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The morning sun flooded the room with light through the large bay window causing Anderson to stir; he rubbed both his eyes while letting out a yawn, and stretching out his arms. This was probably one of the most comfortable couches he'd ever crashed on. His clothing was in a nearby pile on the floor, with the exception of his black boxers trunks that he still wore. The peace and quiet of the morning was cut short as a loud bang came from the kitchen.

Anderson was startled by the sudden bang. He got up from the couch and walked his tall muscular half naked body across the living room towards the kitchen, where he could see Marcus at the counter buttering some toast as the coffee maker started brewing a pot. "Good morning."

"Good morning." Marcus said as he turned to Anderson with a wide smile, when he saw how underdressed Anderson was he did a double take. Marcus couldn't believe how sculpted Anderson's body was, his legs, his beefy arms and the abs. This man was a sight to behold. "Well, I wasn't going to go to the gym today but I guess now seeing you in your tiny briefs I'm going to be going a lot more often."

"Sorry, I should have got dressed first; I just heard the noise and wasn't really thinking." Anderson said looking a little embarrassed.

"Are you kidding me? Your body is not something you need to apologize about. You're in great shape." Marcus replied, taking it all in. "I kind of hate you a little bit. I wish I could have a body half as good as yours."

"Thanks, but you're doing more than ok." Anderson laughed, giving Marcus a once over. "Any chance I can get a coffee before I head out, and thanks for letting me crash here last night. I didn't expect to drink so much, your friends are awesome."

"Of course, and have some toast." Marcus said blushing a little, he liked that Anderson thought his body was more than ok, it meant something when it came from an Adonis. "My friends really liked you to."

"How do you take your coffee again?" Anderson asked as he took two mugs of the stainless steel mug rack. He couldn't help but notice how attractive Marcus looked, wearing a small white sleeveless undershirt with a pair of old blue soccer shorts that were a little snug in the rear, giving Anderson an idea of how full and round Marcus' butt was atop two fit legs, typical soccer jock build.

"Just milk and one sugar thanks." Marcus replied, as he waited on another round of toast. "Here's the sugar." Marcus said as he leaned over to grab the bowl, at the same time Anderson was going for it, both their hands met.

"I got it." Anderson said looking at Marcus. Both their eyes met, suddenly they had no idea what to talk about, both men felt this feeling come over them, without sharing a word they both knew how the other felt. "I'm having some very strong feelings towards you right now." Anderson flashed a smiled, breaking eye contact.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Marcus asked, surprised by how confident he just sounded.

Anderson held the back of Marcus neck in his strong hand and leaned in for a kiss, he pulled away to look into Marcus' deep brown eyes, leaning in again this time for longer as both their lips pressed gentility against each other's slowly becoming more heated.

"I've wanted to kiss you like that since we met at the coffee shop." Anderson said smiling.

"I wanted the same thing." Marcus said looking bashfully up at Anderson. "And you kiss like I hoped you would."

"You're a great kisser. You're so hot; it'd be a sin not to be." Anderson grinned, pulling Marcus in for another kiss.

"I don't want to be that guy, and I really wanted to wait, but I really need to have you, right now." Marcus said sounding breathless.

"You mean sex?" Anderson asked sounding taken a back. "Yeah, I totally feel the same way. I'll get a condom."

"I have some in my room, don't worry." Marcus said both his arms around Anderson as they made out passionately. Anderson grabbed Marcus by his butt and lifted him, holding him up and pushing him against the fridge as they made out intensely. "Please fuck me."

"You have no idea." Anderson whispered into Marcus' ear, it sent shivers down Marcus' back, making him arch forward while Anderson kissed the nook of his neck.


The Starbucks downtown was rammed with the Saturday morning crowd looking for their caffeine fix, the smell of coffee rich in the air. Couples sitting at every table their faces buried in a newspaper, or glued to their tablets or laptops, the glow of the screens reflecting off the many hipster style eye glasses.

"What can I get for you?" The Barista asked, as polite as he sounded there was no hiding the stress the morning rush was having on him. Brent could feel his eyes bore into him as he was still looking at the menu board and making up his mind.

"Well Casey." Brent said slowly, looking at the Baristas name tag. "I'm going to take two Grande pumpkin spice lattes, one non-fat, no whip and extra hot, the other just regular but with extra whip."

"And that's everything?" Casey asked now sounding to some extent irritated.

"And two vanilla bean scones." Brent said batting his eye lashes, fully aware he was far from this Barista's favourite right now.

"That's seventeen twenty." The Barista said forcing a smile.

"Keep the change." Brent said as he handed the Barista a twenty dollar bill, both Brent and Charlie headed towards the bar to wait for their drinks. "I have a random question to ask you." Brent said deep in thought.

"Yeah, go for it, and thanks for the drink." Charlie said interested in what Brent was about to say. Charlie was the total image of his twin Brad with the exception he wasn't quite as muscular as his brother but still had an amazing body, much more lean and defined.

"This is going to sound wired." Brent began, pausing for a moment. "What would you do if you found out your dad was cheating on your mom?"

