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The cool September air felt invigorating against Adam face; it would only be a couple weeks now until the leaves exploded into brilliant oranges, yellows and reds. With his forearm he wiped the sweat of his brow, his tight white tank top now clinging tight to his chest, the sweat making it almost see through in all the right places, his black running shorts were wedged slightly up his round butt. Making his way back to his house, he could already see cars parked in Nathan's driveway. Taking his phone of his armband he checked the time. "7:30.... Shit" Adam thought to himself. He was 30 minutes away from having to make an appearance at Nathan's house; this had Adam excited and nervous all at the same time.

"How was the run?" Kent said as he put his arm around Adam. "Damn, take a shower you sweaty beast." Kent laughed, wiping his arm on Adam's shirt.

"It was great, ran 9k..." Adam replied still breathing heavy.

"Your mom and I are going to catch a movie tonight; Kristy is upstairs face timing with some friends back in Oakville. If you want you can join us? Unless of course you think you're to cool to hang out with mom and dad on a Saturday night." Kent grinned, already knowing the answer would be a no.

"Actually, I have plans tonight." Adam said sounding a little nervous.

"Plans?" Tina asked surprised as she grabbed her handbag of the hall table and passed Kent the car keys.

"Yeah Nathan, Mr. Bradshaw's son came over before, when you guys were out shopping, he invited me over, he said some guys of the soccer team would be there." Adam replied checking his phone for the time again. "Which is why I have to shower, I said I would be there for 8."

Tina and Kent looked at each other and smiled knowingly. "That's great Adam, be good, be safe, and let us know if you end up staying over somewhere, even if it's just a text." Tina said giving Adam a hug. "And... now I'm covered in sweat."


Nathan's driveway looked like some kind of dealership for imported cars. From what Adam could see there was a Porsche, two Mercedes' and a BMW parked out front. Adam was impressed, he loved cars but seeing how much money these kids had was pretty intimidating, sure his family wasn't hurting for money either, but he could never imagine his parents just outwardly buying him some pricey import. As he walked up to Nathan's front door he took a deep breath and knocked three times.

"Coming!" said a familiar voice from the other side; he could hear footsteps coming towards the door. "Sylvia, I've got it!"

When the door opened there was Nathan, he looked just as put together as he had earlier in the day. This kid must have a stylist of something Adam thought to himself. Nathan wore a navy t-shirt with a burnt orange linen scarf in a loose once around knot, his jeans were lighter blue and faded and had a distressed look. Even though this was casual, Adam was sure it was expensive.

"Hey Nathan, thanks for having me over." Adam smiled shyly. He could make out that there were other people on the back patio. "I like your scarf."

"Thanks man, its Herm├Ęs, It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend." Nathan said gesturing for Adam to come in. "We could just stand here all night or you can come in." Nathan laughed.

"Yeah good idea..." Adam said blushing a bit. "I'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting a group of new people."

"You have nothing to worry about... There are only three of us anyways." Nathan said leading the way through the large main entrance. In the centre of the main entrance was a wide grand staircase, the home was very white, sleek and polished, white marble covered all the floors, the kitchen was also very white with pops of color here and there, the black granite was really accentuated as a result. "So what drink can I make you?"

"I'll have a beer thanks." Adam said politely.

"Beer it is." Nathan said as he handed Adam a bottle of some craft beer he'd never heard off before. Not that he cared at this point he just wanted to get a buzz so he could calm his nerves a bit.

"Guys let me introduce you to my new friend Adam." Nathan said raising his voice over the music that sounded very indie rock. "Marcus, turn that down for me."

"Hey Adam!" The two guys called out more or less in unison.

"Hey guys, nice to meet you." Adam said putting his nerves out of his mind, while taking a gulp of his cold beer. "So who is who?" Adam asked.

"I'm Marcus."The closet guy said.

Marcus was about 5'6, a shorty compared to the other guys here. He was cute and slightly flamboyant, he had brown eyes and dark brown hair that was tussled about messy but clearly intended, the sides and back of his head the hair was buzzed short.  He wore a pair of dark blue shorts that fit tightly and a comfortable looking gray hooded sweat shirt with the sleeves cut off.  The logo on the front of the shirt said 'White Oaks Athletics". Marcus had a lean build, and his legs were clearly that of a soccer player, not huge, but each leg muscle had definition.

"Here is Scott. I call him Scotty, he hates it." Nathan said punching Scott in the shoulder.

"Hey Adam..." Scott reached out his fist and gave Adam a fist bump. "Welcome to White Oaks." Scott was dressed in the same sweatshirt as Marcus but left his sleeves intact. He wore a pair of light blue jean short cutoffs. Scott reminded Adam of that hot ginger haired guy in the porno he watched the other day getting pounded by that doctor. His eyes were a bright green like emerald; a splash of adorable freckles covered his face. Like Nathan he was slender and toned.

