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It was only hours ago since Adam and Peter sat in this very spot only this time joined by Scott and Marcus. The air in Nancy's diner was thick with the aroma of coffee and bacon and on the grill. The morning sun low in the sky and shining brightly through the window felt like an assault, when the many Advil's consumed that morning had barely taken their effect.

"My soul feels dirty." Scott said both hands on the side of his head rubbing his temples, His Burberry aviator sunglasses failing to hide how much he was suffering though his near dead expression. "I might have to hit the washroom in a second; I'm feeling a little nauseous."

"You look like shit warmed up." Peter said laughing; he too was feeling the effects of a raging hangover. "I should have stuck with beer... who was that douche who was making everyone do shots of patron?"

"That would be me." Marcus said with a smirk across his face. "Funny I was a douche; you took the bottle out of my hand and started pouring it into people's mouths."

"Sounds about right." Peter said trying to piece together some of the night. "I didn't think I was that drunk when I went to bed, me and Adam talked and made out before crashing."

"Did you pop his cherry?" Scott asked bluntly, as he added a sugar to his coffee. "Shit, I thought that was sweetener."

"No I didn't." Peter replied giving Scott a playful slap across the back of the head. "Speaking of which, I wonder how Adam is doing."

"Can you not." Scott said rubbing his head where Peter slapped him. "I'm literally boarding on pukes'ville as it is."

"He's been gone 5 minutes." Marcus grinned. "He must be feeling rough...... I however feel great."

"That's because you're still drunk." Scott said in a snappy tone. "Nancy, can I get a new coffee?" Scott called out to the lady behind the counter, it completely went unnoticed.

"Here he comes." Peter said watching a very dishevelled Adam come out from the washroom making his way slowly back to the table. "You still manage to look hot." Peter laughed reaching over to pull Adam's chair out.

"I haven't been this sick in a long time." Adam said looking queasy. "I didn't even think I drank that much."

"Peter said the same thing." Marcus laughed. "Mixing booze will always mess you up."

"I remember having awesome sex." Scott said attempting to drink his coffee with the sugar. "Other than that my night was lost."

"Who did you have sex with?" Marcus asked looking eager, he wanted details.

"Brad, you know? One of the Twins..." Scott said looking disgusted with the coffee. "He is such a good fuck. I even got him to put on some spandex cycle shorts for me... I think he's kinda getting into the spandex thing too."

"Adam, in case you didn't know, Scott here has a bit of a fetish for spandex gear. I found out when I caught him beating off with some dude on webcam in a spider man costume." Peter paused. "A part of me died that day."

"Screw you, you loved it." Scott said with an amused look. "And it's not a 'bit' of a fetish, it's a huge fetish."

"I guess that explains why you were so insistent on having lunch outside the day the football team was practicing." Adam laughed. "It makes sense now."

"He probably took a video with his phone and jerked off to it later." Marcus said sticking his tongue out at Scott.

"Actually I didn't, but I can't say I haven't in the past." Scott's mind was wondering back to Brad, he was always extra horny when he was hung-over and he had no idea why.

"I wonder how Nathan is doing." Adam said changing the tone of the conversation. "Simon and him left pretty early."

"He just walked in. You can ask him yourself." Marcus said nodding in the direction of the door.
Nathan walked in looking totally fine, he was nicely dressed head to toe in lacoste he had on a fitted deep purple polo and white tennis shorts and matching white headband, his hair was neatly in place. Grabbing an extra chair he pulled it over to the guys table.

"You're playing tennis?" Scott said looking at Nathan in utter shock. "Are you not hungover?"

"No, I only had 3 glasses of wine." Nathan laughed. "I see you've had better days." Nathan gave Scott an understanding pat on the back. "I actually just left the squash court, nothing like hitting a rubber ball with a racquet to take out your frustrations."

"I'm assuming the ball was symbolic of Brent?" Peter said with a smirk.

"I'd be lying if I said it wasn't." Nathan said his tone suddenly sounding colder. "Can you believe that guy?"

"So what happend?" Marcus asked curiously. "We had all just gone outside for a smoke and suddenly we heard yelling come from the house."

"Brent was being Brent." Nathan began. "So he was in the Hamptons all summer, Simon was in New York. Basically he told me he fucked around with Simon. Simon confirmed they ended up going off together at some mutual friend's party. I lost my shit... You should have seen the smug look on Brent's face when he told me this. I lost it completely and just went for him."

"I know you and Simon are open, but out of all the people in New York, he slept with him?" Marcus said looking appalled.

"That's what I said; he knows I've never been a fan of Brent." Nathan replied.

"So what does that mean for you and Simon?" Adam asked looking concerned for Nathan.

