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Brent Van Straten was proud of being an unapologetic bitch, with his Colton Haynes looks, being captain of the football team, and more money than god, he had always felt entitled to whatever he wanted, which is why he was fucking around with Simon for the last month. The past week of school had Brent sitting at the top of the social ladder as the Van Straten family was ready to throw the biggest event of the season, their annual Halloween ball. It had been said that not receiving an invite was like being told you should die.

“Fuck me, yes, deeper...” Brent groaned throwing his head back, biting his lip, as he straddled Simon’s wide shaft, using him as a human dildo for the third time in what was only an hour. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum, you close?”

“Yeah....” Simon said in breathless anticipation, his eyes were sex crazed as he felt Brent’s tight hole instinctively massage his throbbing member, his balls drew up and suddenly he felt a warm rush leave him just as Brent sent a load onto his chest.

“I’d go for round four, but I got a suit to pick up.” Brent grinned seductively leaning in for a kiss. “Nice couch by the way, is it new?”

“Yeah, custom from Milan.” Simon replied, he looked like a man who been drained of every ounce of energy. “Your dry cleaner is in Vancouver?”

“No stupid, I’m picking it up from the store, also custom, Dior.” Brent side giving Simon another deep passionate kiss before getting to his feet, he felt unsteady from an hour of penetration. “I could have had it delivered, but where is the fun in that when I’ve got you to play with.”

“Well lady Dior, you best get going, you’ve got a party to host.” Simon said stretching and letting out a low yawn. “I’ve got to get showered... you want to join me?”

“I’d love too.” Brent smiled, his eyes glued to Simon’s cock. “One thing, about the party though.”

“Yeah, about it?” Simon asked sounding interested if it got him more sex.

“Wear this so I know who you are...” Brent said taking a gold masquerade mask with emerald green detailing out of his coat breast pocket that had been tossed aside during their frenzied embrace.

“I’m thinking of not going though.” Simon said taking the mask and studying the impressive detail in its design. “I’ve had my fill of you for one day.”

“I knew you weren’t coming, it reeked of pot in here when I came.” Brent pouted his lip. “The mask thing was my mother’s idea, this ambassador from some place in Europe that’s not even in the G7 is coming and she thinks it’s going to be tacky everyone wearing random costumes...” Brent said, taking the mask and placing it over Simons face, tying the string at the back to secure it in place. “So now it’s a black tie masquerade ball featuring artist carved pumpkins and brand name mini chocolate bars, so less rich people will think we’re relatable.”

“Nathan’s going to be so pissed; he’s been so excited to wear his costume for two months now.” Simon said standing up and placing both his hands on the small of Brent’s back, letting one fall to his firm round cheek, giving it ample squeeze.

“I know, I feel bad which is why it’s totally fine if Nathan comes in costume.” Brent replied taking Simon in for a hug; he rested his chin on Simon’s shoulder, rolling his eyes. “I just want him to know that I’m over that whole stupid fight at Scott’s party and the best way for me to do that is to bend the rules for my buddy.”

“He’ll love you for that.” Simon said grabbing his package and shaking it. “My friend here is waking up again, how about that shower?”

“A quick one, my driver is going to think I died.” Brent replied playing a coy smile.


“You look so hot.” Marcus said excitedly clapping his hands. “Where’d you get it from? I gotta get one to wear for Anderson.”

“Just the sex shop, they have everything from construction worker to fire fighter.” Nathan replied, he was busy studying himself from every angle. “It’s not too tight is it?” His cop outfit consisted of a spandex navy blue suit that clung like a second skin to his chest and arms that seemed even for his leaner build to be bulking out, the top was unbuttoned to show off enough pectoral muscle, his trim waist was met with a black belt, that gave some separation to the one piece suit that was at the lower half navy blue spandex shorts that barely contained his healthy soccer butt, a red stripe ran down each side of the suit.

“I’m so sad I’m gonna miss the party this year.” Marcus said, checking his phone. “Anderson said he’s going to be here in five minutes.”

“You’re full of shit.” Nathan laughed. “Believe me, I’d rather be going Halloween glow in the dark bowling with you two than have to go to Brent’s stuffy party.”

“I’ll take pictures of our costumes; we’re going as Boy Scout and Scout master.” Marcus said cheekily sticking his tongue out.

“You two are so cute, do you think you’ll get married and have kids?” Nathan asked, whilst adjusting his belt. “You’re like my inspiration.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it.” Marcus replied trying to contain his smile. “I really like this guy, even with our age difference; we just get along so well.”

“Do you ever think though... why did he have a problem getting a guy his own age?” Nathan said abruptly. “I’m so sorry, that just slid out... not that there is anything wrong with him.”

“He’s just really picky about who he gets with.” Marcus replied sounding a little defensive. “I could say the same about you and Simon.”

