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Wallace Weir looked every bit like his son Scott, at least when it came to his face. His red hair only grew around the sides of his head while the top was left bald. He sported a full beard and had Scott's green eyes and freckles. His build was that of a retired rugby player, a stocky six foot frame with a soft beer belly in the middle. Wallace was a business savvy entrepreneur who owned a chain of Organic Grocery stores called 'Fresh Ideas' that one day he hoped his son Scott would take over and run the operation.

Fresh Ideas was your typical organic grocer. Salad bars, shelves and fixtures made from recycled wood and other eco friendly materials, bins full of nuts, trail mixes and other squirrel food as Scott liked to call it, a colorful bevy of fruits and vegetables and an overly enthused work force that looked like they could crack under pressure in a moment's notice, along with an overly demanding yuppie demographic.

"I'm glad you're taking an interest in the family business, you know I want you to captain this ship one day." Wallace said with the slightest of Scottish accents, this wasn't the first time Scott had heard this, and it wouldn't be the last.

"That's the plan pops, but Nathan and I came here today to take care of some other business." Scott said as he ruffled though a bag of Cheetos, licking the cheesy orange goodness of his fingers.

"You didn't by that poison in my store I hope." Wallace said with a disgusted look. "And what do you mean 'other' business."

"You said you were meeting your lawyer today right?" Scott asked.

"Anderson Harris, he's an employment lawyer and partner at Harris & Boyd. Right now he's working on one of my Vancouver stores that are trying to unionize... again." Wallace said looking uncomfortable at the thought of organized labor.

"I'm sure it has nothing to do with you not paying overtime or your comprehensive benefits package." Scott said sarcastically with a grin. "Is Anderson single?

"What are you two up to?" Wallace said looking at Scott and Nathan with suspicion.

"We want to set him up with a friend of ours." Nathan said with a big smile across his face.

"Anderson is Thirty five; what friend of yours would be interested in a man who is thirty five?" Wallace said, leaning back into his office chair with both his hands behind his head, giving both boys a questioning look.

"Marcus, he loves older men." Scott said expecting a lecture about age difference from his Dad any second now. "Actually, thirty five would be young for him."

"You must be kidding." Wallace laughed. "What would they have in common?"

"They both have a penis, and enjoy having sex with other men. I think that's a great place to start." Scott said as he crumpled up the empty bag of cheetos and threw it at the wastebasket.

"Too much information Scott, but if you two want to play match maker be my guest." Wallace said looking thoroughly amused, suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Come on in." Wallace called.

"Sorry I'm late; it was brutal trying to find parking." The man said, setting aside his suit jacket and brief case on a chair.

The man stood at about six foot three and looked like a carbon copy of actor Henry Cavill with suave brown hair, blue off gray eyes and a chiselled jaw dusted lightly with stubble. His body looked like it had come from the pages of men's fitness. His white dress shirt was no match for his chest, to slabs of pectoral meat that tested every button, his blue tie made his eyes pop even more and his slate gray dress pants showed off everything he was packing. Scott and Nathan looked at each other, both their mouths agape.

"Are you sure we should be sending him Marcus' way? I wouldn't mind a round or two with him in the sac." Nathan whispered.

"Remember Simon?" Scott said with a grin. "I however am single."

"Anderson, the boys here wanted to have a word with you. I'm going to leave you three for a few minutes; I just need to make sure no employees are signing union cards in the lunchroom." Wallace said he loosened his tie; he had a fearful look on his face.

"Dad, you're being paranoid, besides, everyone knows they sign them in the washroom." Scott laughed as Wallace made a fast beeline out the door.

"What can I do for you guys?" Anderson asked looking at them with an amused yet questioning look. His voice was rugged and made Nathan feel weak in the knees.

"You are extremely hot." Nathan blurted out. "Has anyone told you, you look like Henry Cavill?"

"Ignore him. He's already got a boyfriend." Scott said stepping in front of Nathan. "Are you single?"

