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The final bell of the day had finally rung as the sound of chair legs' sliding over the tiled floors was soon followed by droves of students exiting their classrooms and making a dash towards their lockers.

"Excited for your date tonight?" Adam asked as he unloaded his text books into his locker with a loud thud, he was glad the school day was finally over. "Let me see this guy."

"I'm so nervous, he's super hot." Marcus said sounding insecure, checking his hair through his reflection in the window of a classroom door.

"Just be confident, don't try too hard, just be the amazing guy that you are." Adam said putting his hand on Marcus' shoulder. "Don't over think it, there is nothing to lose. It either goes well with this guy or it doesn't and then you both go your own way."

"I have this thing where I get attached to guys super easy." Marcus replied as he showed Adam the picture of Anderson he'd taken a screenshot of earlier. "This is him."

"Ok, I see why you might be nervous." Adam laughed; he zoomed in on Anderson's face. "He is a very, very good looking man......shit boy."

"You talking about me?" Peter said coming from behind Adam and giving him a bear hug, lifting him slightly off the floor. "Who's the hottie in the picture?"

"I have a date with him tonight." Marcus said, as he fidgeted with his hands.

"Seriously, just chill, your anxiety is giving me anxiety." Peter smirked. "You're going to psyche yourself out."

"I feel like this guy is a ten and I'm a four." Marcus said, he looked down at his feet.

"You're a hot little five foot six motherfucker with a cute booty and a great personality to boot. " Peter said giving Marcus a slap on the butt.

"Thanks Peter." Marcus blushed. "I suppose I should stop beating myself up. He did agree to the date after all, he could have said no. I think I just get myself down sometimes, I'm not as tall as you fuckers or as built so I feel out of place."

"Some hot top is going to pick you up, place you in his pocket and take you home and just fuck the shit out of you." Peter laughed. "You're a cute little pocket gay, remember that episode of Will and Grace?"

"Ok that guy on the show was legit a little person you asshole." Marcus laughed. "I'm not three foot four."

"What are you going to wear?" Adam asked, giving Peter a firm nudge.

"I was thinking a leather harness and some ass-less chaps." Marcus said straight faced, as he checked his reflection again.

"That's a good look." Peter smirked. "So obviously J. Crew?"

"I love my J. Crew." Marcus laughed. "Just something casual, we're just going to this cute French coffee shop nothing fancy."

"So, did Adam tell you yet?" Peter asked curiously.

"Tell me what? You two are getting married?" Marcus grinned.

"I didn't tell him yet." Adam smiled; even though it was way off, the thought of being married to Peter definitely made him feel butterflies.

"Adam and I are officially boyfriends." Peter smiled, it radiated with joy.

"Guys! That's awesome, I'm so glad you guys are official. You're so cute together." Marcus said giving both guys a group hug. "Hearts all over this school will be broken once they find out two studs are officially off the market."

"So I just remembered, I've clearly been living in the States to long but...... Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Are we going to make plans?" Adam asked.

"My parents are away the Friday and Saturday so maybe I can have everyone over for a friend's dinner? I'll ask Scott if Rosie could come over and whip up some Turkey with all the fixings." Marcus said getting excited about the idea.

"I'm in; we usually do our family dinner on the Monday so I'm free all weekend." Peter replied. "How about you Adam?"

"We usually do our dinner on a Thursday in late November while binge watching football." Adam laughed. "But I'll talk to my mom about doing it on Sunday or Monday."

"This is awesome; I've been dying to put together a dinner." Marcus said excitedly. "Now I've gotta get ready for tonight and trust me, it's going to be a process."


Knocking on the door, Marcus ran his fingers through his dark brown hair making sure everything was in place. His hair was buzzed short around the sides and back of his head, however the hair on top was left long and neatly slicked back. His lean build looked great in his pair of slim fit distressed jeans. His army green blazer with black V-neck t-shirt underneath really complimented his brown eyes and the natural Mediterranean tan of his skin.

"You look sexy." Nathan said as he opened the door looking Marcus over. "Somebody's ready to go get 'her' man!"

"Glad you like, I had this deep in the back of my closet, bought it and never wore it." Marcus said doing a turn, to give Nathan the full effect.

"I can tell." Nathan said as he yanked the price tag off the blazers collar. "I have this Saint Laurent scarf that might look perfect with your outfit."

"Don't bother, I think I'm just going to leave the V-neck alone and give Anderson some pec cleavage action." Marcus grinned.

"You're such a hooker." Nathan smirked. "So what brings you to my place? Not that I don't love a visit from my main man. Want some wine?" Nathan asked as he led them towards the kitchen.