"I'd be really upset, like crying upset. Then I'd be angry with him and ask him why he would ruin a perfectly good marriage." Charlie replied, looking uncomfortable with the question. "It would be awful; my parents are like soul mates."

"Would you tell your mom?" Brent asked pushing the topic.

"I think I would if my dad didn't own up to it." Charlie said debating the idea in his head. "Why do I get the feeling something is going on with your dad?"

"You can't say anything." Brent said looking around before speaking in a hushed tone. "Somebody, and I can't say who, told me that my father might be having an affair."

"I don't think your dad would do that?" Charlie said trying his best to sound like he could never believe it.

"Well the only time my parents are together these days is when they're at a function of some kind; you know like to put on a front for friends and public." Brent said, looking a little upset. "We might have to do some investigating Charlie."

"Dude, I'm not going up against your dad." Charlie said sounding fearful. "I'd like to get a job one day, not be blacklisted from life."

"Fine, you're right. I've got to stop thinking about it." Brent said clearing his throat. "In more pleasant news, I'm having my annual Halloween party again. I sent a bunch of email invites out."

"So excited, your party is always a good time." Charlie said excitedly. "It'll be hard to top last year."

"Hot guys in slutty costumes, how could it not be a good time." Nathan said with a smug grin.


With Marcus' bent over the side of the bed his ass was raised up taking a long deep fucking from Anderson who was beading sweat down his forehead as he took Marcus to task. The sound of skin slapping against skin, Anderson kept up a fast paced fuck. "You have no idea, the way you get me so aroused. I've jacked off thinking about this for the last week." Anderson said, his voice was masculine yet filled with lust.

"Yeah keep going... ugh...ah." Marcus moaned as he took Anderson's entire well endowed shaft, it was so deep inside him, he swore he could taste the blueberry flavor off the condom.

Anderson reached under Marcus and took his cock and started to jack him off all while Marcus lifted his butt up as much as he could pushing back onto Anderson's cock. He was so horny for Anderson, since he laid eyes on him in that picture he wanted nothing more than to be doing what they were doing right now. Having this muscular stud balls deep inside his tight hole while he was milking his cock had left Marcus edging closer to unloading. He could feel Anderson was picking up the pace to, drops off sweat falling from his brow onto Marcus' back.

"I'm not going to be much longer." Anderson said trying to catch his breath. "I'm getting near." Suddenly Anderson pulled out and grabbed Marcus by the legs flipping him over and onto his back. Anderson kneeled up on the bed, both knees on either side of Marcus as he jacked off looking at the sexy soccer stud underneath him. His wrist was locked in place as he feverishly rubbed his cock, he peeled off the blue condom and through it to the floor.

Marcus was now looking up at Anderson, this sexy tall Henry Cavill looking man who was towering above him, that cock only moments ago was deep inside him. "Cum on me." Marcus said his eyes glossy and overtaken with desire.

"Don't worry." Anderson breathed heavy as thick shots of cum landed on Marcus' chest, even up his neck and on his chin. It wasn't long before he felt a few shots of cum erupt from Marcus joining his own. Marcus was covered in cum. "Let me get you a towel." Anderson stood up and grabbed an old towel from the laundry hamper. Marcus couldn't help but check out Anderson's butt, hard and firm and two dimples on the side of each cheek.

"Thanks a lot." Marcus said, catching his breath.

"For the towel or the sex?" Anderson grinned, giving Marcus a flash of those perfect white teeth.

"For the towel." Marcus laughed, giving Anderson a coy look as he cleaned himself off. "Even though the sex was really great."

"Yeah our second time this morning." Anderson smiled lying on the bed next to Marcus. "And if I didn't have anywhere to be I'd go for a third." Anderson gave Marcus a kiss on the lips.

"When will I see you again?" Marcus asked sounding a little disappointed his time with Anderson was coming to an end.

"We are going to have to figure that out, because I'm not sure I can wait very long." Anderson smiled softly, his blue eyes gazing longingly at Marcus.


Scott tried his hardest to concentrate on his reps; it was no use though as he had once again lost count of where he was at and how many sets he had even done. His mind was completely elsewhere. Placing the dumbbells back on the weight rack he took a long drink from his water bottle, looking in the mirror where he could still see Brad working out on the leg press machine. The conversation with Shane was still fresh on his mind.

Finally getting up enough courage Scott took a step towards Brad's direction. Stopping for a second he took a breath and pushed on. He knew he had to eat crow and make nice, this wasn't easy for Scott but he was going to have to suck it up. "Just be cool, it's all good." Scott mumbled to himself as he came closer towards Brad who was deep in concentration with headphones in both ears. Standing in front of Brad waiting to get eye contact he waved. In return Brad rolled his eyes.

"Can we talk?" Scott asked, over pronouncing the words so Brad could figure out what was being said over the music.

"Can I help you?" Brad said pulling one of the ear buds out and stopping his leg reps, his voice sounding annoyed, not exactly what Scott was expecting.

"Hey... Can we talk?" Scott said trying to sound confident yet also sounding a little apologetic.

