They woke up next morning and showered and went downstairs to the kitchen, Keith watched as Steve fixed coffee and breakfast, he enjoyed seeing Steve walk around with his dick hanging and swaying as he moved.

They chatted over breakfast, Keith said to Steve "I should go home today and get the house sorted and do a few things", Steve looked disappointed at this and replied "Why don't I come and help you?, if I bring some clothes I can go to School from your house"

"That's a great idea Steve, we will pick my car up on the way" replied Keith as he cleared up with Steve watching him. They went back to the bedroom, Keith packed his few things and his shopping and Steve sorted his clothes and toilet bag out and packed them.

They locked up and drove to the School, Keith picked his car up and Steve followed him to his place. They parked in the driveway, got their stuff and went inside. Keith picked the post up and went around and opened windows to air the pace, whilst Steve took their stuff up to Keith's bedroom.

Keith went up and opened the windows upstairs he said to Steve "There is not much point in moving to the master bedroom", Steve replied "That's true with the place up for sale"

They went downstairs and Keith fixed coffee, "I need to mow the grass and could you do some weeding Steve?", "Yes that's fine with me Keith", they went out to the double garage and got out the mower and some tools. After an hour or so they were finished and returned the mower and tools to the garage.

They went back inside and had a quick shower then Keith said "Time for lunch and a glass of wine" as they went into the kitchen. Steve sat at the table and Keith gave him some wine and went about making some sandwiches, they were soon eating and chatting to each other.

Steve asked Keith how big the house was, "5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms lounge, dining room, study, kitchen and a cloakroom; it's for sale at £485k" Keith replied continuing "I should have enough to buy a flat or smaller house when it sells, and have no mortgage"

Keith had been glancing at the post as they talked, "A hand delivered letter, wonder who that's from" as he opened it, "Wow that's great, unbelievable really", "What is it Keith" asked Steve looking at him.

"It's from the agent; they have received a cash offer on the house, £470k if we include the carpets, curtains and light fittings", "That's a good offer Keith", "Yes it is, I will call Carol and email the agent accepting it, then I can start looking for a place myself".

Keith went to call Carol and email the agent, Steve cleared the kitchen up and went to find Keith, he was in the study sitting in front of a computer.

Steve asked "Is Carol pleased?", "Yes she is and I have emailed the agent,

I'm just looking at this property web site, come and look"

Steve sat down next to Keith, "Look I have drawn an area on a map that I want to live in", Steve looked and saw an area around the school and the hospital and towards the town centre marked. He noticed it was bisected by the main road which ran from town towards his home.

"Now let's see, 3 bedrooms minimum, £200k maximum price, let's see what we get" said Keith as he hit the search button. After a few seconds the search came up with almost 80 properties, Keith scrolled down looking; suddenly he hit the details button.

"Look at this Steve, a Georgian style 3 bed semi with integral garage, and its on at £190k", Steve was looking at the details and replied "Decent room sizes and its 3 double bedrooms, you could even walk to school from there", "Yes very true, it looks just right, I will have to view it in the week" replied Keith.

"Well come on then, time to Hoover and dust now" Keith told Steve as they went to clean the house, another hour and they were finished. Keith opened the patio doors onto the deck, "Sit and relax Steve, I will get us some wine" going back into the kitchen, he soon returned and sat down.

"Not as private as your place Steve", said Keith as he took off his t shirt to be followed by Steve stripping his off as well, "I will just have to imagine your dick for now Steve".

Sitting in the sun they talked about the house they had seen on the web, and Steve remarked "It's in a good area, just where you wanted, its ideal for you to walk to school Keith", "Yes it is, I will get an appointment after school one afternoon, will you come with me Steve?, as I would like a second opinion", Keith replied, "Yes, Wednesday is best for me though" he replied.

Keith went inside and returned with suntan lotion, "Stand up Steve, we need to put some on you and me", Steve stood up and Keith spread the lotion on his shoulders and his hairy chest, then Steve did the same to Keith, Steve looked down and grinned, "You have a hardon Keith", Keith looked down and reached out and felt Steve's dick through his shorts, "So do you Steve"

They both laughed and sat down again soaking in the sun and relaxing, Keith got some more wine and they chatted about themselves and work. The afternoon just drifted by, and it was soon 6. Keith suggested to Steve "Shall I order a Chinese meal delivered a bit later?", "Yes that sounds good to me Keith", Steve replied as they went inside.

Steve sat reading the newspaper as Keith ordered the food for 7 and told him "I'm just going to close the windows before I forget, then have another look at that web site", Steve heard him moving around closing the windows and going into the study.