"I've never wanted an open relationship with Simon or anyone for that matter. I think for me it's a pride thing, If I told Simon it was ok to sleep with other guys, than I wouldn't look like the poor fool who got cheated around on because I ultimately gave him permission." Nathan paused before continuing. "We live so far apart that it seemed the right thing to do, we could be in a relationship and he could have sex when I couldn't be there to give him it. Well I'm done with that, I'm worth the wait and he can keep his dick in his pants."

"I'm glad you are finally seeing this." Peter said putting his arm around Nathan. "It's so hard seeing you get hurt all the time."

"Anyways he told me last night that he was ready to stop seeing other guys and give our relationship one hundred percent." Nathan's tone sounded happier.

"And you think he will give you that?" Scott asked sounding unsure.

"If he wants to keep me he will." Nathan replied. "Otherwise we're done."

"I hope so." Adam said giving Nathan a warm smile. "I just don't get how Brent can be such a dick... I've honestly never met anyone like that before."

"He's a spoilt rich brat who has his dad throw money at every one of his little tantrums." Marcus said sounding annoyed. "Brent is the son of Eric and Vivian Van Straten they come from a long line of old money. His family owns a massive international media company; we're talking books, magazines, news papers, news channels, the list goes on... They're worth billions."

"Shame his daddy can't buy him some class." Adam said shaking his head. "Money or not, he has no right to act the way he does."

"So where is Simon now?" Peter asked questioningly. "He's lucky you're so forgiving, too forgiving if you ask me."

"He left for Vancouver this morning. He has some assignments his Prof wants completed by Monday." Nathan said with a smile. "And we had the best sex last night. I swear he got me knocked up."

"Charming." Peter said in a sarcastic tone, he could picture how it all went down.


Scott had one arm rested above his head and the other was under the sheets playing with his cock, after breakfast at the diner he decided to sleep his hangover off, but Scott's penis had other ideas. What better way to take his mind of how shitty he felt, than to get his favourite boy between the sheets.

"You almost ready sexy?" Scott called out to his large walk-in closet.  "I can't wait to see you." At that moment Brad walked out of Scott's closet wearing the tightest of tight red wrestling singlet. It clung to his body like it was painted on. The straps barely contained the boy's muscular yet supple pecs. Both nipples were exposed, it was clear this singlet was not exactly Brad's size. It hugged and showed off his bulge nicely and was very short in the legs.

"You look so fucking hot." Scott said jerking his dick as he ate Brad up with his eyes. "Turn around for me."

Once the red spandex clad football jock was turned around Scott almost creamed his sheets. The two full round globes of Brad's ass ate the material up his butt, his full round rump was barely covered. Scott wanted to bite down hard on those sweet fleshy cheeks.

"Get over here." Scott said in a demanding tone. Brad did as was told and crawled up the bed towards Scott. "Stop, suck my dick." Scott stopped Brad's face just above his dick.

Brad did as he was told; he took Scott's shaft into his mouth, a light dusting of red hair traveled down his taught stomach toward his cock. Brad moaned and gagged slightly over the huge shaft that was lodged deep down his throat, Scott was pushing down on the back of Brad's head making sure Brad took every one of his 8 inches.

"Good boy, you suck dick so good." Scott said in a soothing voice. "What would the guys at school say if they saw this big tough football jock gagging on some soccer player's cock?"

Brad only kept sucking away at the cock in his mouth, he couldn't even begin to answer, and Scott was still holding his head firmly onto his dick. 

"That's enough, turn around, I want your ass on my face." Scott ordered as Brad without even taking his mouth off of Scott's cock turned around bringing his leg over Scott's body so now he was snug between both of Brad's thick powerful thighs his bubble ass inches from his face.

With two fingers Scott ripped a hole in the back of the singlet exposing Brad's entire butt. "That's what I'm talking about." Scott said his voice was filled with lust. Brad arched his back up to give Scott better access to his healthy butt, with two strong hands; Scott grabbed Brad at the top of his thighs pulling him back so Scott was now face deep in jock butt.

Scott began teasing Brad's hole, licking it, tickling it with his tongue pointed, even teasing the sensitive skin between his tight hole and his balls. Scott had made Brad cum a couple times doing the same thing before. He knew how to push Brad's buttons and loved every minute of it. He also knew Brad liked the feeling of his ginger stubble rubbing against his most sensitive parts. "You like me eating your hole you fucking slut?" Scott asked in a cocky tone of voice.

"You do it so good Scotty." Brad moaned, pushing more of his butt back onto Scott's face while he still sucked on Scott's cock while jerking his shaft.

Usually Scott hated being called Scotty, but when this hunk sat on his face said it, it made his dick so fucking hard. "Yeah, I know how to make slutty boys like you feel real good." Scott said smacking Brad's butt cheek firmly then groping it hard, his tongue once again probing his tight wet hole.