"Are you guys hitting on me?" Anderson laughed; his smile was handsome and gave a glimpse of his perfect white teeth. "Funny you should say, I get the Henry Cavill thing a lot, and as for single, I did just get out of a long term relationship, why you asking."

"We have a friend who we think you should meet." Nathan said excitedly. "He really likes older guys."

"You're trying to set me up on a date?" Anderson looked thoroughly amused. "We only just met and you're setting me up on a date, and as for older, how old do you think I am?"

"Thirty five." Scott said quickly.

"I'm actually Thirty four, but I'll forgive you." Anderson laughed. "Who is this guy?"

"Here's a picture." Nathan said showing Anderson his phone, on it was a picture of Marcus at the beach wearing a black Speedo. "His name is Marcus."

"He's a cutie, he looks young." Anderson said taking the phone and looking at him closer. "How old is he?"

"Eighteen, but seriously, he's an old soul." Scott quickly replied.

"Usually my cut off age is Twenty five; I'd be going well below that." Anderson said handing Nathan his phone back. "Not really sure I'm looking to date right now."

"He's a mature eighteen though!" Nathan pleaded.

"You guys are crazy; I've never had two complete strangers try to set me up on a date before, let alone with an eighteen year old." Anderson laughed. "But he's very cute."

"So will you take him on a date?" Scott asked. "And I'm not a total stranger, I've seen you at the gym a couple times, you're the guy who always wears the under armor gear."

"He has no idea who I am, I can't just call up some random guy and ask him to go on a date, he'll probably think I'm some serial killer." Anderson grinned.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of Marcus, you just agree to the date and we will take care of all the details." Nathan smiled. "Besides, it's just a date, no harm in meeting each other."

"Fine, give him my business card; he can call me or text me whatever he wants." Anderson said as he pulled a business card out of his brief case. "And he better be a mature eighteen, I'm not going to have to play Pokémon cards or anything like that."

"He's eighteen not seven, and for the record Pokémon is awesome." Scott replied. "You won't regret this."


"Seriously, again!" Peter cried, shaking the Wii controller like he was about to throw it across his bedroom room at the TV screen. He was trying to remain calm; he didn't want to look like a sore loser in front of Adam. "No one ever beats me at Mario Kart and you manage to kick my ass not once, but three times." Peter was wearing a pair of loose gray sweat pants with no underwear or shirt, his chest and abs had a light dusting of blonde hair that traveled down to his waistband like a treasure trail.

"What can I say; I spent the last how many years in the closet? And I wasn't having sex, or dating so I just played a lot of video games." Adam laughed. "It's hilarious how much of a sore loser you are. You're legit pissed off right now."

"I'm not a sore loser; I'm just passionate about winning." Peter said with a grin. "Didn't we agree that the winner has to give the loser a blow job?"

"No, pretty sure we didn't." Adam smirked. "But if you want me to pick up where we left off the other day in the locker room?" Adam said leaning over to kiss Peter, his hands traveled to Peter's waistband.

"That would be awesome." Peter said looking into Adam's eyes as he went in again for a kiss. Peter sat up against his headboard while Adam worked Peter's sweat pants down to his ankles before throwing them onto the floor without a care. Adam took the tip of Peter's cock into his mouth as he looked into Peter's eyes just to make sure he was getting this right, he knew once Peter threw his head back and let out a moan he was doing things just right.

"Like that?" Adam asked in a teasing voice as he put the cock head back into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it like it was one of Willy Wonka's everlasting gobstoppers. Peter's cock was rock hard as Adam worked his hand up and down the thick, long shaft. With one hand Adam played with Peter's balls, massaging them in his hand while he worked the cock head deeper into his mouth until it reached the back of his throat.

"Like it? I fucking love it." Peter moaned as he grabbed Adam by the hair and held his head down on his cock. "You're so good at this." This was all Adam needed to hear as he pushed down more onto Peter's dick getting his cock into the tight embrace of his throat. "Can I cum in your mouth?" Peter asked, his breathing was heavy as he edged closer to cumming.

