He continued 'It looked as though you were both enjoying yourselves when I walked in; I must admit like most other guys I have wondered about gay sex and what it was like'

With that he reached out with his hands pacing one on Mike's chest and one on Keith's, both men gasped at his touch and glanced at each other.

Steve moved his hands back and forth over their two chests 'You're both very hairy. More so than me', with that his hands moved down to grasp their two dicks.

Both men jumped at his touch and looked at each other.

'You certainly have a massive dick Doctor, I notice you are circumcised as well, amazing that it fitted into Keith's ass at all, he lifted Mike's balls 'Still full of cum, I interrupted you to soon'

He turned to Keith, 'You have a nice dick as well Keith, uncircumcised like I am, nice balls' he said weighing them in his hand.

Steve stood back looking at the two men, 'I told you I had wondered about gay sex, perhaps it's time you went back to what you were doing, I will just sit here and watch you'.

Both men looked shocked at the suggestion, but did not have much choice in the matter, Keith looked at Mike and reached out for his dick and started to masturbate it, it quickly grew rock hard and started leaking precum.

Mike quickly looked at Steve to find he was taking more photos of them, Keith glanced as well and sighed but there was nothing either one of them could do now.

Keith lay on his back again and raised his legs to give Mike access to his ass; Mike picked the lube up and worked on Keith's ass and his own rock hard dick.

Mike aimed his dick at Keith's ass and gently pushed in again, it was easier this time and it did not take long before he was buried into his pubes again.

'Are you ready Keith?' Mike asked, 'As ready as I will ever be with someone watching' Keith replied quietly, Mike started to fuck Keith's ass, using long hard strokes and building speed up.

Steve sat there taking more pictures and feeling excited, he could feel his stiff dick straining at the fabric that covered his hardon, 'That's it guys, you look great' he told them.

Mike lost himself in fucking Keith, he increased speed pounding away, after about 10 minutes he felt himself close to the edge, 'Here we go Keith, take my hot fucking cum'.....as he pounded away shooting load after load of hot cum deep inside Keith's ass.

Mike collapsed onto Keith and laid there to get his breath back, he raised himself onto his knees and looked at Steve and said, 'Did you enjoy watching us then, did it excite you?

Steve looked at the two sweaty guys 'Yes it was amazing; I never thought Keith would take your entire dick up to the hilt in his ass'

Mike was looking angry and replied 'Well now you've seen perhaps it's time we both had ago at you?' Steve looked shocked; it was not what he had expected.

Keith looked from one to the other wondering what would happen, he was worried what Mike would do next.

Mike stood up and walked over to Steve who had also got up, they stood facing each other; Mike looked at Steve then reached out and rubbed the front of his trousers, 'Feels as though watching us has excited you'

Mike reached up and slid Steve's jacket from his shoulders, then took of his tie and unbuttoned his shirt exposing his chest which was covered with graying hair. He rubbed Steve's chest, 'Not bad at all' he said unbuckling Steve's belt and letting his trousers fall to the floor.

Keith watched in amazement as Mike stripped his Headmaster, he was also feeling excited about what would happen now.

Mike quickly pulled Steve's boxer shorts down exposing his semi hard dick; Mike lifted it in his hand where it pulsated, 'Mmmmm, another nice uncircumcised dick to play with, about 9 inches I would judge'

Steve felt excited about Mike stripping him naked and feeling his dick, what would happen next he wondered.

Mike was pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of Steve's now very stiff dick, he went to his knees and swallowed it in one gulp, and Steve let out a groan of excitement as Mike worked up and down on his dick.

Keith had watched all this and was amazed his boss seamed to be enjoying Mike's attentions. He suddenly thought to get his cell phone and take photos of what was happening, some insurance for the future he thought,

Mike was still sucking away on Steve's dick, while Steve had his head flung back moaning, Keith went over and started to rub his boss's hairy chest paying attention to his nipples.

