Steve and Keith cuddled up to Ian who was in the middle, Ian suddenly said 'I've tried a lot of new things this weekend, but I've not been fucked yet and I would like to try it', both Steve and Keith were surprised by this, they had not expected things to go so far so soon.

'Ian that's a very big step for you to take, are you really sure you want to try it so soon?' asked his Dad, 'Yes I'm really sure, I want you to be the first guy that fucks me Dad' replied Ian, Ian was shocked by this, 'Well if that's what you really want, I would love to be your first partner' Keith replied.

Steve smiled at them and told them 'Looks as though I'm not needed here, so I will use one of the spare rooms', 'No, I want you here as well, its all new to me, you can help me through it' replied Ian, 'Well if you are sure, I would enjoy that' Steve replied.

Steve got up and went around the room and lit some candles and turned the bedside light off, then he went into the bathroom, he came out with some lube with him, he gently pulled the duvet of the bed to expose Keith and Ian naked, 'That's better, it will help with setting the mood' he told them getting back into bed.

Keith started to kiss and caress Ian, he ran his hand over his chest feeling the soft hair and started to play with a nipple, Steve caressed Ian as well and played with the other nipple, as both men lent over and took a hard nipple into their mouths to play with.

Ian was sighing and squirming at their attention, their hands moved down, Keith to hold and play with the stiff cock and Steve to caress the balls. Ian reached out to hold their hard cocks in his hands gently squeezing.

Ian pulled his knees up to expose his asshole, Steve and Ian both lubed their

fingers and Ian's asshole, they both started to play with his ass, alternating their fingers in his hole, Steve then reached over and took Keith's cock in his hand, lubricating and gently masturbating it at the same time.

Ian meanwhile was feeling fantastic, two hot hairy men playing with him and one his Dad, the touch of their fingers as they played with him, his Dad's fingers in his ass, he felt ready for the final step, 'Dad I think I'm ready to take your dick now'.

Keith moved between his legs and lifted his feet to his shoulders to expose Ian's asshole, 'Ian I will go very carefully, you need to get used to my dick slowly, Ian just smiled and said 'I know Dad, I trust you'.

Keith took hold of his dick and pulled the foreskin back to expose the head,

he then pressed against Ian's hole pushing gently, feeling resistance, he then pushed harder, slowly the head slipped in and he paused. Ian was groaning as the head entered his virgin ass, 'It hurts, but feels good as well' he panted out.

Keith told him 'I will push forward very slowly, if you want me to pause or just stop just say so', Ian nodded as Keith gradually pushed in, when he had about 4 inches in he paused again, Steve was meanwhile holding Ian's head and caressing his chest and watching them both,

'Are you ready to take more Ian?, his Dad asked him, 'Yes please Dad, it is great to feel all your dick inside me', with that Keith pushed again inch by inch until his 9 ½ inches of hard dick was buried up his sons ass, he felt his balls hit Ian's ass cheeks as he reached bottom.

'That's it Son, you have all my dick in you now', 'Wow, it feels great Dad, you fill up my insides, can you start to fuck me now, I'm ready for it Dad', with that Keith started to slowly pull out until just his dick had was inside,

then he pushed all the way in again, he gradually picked up speed with each stroke.

Ian was moaning with pleasure underneath him and reached up to caress his Dad's hairy chest 'Faster Dad, I want you to fuck me hard', Keith looked at his Son smilingly while picking up speed.

Keith started to hammer his dick in and out of Ian's ass going faster and faster, after about 10 minutes he felt his balls tighten up, I'm going to cum' he shouted as his dick spurted load after load of hot creamy cum up his Sons ass, he then collapsed onto Ian's chest exhausted.

After a minute or so he pulled himself off and laid beside Ian and asked 'How was that Son, did you enjoy being fucked?, Ian smiled and replied 'It was fantastic, being filled up by your dick, I loved it and I love you for being the first Dad', Keith smiled and told Ian 'I loved it to, and I love you as well, I'm glad I was your first man it makes me feel so special'

Keith relaxed exhausted by his efforts, Steve told them 'That was really amazing guys, I just feel privileged you wanted me here, to share such a

intimate experience with you', Steve smiled, as did Ian who then said 'Of course I wanted you to share with Dad and me my first time, but I also needed you to be here to be my second, will you fuck me now Steve?.

Steve gasped in surprise at this 'Ian, what are you saying, you can't mean that, you can't be ready to be fucked again?', Keith just looked at them both in amazement as Ian replied 'But I do mean it Steve, I want you to be my second man, then I can always look back and think my first 2 experiences were with men I loved'

Keith looked proudly at Ian, he had turned into a good man, Steve looked misty eyed at Ian 'Thank you Ian, you do not realize what you have just said means to me, I will be proud to be your second partner', Ian laughed and replied 'At least I'm already well lubed up with Dad's spunk, that will make it easier for you' with that he lifted his legs up once more.