“But, Simon is like a lot closer to my age...” Nathan replied, a regretful look on his face. “Look man, I’m sorry, that just came out... You know it’s only because I’m protective of you, you’re like my brother.”

“Really?” Marcus said sounding unconvinced. “Because it sounds to me, like you can’t believe that a guy like Anderson, would get with a guy like me.”

“No, that’s not at all what I’m saying.” Nathan said turning red. “Dude, not even implying that at all.”

“Just remember, it was you and Scott who set us up on that date.” Marcus said visibly agitated, grabbing his scarf off Nathan’s bed and wrapping it around his neck several times. “Or was it a stupid experiment, a bet? To see if I had the ability to get a hot guy like Anderson?”

“I can’t even deal with you right now.” Nathan said tuning his back towards Marcus.

“That makes both of us and my rides here.” Marcus replied, throwing his coat over his shoulders before storming off.


Scott lay there cuddling Brad like an oversized teddy bear in both his strong arms, his semi-hard shaft pressed against Brad’s butt, both bodies stuck together with sweat. What started out as a cloudy October day, the clouds were now beginning to break and the sun light poured into the room through the semi open blinds, not for long though as the darker early evenings were growing closer.

“You need better blinds.” Brad said pulling the goose down duvet over his head. “It’s too early.”

“Dude, it’s almost five pm.” Scott said ripping the covers off Brad, before pulling him close again. “Get up and make me an espresso bitch.”

“Why the fuck am I making the coffee.” Brad laughed, pulling away from Scott’s arms. “This is your house, I’m the guest.”

“I wish there was a Starbucks right there.” Scott replied pointing next to the bed. “And the Barista’s would all be hot guys in just their green aprons who knew how to spell your name.”

“You should write to Howard Shultz.” Brad grinned shaking his head; he sat up swinging both his legs over the side of the bed. “So how many sugars again?”

“I’ll take the agave syrup, just a tiny bit though, that shits sweet.” Scott said sitting up with his back against the leather headboard of the king sized bed.

“Why are you so difficult, just take sugar like a normal person.” Brad replied throwing a pillow at Scott’s head.

“I’m having anxiety since the doctor told my dad he has diabetes, what if it runs in the family?” Scott asked nervously.

“Was it your anxiety that made you eat that Costco sized box of M&M’s? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not helping your cause.” Brad laughed as he pulled on his flannel pajama pants.

“Your judgemental tone did not go unnoticed and discounted Halloween chocolate is hard to pass up.” Scott replied defensively. “I’ve been thinking about something though.”

“What’s up?” Brad asked sitting on the edge of the bed, looking attentively at Scott.

“You and me are like boyfriends right?” Scott asked sounding sincere.

“I think that’s more than fair to say, why you want it to be out there and official?” Brad teased giving Scott a cute smile.

“I think people kind of assume, but I know we had that argument about you being with other guys, and I got super jelly, but now I’m kind of thinking it would be fun to....” Scott said before being cut off.

“You’re kidding, you want an open relationship?” Brad laughed, crossing his arms. “Did we not just figure out you’re jealous of me and other guys? I mean that fight happened when we were both still technically single, and look how you took it.”

“This is different, this is about bringing in other guys occasionally to play with, like threesome, or I watch a guy fuck you...” Scott began; the passion in his voice was evident. “But I have to be there, we both have to be in the room, I’m not saying we go off on our own adventures like that arrangement Nathan and Simon had.”

“I’ll let you take the lead on this one, I’m down for whatever.” Brad replied pondering the idea. “I think it’s really hot actually, I just hope you know what this means and don’t get pissed off and punch some guy in the face, because it’s one thing to fantasize about it, it’s an entirely other thing to see a guy in front of you balls deep inside your boyfriend, or other way around.”

“Mmmm balls deep...” Scott pondered looking at Brad with a mischievous grin. “Wanna?”

“Again?” Brad asked looking at Scott with disbelief. “You are the horniest person alive. I would but we need to get ready, you know this party is black tie now right?”

“But I wanted to see you in your superman tights...” Scott groaned. “Since when is it black tie?”

“Dude, you have fucked me in it so many times I can’t even get the sex smell out of it.” Brad said letting out a sigh. “Wired that Brent never told you about it.”

“All my suits are either too small now because dressing up sucks and I haven’t worn one in like years.” Scott replied, sounding like he was getting ready to throw a tantrum. “I want superman.”

“Charlie and I have so many suits; we even have matching ones.” Brad winked. “We’d look like a really cute couple dressed in matching suits.”

“You disgust me.” Scott said sarcastically. “Coffee now.”


The mountain road was dusted in snow in the higher elevations. The autumn colours of White Oaks now out of view, it was like suddenly driving into another season. The snow was coming down steadily and seemed to be picking up.