Mike pulled off Steve's dick and stood up, 'It's your turn to get fucked now and by both of us, I will let Keith go first to open your ass up for me', Steve looked totally shocked by this and stammered 'I'm not sure I want that'

'Too late for second thoughts, you started this train of events' replied Mike and turning to Keith 'You can fuck his ass first, pop his cherry, then I will have a go at him'

Mike pushed Steve down to the mats and onto his back, lifting his legs he exposed his virgin hole. He picked the lube up and smeared it on to Keith's hard dick and Steve's ass.

'Come on Keith, give this bastard a good fucking, then it's my turn', Keith got between Steve's legs grabbed his prick and lined up with Steve's hole,

then he pushed forcefully in to bury the first three inches of his dick.

Steve yelped as he found his ass invaded by Keith's dick, it hurt, but there was more to come, and then there was Mike to take!!!!

Keith started fucking Steve's ass in and out and deeper and deeper until his balls hit ass, he started pounding away with Steve moaning under him, harder and harder he went for about 15 minutes, then shuddered and unloaded his second load of cum that evening.

As he pulled out Mike shoved him over and grabbing Steve' legs he impaled him on the first six inches of his hard dick, 'Keith lubricated you with his cum, so you should be ready for me', he then thrust forward with one long

stroke until all 11 inches were buried in Steve's ass.

Steve screamed out, but Mike just started pounding away, faster and faster, his balls slapping at Steve's ass on every down stroke. Mike kept this up for almost 20 minutes with Steve moaning under him,

Mike shouted out 'I'm cuming, take my fucking load' as his dick stiffened and shot jets of thick cum, he must have shot about 12 loads of it deep inside Steve's ass.

Mike pulled out and watched as cum trickled out of Steve's ass, 'Look at all this cum leaking, a mixture of us both' he said to Keith, he scoped some up and licked it 'Try it Keith, it's good' with that he turned to Steve and forced some into his mouth, 'Swallow that, both our cum in one cocktail!!!'

Mike stood up and hugged Keith, that was great, he turned and helped Steve stand up, 'So what did you think to you first gay experience Steve, was it all you had imagined?'

Steve looked at them both, 'It was the most amazing experience of my life, I felt wonderful, but it was also painful at times, I must thank you, and you are both very sexy men'

Keith and Mike looked at each other, then at Steve, Keith said 'I think with all the pictures we can all keep this a secret now', they all laughed at this.

'Time for a shower now, as it's three of us we had better use the boys shower' said Keith to the others leading the way. He turned the water on in the communal shower area, and they all went in, 'Let's wash each other and see what happens' said Mike.

They were all washing and splashing each other, soon all three had stiff dicks again, 'You're the only one that hasn't cum yet Steve, after the way I treated you I will willingly give you my ass to fuck' said Mike.

They went into the boys changing room, Mike stretched out on a bench with his chin over the end and his legs on either side showing his hairy ass hole ready to be fucked by Steve.

'Come on Steve take me, fuck my ass', Steve came up behind Mike and spread the cheeks of his ass exposing his hairy hole.

'Let me help' said Keith grabbing Steve's hard dick and lining it up with Mike's ass hole, 'Now push hard all the way' Keith told Steve.

With one thrust Steve buried his nine inches up to his balls in Mike's ass, Mike moaned as Steve began to fuck his ass, Steve was soon pounding hid dick deep and hard.

Keith had moved around to Mike's head, taking his hard dick in his hand he told Mike, 'Suck my dick for me', Mike opened his mouth and swallowed Keith's throbbing dick down.

Mike was soon being pounded from both ends; he had never felt anything like this before.

After about 10 minutes Steve looked at Keith, 'I'm about ready, are you?, lets cum in Mike together', Keith just smiled and nodded in agreement.

'Are you ready?' Keith nodded again, 'Take all our hot juicy cum then Mike' as both men started to unload shot after shot of hot creamy cum into him, they both shuddered to a standstill and withdrew their dicks from Mike.

Mike just laid there, filled up with hot cum, It started leaking out of his ass and mouth, Steve and Keith changed ends and started to lick each others cum up.

After they were finished they helped Mike stand up, all three hugging each other, 'Time for the shower again guys' said Keith smiling.

Mike looked at the other two and asked 'Same time, same place next week?' they all laughed and agreed.

To be continued..................



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