"So this is everyone?" Adam said feeling relieved. "Thought this might be a full on house party."

"No way, my housekeeper Sylvia would tell my parents... even though I'm sure I could find enough of my mom's silverware under her bed to blackmail her for life." Nathan laughed "You still haven't met Peter."

"You'll like Peter." Marcus said sounding quite coy.

"Really..? How do you reckon?"  Adam said interested and a little nervous.

"He's like the alpha jock at school, Football, hockey, soccer..." Scott said counting off the sports with his fingers. "He's the guy everyone in school wants to take to bed. And those who do become legend."

"He just got out of a relationship not so long back with this guy Brent." Marcus said sounding unimpressed. "Brent's a basic bitch... no one had any idea what Peter even saw in him."

"Well rumor has it, Brent always swallows." Nathan laughed. "That could have something to do with it."

"You guys are hilarious." Adam said taking in all the gossip these three guys were dishing him. "So this guy, he's back on the market and everyone is losing their minds?"

"Not us three, that would be like incest, we're like brothers." Marcus said in an amused yet stand offish tone. "Besides, Nathan has a boyfriend."

"Yeah... speaking of your boyfriend, where has Simon been?" Scott asked sounding annoyed.

"He's in New York..." Nathan said looking uncomfortable and fidgeting with his hands.

"When are you going to dump his sorry ass?" Marcus said bluntly.

"Adam, ignore these hoes'..." Nathan said turning his back on Marcus and Scott and facing Adam. "Simon is 23, he travels a lot, and when he's not, he's in University taking accounting or some shit like that."

"And how does that make your friends dislike him so much?" Adam asked curiously.

"Because we have an open relationship... I mean he's 23, I'm 18... Our dad's play golf together; they even sit together on the board of this company... Simon and I have known each other a long time." Nathan paused, knocking back the rest of the amber colored liquor that was in his tumbler. "We live two hours apart, and I'm finishing high school, and he's in Vancouver at university, in his third year... I figure I need to let him have the freedom, and when we both get our lives in order... we can settle down."

"Hey man, if that works for you, why the hell not." Adam said thinking how amazing it was to be talking to guys who were exactly like him, about things he himself wanted to experience.

"And what about you Adam... Seeing any guys?" Marcus asked, his voice sounded like he was flirting, but Adam didn't want to read into anything.

Adam's face suddenly went red and he felt his breathing pick up. His palms felt sweaty and he was completely thrown off.

"No one yet..." Adam said quietly, almost mumbling.

"Ever been with a guy?" Scott asked pressing the issue on.

"Fuck off guys." Nathan said fully aware what they were trying to do. "Adam is not going to sleep with you creeps."

Adam laughed awkwardly. "Well I guess no time like the present to air out my laundry."

"What laundry would that be?" came a man's voice. The group all turned towards the patio door where Adam saw the most attractive man he'd seen in a long while.

"Peter!" Nathan said excitedly. "Come meet our newest team mate."

Adam was now mindful that he was starring, and that his mouth was open. He swallowed hard and blinked his eyes. "Nice to meet you..." Adam said his voice a little shaky.

Peter had Blonde hair that was buzzed close to his head, he had blonde stubble on his face that looked like a week's worth of growth his eyes were a blue almost green color. He was about 6'5 and had a muscular build. The sleeves of his green Lacoste polo stretched over his biceps as did the front of the shirt over the two solid slabs of pectoral he had in there. His waist was trim and gave him a nice v-shape. His legs were like tree trunks, and even though his tan cargo shorts were loose, you could still make out the definition in places, especially his firm round butt.

"Adam, great to meet you bud." Peter extended his hand as him and Adam exchanged a firm grip that Adam felt lingered, "However that could just be my wishful imagination." Adam though.

"Likewise..." Adam smiled; he was shy and tried to avoid direct eye contact too long.

"Nathan has told me good things, said you're quite the soccer jock." Peter said looking Adam up and down. "So you moved here from California?"

"Yeah, since I was around 8... I'm born Canadian though." Adam said, he still felt like he was blushing, his face felt warm.

"So, what was that laundry you were going to air out?" Peter laughed.

"Shit..." Adam thought, he was almost ready to come out to the guys, and then this hunk of man showed up and completely threw him off. "You've got this Adam, you've got this." Adam thought hard in his head.

"Can I get some water..?" Adam asked clearing his throat and he wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans.

"Water?" Nathan asked with an amused look. "You look like you could use a shot of something very strong."

All eyes were on Adam, he could feel his heart pounding and his vision go almost tunnel like. It was then like a cold slap in the face he came two. Why was he worried? Sure he'd never told anyone he was gay before, but so what? These guys were all gay so it's not like they would care... and it would likely give him a good stepping stone towards telling his parents he liked guys. Besides, clearly the flight attendant on the private jet knew he was gay after giving him some hand job action.

