To give himself more time he suggested to Keith 'That was fantastic Keith but perhaps we both need time to think about what we have done, why not meet up a week today here and decide?'

Keith felt strangely disappointed but said 'That would be great Mike, I look forward to that'

Both Keith and Mike spent the following week thinking about what had Mike looked at Keith and thought to himself about what they had both done happened, and what it really meant to them.....and to their lives. It would be a long week for them both.

Keith was showered and ready for Mike the following week, he felt excited but also worried about what would happen. 4.30 came and Mike had not shown up, Keith felt disappointed and was thinking of going home.

Mike was running late it was almost 5.15 when he got to the Gym, on his way in he passed the Headmaster who nodded at him with a strange look.

'Sorry I am late Keith, I got held up on my last call, but at least I got here'

'That's OK Mike, I was just thinking of going home though, but now you're here perhaps we can decide what we are going to do?'

Mike looked at Keith and said 'I have been thinking all week about what happened, it was an entirely new experience for us both, but I know what I would like to happen now'.

With that he moved towards Keith and reached out and fondled Keith's dick through his sweat pants, Keith just sighed and reached out for Mike's dick.

Neither one said anything but just moved closer while looking into each others eyes and playing with each others dicks.

They broke apart and Mike pulled his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt letting it drop to the floor, Keith pulled his t shirt off and they both looked at each other.

Mike reached out and ran his hands though the thick covering of hair on Keith's chest, 'That feels so good to me, it looks great' he said.

At the same time Keith was running his hands over Mike's hairy chest, Keith replied 'I love the hairiness of you to', with that he unbuckled Mike's belt and letting his trousers fall to the floor leaving him in his boxer shorts.

Keith fell to his knees running his hands up Mike's hairy legs and into the leg openings of his shorts feeling the massive dick and heavy balls, his hands then went to the waistband and slowly pulled the shorts down exposing Mike's stiffening dick and balls, nestled in a dense bush of dark hair.

Keith reached out for Mike's now hard dick, looking up he said 'It looks and feels great Mike, how big is it?. 'Just under 11 inches he replied'.

'Wow and that was all in my ass' Keith replied, with that he lent forward and licked the head and slowly opened his mouth and started to swallow Mike's rock hard dick.

There was a massive sigh from Mike as Keith swallowed his dick, 'That feels amazing' he said as Keith sucked it. After a few minutes Keith stood up again.

Mike reached out to the waistband of Keith's sweat pants and started to lower them and him self to the floor exposing Keith's hard uncircumcised dick and balls.

He reached out for Keith's dick and started to pull the foreskin back revealing the head which was leaking precum. He lent forward and licked the precum off then opened his mouth and started to swallow Keith's dick.

There was a loud groan from Keith as Mike worked on his dick; it felt so good to him as Mike swallowed it. He reached out and held Mike's head as he went up and down sucking on his dick.

After a few minutes he pulled Mike up and said 'It's time for your examination Doctor, turn around and bend over the examination table?'

Mike looked at Keith nervously and smiled and turned around and bent over. Keith reached out and caressed the cheeks of Mike's hairy ass, pulling them apart to expose his virgin hole.

Keith bent over for a closer inspection, pulling aside the hair and bending closer to lick at Mike's hole, Mike let out a sigh as Keith's tongue entered his ass.

After a few minutes he stood up and reached for the lube which he had bought during the week, he lubed his dick and then Mike's ass, he let one finger then two enter trying to loosen Mike up.

Keith lined the head of his dick up with Mike's hole and started to push, it was difficult but finally the head slipped into Mike's ass. Mike let out a groan as Keith broke his cherry.

Keith started to slowly push forward till he hit the sphincter, where he paused again, 'I'm now going all the way in Mike' he said as he thrust all of his 9 1/1 hard inches into Mike, he felt his balls hit Mike's ass, 'I'm all the way in now' he told Mike.

'Just rest there while I get used to it.....that feels great inside are totally filling me up....please go slowly until I get used to it' Mike said.

Keith slowly pulled out and then pushed back in, picking up speed as he continued to fuck Mike's ass. He must have fucked Mike hard and deep for at least 15 minutes.

'God, I'm going to come soon' Keith said 'I cannot hold back much longer'.

