They woke at almost the same time, it was almost 6 AM, turned to each other and kissed, 'Do we have time for a fuck' asked Steve, Keith looked at him and replied 'Yes I think so, but who gets fucked?, its your bed so its your choice'.

'Mmmm what a choice.... will you fuck me please Keith, and this time I want to be on my back so I can watch you cum inside me', Keith looked at Steve and replied 'Yes Sir, I will fuck my Headmaster and I will fuck him deep, long and hard until I shoot my hot cum deep inside you Sir'.

Steve laughed at this reply as he fondled and masturbated Keith's dick, it soon started to harden up and reached its full 9 1/2 inches, Steve rolled onto his back and raised his legs and held them as Keith grabbed the lube from his pocket and moved between his legs.

Keith guided the head of his dick to Steve's waiting hole; he pushed slowly as the head slid into the warm and moist ass, moving steadily he buried his rock hard dick till his balls bounced against Steve's ass cheeks and rested.

'You feel so good inside me, I can feel your hard dick pulsating deep down, fuck me I want to feel your cum Keith' said Steve, Keith leaned over and kissed Steve deeply and replied 'Anything you say, Sir'.

Keith started to fuck Steve slowly building up speed as he pumped in and out of Steve's willing ass. Steve was masturbating his hard cock at the same time, they were both panting when Steve shot his load over his chest where it matted in his chest hair.

Seeing this pushed Keith over the edge and he shot load after load of his cum deep inside Steve, he collapsed onto Steve's chest and they hugged each other, pulling apart they got out of bed, Keith looked at Steve and said 'You have cum matted in your chest hair', Steve laughed and replied 'So do you, we had better shower and get to school'.

They parted on the driveway, Steve kissed Keith and said 'See you just before 6, I have an idea....just follow my lead and we will surprise Mike'.

Keith wondered what he had in mind but just replied 'OK, see you at 6'

Keith drove home and got changed into clean clothes, he had time to check his emails, one from his wife Carol to say she was delayed in Brussels and would not be home until the following Wednesday. Damn thought Keith, that was just one of the downsides of being married to a high flying lawyer!!!!

Another email from his oldest son Ian who was 23 and at University, he was coming home for the weekend and needed to talk to him, he would arrive that evening around 9ish.

Keith sighed and wondered what that was all about, oh well time to get to School.....but there was the date at 6 with the guys to look forward to.

Steve turned up early at 5.30 for the meeting, he found Keith tidying up the sports hall, they kissed each other and Steve said 'Lets go to the boys changing room, I want to put 3 of the benches together and put some mats on top', 'OK' replied Keith wondering what Steve's idea was.

Mike arrived as they just had finished stripping naked, 'What a sight to greet me, 2 hunky naked men' he said laughing, with that he quickly stripped off to join them by the benches.

They went into a group hug, feeling and fondling each other, soon they were all aroused and standing with stiff dicks pointing upwards, Steve was playing with Mike's ass, 'I want to watch Keith fuck your ass again Mike if that's OK with you?', 'Yes please, that would be great' Mike replied.

Mike lay on his back and lifted his legs up, Keith looked at Steve wondering what he had in his mind, and he then got the lube and started playing with Mike's ass, letting his fingers in to lube the hole, he climbed between his

legs and aimed his stiff prick at Mike's hole and pushed forward.

Keith's dick slid easily into Mike's lubed asshole; he kept pushing forwards until his full length was engulfed, he started moving in and out slowly, Mike climbed on the benches and stood astride Mike pointing his dick at Keith,

'Suck me while I watch you fuck Mike ', Keith quickly swallowed his hard dick and started to suck while he fucked away, it felt really good to him to have his dick in a hot ass, and another one in his mouth.

Steve removed his dick from Keith's mouth and got down, he picked up the lube and started to spread some on his dick, Keith looked at him in surprise wondering what he was going to do next.

He moved around and stood watching Keith's ass move up and down as he fucked Mike. Steve put his hand on Keith's ass 'Just rest there while your dick is fully inside Mike', both Keith and Mike wondered what Steve was going to happen next.

Keith felt Steve's hands on his ass spreading the cheeks apart, and then he felt lube being spread on and in his ass, Steve aimed his dick and pushed forward sliding his dick into the waiting asshole, and he kept pushing forward until his full length was inside.

Keith let out a groan and said 'That's bloody fantastic!!!!...Mike I have my dick in you and Steve has his dick in me....what a feeling'. Steve started to fuck Keith but as he did so Keith began to move inside Mike, Mike could feel the increased pressure of having Steve in Keith, both he and Keith were moaning with pleasure.

Steve picked up speed forcing Keith to do the same; all three men felt they were in heaven; it was such an intense experience for them all that they did not hear someone else enter the changing room.

Keith's son Ian had arrived early and finding no one at home, had come to look for his Dad, he stood there totally shocked by what he saw, there was the family Doctor impaled on his Dad's prick, then the Headmaster's prick in his Dad's ass!!!!

In a daze he watched them while moving closer; Steve suddenly spotted him and in shock pulled out of Keith, who looked up and saw his Son standing there 'Oh my God' he said as he withdrew his dick and stood up, Mike had realized something was wrong and looked around to see Ian there and scrambled to his feet.