"A glass of white is great, a small glass." Marcus replied, he didn't want to be tipsy for his date. "I came to ask if I could borrow your baby...."

"What baby?" Nathan asked, as he poured two glasses of wine. "I have many babies."

"Your baby Louis." Marcus said, looking nervous to even ask.

"You want to borrow my Louis Vuitton? Not a chance in hell, that man bag cost me a fortune." Nathan said looking shocked. "Why do you need my Louis?"

"I thought it would make me look more business, more professional having a bag to carry around." Marcus said sounding slightly desperate. "This dude's a lawyer; I've got to bring my game."

"Yeah, more like something to carry around your condom stash and flavored lubes." Nathan laughed. "You're not having my baby Louis, however I have this brown Longchamp messenger bag in calf leather, you can keep it."

"You're the best friend ever." Marcus said giving Nathan a hug.

"You're damn straight I am." Nathan smiled. "So what times the date?"

"We are meeting for eight'ish." Marcus said looking at his watch.

"I can tell you're nervous, you have no reason to be. You look amazing; if I was single and we weren't like brothers I'd totally have intercourse with you." Nathan said playfully pinching Marcus' cheek.

"That's like the nicest thing you or anyone's ever said to me." Marcus said sarcastically. "Now let's see this bag."


Inside Scott's room, heavy breathing and the sound of skin hitting skin filled the air as the headboard hammered against the wall. Brad's legs were up over Scott's shoulders while Scott's cock was balls deep in Brad's jock butt giving him a long hard fucking. Brad grabbed the sheets and clenched his hands into a fist as he took the merciless fucking, he bit hard on his bottom lip trying to distract from the painful, yet pleasurable pounding he was getting.

He could feel sweat drip onto him from Scott's brow as he went into overdrive, Scott's face was red as he worked to get deeper into Brad with every forceful thrust of his hips. He could feel himself getting closer; he grabbed both Brad's ankles and pushed his legs further back allowing him more access to his ass. He must have been doing things right, next thing he knew Brad was shooting ribbons of cum onto his chest. Scott had reached his limit, he felt that warmth, that tingling sensation come over him as he let a load out into Brad's tight hole.

"Fuck that was hot." Scott said as he fell on top of Brad, his cock was still inside him. "You know how to take a pounding boy."

"You're the best fuck I've had all month." Brad said standing up and grabbing a towel of the floor, he wiped the cum off his chest before taking care of the flood of semen that Scott had just unloaded inside him. "You still haven't let me fuck you yet."

"We will get to it, I promise." Scott said lying down with his hands behind his head; his cock was still semi hard. "What other fucks did you have this month?"

"Just some other guys I've fooled around with, nothing major." Brad said sensing Scott's tone was off.

"I had no clue there were other guys." Scott said trying not to sound jealous, but it was hard, his face was burning with building rage as he swallowed hard. "I didn't know you were such a slut."

"Who the hell are you calling a slut?" Brad laughed, his face looked offended though. "I'm no more of a slut than you buddy."

"You know, your twin Charlie is a much better fuck than you, and he definitely got the looks out of the two of you." Scott began. "I should shoot him a text and let him know to come over."

"Why are you being such an asshole to me?" Brad shot back. "You're being such a dick right now, out of nowhere."

"Have fun with your other fucks; come back to me when you're ready to take it from a real man, and only a real man."

"You're jealous! I can't believe it... That's what this is all about, you're pissed off I'm seeing other guys?" Brad shook his head as he collected his clothing from the floor; he sat on the edge of the bed while he put his socks on.

"I'm not jealous; I could have any guy I want." Scott said with a smirk. "You want me, that's what this is about."

"Oh no, don't turn this around on me. Clearly you're jealous because I've been with other guys, admit it, you like me." Brad spat. "You should have just said something."

"You're delusional, too many hits to the head playing football." Scott laughed, it seemed forced.

"Whatever dude, good luck finding another guy to indulge you with you kinky spandex fetish. I can't believe I wore ballet tights for you." Brad said sounding disgusted. "I'm out of here." Brad stormed off slamming Scott's bedroom door.

"Yeah well they made your ass look fat!" Scott yelled after him, he suddenly felt slightly foolish.


Le Champs de Mars was a small bistro cafe that had a warm inviting, Parisian feel to it. Each table had a tiny table lamp with a small tiffany styled lamp shade with different colored pieces of glass wielded together. It gave the dimly lit cafe a soft glow. The hissing sound of milk being steamed could be heard, as the aroma of espresso was intoxicating. This little cafe was famous for its pastries and most of all its warm fresh baked Apple Tarte Tatin with cold vanilla ice cream made in house.