'Just let it go, I want you to fill my ass with your hot cum' said Mike

Keith plunged his hard cock one last time, then exploded shot after shot of hot cum inside Mike's ass and collapsed onto his back.

After he came down from his orgasm he slowly removed his dick from Mike's ass and helped Mike stand up, Mike turned with a smile on his face and hugged Keith and looking into his eyes lent forward and kissed him.

They lowly pulled apart looking at each other, both panting slightly from the experience they had both enjoyed.

'Did you cum Mike? Asked Keith, 'No I didn't, I was overwhelmed with what was happening to my ass to even think about it' replied Mike.

'We need to do something about that' said Keith as he went to his knees and took Mike's hardening dick into his hand, he kissed the head and licked it carefully tasting the sticky salty-sweet taste of precum.

Keith ran his tongue over the sensitive head, his lips closed around and started to swallow Mike's dick inch by inch. He gently sucked away taking more and more with each suck until he had at least half of Mike's 11 inches.

Keith reached around and caressed Mike's ass pulling the checks apart to play with his hairy hole, whilst taking more and more of hard dick down his throat.

Mike groaned as Keith swallowed his dick and played with his ass, the feelings were so intense, he felt great. 'That feels so good' he said.

Keith encouraged moved faster and faster taking more rock hard dick at each swallow, he could taste the precum leaking into his mouth as his fingers slipped into Mike's tight ass.

Mike grabbed Keith's head as he plunged faster and faster onto his dick, he could feel cum welling up from his balls, 'I'm going to cum at any moment'

he told Keith, 'I will warn you when I feel it cuming'

Keith was now going faster and faster, he was taking almost all of Mike's

enormous dick down his throat now.

'I'm cuming' groaned Mike as he unloaded shot after shot of hot cum down Keith's throat. Keith felt Mike's cum start to explode into him, shots of hot

salty-sweet cum that he tried to swallow, but it was to much, for him, it trickled out of his mouth and onto his chin dropping on to the sweat matted hair on his chest.

Mike finally stopped shooting cum and withdrew his softening dick from Keith's hot mouth, 'That was bloody fantastic, did you swallow all my cum?'

'No there was to much of it for me to swallow it all', replied Keith standing up, 'Look it overflowed, wiping some of it off his hairy chest, it tasted good, try it' Mike opened his mouth and sucked his own cum off Keith's fingers.

'Mmmmm, first time I have tasted cum, it's not bad, have you tasted it before? asked Mike. 'No it's the first time for me, sucking and fucking with a man is a new experience for me' replied Keith smiling.

We both look a mess, sweaty and sticky' said Keith rubbing his hands over his cum matted chest, 'We both need a shower, lets go through to my changing room and get one, should be enough room for both of us'

'That's a great idea Keith, I feel a real mess' replied Mike as he followed Keith through the changing room to the shower.

Keith turned the water on and adjusted the temperature, 'After you' he said

following Mike into the shower. 'Let me wash you Mike?', as he picked the shower gel up and poured it over Mike's hairy chest.

He used both hands as he washed Mike's chest, rubbing around the nipples which responded to his touch, then washing his hair and beard, before moving down to cup the heavy dick that had fucked him the week before , moving around to wash Mike's back and asshole that he had just fucked.

'My turn now' laughed Mike grabbing the shower gel and starting on Keith cum matted hairy chest, 'I never realized how great another mans body could be' he said, washing Keith thoroughly, 'I never imagined doing anything like this before what happened last week'

They both rinsed off, and left the shower; Keith tossed Mike a towel and said 'Let's get dried off and dressed it's getting late, and I have to get home'.

Once they we're both dried off and dressed, they talked about their next meeting, Mike said 'I ran into the Headmaster on the way in, we need to be careful, perhaps make it later next week'

'OK, Steve Johnson normally leaves at around 5-5.30, perhaps we should make it at 6 next week' Keith replied.

Mike thought and told Keith, 'That's fine with me, but we need to be very careful, we cannot have anyone finding out about us, it would destroy us both, our families and careers'

Keith replied 'That's very true, we must be careful, anyway lets get out of here and meet at 6 next week.

Mike smiled and said, 'OK, see you at 6, I will look forward to it all week'

At that they both left the School and headed home.

To be continued, if you want another episode?



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