Steve finished reading the paper and smiling to himself he took his shorts off, then he went to the study, Keith turned round as he walked in. "Yes, that's better to see your dick again", he reached out and gave it a squeeze.

Keith stood up and dropped his shorts, Steve grasped his dick and pulled the foreskin back and told him "Mmmm, very nice.

Keith smiled "Time for that later Steve, the food will be here soon", Steve laughed and asked him "Will you answer the door like that?, just as the bell rang, he quickly put his shorts on and went to answer the door.

It was the delivery guy with the Chinese food; Keith thanked him and called to Steve to come into the kitchen. Keith started to unpack the food as Steve came up behind him, and undid his shorts and pulled them down. Steve reached around and fondled his dick and balls "Dessert I think" he said with a chuckle. Then they both sat down to eat the meal, while chatting about Keith's upcoming move.

After they had eaten they went back to the study, they both sat down at the desk. Keith got the property website up again, they started to look again and found several more places that were possibilities for Keith, but the house they had already talked about earlier seamed to be the best possibility.

Just after 9 they both decided it was time for an early night, so they headed upstairs. Steve said he needed to sort his clothes out for the morning, Keith agreed as he had to do the same. Keith watched Steve get his suit, shirt, tie, socks and then he pulled a pair of cotton boxers out.

Keith said "No Steve, ware a pair of these please", he handed Steve the shopping bag from yesterday, Steve looked inside and found a dozen pairs

of silk boxer shorts.

He looked at Keith surprised and asked "So you want me to ware silk ones?, you know they make me semi hard", Keith just smiled and replied "That's the idea, hopefully I can get to squeeze it a few times a day"

Steve laughed and put a pair on, saying they do feel good against my skin,

Keith walked over and reached out for Steve's hardening dick, he started

to wank it, the silk sliding as wanked it a few times.

Suddenly Steve was hard, Keith let go and stepped back looking at Steve, the hairy chest and down to the tented boxers. He rubbed Steve's chest and

knelt down and started to rub his hands up the hairy legs into the legs of the boxers. One hand holding the hairy balls, and one hand the hard dick, he started to slide Steve's foreskin back and forth.

Steve moaned with pleasure as Keith pulled his cock out, he started to lick the head and opened his mouth and sucked it in. His head moving up and down on Steve's now rigid dick, a hand rubbing the silk against Steve's

ass crack.

Keith moved faster, a hand gently squeezing the hairy balls. Steve moaned as he picked up speed, sucking away at the rigid shaft swallowing it down.

Soon he felt the balls tighten and Steve's dick go rock hard, he pulled it out of his mouth, wanking it with his hand as it suddenly started to explode shot after shot of hot spunk over his chest.

Steve must have shot a dozen loads of thick cum into his thick chest hair, he looked down and saw it dripping, he scooped as much up as he could, then started to suck it off his fingers.

He stood up and offered his fingers to Steve, "Have a taste of you own cum", Steve licked his cum up and swallowed. Then Keith rubbed his chest, he then started to rub Steve's chest with his own cum, Steve then reached out and started to massage the rest of his cum into Keith's chest.

They looked at each other both smiling, lent forward and started to kiss with their cum matted hairy chests rubbing against each others, a spent dick being poked at by a hard one.

Steve reached down and grasped Keith's stiff dick, then sliding down to his knees engulfed it in his mouth. He reached out a hand to grasp a pair of heavy, hairy balls; he started to suck as hard as he could.

His head moved up and down as he swallowed Keith, faster and faster till he felt it start to spasm then to shoot, quickly he pulled back. He aimed Keith's dick at his own chest, and it continued to shoot the thick hot cum over his chest until finished.

Steve gave it a last squeeze as he got to is feet, looking at Keith; he picked up some cum and offered it for him to suck off. Keith sucked Steve's fingers as he rubbed Steve's hairy chest, he collect some of his own cum and let Steve suck it off.

They both finished sucking and started to kiss, their hands roaming over cum matted hairy chests. They pulled apart, looking at each other and smiling, as Steve said "Time for bed, we can shower in the morning" once in bed they cuddled up together.

Next morning they got up and showered, Steve pulled a new pair of boxers on, Keith went up and smiled at him, and started to rub his dick through the silk, "Stop it Keith, you're turning me on", "Feels a bit late, I can feel your dick responding", laughed Keith, "Oh well I will have to cop a feel later".

Copyright SJC 2011

To be continued..................



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