Adam nodded his head without taking his mouth of Peter's shaft; it made him gag a little. Adam was excited to bring Peter close to climax; he'd never made a guy cum before and wanted to show Peter that he wasn't just a naive virgin. Peter held onto Adam's head firmly and started to lightly thrust.

"I'm gonna cum babe." Peter groaned as Adam gagged hard on Peter's tool, suddenly, Adam's mouth filled with the salty, bitter taste of Peter's spunk as he swallowed hard to get the taste out of his mouth, he felt repulsed but totally turned on at the same time.

"That was so hot. Your first time, and you swallowed." Peter said giving Adam a kiss. "Want me to get you off?"

"I've tasted better things in my life but that was incredibly hot." Adam smirked as he lay down in Peter's arms, resting his head on his chest. "You can get me off later, but first, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can." Peter said running his hand through Adam's hair, stroking it.

"I really like you a lot." Adam said tracing his finger over Peter's abdomen muscles.

"I like you a lot too Adam." Peter said as he leaned down to kiss Adam on the forehead.

"I don't know how I should go about this other than to just come right out and say it." Adam took a breath and paused. "Can I call you my boyfriend?"

Peter stayed silent for a moment, his lips pressed against Adam's forehead. "Of course you can." Peter smiled, nothing made him happier than to have Adam call him his boyfriend.


"What do you mean I'm going on a date?" Marcus asked stunned, he almost choked on his Thai chicken salad. Nathan, Scott and Marcus were having lunch on the patio at the Lighthouse overlooking the beach as it was an unusually hot day for late September, with the sounds of seabirds taking flight as waves crashed over the rocky shore.

"Trust me one hundred and twenty five percent; when you see him you'll thank us." Nathan smiled as he pushed Anderson's business card across the table in Marcus' direction. "Call him, now."

"I'm not calling some random guy I've never met." Marcus laughed, he looked utterly confused.

"Ok, let me Google this guy, see if I can find Marcus a picture of this stud." Scott said looking at his phone attentively.

"What makes you think I even want a date? Maybe I'm happy being single." Marcus said sounding annoyed. "You two are out of control."

"Please, even if the date tanks, just sleep with the guy, you need to get laid. When was the last time you had sex?" Scott asked, his eyes on his phone searching for a picture of the dreamy lawyer.

Marcus remained silent, taking a sip of his lemon water and giving Scott a disgusted look.

"You're silence speaks volumes." Nathan laughed. "What's the harm?"

"I'm so awkward at dates; I never know what to say." Marcus replied rolling his eyes in frustration.

"Finally, found a picture." Scott yelled, a little too eagerly. "Check him out, mirror image of Henry Cavill, the guy who plays superman."

"Give me that." Marcus heaved a sigh, snatching the phone from Scott's hand.

"So? What do you think?" Nathan said looking across the table at Scott as they waited for a reaction.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Marcus blurted out. "Have you seen him?"

"I know, smoking hot right?" Scott grinned.

"He's gorgeous!" Marcus said holding the phone closer to his face and enlarging the picture with his fingers.

"You're welcome." Nathan said placing his hand on Marcus' shoulder.

"How do you know him?" Marcus asked curiously.

"He's partner at a law firm my dad hires." Scott said, amused at how Marcus' mood had suddenly changed. "Thirty four and a partner at a law firm, this guy has his shit together."

"And he agreed to go on a date with me?" Marcus asked sounding like this was too good to be true.

"I showed him your picture, he said you're cute." Nathan smiled. "It's a date, see how it goes, you have no contractual obligation to marry him but if you have sex I will need details, and I mean every... little... detail."

"What picture?" Marcus asked sounding concerned. "I hope it was a good one of me."

"The one where you're wearing your little black Speedo." Scott smiled wide and jokingly batted his eyelashes. "Don't worry; I got your back. I know your favourite pictures, it was only you're profile pic for like two months."

"Fine, read me out his number and I'll call him." Marcus said handing Nathan Anderson's business card. "And he better not be a psycho, if I get killed I'm seriously coming back as a ghost and taking both you bitches with me."