“You seem quiet, everything ok?” Anderson asked putting his hand on Marcus’ shoulder and kneading it between his fingers. “Damn you’re tense.”

Marcus let out a heavy sigh, “I’ve been better to be honest.” He replied shrugging his shoulders.

“Tell me what’s the matter? I’ve never seen you sad before.” Anderson said giving Marcus a concerned look. “Is it friend issues, failing a class, maybe me?”

“It’s the first one. Something stupid that Nathan said before, he just blurted it out of nowhere.” Marcus said sounding angrier now. “He basically said do you think something is wrong with Anderson, which is why he can’t date a guy his own age.”

“Wrong like what?” Anderson laughed. “I’m not a bad looking guy no offence, your friends say I look like Henry Cavill.”

“You’re really hot.” Marcus half smiled. “Which is why I’m thinking, and I know I shouldn’t.”

“Let me guess, you think because I have HIV that guys won’t date me and I’m using you as a last resort?” Anderson spoke bluntly. “It’s ok; speak up, what’s on your mind.”

“You know I don’t care at all about your status, it’s just my mind saying maybe the only reason we’re together is because I’m the only one who was open minded enough so you just settled for me.” Marcus replied looking down at his hands which were awkwardly fidgeting.

“Marcus, I’m with you because I’m in a profession where people screw each other over and it’s nice to be reminded that innocence and kindness is still out there, that there are nice genuine guys who have great bubble butts and a handsome face to match.” Anderson gripped Marcus’ shoulder firmly and gave him a gentle shake. “I knew I wanted to be with you from the minute we first laid eyes. You gave of this vibe that I knew you’d be more than a one night stand, you’d be someone I would connect with.”

“I really like you a lot; I just wanted to know it wasn’t because of that.” Marcus smiled, looking into Anderson’s eyes he felt his insecurities melt away.

“Trust me, there are lots of attractive POS guys out there to date, I didn’t have to settle.” Anderson said pulling Marcus in for a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’m where I want to be.”

“Good I’m glad, but change of subject, where are we going?” Marcus asked, as Anderson’s BMW pulled into a long private drive, a 50 foot wall of pines on either side of the driveway closed it in.

“Not bowling.” Anderson grinned. “Welcome to my get away.” There at the end of the drive was a two story log cabin, in fact this was no cabin, it was a cottage, a lavish one at that. “I thought we could spend an evening by the log fire, watch scary movies on Netflix, and drink too much wine.”


“So what time are you coming over here?” Nathan asked, holding the phone to his ear with a shoulder and pouring a hefty glass of white wine. “My parents are out and I’m looking really hot in my cop uniform.”

“Are you taking a piss on the phone with me?” Simon asked, sounding appalled.

“No, I was pouring a glass of this wine you got me a case of; remember the New Zealand one?” Nathan laughed. “You sound grumpy.”

“I’m just really tired.” Simon yawned. “I thought you were taking a piss.”

“Well grab a red bull, Peter and Adam are coming over for pre-drinks, Scott and Brad are meeting us at Brent’s so they’ll be room in the car for us four to go together.” Nathan replied, he was getting nervous of Simon even showing. “You’re still coming right?”

“Actually I’m going to leave it...” Simon said sounding as if he was distracted. “The drive is just too much sometimes, and I don’t feel like being around a bunch of people, I just want to chill. I’ll make it up to you I promise, ok babe?”

“I think I just heard the boys arrive, I’m going now, hope you enjoy your lonely boring night.” Nathan said abruptly hanging up the phone. He took one last look in the mirror; he was looking damn good he thought to himself. Heading for the top of the stairs, he could see Adam and Peter coming through the front doors. “Hello sexy boys.”

“What’s up officer?” Adam grinned watching as Nathan made his way down the stairs in his sleek cop uniform. “Do you think it’s tight enough?”

“You look like someone out of Scott’s dreams.” Peter laughed, checking Nathan’s butt out. “Someone’s not skipping leg day.”

“Glad you noticed.” Nathan said looking both guys over. “So the black suits, aviators, a Bluetooth in your ears, let me guess, you’re the Men in Black?”

“Actually, Secret Service Agents.” Adam replied giving Peter a lustful look. “I hope there is no black light at this party.”

“What can I say; I’m a sucker for a stud in a suit.” Peter winked, the two of them filling out the suits nicely with their muscled frames. Both wore white dress shirts, Peter’s looked like the buttons were about to pop off with his chest.

“Are you saying our California Virgin is a little whore now?” Nathan said looking at Adam with a look of pride, like he’d made a huge accomplishment. “My baby is all grown up!”