The three men stood there naked just looking at Ian and at each other, no one knew what to say.....Ian looked at them and downwards to their hanging dicks, he noticed that they all had hairy chests, and the Doctor had a huge circumcised dick, where his Dad and the Headmaster were both about the same size but they were uncircumcised.

'What can I say Ian, I'm so sorry' Keith told his son, while Mike and Steve stood there looking embarrassed, 'Dad I never realized you were Bi or Gay,

if I had known it would have been easier for us to talk about feelings', Keith looked puzzled and replied 'What do you mean by that Ian?'.

'I have spoken to Mum, she understands that my relationships with girls never work out, and I do not enjoy the sex with them, I do notice men though.....I have watched you and wondered what it would be like to hold and feel you, I'm so unsure of myself and I do not want to make a mistake'

Keith looked totally surprised, 'Ian, are you telling me you are Gay and you have feelings for me?', 'Yes Dad I think I am, but I need to experiment with guys I trust to find out about my sexuality to really know' he replied, Keith felt he was in a nightmare and replied 'But that would be incest, that's totally wrong'.

Ian moved in front of his Dad and told him 'I want to experiment and I want to do it with you, I trust you and feel safe with you....and with the Doctor and Headmaster',

With that he reached out and placed his hand on Keith's hairy chest, Keith did not know what to do, Ian let his hand slide downwards and gently took hold of his Dad's cock, 'Dad I want to play with you and your cock. I want to feel it hard, to suck on it, for you to fuck me....I want the first time to be with you'

Keith just stood there speechless as Ian stepped back, Ian started to take his clothes off, he stripped his jacket and t shirt off then removed his shoes and jeans and stood there in his Calvin Klein's, he looked at his Dad as he slipped them down and off.

He straightened back up and stood there stark naked, Keith looked and saw a man now, a chest covered with dense dark hair, looking down at a good size uncircumcised penis swinging from a bush of pubic hair. 'Son, you have certainly grown up now, I feel proud of you' Keith told him.

Steve and Mike took in the sight of the two of them standing there, Keith and his son Ian, both good looking men with chests covered in hair and long

uncircumcised cocks.

Keith moved towards Ian holding his arms out to engulf him in a hug, hairy chest against hairy chest, dick against dick it felt so good and natural to them both, this was new territory in their relationship for them both.

Steve moved towards them and asked 'Is this a mutual appreciation society, or can we join?', Keith and Ian opened their arms to hug him, Keith called Mike over to join in, all four of them smiling at each other.

They broke apart 'So what happens next?' asked Mike, Ian looked at the three men and replied 'If is OK with you all I would like to look and feel each of you in turn, it will be a new experience for me.....something I have always wanted to do, let alone with three men....including you Dad?'

The three of them looked at each other and nodded, 'So Ian what order do you want us in? asked Mike, 'Well....I think you first Doctor, then the Headmaster and lastly should be easier with the person I know least first' replied Ian nervously. 'Ok I'm all yours to discover' and call me Mike as we are going to be intimate!

Steve looked at Keith and nodded towards the benches, 'Let's sit down and see where this goes'; meanwhile Mike had moved to stand in front of Ian.

Ian looked up at Mike who was taller than he was, Mike smiled at him encouragingly, Ian reached out and felt Mike's beard, which was a lot softer than he expected, he then ran his hands down and over the chest covered in soft hair, rubbing over the nipples.

Ian looked down and saw that Mike's dick was stiffening; he reached down and engulfed it in his hand, it got harder as Ian fondled it until it reached its full 11 inches, Ian knelt down to get a closer look, he held Mike's balls in his other hand as he slowly masturbated him.

Mike sighed and told Ian 'That feels great but you had better stop now or I shall cum', Ian stood up and said to Mike, 'Thank you; I really enjoyed that, my first time to hold and play with another mans dick'.

Steve stood up and took Mike's place and said, 'Ian you can stop calling me Headmaster, you are going to be playing with my dick after all!!!, so I think you can call me Steve from now', 'OK...,yes I will....Steve' replied Ian.

Ian looked at Steve as he ran his hands over his chest and through the greying hair that covered it; his hands ran downwards through the pubic hair to take the balls in one hand and the uncircumcised dick in the other.

He looked at Steve who smiled and nodded at him, Ian knelt down for a closer look, then he started to move the foreskin back to expose the head which was leaking precum, Ian began to wank his ex Headmasters cock

slowly until it reached its full 9 inches, Ian speeded up as Steve groaned.

'If you carry on like that I will cum' Steve told Ian who replied 'I want to

make and watch you cum please', Steve just nodded as Ian kept wanking his hard cock, Ian noticed that Steve was producing lots of precum then he felt the balls tighten up, suddenly there was explosion after explosion of hot creamy cum which landed on his hairy chest.

'Mmmm, that was good' Steve said as Ian stood up, Steve looked at his cum matted in Ian's chest hair and rubbed it in, then hugged him tightly, he felt Ian's hard dick between them and reached down to hold it, it felt so like Keith's to him.

They broke apart smiling at each other and Steve said 'I never thought when you were at school here we would end up like this', 'Nor did I Steve, even though I fancied you and wondered what you would be like naked' replied Ian, he looked at his Dad 'Great so far, now it's your turn Dad'.

To be continued..................



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