racks and tables of neatly hung and piled shirts, tee's and pants. "This would look so hot on you........... Same with this........ and this too." Nathan said as he grabbed different tops and pants. "Arm's out." 

Adam put both his arms out as Nathan flopped down the pile of clothing into his waiting arms. "I think this is good for now. Go try them on." Nathan said feeling confident he was going to make Adam look even hotter than he was. "Peter is going to cream his pants when I'm done with you."

"What makes you think this is for Peter?" Adam laughed

"Please... I saw you two the other day at school, and again at the lighthouse... you were mentally fucking the shit out of each other." Nathan said with a grin.

"That reminds me of another thing I wanted to talk to you about..." Adam said from behind the dark paisley change room privacy drapes. "But not here."

"What are you talking about?" Nathan laughed. "Oh... Ok... Yeah for sure, but not even with a girl?"

"Nope..." Adam laughed nervously.

"So you're a gold star." Nathan said with an amused grin. "That's hot actually."

"Really?" Adam asked sounding unsure.

"It's a lot better than being a slut." Nathan replied.


At Starbucks, Nathan and Adam found a secluded small round table out of the way so they could have 'the talk'. "I feel so parental." Nathan smiled.

"I'm nervous about our date, what if he wants to do something? I've never had sex with anyone..." Adam whispered, thinking hard. "Actually, not totally true, I did get a hand job on a plane once... but I was still wearing my pants."

"Yeah unless its skin on skin, I don't think it counts as sex." Nathan wondered. "I don't think Peter would even want to have sex with you on the first date."

"Really?" Adam asked sounding unsure.

"I think he'll want to take it slow. Him and Brent were all about the sex, I think he wants a boyfriend who is more than place to put his cock." Nathan replied.

"I've obviously watched enough porn to know what to do." Adam laughed. "What does it feel like?"

"If you and the guy have chemistry, it's amazing; it's like the best thing ever." Nathan smiled. "When I see Simon, which you know is rare, we fuck like rabbits."

"I think I'm a bottom." Adam said in a hushed tone.

"Have you seen your ass?" Nathan smirked with a slight laugh. "I think it would be sinful not to be."

"I just know when I think about being with a guy; I want to be the one on the bottom getting fucked." Adam smiled widely. "It feels so good to talk about this with someone."

"Right? Coming out was the best thing you ever did." Nathan said. "I'm a bottom like ninety five percent of the time, Marcus is a bottom, shocker." Nathan laughed "and Scott is pretty versatile... Peter is for sure a top. I don't even think he's had a dick in his ass."

"What does it feel like?" Adam asked

"Well at first it hurts a bit sometimes a lot, but you're so horny it's like you don't even care... You just want it, need it. Than once his head is inside you it's usually smooth sailing until you feel the end of his dick touch your insides, than it can be a little... not painful but awkward feeling. After a couple minutes you start to get use to the feeling and you stop mentally cock blocking yourself and just go for it, once he starts going it feels great." Nathan said with passion.

"In porn it looks so easy." Adam said "Like its nothing."

"Well, when you have sex for a living, I'm sure it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway." Nathan grinned. "My favourite thing about Simon's cock though, it has this curve like a banana, so when he's doing me, I can feel his cock head against my prostate."

"Feels good?" Adam asked curiously.

"Oh my god... Adam it's the best, it's like the male g-spot. You will literally blow a load like you've never done before." Nathan was longing for Simon the more he talked. "Now, with oral sex."

"Any tips their?" Adam asked.

"Obviously, first rule, no one likes vomit on their junk. Relax your throat, open it, and just take that sucker. Guys love a guy who can deep throat, when you're not, pay attention to his cock head, really lap at it with you tongue, while you stroke his shaft, rub your tongue over the blunt side of his head, especially if he's uncut because the skin there is so sensitive, and of course that ridge where the head meets the shaft, most guys love that." Nathan paused to take a sip of his coffee. "And never, ever, should a guy feel teeth on his dick."

"I should have brought my note pad." Adam said looking somewhat flustered. "Maybe tonight I'll practice on a Banana."

"I would strongly recommend it." Nathan said laughing hard while trying to remain composed. "Can you take a video of that please?"


"Don't you think Coach Henry is hot?" Marcus asked, as him and Nathan attached the net to the goal posts, Adam was within ear shot while he pegged the bottom of the net into the soft earth. It was Thursday evening and Adam knew it would only be about 24 hours until he got to see peter again, his heart felt like it was floating  just thinking about it.

"You're 18, and he's like 50." Nathan said looking at Marcus as if to say are you for real?

"So what, age is so stupid, a hot guy, is a hot guy..." Marcus answered back. "He's such a burly bear, so much man in one package."

"You love your daddy bears don't you?" Adam laughed.

"I do like mature men I guess you could say." Marcus replied with a wink.

"To bad he's married you home wrecker." Nathan laughed

"To a man or woman?" Adam asked curiously.

"A woman..? Really Adam... have you seen how tight his shorts are? Nathan asked pointedly. "Next summer I'll take you to Vancouver Pride, where you'll see him walking up Davie Street with two nipple piercings, in a leather jock strap."

"Sign me up." Marcus said sounding completely turned on by the thought.

"Sorry to get back on topic." Adam said sounding more serious. "What exactly are we looking for, as far as players go? Obviously talent, but any positions in particular."

"Midfields and defence." Nathan said. "We are already such an offensive team, forwards are not a weak point for us."

"So if any of the guys come looking for forward?" Adam asked sounding almost nervous.

"You tell them better luck next year and send them packing." Marcus laughed.