“Seriously, we can’t stop doing it.” Adam replied, his face turning a slight shade of red as he adjusted his black tie. “Thanks for the advice and the tips.”

“Yeah seriously man, thank you.” Peter said with a big grin across his face. “So let’s get into the booze shall we? I know we’ll need it to deal with not only Brent, but the humans who created him.”

“Driver arrives in 40 minutes, that’s enough time to do some damage.” Nathan said leading the boys into the kitchen. “What a fucking day I’ve had.”

“What happened?” Adam asked, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “Let me guess, you and Simon got into it again?”

“I’m over Simon, its Marcus and I.” Nathan said sounding guilty. “I was so stupid, my big mouth sometimes... I asked him if he thought anything was wrong with Anderson, because a guy who looks that hot, is that put together, should be able to find an equally hot guy is own age.”

“That’s rough; you know how head over heels he is for Anderson.” Adam said awkwardly placing the bottle to his lips drawing back on his beer.

“I know Marcus, you guys are like brothers, and he’ll just need some time.” Peter replied pouring a scotch. “This one’s for you.” Peter slid the crystal tumbler across the granite counter top towards Nathan’s waiting hand, before pouring himself one.

“I hope so.” Nathan sighed. “I was just being protective of him and ended up probably making him feel really insecure.”


The country club was eerily quiet with a good portion of the town’s elite at the Van Straten estate. Kent had just finished paying the bill as Tina who for most of the meal had her foot out of her high heel, was rubbing Kent’s crotch under the table.

“You know we have no kids tonight.” Kent smirked, adjusting his tie and loosening it slightly as he felt himself getting flusher. “You keep that up and i’m gonna bust one right here.”

“In that case, I’m going to visit the ladies room and you can get the car.” Tina replied lifting up her bra to get her breasts high and show Kent ample cleavage. Kent after all was a breast man, it was one of the reasons he first approached her in the bar all those years ago on a drunken night with the boys.

“I’ll be out front.” Kent said leaning across the table for a kiss and fondling his swollen member. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

Tina made her way towards the ladies room, pulling out her hair clip, she let her wavy dark blonde locks fall down past her shoulders, with her hand she tousled the back to give it some volume, just like she had it in her college years.

“Must be so nice.” A lone woman at the bar said, looking over her shoulder at Tina, her eyes were glossed over like she had a good buzz going. “You’re both so in love.” She vaguely slurred. Well put together with her long dark hair up in a neat bun, she wore a white cap sleeved cocktail dress with a delicate gold chain around her neck and several fingers were adorned with diamonds that could outshine the sun. Her high heels were classic black Christian Louboutins with a bright red sole. She rummaged through an oversized Hermes bag and pulled out a lipstick.

“Thank you?” Tina replied caught off guard. “How can you tell?”

“I’ve been watching you play footsie with your husband the whole time.” The woman replied applying the rouge coloured hue to her delicate lips. “Mirrored wall” she said pointing to behind the bar which gave a view of the entire dining room.

“Oh my god.” Tina replied her mouth agape and face white as a sheet. “I’m so sorry...”

“Oh don’t be, it’s nice to see two people our age so deeply in love, still making it work.” The woman smiled. “I’m Evelyn by the way, Evelyn Bradshaw.”

“Evelyn... I’m Tina. You’re Nathan’s mom, Alex’s wife right?” Tina said sounding even more humiliated. “I never imagined we’d meet like this.”

“How’s that, me crying into a gin and tonic watching you get your husband off under a table.” Evelyn smiled, patting the leather bar stool next to her. “Come join me.”

“I can’t, were in a rush.” Tina replied, looking at her watch for effect. “No kids tonight, going to make the most of it.”

“See these papers, they’re divorce papers and they say I really need to talk woman to woman with someone who will likely not understand because her marriage is so perfect, but I just need to get things off my chest.” Evelyn said sighing weakly. “Don’t make me beg.”

“I’ll call my husband.” Tina replied forcing as sincere a smile as possible.

“Let me buy you a drink.” Evelyn said, waving the bartender down, the ice clinking against the sides of her empty glass. “Deborah, I’ll have another one, and whatever my new friend wants.”

“I’ll take a double of whatever she’s having.” Tina replied, she could never imagine her date night would take this turn.


The room was faintly lit by massive French art deco crystal tear chandeliers and filled with the clinking of glasses and light conversation as waiters passed around champagne and canapés. The only sign this was a Halloween event was the corners of the room where pumpkins were neatly piled into carefully placed heaps, artists had been commissioned to carve elaborate pumpkin designs.

“This one looks like Tom Brady” Scott said taking an instagram. Both Scott and Brad wore matching fitted royal blue suits with a black satin lapel and matching black bowties. “This one looks kinda like Gigi Hadid.”