Alex swirled his cognac around the ball shaped glass before taking a sip, it felt smooth going down and paired with his Cuban cigar, he was in heaven with a ring of blue smoke encircling his head. The Club house was busier than normal with many members taking advantage of the ideal golf weather.

"You certainly brought your 'A' game." Simon said, raising his glass of the smooth amber colored liquor. "Cheers"

"Cheers." Alex replied, raising his own glass. "That was some watch you bought my son the other day."

"Only the best for Nathan." Simon laughed, as he took a swig of his drink. "I've been begging Nathan to play golf for a while so I'm glad you asked me to join you."

"I'm sure if he could play with a soccer ball he'd be all over it." Alex grinned. "So, your father tells me University is going well?"

"It's excellent, I just can't wait to finish and get into the real world."Simon replied, sounding like he'd had enough with it.

"All in good time, just focus on your marks and the rest will come together." Alex said, as his eyes wandered off, a look of dread came over him as he took a long gulp of his drink. "Great... The asshole just walked in."

"What asshole?" Simon asked, surprised by Alex's sudden change of tone.

"Eric Van Straten, just smile and be polite when he comes over." Alex said in a hushed tone. "His son is a chip of the old block, trust me, the apple didn't fall to far from the tree there."

"You mean Brent right?" Simon said turning to see Eric walking towards them. His heart was pounding, like it was in his throat when he saw Brent was with him. Eric was a tall slender man, neat silver hair that was slicked back and didn't dare show any signs of movement and cold blue eyes. He had this air of confidence about him that came off as smug. Simon could see where Brent got his personality from.

"It's been a while Bradshaw." Eric said, his voice had this cockiness to it. "Great weather we've been having, Brent and I are going to get a round in."

"It most certainly has. The wife and I got your invitation for your charity gala." Alex said his tone was friendly but direct, He didn't think he knew Eric well enough to be called simply by his last name. "We will definitely be there and you can put us down for a Twenty thousand dollar donation."

"I'm so glad. Vivian and I are looking forward to having you and Evelyn there." Eric smiled; it came across as forced and insincere. "Who is your friend?" Eric looked to Simon; he could already feel Brent's eyes upon him.

"This is Simon, Nathan's boyfriend." Alex began. "Simon have you met Brent before?"

"Oh I know Simon very well, we've met lots of times." Brent smirked, his eyes burned into Simon. "Actually we had a bet going, Simon here won. I did say I'd buy you a drink."

"That's ok no need to buy me a drink." Simon said feeling his face turn red.

"Oh no I insist on it, Dad you don't mind hanging out with Mr. Bradshaw while I take Simon to the bar do you?" Brent asked his tone was insistent.

"Of course not." Eric said, he looked curious. "So what is this bet about?"

"I was going to ask you that myself." Alex laughed.

"Just some stupid thing we came up with at a party." Brent replied as he turned to walk towards the bar, he knew that Simon would follow.

"What do you think you're playing at?" Simon said in a hushed, yet hostile tone.

"Bartender, can I get two of my usual." Brent said, ignoring Simon's question.

"What bet are you talking about?" Simon said grabbing Brent's wrist.

"Careful now, you know I only like it rough in bed." Brent smiled. "I'm just impressed with how you've gone almost a month without cheating on your boyfriend; I expected a call or text by now, unless they're other men?"

"I told you that I'm with Nathan, only Nathan and you said you'd leave me alone." Simon said in a snappy tone, his temper was growing short with Brent.

"I do recall saying that." Brent paused and took a sip of his scotch, as he pushed Simon's tumbler towards him. "Drink up; don't you think that bartender is cute?"

"Don't change the subject. What are you playing at?" Simon said his voice was slightly raised.

"I just kind of miss my fuck buddy a little bit." Brent said looking across the bar. "You know Nathan and I had dinner the other day and patched things up."

"I heard, I'm sure there is more to it that a simple apology." Simon said taking a sip of his drink.

"I just want to get along; I don't need enemies in my life." Brent said in his usual distant tone. "I do however miss you, and I think about you all the time."

"You're fucked up." Simon spat.