"It's true you have to really." Nathan smiled. "Ninety five percent of the team, is returning and frankly, we wouldn't even be doing tryouts this year if it wasn't for three guys on the defensive line getting caught doing nose candy of a toilet seat last year."

"Well I hope Brent is a forward because he's coming this way." Adam said suddenly feeling tense and uptight as he watched Brent walk across the field in his white tight fitting football pants and even tighter long sleeve navy blue compression shirt, he looked a lot more ripped and muscled after football practice Adam though as he sized him up. "Just what we need."

"Nice outfits." Brent said with his typical smug grin. The three soccer jocks sported black and white soccer cleats with navy socks that clung tightly to their calf muscles and shin pads, each wore a pair of white soccer shorts which showed of their well developed quads, thighs and hamstrings and a snug fitting navy jersey top. "The knee high socks are cute." Brent said in a sarcastic tone.

"Brent, it's been a while." Nathan said trying to sound friendly and forcing a smile.

"Likewise Bradshaw, see you're keeping well." Brent said, his demeanor more or less matched that of Nathan's

"Very well." Nathan said coldly. "So what can I do for you?"

"I was going to ask you and Marcus, if you wanted to come to my place Friday night... I'm having a barbeque... Bring your friend too." Brent said, nodding his head towards Adam.

"Actually Marcus and I are going to Scott's party that night, and Adam has a date." Nathan said trying to look like he was sorry he couldn't make it. "Maybe another time though."

"Funny, I'll have to ask Scott, I never recall getting my invite." Brent said looking slightly annoyed and red in the face.

"I'm sure he just didn't get to telling you yet." Marcus spoke up.

"We all sit next to each other in biology." Brent said briskly.

"It was likely just a simple oversight." Nathan said with a cocky smile.

"I'm sure..." Brent replied. "So this date Adam, do I know this guy?"

"You might, but I think I'll be a gentleman and keep my private life private." Adam said giving Brent a dirty look.

"I'll see you guys later." Brent said with a false smile and he turned to walk away.

"The only decent thing about that guy is the way his butt looks in those football pants." Nathan said sounding annoyed. "Whenever he comes around I feel this cold cloud of desolation, he's seriously like Lord Voldemort."

"You're hilarious." Adam snorted, as he let out a laugh. "I just want to punch him in the face."

"Just wait until he finds out your date is with Peter." Nathan shook his head with a smile. "Don't worry about him; I'll make sure he stays in line."

"I really can't wait for him to find out." Adam said with a look of determination. "I'm not gonna to subscribe to his drama; I'll deal with him directly, man to man."


Scott's house was nothing like Adam would have imagined, the minute you walked through the grand entrance, and you knew how proud his family were of their Scottish heritage. The color throughout the house was of dark rich greens and reds, even dark blue. Wooden beams spanned across the ceiling of each room, the kind that you would see in old English manor. The arm chairs and sofa was all distressed looking rich dark brown leather with bronze studs, each with a tartan cashmere throw blanket, the wood furniture was all dark brown with red undertones, huge paintings in elaborate antique frames of historical figures, battles and fox hunts adorned the many walls. In the dining room was a wooden floor with a large Persian rug, it was under a long dining room table that was set as if royalty might pop over in a moment's notice. At the far end of the long, narrow room with high ceilings was a grand wood fireplace with the family crest above the mantle. 

"Great dinner, you seriously didn't have to do all this Scott." Peter said as he took another bite of his succulent chicken breast stuffed with cranberry goat's cheese and lightly drizzled with a savoury herb sauce over a bed of steamed vegetables lightly buttered with roasted potatoes in olive oil and rosemary.

"You're maid can cook." Marcus said closing his eyes and taking in the flavour of every bite.

"Rosie is amazing in the kitchen. We're so blessed to have her; she's like a second mom to me. I'm trying to learn more Spanish so we can talk more, she's doing really well so far considering she moved here from Spain only a year and a half ago and didn't know very much English at the time."

"I love Spain; I'm due a trip back there. We did a week on a yacht just off Majorca one summer. It was one of my best holidays." Adam said thinking back; it almost made him miss summer a little bit. "I love the accents."

"Do you want me to speak Spanish to you tomorrow night Adam?" Peter asked playfully.

"If you can, that would be wonderful." Adam laughed. The thought of Peter with any sexy accent was cum-in-my-pants hot to him.

"My family is from Spain and you'd think I'd know some Spanish...... Not a freak'n word of it." Marcus said taking a sip of his red wine.

"I thought you were Italian?" Nathan said taking a rather large gulp of his white wine. "Didn't you tell me you were Italian?"

"Um, I never told you that..." Marcus said looking at Nathan questioningly with a big smirk on his face. "I think you just assumed because I have gorgeous sun kissed skin year round."

"How about you Peter?" Adam asked curiously. "What's your background?"

"It's weird, both my parents are Canadian. Just before I was born, my parents moved to London, England for about a year, my dad had some job at a bank there. I ended up being born while we lived in London, so I guess that makes me kind of British too?" Peter wondered.

"I think it does actually." Nathan said wondering. "And I'm just straight up Canadian."

"So whatever made you want to throw such a posh dinner on a Thursday evening?" Marcus asked, grabbing the bottle of cabernet sauvignon and refilling his glass.

"Well I know not everyone can make it tomorrow night." Scott smiled looking at Peter and Adam. "But I just wanted to celebrate the year ahead and say how great, even though how short a time it's been, to add such a great guy like Adam to our family of friends."

"Cheer's to that!" Peter said loudly, raising his wine glass, as the other boys followed. "This is our last year of high school, let's make it count."


End of Chapter 4



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