“You’re so cute.” Brad smiled taking a sip of Perrier-Jouët, the bubbles fizzing up under his nose. “I’m surprised you’re not taking in the eye candy.”

“Trust me, were going home with someone tonight.” Scott replied giving Brad a devilish wink. “Charlie is over there, wanna grab him and hit up a bathroom? I’m sure this place has like 20 of them.”

“Ok veto on that decision, I’m not having a threesome with my twin brother.” Brad said dismissively. “But the guy in the red suit jacket is a go for me.” 

“That’s Benjamin Park, his family owns a chain of Korean restaurants.” Scott replied with his eyes locked on the prize. Benjamin was a six foot tall slice of Korean beef with his dark hair neatly parted to one side; his jaw cut from stone, and muscular build was highlighted by his fitted slim fit suit. 

“All that muscle seems so wasted, he’s only the track and tennis teams, a body like that was built for football.” Brad said, waving his hand in front of Scott’s face. “He’s never dated anyone at school, people say he’s straight, just goes to White Oaks because the tennis is top notch.” 

“It’s only wasted if I can’t dip my tip.” Scott grinned, biting his lip in anticipation. “He spends way too much time in the gym to be straight, look at those cakes, hashtag booty goals; he could sit on my face for days while my tongue works him like a tootsie pop.” 

“We need to spit roast the fuck outta him.” Brad smiled, giving a flash of his perfect white teeth. “This is so hot babe.” 

“Fucking Park?” Scott asked, placing his arm around Brad’s lower back and pulling him close.

“Picking up guys together.” Brad replied leaning in and giving Scott a kiss on the cheek. “You’re friends just arrived.” 

Scott peeled his eyes off of Benjamin’s posterior to face the entrance to the grand room. “Oh fuck, no way.” Scott replied looking horrified, before snorting and letting out a laugh he tried his best to conceal. “Nathan....” 

As the two 20 foot high doors fully opened, Adam, Peter, and most noticeably Nathan entered the grand room. The room fell silent only for ten seconds before conversation picked up again. Enough time for Nathan to feel he was the topic of conversation dressed only in a tight, skimpy police officer uniform, he pulled his cop hat down to hide as much of his face as possible. 

“This is embarrassing; I guess it’s not a costume party after all?” Adam said looking at the guests in attendance; men were dressed in mainly tuxedos and women in Oscar worthy designer gowns, many of their upper faces hidden by masquerade masks, only beady judgmental eyes visible.

“Embarrassing for you?” Nathan said in a hushed tone. “At least you two are secret service, you’re wearing suits... I look like a stripper!” 

“He’s right Adam.” Peter replied lowering his aviators, spotting Scott and Brad. “People will think we’re someone’s body guards, I’m sure there are some VIP’s in the room.” 

“You look sexual.” Scott said giving Nathan a once over. “I’m jealous you got to wear spandex.”

“How did you two know about this dress code?” Nathan asked, with a mixed look of humiliation and anger on his face.

“Brent told me.” Brad replied looking awkwardly at Nathan. “I guess you guys didn’t get the memo?”

“I bet he did this to us on purpose!” Nathan said, his eyes were narrowed with rage. “That dreadful skank.”

“He probably did, but let’s not let it ruin our night.” Adam said grabbing a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and handing it quickly to Nathan. 

“Think of it as a bit of payback?” Brad replied cautiously. “You two have a colourful history.”

“Payback?” Nathan snapped, he tilted his head back and took the glass in one gulp. “He started that fight at Scott’s place.”

“No for that thing last year, remember the rumor?” Brad said taking Nathan’s empty glass of champagne and giving him his own. “You two are always going after each other.”

“Oh yeah...” Peter said, trying to think of any way to defuse the situation at hand. “Remember that time you told everyone at school Brent was into puppy play, and then Brian Mitchell tried to give him dog biscuits for like a week?”

“I forgot about that, who is Brian Mitchell again?” Nathan replied, as he polished of another glass of champagne.

“The quiet one, who smells like hummus.” Scott said copping a handful of Nathan’s spandex clad ass. “Been doing those donkey kicks I told you about.”

“Marcus, then Simon, now this...” Nathan sulked as he began to walk off. “Could this day get any worse?” 

“Where are you going?” Adam asked a look of concern on his face.

“I need tequila.” Nathan replied bluntly. “I’m sure one of these nice waiters here can hook me up with some tequila.” Nathan said to one of them who were hidden behind a mask.

“Of course sir, how many shots?” The waiter asked graciously.

“Oh, no need for glasses, just bring me the bottle.” Nathan replied his tone was deadly serious.