"Adam..?" Nathan asked with a smile on his face.  "You zoned out."

"Sorry Nathan I'll have another beer................ but first, wait." Adam said grabbing Nathan's arm. "Before you go, I want to tell you all something... I'm gay." Adam breathed deep expecting a panic attack to come on, yet the feeling was way different then anxiety. He felt lighter and relieved like someone had taken a 50 pound sack of bricks off his shoulders.

"So that's the first time you've told anyone?" Peter asked holding Adam's shoulder and giving him a firm pat. "Congratulations man."

"Forget the beer, this calls for champagne." Nathan said, putting his arm around Adam's shoulders. "Come with me."

Nathan and Adam made their way back into the house. Nathan jumped at Adam and hugged him tight. "I know we only just met but I'm so happy for you, any gay person knows what you just went through... You know, this is like the beginning of the rest of your life?"

"I feel a lot better than I thought I would." Adam laughed. "I still have to tell my parents."

"That'll come; at least you have us guys to talk to now." Nathan said as he opened the fridge door and pulled out a bottle of Veuve Clicquot yellow label that was nicely chilled. "And Adam..."

"Yeah..?" Adam asked as he grabbed 5 champagne glasses of the shelf, trying carefully not to break the delicate stems.

"Don't think I didn't see you drooling over Peter before." Nathan laughed as he popped the cork of the bottle. He tossed the cork across the kitchen to Adam who caught it. "Keep that to always remember this night." 


Marcus and Scott had passed out in Nathan's living room, while Nathan had gone to bed. It was 1:30am and the full moon lit up the sky and reflected of the pool lighting up the back yard. Adam was feeling buzzed but still had his wits about him.

"So I played midfield for about 5 years but tried Defense and found I really liked it. I usually played sweeper... and sometimes stopper." Peter said as he took another sip of his beer.

"You strike me as someone who would be good in net." Adam said as the two lay side by side, they had pushed two pool loungers together and were both under a knit throw blanket. The air was cool, crisp and slightly damp.

"That's were coach put me now." Peter laughed. "Why did you think I'd be a good goalie, or just a hunch?"

"Well, you're a big guy; I mean you look like you could block anything that comes your way." Adam said avoiding eye contact with Peter.

"Thanks man, you're pretty solid looking yourself." Peter said grabbing Adam's right bicep and giving it a squeeze.

"I do ok." Adam laughed.

"Ok? This is more than ok." Peter grinned, giving Adam's bicep another squeeze. "I've got a friend pass to the gym at the country club, you should come with me sometime... maybe we can give each other some pointers."

"That sounds great. I've got to join a new gym sooner than later." Adam couldn't believe he was sitting this close to the hottest guy he'd laid eyes on.

"I just have to ask you a question." Peter said taking another drink of his now warm beer.

"Yeah, for sure." Adam said, he started to feel shy again and started to fidget a little in the lounger.

"Can you look me in the eyes, even for 10 seconds?" Peter asked, followed with a laugh. "Only 10."

"Of course." Adam looked Peter in the eyes and his heart started to melt, he felt warmth like never before come over him. "Was that 10 seconds?" Adam laughed.

"I wasn't really counting." Peter replied still staring at Adam. "You know, I don't want to over step my bounds, but I think you're really hot... and easy to talk to."

Adam couldn't believe he was hearing this. "Really..?" Adam asked kind of shocked. "Now you know why I couldn't look you in the eyes then.............. I think you're pretty hot too."

Peter leaned in and gently put his hand behind Adam's neck and brought him towards him. His eyes looked longingly into Adam's. Adam leaned forward closing his eyes, he felt Peter's soft lips press against his. Peter's hand still on the back of his neck, Adam bit down softly on Peter's bottom lip and gave it a playful tug.

"And you're a good kisser..." Peter said pulling away and looking into Adam's eyes. With his thumb he traced around Adam's lips. "Let me get you a sweater."

Adam watched Peter get up to go bring him a sweater, this guy was too good, such a dream. He was excited, nervous and felt butterflies all at once. "This can't be real." Adam thought as he lay back onto the lounger and took a deep breath.


The following, morning Adam woke up in his own bed. He didn't know what time it was, but he knew it had to be late given the amount of sunlight that was pouring into his room through the blinds. He had the dullest of headaches, likely the result of mixing beer, champagne and some shots of liquor. Adam rolled over and grabbed his phone off the bedside table to see what time it was, he knew it wouldn't be long until his mother sent him to work on unpacking his room. His heart fluttered when he looked and saw a notification. Not only had Peter sent him a friend request on facebook, he also sent him a text message that read. "Great night, had fun... hope we can hang out soon." Adam felt mushy and he thought it was so lame, he'd never felt this way before and he couldn't wipe the goofy grin of his face.


End of Chapter 2



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