The waitress made her way over to the table with two cafe crème's and a rather large serving of the apple Tarte tatin. She placed the cups and plate with two forks down on the table. "Bon appétit." She smiled, before going on to the next table.

"I love this place; it reminds me of being in Paris." Marcus said sipping his Cafe Crème. "The food here is amazing. I'll sometimes come here by myself just for the dessert."

"I do the same thing." Anderson smiled; he wore a gray merino wool cardigan over a white dress shirt with navy dress pants. . "In fact I should probably watch it, with Thanksgiving coming up, I'm sure I'll be having my fair share of pies and other sweets."

"So, you met my crazy friends, Scott and Nathan." Marcus laughed. "They tell me you're a lawyer?"

"They're certainly different." Anderson flashed a smile; his teeth were white and perfectly straight. "I am a lawyer, I practice employment law."

"So I guess that's how you know Scott's dad Wallace?" Marcus asked. "You work for Fresh ideas?"

"I don't work for Fresh ideas directly; our firm is hired by them to deal with anything to do with employee relations." Anderson said taking a sip of his coffee. "He hired our firm because one of his stores just dropped an application to unionize the other day, so he's all scared now, so we come in and try to legally convince the workers why they're better off without a union."

"Oh so you're a union buster?" Marcus laughed. "Charming, those workers deserve a union, Scott's dad is a great guy but from what I've heard, he's pretty cheap."

"Ouch, did you just call me a union buster." Anderson grinned. "Look, I don't disagree, but my job is to represent my client's best interests. You make me sound like one of those guys from the eighteen hundreds who walked around yielding a shot gun at men on strike."

"God all this talk of organized labor is giving me an appetite, how about some pie before the ice cream melts?"  Marcus said taking a bite. "This is my favorite thing on the menu."

"Mine too." Anderson said taking his fork and cutting off a sizable bite. "So what do you do?"

"Right now I'm finishing my last year of high school and I play on the high school soccer team." Marcus said feeling under qualified to be in the presence of this man.

"I love soccer; I use to play in high school." Anderson said looking Marcus over. "I should have known you were a soccer guy. You've definitely got the build for it. I played forward."

"I play defence, sometimes midfield." Marcus smiled, he was glad Anderson sounded impressed. "You look more like a football player."

"I played rugby actually." Anderson took another bite. "That's why my nose is a little off to one side, I broke it playing."

Marcus looked at Anderson's handsome face trying to find the fault with his nose, all he could see was his handsome face, and how much he looked like Henry Cavil. "I can't see what you're talking about, you look perfect........ I mean you look good... I didn't mean to sound too forward." Marcus blushed.

"That's ok, I know what you mean." Anderson flashed that handsome smile again.

"So Scott told me you just got out of a relationship?" Marcus asked. "I don't mean to pry."

"No worries. Yeah it was a three year relationship. It was rough when it all ended. Still getting over it to be honest." Anderson said shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "It's hard when you're with someone and you expect them to be around for the rest of your life, and then one day, it's like nothing ever happened, even if you feel you've both outgrown each other."

"I can imagine it feels like a part of you is missing?" Marcus said placing his hand on top of Anderson's. "Just think they're plenty more guys to meet, mistakes to make and lots of time to find Mr. Right."

"That's very mature of you to say. Usually I'd agree but it's hard when you're still dealing with all the feelings of the fall out." Anderson tried a smile. "I'm so sorry that I'm carrying on like this, you must think I'm an awful date."

"Not at all." Marcus began. "It's nice to hear a guy who is honest and in touch with how he feels, Most of my friends probably would have dealt with it by hooking up and sleeping around to hide their insecurities." 

"I appreciate your kindness, when I was your age though I would have likely bolted from this table and ran for the hills." Anderson laughed. "God that makes me sound really old. I'm only Thirty four."

"So what kind of guys do you like?" Marcus asked, he could see that Anderson was as shy and insecure as he was, it made him feel more at ease.

"I like a guy who can follow a conversation, likes to play sports, I love eyes and lips, I love to kiss so that important. I like shorter guys too. I don't know why, but I like being taller. I think most importantly someone who is open minded and understanding." Anderson took one last bite leaving the last piece of pie for Marcus.

"You'll have to sift through a lot of garbage to find that kind of guy." Marcus smiled. "I've never really had a boyfriend, but cuddling tops my list, and I like pecs, they're my favorite muscle on a guy. Love the chest, oh, and the legs and butt."

"So, pretty much the entire male anatomy?" Anderson laughed. "I hear you when it comes to cuddling, I love spooning."