Marcus’ eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Anderson deep inside him, his cock was hitting that spot dead on, sending waves of pleasure up through his body, making his member ooze a steady stream of precum. Anderson was on top of him, his hands holding Marcus’ down over his head on the Persian rug by the fire. Both of Marcus’ legs were instinctively wrapped around Anderson’s waist as he plowed into him. Every time Marcus would let out a moan, Anderson would slam deeper into his tight hole to drill his P-spot, leaving him to catch his breath. 

“I wanna stroke it.” Marcus said, his eyes begging Anderson for release. “I’m so hard.”

“I’m gonna make you cum again, just like last time, no hands.” Anderson smiled, sweat dropped from his hair onto Marcus lips, where he stuck out his tongue and lapped it up.

“I don’t know how.” Marcus moaned. “You fucking know how to top.”

“That’s right babe, I’m gonna make your toes curl.” Anderson was picking up the pace and slamming into Marcus and pulling back out, only leaving the tip inside before going in again all the way. Anderson took his mouth and kissed Marcus passionately before letting his mouth travel down towards his chest were he started sucking and nibbling on Marcus’ nipples. 

“Oh my god, my nipples are so sensitive.” Marcus arched his back off the floor, letting Anderson know he was getting close to climax. 

“Shoot a big one for me ok?” Anderson said thrusting his pelvis, feeling Marcus tighten down around his cock, he could feel himself about to blow when Marcus sent a ribbon of cum shooting up Anderson’s abdomen. As Marcus hit his climax his ass milked Anderson’s cock of a thick load that felt like it filled the condom like a water balloon. 

“How do you do that?” Marcus asked catching his breath. 

“Make you cum?” Anderson grinned. “I’m just a top who knows his way around a hot ass.”

“I’m glad you do.” Marcus said shyly looking down “I’ll get some more wine, and you open the chocolate.”

“Look outside.” Anderson said nodding his head to the direction of the bay window. “Looks like we’re going to be here a while.”

“The snow is so pretty.” Marcus said looking out the window which reflected the fire, the pine trees were blanketed in the soft white as large snowflakes picked up the moon light. “At least I’ve got good company.”

“Hopefully the power doesn’t go out or I’ll have to fuck you all night just to keep us warm.” Anderson replied taking a piece of chocolate and putting it between his lips. “Want some?” He mumbled with half of it sticking out.


“Thanks for keeping me company, you have no idea how much it means.” Evelyn said waving the bartender down for two refills. “I have all these women I call friends and honestly, they’re not. If I was to confide in any of them it would be splashed all over town that I’m leaving my husband.”

“If you need someone to confide in, I’m here, and we only live across the street more or less.” Tina replied, holding her glass and knocking back the rest of her Gin and tonic before two more made their way to them. “So he has no idea its coming?”

“Nope, I’m sure he won’t be shocked though.” Evelyn said, stroking the diamond on her wedding finger. “We never have sex; he’s always hanging out with that soccer coach, that Henry guy and his husband. I know they are all fucking each other.”

“You think he’s gay?” Tina asked shocked.

“Gayer than Liza and showtunes.” Evelyn said taking a sip. “I got him these for Christmas three years ago.” Evelyn grabbed both her breasts and gave them a squeeze.”

“They’re fake?” Tina asked, fully aware they were but trying to be polite.

“Of course they are, I’ve got tits like a 16 year old. Think he cared?” Evelyn replied resentfully. “I’ve been sleeping with the staff just to get by, trying to give Nathan as ideal a childhood as possible. The guy who cuts the grass, he got me knocked up once, had to visit the clinic, I thought I’d already gone through the change... and come next month when the snow starts this hot piece of ass called Cody with an ass hard as diamonds comes and ploughs more than just my driveway.”

“It sounds like things have been dead for a while now.” Tina said trying to take everything in, she’d only met this woman and already knew more about her than her own family. “I know it’s going to be hard on Nathan but honestly, both you and your husband deserve to be happy for the rest of your lives, and if that means not with each other than do it.”

“I was going to get the lawyer to serve him with the papers but I feel after this much time as a family I owe him more.” Evelyn replied, her voice sounded as though it was cracking slightly. “I just feel so guilty for putting my baby boy though such pain, Nathan is centre in both our lives.”

“Of course he is, and just because you two are not going to be married, it won’t change that. In fact, you’ll likely both be happier and more emotionally available for him.” Tina replied grabbing hold of Evelyn right breast. “Oh my god, these are amazing, sorry I just had too.”

“Don’t be, they rarely get any action.” Evelyn said, casually taking another sip as her breast was in Tina’s hand. “I just need to get a guy to give me what I need on the daily you know? I’m a very sexual woman; the other week I got so wasted I climbed into bed with our maid. She said nothing happened but the surveillance video showed me dry humping her kneecap.”

“You have surveillance in your maid’s room? Is that even legal?” Tina asked sounding mildly taken aback.