Steve looked at Keith 'Are you OK with this?', 'Of course I am, Ian's made a great choice in you as his second partner and I'm going to love to watch you' replied Keith.

Steve moved over between Ian's legs and to his surprise, Keith poured some lube onto his hands and reaching for Steve's cock pulled the foreskin back and started to masturbate him, then he lined up the head with his Son's hole and gently pushed Steve forward so the head popped in to Ian's ass.

Keith looked at Steve 'There you go, the head is in, I now trust you with my Son, give him a good second time', Steve could not answer at first, he just lent over and kissed Keith gently, then quietly said 'I think I love you Keith'

Steve felt totally shocked by Steve's words, what could it mean, could he love another man, he loved his sons...but that was different, he liked Steve

and respected him as his Headmaster, he liked Steve's manly body, he liked

having sex with him, sucking and fucking each other....yes he did have feelings for Steve....but was it love....only time will tell I suppose.

Steve gradually inserted his stiff cock into Ian, Ian looked up at him and was rubbing his greying chest hair, he slowly pushed forward until his cock was buried in Ian to the hilt and rested, 'That's it Ian you have it all in now' as he started to slowly fuck his ass, gradually picking up speed, he started to hammer his rock hard cock into Ian, 'Yes Steve, give it to me, I want your hot cum' panted Ian, encouraged Steve was ramming his cock home hard,

suddenly he was there, he shot load after load deep inside Ian and fell onto Ian' chest.

Steve climbed off him to be hugged by Keith while Ian was moaning with pleasure as hot gooey cum dribbled from his ass. 'Steve that was great to watch' said Keith who replied 'It felt good, now I've fucked the two of you, Father & Son', Ian suddenly said 'And I have 2 hot loads of cum up my ass, from two guys I love, wow....just mind blowing'

They all laughed, 'Shower time again!!' Steve told the others blowing the candles out and leading them into the bathroom, Steve and Mike were standing side by side, Ian looked at them both, his eyes moved downwards taking in their hairy chests and down to their hanging dicks.

He suddenly got to his knees to the others surprise and took his Dads soft dick in his mouth, reaching up he fondled Steve's soft dick, he sucked and licked away at his Dad then let his dick fall from his mouth, 'Your clean now Dad', with that he turned to Steve and swallowed his dick and gave it the same treatment, once he was finished he got up and kissed them both.

'Now you have clean cocks its shower time' he said to the two surprised men, they showered in turn, then all climbed back into bed together, 'Dad I want to thank you and Steve for fucking me, it was a wonderful experience for me, I love you both', 'I love you to Ian, I always have and always will' replied Keith, Steve looked at two of them, Father and Son ' I love you both and am glad to have you in my life' as he turned the light off.

They woke up next morning in a tangle of arms and legs, 'Time for coffee guys' Steve told them, Ian and Keith grabbed their shorts, 'Hold on guys, lets go naked, as there's no one but us around', Ian and Keith dropped their shorts and followed Steve down to the kitchen where he started to make coffee and get out mugs, sugar and milk.

Ian and Keith watched him taking in the chest of greying hair, and his dick and balls swinging between his legs, Ian said, 'You look good naked Steve with your cock swinging', he laughed and replied 'Its swinging naturally, you two get up and let me watch you', their replies were 'Yes Sir' and 'Yes Headmaster' laughingly, he looked at them and told them 'Cut it out you two, you make me feel old'.

Steve sat down as the other two got up and started to walk around, Keith with his thick mat of dark chest hair, his cock and balls swinging from a dense bush of pubic hair, Ian younger but very much like his Dad in build but slightly less hairy with a nice cock and balls swinging away, they both had good sized uncircumcised cocks like his own, he guessed they were all about 9 inches when fully aroused, not a bad size, but nothing compared to Mike huge dick.

After they had coffee Steve suggested a swim, so they all headed out naked to the pool and dived in and swam and fooled around, getting out they relaxed on the loungers and chatted, Ian told them how good it had felt to be fucked by his Dad for the first time, then to have Steve fuck him as well was a great introduction to anal sex.

Keith looked thoughtful, 'Ian you have not fucked a guy yet, I want you to fuck me, let me be your first experience of fucking a man's ass', Ian looked at his Dad and replied 'Really Dad?, that would be awesome that the first dick in me was yours, and my first time to fuck a man is you'. Keith smiled and replied 'That is what I thought, a double first you might say!!!, lets go back inside and you can complete your double first!!!'.

To be continued..................



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