"I find it hard to believe that you don't have guys lining up to get with you. You must have to beat them off." Marcus said with a grin. "I'm flattered to be on a date with you."

"Seriously, I think that about you. What a cute eighteen year old soccer jock wants with a thirty four year old lawyer is beyond me." Anderson smirked.

"I like men who are older than me. I just feel they're easier to connect with. Guys my age all seem so obsessed with getting laid." Marcus said, he was blushing, he loved that Anderson called him cute.

"That won't change, plenty of men my age only want sex." Anderson took a sip of his coffee. "It's ok to want sex and a relationship. The two go hand in hand. Just a lot of guys only want the one that's the problem with us."

"That guy over their keeps checking you out." Marcus said using his eyes to point Anderson in his direction. "See him?" The guy was sitting with his girlfriend; his eyes kept traveling over to their table.

"I thought he was looking at you." Anderson laughed. "Trust me; it's hard for me to find a good guy who wants to date me. I wish it were easy."

"I don't see why." Marcus smiled. "You seem like a perfect gentleman, they must all be crazy."

"Thanks for the ego boost, but it takes a special kind of guy to date me." Anderson looked down. "And there are not many who are willing to deal with my baggage."

"You mean jealous ex's who want to control your life?" Marcus said looking curious.

"Usually it's hard for me to say this but you're really easy to talk to." Anderson smiled softly, he looked nervous. "There's a reason why I don't usually date a lot."

"Don't tell me you're shy, you seem perfectly confident to me." Marcus grinned.

"This is so hard to say, but I'm getting sick of hiding it, the shame, getting three dates in with some guy, telling him and then it's like he can't wait for the bill to come so he never has to see me again." Anderson sounded shaky.

"It's ok, you can tell me anything. I know we just met but I won't judge." Marcus said holding onto Anderson's hand, he felt badly for him.

"I'm positive Marcus." Anderson said, he looked down at his hands waiting for the reaction he knew he always got.

"How is that bad? Do you know how refreshing that is? There are so many negative people in this world, trying to bring everyone down around them." Marcus said looking relieved. "I can't believe it was that hard to tell me that."

"Yes Marcus, I'm ashamed of being optimistic." Anderson laughed, while trying to straighten his face. "I mean I'm HIV positive."

"Oh." Marcus replied, his face looked like he was taking it in and still pondering what Anderson had told him. "HIV, I've heard of it before."

Anderson looked like he was sitting on the edge of his seat, he felt dread well up inside him, he knew what would come next. Usually it was five minutes of awkward and forced conversation followed by a fake yawn, often accompanied by stretching their arms and something about needing an early night. 

"People are fucking assholes." Marcus said sounding enraged. Anderson was stunned; anger wasn't usually a response he got.

"You mean to tell me that guys dismiss you because of your HIV status?" Marcus looked livid. "You look like a Henry Cavil clone; you're one of the nicest guys I've had a date with. People are disgusting."

"They're ignorant and misinformed, but I'll admit before I found out I was positive, I was the same guy. So part of me now is trying to be understanding, the other part is frustrated, angry and upset, I just want to meet a guy and its like I have all this red tape to get through." Anderson paused and took a breath. "The hardest part is how you aren't seen as a person; you're seen as being your illness."

"I hope I don't make you feel like that." Marcus said gripping Anderson's hand tightly. "I had a gay uncle who was HIV positive, he was very healthy and happily married to his partner, sadly he had heart attack years ago. His partner was HIV negative; they were just so cute together."

"My last boyfriend was positive; we both met though a support group." Anderson said, he seemed more at ease. "Things ended once we both felt the spark was gone. We didn't want to be tied down to each other just because we had some comfort in both sharing HIV together; I want to find the right guy for me regardless of status."

"You will because you have your shit together, you're hot as fuck and you have an amazing personality." Marcus said raising his coffee cup. "Cheers to you sir."

"Thanks" Anderson laughed, as he clinked his mug against Marcus'. "You really are such a mature eighteen year old, your friends were not kidding."

"So what else did my friends say about me?" Marcus asked looking curious. "I'm sure they had lots to say."

"Only good things, and from what I see they're all true." Anderson smiled. "If you'll let me, I'd like to maybe take you on another date sometime?"

Marcus blushed; he loved how easy it was to get lost in Anderson's blue eyes. "I'd like that a lot."

"And I know it goes without saying but can we keep this between us? The HIV thing, I don't want everyone to know." Anderson asked, Marcus' smile made him feel so comfortable. "I'm still in the process of telling some people who are close to me."

"You can totally trust me Anderson." Marcus replied. "I won't say a word."


End of Chapter 10

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