“Oh god no, but it helps us keep track of where the silverware is going.” Evelyn replied, lifting her glass towards Tina’s. “Cheers to us finally meeting, even if things were a bit...”

“Bat shit crazy?” Tina said clinking her glass against Evelyn’s. “It’s nice to make a friend; I do need to get out more.”


“I thought you said this party was fun.” Adam said scoping out the room, classical music played throughout the hall most of the evening, now the band was playing a rendition of the monster mash. 

“It used to be. They decorated the whole place like American Horror Story Freak Show last year, this is way different.” Peter replied, trying to avoid eyes with the woman walking towards them. She was tall and thin, her face looked like it was Botox’d to the point it was smooth without a single line, framed by Anna Wintour looking hair. Her black gown with black sequence sparkled under the light; the long gown flowed behind her as she walked towards them, her hands were in snug black satin gloves that came up to her elbows, as she played with the rows of peals around her neck. 

“I thought this wasn’t a costume party...” Adam whispered, noticing they had company on the way.

“It’s not.” Peter said shifting awkwardly taking a swig of his vodka club. 

“So who’s the zombie bride with the face full of filler?” Adam snickered, pretending to rub his nose to hide his grin.

“It’s Vivian Van Straten.” Peter whispered. 

“Peter, how nice to see you again.” Vivian spoke warmly placing her hand on his shoulder. “It’s been so long, I haven’t seen you since Brent brought you to our Van Straten Foundation event last spring. Thank your parents again for their generous contribution.” 

“It’s been a really long time.” Peter said trying his best to sound genuine. “I’ll let them know Mrs. Van Straten, they’re out of town at the moment or they would have loved to of been here.”

“You must come to the cottage again next summer, and call me Vivian.” She replied, turning to face Adam. “And who is your friend here?” 

“Hi, I’m Adam, Peter’s boyfriend. I just moved here about two months ago.” Adam said extending his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Vivian reached out and patted the top of his hand, her eyes narrowed slightly. “And you.” She said curtly before turning to walk away. “Oh and Peter, tell your mother I say hi.” 

“I will do Vivian.” Peter said looking down at the floor until she was out of their view.

“That’s Brent’s mom I take it?” Adam said sounding annoyed. “MUST come to the cottage again Peter.” He said sarcastically in a fake British accent. “I guess she hates me, because I got her sons man.”

“Oh stop it, you’re being adorable.” Peter laughed, giving Adam a light punch in the arm. “Brent and I we’re a onetime thing, I’ve got the guy of my dreams in front of me.”

“Sorry, I just met her and already hate her; I see where her son gets it from.” Adam replied, looking less flustered. “You can tell she totally wants you and Brent to have her grandchildren.”

“I’d rather cut my dick off.” Peter replied bluntly. “Where did Nathan disappear too?”

“He said he was going to use the washroom, which was like 40 minutes ago though.” Adam replied, his eyes quickly scanning the room for a cop stripper. “What the hell happened to Brad and Scott?”

“They’re trying to get Benjamin Park into a threesome with them. They came up with some idea to ask him for couple’s tennis lessons.” Peter smirked. “I knew Scott couldn’t commit to one guy.”

“Sounds like Brad’s on board with it too.” Adam replied, sounding worried. “Let’s try finding Nathan.”


“So when did you guys a soccer jock and a football jock become so interested in Tennis?” Benjamin asked staring at both Brad and Scott questioningly as he played with his Chopard cufflinks. 

“You know just recently, I was thinking how amazing it would be to smack a ball around and then was like, you know who might be able to help us is that Park dude from school.” Scott replied, looking at Brad to back his story up.

“Yeah, and I mean it’s a great way to relieve stress.” Brad said taking a sip of his drink. 

“Super stress relieving right?” Scott said shifting awkwardly.

“Are you two high?” Benjamin asked looking back and forth between both boys. “Because I did a line in the bathroom and it didn’t sit really good, and now you two are making me paranoid as fuck.”

“No, just having some drinks is all, and some friendly conversation.” Scott winked. “Why, who has coke?”

“You guys know the country club offers Tennis lessons right?” Benjamin replied, a grin spreading across his face. 

“Yeah but what do they have on you?” Brad said giving Benjamin a light knuckle of the shoulder.

“Um, I don’t know... A teaching certificate, 20 years experience and oh, an Olympic medal.” Benjamin replied, his grin was still apparent. 

“Look we’re all guys; we just want to know, are you gay? Do you enjoy cock?” Scott asked bluntly. 

“Delicate babe.” Brad said, rolling his eyes. “My apologies Benjamin.” 

“I knew you two could give zero fucks about tennis.” Benjamin replied crossing his arms and looking sternly at both boys. “Why you wanna know?” 