By now Brad was leaking pre-cum all over Scott's bare chest and stomach, he was so turned on by how Scott was completely violating his ass. Taking some of the pre-cum of his torso, Scott lubed up his finger using Brad's own juices and pushed his finger against Brad's tight pucker. Slowly Scott managed to slide his middle finger in up to the knuckle, Brad's tight hole clamping down on it, with some spit Scott was starting to work in a second finger. "Fuck this kid is tight." Scott thought to himself.

With two fingers well inside the jocks butt, Scott moved them around trying to find that special place, Brad's pleasure spot. Scott knew he found it when he felt Brad's cock flinch against his stomach oozing out even more pre-cum, making Brad moan over the cock in his mouth. "This poor bitch was almost delirious." Scott thought to himself and Brad moaned away pushing back onto Scott's fingers to get them deep inside.

"I wanna cum." Brad said, his voice was full with aching for it. With a free hand Scott started to work over Brad's cock rubbing his shaft in a firm grip. Scott could tell he was getting Brad close because his tight hole was clamping down hard on his fingers and Brad's mouth was working overtime on his cock. Suddenly he felt Brad tense up and he felt load after load of cum shoot all over his chest and abs. The timing was spot on because in that moment Scott filled the Brad's greedy mouth with loads of hot cum, Scott held Brad's head down on his cock to make sure he swallowed every drop.

"Fuck that was so hot." Brad said falling back onto the bed next to Scott. His chest was heaving. "I like how you talk dirty to me."

"Because you're my dirty whore." Scott laughed. "Thanks for coming over. I feel a million times better than I did this morning."

"Maybe next time I can fuck you?" Brad asked sounding excited as he started to get his clothing of the floor so he could get dressed. "I'd stay longer but I've got to get a workout in."

"I don't see why not." Scott grinned. "It's hard to want to bottom when you have such a perfect ass."

"It's a pretty great butt." Brad laughed. "I'll see you at school. Oh, and by the way, Charlie says hi." Brad winked.

Scott watched Brad walk away; his cock came back to life again seeing how Brad's jeans hugged him so tightly. Scott lay there, imagining all the tight spandex outfits he could dress his jock boy up in. "So maybe they do know I fuck both of them." Scott thought to himself.


Not many twenty three year olds owned a condo, let alone a luxury penthouse downtown Vancouver. For a twenty three year old, Simon had it made. The penthouse overlooked the city skyline that was lit up against the night sky. His condo was sleek, modern, minimalistic and clean cut. There was nothing Swedish box store about it.

"I can't believe you just showed up tonight out of the blue." Simon said talking a credit card and cutting the white powder into four even lines on top of the glass coffee table. Taking the half drunk bottle of Veuve Clicquot, Simon filled both glasses.

"Please............" Brent laughed; he was completely undressed except for a pair of navy Armani boxer briefs. "You make it sound like I've never been here before." Brent took a rolled up hundred dollar bill and put it just inside his nose, bringing it to the front of the white line he snorted hard and watched as the line disappeared as the bill glided over the glass surface.

"For someone so handsome, you've got danger written all over you." Simon said taking the rolled up bill from Brent as he leaned over the coffee table and inhaled. "Nathan has been so good to me. I can't cheat on him."

"You already did cheat on him." Brent said sounding amused. "You just fucked me, not even twenty four hours after you told him you wouldn't screw around with other guys."

"You came here and seduced me..... The coke, the champagne." Simon said sounding irritated. "You're a whore."

"Stop it, you're being pathetic." Brent said in a stern tone. "And don't call me a whore; you know my father's connections can get you far. Besides seducing you wasn't very hard, I clearly see you're struggling with this monogamy concept."

"I still haven't had a meeting with your dad." Simon shot back. "How do I know you're not leading me on, getting what you want from me?"

"You're boring me." Brent said leaning in for a kiss. "I needed this; I had to get back at Nathan for that shit he pulled at the party." He bit hard on Simon's bottom lip.

"So you coming here tonight, was you getting revenge on Nathan?" Simon asked disgusted.

"It was actually, beside you're a good fuck Simon." Brent smiled; his eyes were distant and icy. "And it's even sweeter now you've told me you two are apparently monogamous." 

"You should probably leave now." Simon said sounding angry.

"Fuck me one more time, and I'll leave you alone." Brent said climbing onto Simon's lap and putting his arms around him. Even though Simon was furious Brent could feel his cock getting hard underneath him. "Put all that anger you feel towards me, into fucking me."

Simon pushed a stunned Brent back onto the sofa; grabbing both his ankles he put Brent's legs over his shoulders. With both hands he started to peel off Brent's underwear, getting them off he bunched them up and stuffed them into Brent's mouth. "You're so much hotter when you don't talk." Simon said with a smug look on his face. He spat in his hand and rubbed it over his shaft, without any warning he rammed his cock hard and deep into Brent's ass, he picked up the pace taking out every bit of hatred he had for Brent by ravaging his hole. "And just so we're clear, you are a whore." Simon said.


End of Chapter 7



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