"I'm in the middle of a workout, in case you missed that?" Brad said in a snotty tone. "I don't come to the gym to socialize and if I did it wouldn't be with you."

"Oh come on, cut me some slack, I'm trying to make it up to you." Scott said grinning, if Brad was trying to give him a chase it was only working by turning him on. Scott loved a challenge. "I'm sorry that I was a total dick to you, you didn't deserve that."

"You're right I didn't. In fact you really hurt my feelings." Brad said with a pout. Scott wasn't aware if Brad knew how adorable his pout was but it made him want to fuck him silly. "Why were you such an ass? You sleep around; I was only doing what you yourself do and you lost it on me." Brad asked.

"Because I like you ok." Scott blurted out, he was shy to admit it but he did, he'd always imagined guys chasing him never the other way around. "I kinda have feelings for you."

"You 'kinda' have feelings for me?" Brad said looking a little softer and less severe.

"Look, I have feelings for you. It drives me nuts when you flirt with other men. In fact I hate it." Scott said sounding irritated by how much Brad seemed to be dragging out this uncomfortable experience for him. "And admit it, you like me too."

"You're ok I guess." Brad said shrugging his shoulders.

"Whatever..." Scott said giving Brad a dirty look as he turned to walk away. "Wasted my time." Scott muttered.

"Dude, relax." Brad laughed. "God, you get so worked up, so easily. I like you too which is why I was so hurt. I've liked you for a while; I was just too shy to tell you."

"Right, well this is cute and everything but my dick is hard." Scott said abruptly, hearing Brad say this made him feel like he was on top of the world; however this feeling didn't go with his cool boy exterior. "So why don't you shower up and meet me in the backseat of my car in ten? Let's make use of those tinted windows." Scott paused a moment. "Forget the shower; let's just get you sat up on my face."


The evening air was warm for this time of year, the ocean more still than usual with the sound of small waves lapping over rocks. The night sky was alive with stars, the occasional one zipping quickly across and beyond the horizon. The boys sat in silence on four mismatched beach chairs, transfixed of the fire before them.

"I love it down here." Nathan said as he put the end of his stick through a marshmallow, before bringing it over the fire to get it a nice golden brown.

"I know it makes you miss summer." Adam said, blowing on the marshmallow on the end of his stick to cool it down before he took a small bite. "It's going to be winter before you know it."

"So Anderson seems like a really nice guy." Peter said taking a swig of his beer, as he passed Adam another Marshmallow.

"I hope things go well for you guys, he really seems to like you." Adam said smiling at Marcus who was busy texting.

"Sorry guys I'm listening, Anderson was just saying good night." Marcus said looking up from his phone. "You think he really likes me?"

"For sure, he had total bedroom eyes for you." Nathan replied, blowing on his marshmallow which had caught on fire.

"Speaking of bedroom, did he stay over?" Adam grinned. "Scott's not here so someone has to ask these questions."

"Scott would just straight up ask if you guys fucked." Peter laughed, knocking back another swig of beer.

"He slept on the couch, he insisted, I even offered up the guestroom." Marcus said sounding slightly shy.

"Yeah well your glow and that extra pep in your step tells me he didn't stay on the couch too long." Nathan smirked, leaning forward and focusing all his attention on Marcus. "So dish it up."

"You guys fucked?" Adam said looking excited for the details.

"It feels rude, Anderson is such a gentleman. I shouldn't kiss and tell." Marcus said digging his feet into the course sand beneath him, as he fidgeted awkwardly in his seat.

"We're your best friends so out with it." Peter said reaching for another beer, as Adam came to sit on the sand in front of him. He put his legs around Adam holding him close.

"When I was making breakfast he walked into the kitchen in his underwear, you guys have no idea how incredible his body is." Marcus said shaking his head in disbelief. "It's unreal."

"When I met him with Scott, we got a pretty good idea, his suit was well tailored." Nathan grinned. "So go on."

"We started talking about each other's bodies and before you know it, we're making out, he's got me up against the fridge, both my legs wrapped around his waist." Marcus stopped to breathe. "Next thing we're on my bed and he's inside me and it's the best feeling ever."

"What's it like doing it with an older guy?" Adam asked curiously.

"I love it, he was passionate, controlling, and knew exactly what he was doing." Marcus said biting his bottom lip as he thought back fondly. "And his cock is so handsome too, its thick, it's got a good length and his musk is so intoxicating, and he has a nice amount of dark hair over his chest and abs."

"What about the ass?" Peter interrupted, getting looks from Adam and Nathan who were just in a trance, focused on every word leaving Marcus' mouth. "What? I'm an ass man."

"He's got this firm bubble butt, and two dimples that are so sexy, light dusting of hair." Marcus said as he reached for a beer. "I need a cold shower."

"I think we all need a cold shower, pretty sure I'm wet." Nathan said adjusting his crotch. "Sure you don't want to share this guy?"

"Hands off Nathan Bradshaw." Marcus laughed. "He's mine."

Peter leaned down bringing his mouth to Adam's ear, while Marcus and Nathan went back and forth. "When you're ready, I'm going to make you feel so good babe."


End of Chapter 13



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