“Because you’re hot and we’d like to both have sex with you?” Scott said weakly, looking down at the floor.

“I like to say I’m bisexual, because I’ve been with equal amounts of both sexes, but I’m not out so keep that on the low. My parents are crazy Catholic.” Benjamin said in a hushed tone.

“So why do you go to a gay school?” Brad asked, looking confused. 

“Because the Tennis is great and I told my parents I could go there and spread the word of god and get people to change their deviant ways.” Benjamin laughed. “And score some guy on guy action.”

“Smart man.” Scott said nodding his head approvingly. “So can we fuck now?”

“Ugh, I don’t do this sort of thing usually but I will on one condition...” Benjamin said stroking his chin in thought. 

“Anything.” Brad replied quickly, trying to close the deal. “Within reason, I’m not into piss or scat.”

“I don’t mind piss, as long as it’s me pissing on you.” Scott chimed in.

“No, dudes, not into watersports or shit, I just want to make friends. You guys seem really cool and I’ve always been kind of shy about talking to people.” Benjamin said smiling shyly.

“Dude, you’re at Brent’s party, you’re obviously on his radar.” Brad said warmly. “Of course we can hang out.” 

“Please, I’m only at this party because I’m the token Asian guy and the only Asian at school who doesn’t consider the math league a sport.” Benjamin replied pointing to a handsome black guy in the corner who was cussing out a waiter. “Oh look, token black guy, so much diversity here.”

“Oh no, he owns the catering business.” Scott said, checking him out. “Dude looks like Idris Elba, let’s hit him up later ok babe?”


“Where are we?” Nathan said as he was shoved up against the wall in the dark by a mysterious stranger. His lips were chapped from a passionate make out session; clearly this guy had stubble because Nathan’s face was feeling almost itchy and raw. 

“Hold on looking for a light switch.” The familiar voice replied, his hand feeling up Nathan’s body as his other searched for light. “Ah found a lamp.”

 “Good, I hate the dark, its scariiiry.” Nathan slurred, falling back onto what felt like a bed. 

“That better Officer?” The man asked getting on top of the bed with Nathan. “You look so fucking sexy, I wanted to fuck you in high school but you always had that annoying boyfriend.”

“Shane?” Nathan said looking though his drunken eyes which were like slits. “Shane... No, Shane.”

“That’s right, I’m Shane, and I wanted to take you so badly at Marcus’ Thanksgiving dinner and do all kinds of naughty things with you.” Shane replied leaning in for a kiss. 

“But wah aboet Semen... I mean Simonnn.” Nathan slurred, pushing Shane’s mouth away from his. “I can’t cheat on him.”

“Nathan bud, you and I have been making out for the last 30 minutes.” Shane laughed, stroking his fingers through Nathan’s hair. “But if you don’t wanna do this, that’s ok.”

“No, I do... You know what?” Nathan said sounding angry.

“What?” Shane smiled still stroking his fingers through his hair.

“Fucckk Seman or salmon, whatever he is.” Nathan slurred, getting of the bed and kneeling down on the floor facing Shane. “I’m gonna ta give you a blowjob.”

“As hot as the idea of getting a bj in Brent’s room , while there’s a party downstairs is, I think you’re more drunk then I previously thought.” Shane smiled, as he went to stand up.

“No, it’s already too late. I already cheated.” Nathan said pushing Shane back onto the bed. “Let me.”

“Nathan, you’re too drunk.” Shane grinned, as Nathan worked his belt buckle loose and zipped down his fly. “What if Brent catches us though, this must be his room, look at all the football trophies and the pictures of him and Peter.” 

“Fuck Brent... And Marcus is mad at me.” Nathan said as he worked Shane’s cock out of his dress pants. “Hello there.”

“Oh fuck, dude...” Shane groaned as he felt the head of his cock meet the back of Nathan’s tight throat. “Oh man.” Shane panted.

Nathan was working Shane’s cock deeper into his throat, pulling back to lap his tongue around the sensitive head in circular motions, making sure he covered every inch of his thick rod. With a free hand Nathan caressed Shane’s balls, massaging them as he went down all the way on his cock. 

“Stop dude, I hear footsteps.” Shane said in both lust and panic. “I’m gonna bust a nut.”

Nathan looked up, his mouth still latched onto Shane’s member as he felt a warm load enter his mouth cavity, he gagged.

“What the fuck!” Peter said with a look of utter shock across his face, Adam stood next to him with the same expression. 

“Dude, get up.” Shane said turning crimson red in the face. “I told him not to.” 

“Oh my god, I’m gonna throw up.” Nathan quickly got up holding his hand over his mouth and rushing into a nearby doorway. 

“Nathan, that’s his closet.” Peter replied, as the sound of vomiting cut through the uncomfortable silence. 

End of Chapter 16

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