Brent leaned in close to Simon, his mouth was right next to him, Simon could feel Brent's lip press against his ear. "I just want you inside me." Brent whispered, his voice was heavy, like he wanted to get fucked like his life depended on it.

"It's not going to happen." Simon said clearing his throat; he couldn't believe Brent was being so forward with him. "So get that idea out of that pretty little head of yours."

"See, I knew you were going to say something like that." Brent grinned. "And then I thought what a shame it would be if Nathan found out that his boyfriend fucked his biggest rival not even twenty four hours after they agreed on being monogamous. That would shatter the fragile trust he already has in you."

"Then I would have to say prove it, you're word against mine." Simon said smugly.

"Thing about phones nowadays Simon... They have cameras, videos, and voice recordings." Brent smiled; it was cold and sent shivers down Simon's back. "Expect a visit from me soon." Brent leaned in and kissed Simon on the cheek before he walked away to join his father and Alex.

Simon had never felt so helpless, he had no idea if Brent really had anything on him but he wasn't sure either way. Simon took the rest of his drink in one gulp and slammed the empty tumbler down hard on the bar.


It was coming up ten o'clock pm and the gym at the White Oaks Athletic Centre had quieted down, only a few guys remained trying to get in a workout before the gym closed in one hour. Scott was sat on a bench doing some bicep curls with fifty pound dumbbells. Facing the mirrored wall gave him a good view of the gym and allowed him to check out the occasional hottie passing by. Some Adonis was behind him filling up his water bottle, he had a white tank top on with a pair of black under armor running tights, Scott didn't dare stand up, he was sure he was tenting a massive boner just at the sight of this spandex god, he couldn't make out the guys face, but what he saw from behind was more than enough.

The mirror allowed Scott an uninterrupted view of this guy who had no idea Scott was getting quiet the show. His muscular physique was incredible, two broad shoulders and a strong back that tapered in like a 'V' to the perfect butt, two round globes of ass encased in the tight black material. Both legs were thick and robust, thighs that could crush a watermelon. Scott had to stop looking and take his mind of this guy, he had to kill this erection or he'd be sitting there all night. Suddenly the guy turned around to walk past the weight area, when Scott saw the guys face in the mirror he had to do a double take. It was Anderson. Scott tried to look away and avoid eye contact.

"Hey man, you're Scott right?" Anderson asked his tone was rugged, Scott could listen to him talk all day.

"Shit!" Scott thought, He didn't want to have a conversation with this guy, he was trying to kill an erection and now his dick was rock hard and growing. "Anderson, how's it going?" Scott said trying to not sound obviously turned on by this stud. "Play it cool." Scott thought to himself.

"Our second time today running into each other." Anderson smiled. That smile, what a stud this guy was.

"Yeah, I was just getting in a quick workout before bed, early night, school tomorrow." Scott's palms were sweating. "So you talked to Marcus?"

"Yeah, he sounds really nice; we're going to meet downtown for coffee tomorrow night." Anderson replied.

"Great stuff." Scott stammered, "Shit, why am I so nervous, and who says great stuff?" Scott thought to himself.

"You ok? You seem kind of of flush in the face." Anderson said looking a little concerned.

"No, I'm fine, I'm totally fine." Scott said breathing in hard.

"You look like you could use some water." Anderson said passing Scott his water bottle.

"Thanks man." Scott said taking a gulp; he swallowed fast making him cough a little.

"Take it easy." Anderson laughed. "I'm gonna get going. I've got early business with your dad tomorrow. See you around Scott."

"Take care Anderson, hope to see you soon. Maybe you can give me some pointers on legs; you've got great legs." Scott said, he couldn't believe he just said that "was that too far or far enough?" Scott thought. "Not to sound like a creep, you've just got a great body."

"Thanks man, I work hard, you're in great shape yourself." Anderson smiled. "I'll talk to you later."

Scott felt like an idiot, this guy turned him into the biggest geek ever; usually he was calm, cool and collected around any guy. He watched Anderson walk away; admiring how his butt and legs looked in those running tights. "Fuck." Scott said under his breath as he let out a sigh.


End of Chapter 9



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