Keith had plenty of time to think over the next week, he was excited about what had happened, but he had never thought about sex with another man before Mike.

But he had really enjoyed both meetings and the sex he had with Mike, but at the same time he was worried about the future. What is someone found out about them, it would destroy his marriage; career etc let alone what his 2 sons would think of him.

Mike was having the same thoughts as Keith; they were both in a very compromising situation, should they stop now and just put it down to a temporary madness......but his feelings told him otherwise....he was really enjoying the sex with Keith and being with another man. It was completely new territory for them both.

Keith had been thinking during the week about the examination room, while he waited for Mike he placed a stack of exercise mats in there, he thought it would make them more comfortable...almost a bed he thought.

Keith then took a shower so he would be fresh and clean for Mike, just thinking about Mike and what they would do together made his dick rock hard, he had to resist playing with himself.

Mike pulled into the car park just before 6, as he got out he looked around, it was empty except for Keith's car, so he headed for the sports block and the examination room.

He entered the room to find Keith dressed in just sweat pants, he smiled at the sight of Keith's broad, defined and very hairy chest, he looked so good just standing there.

'Hi Mike, it's great to see you, been looking forward to some more fun with you' said Keith. 'Good to see you as well Mike, you're looking good as usual and more fun sounds great to me' replied Keith smiling.

'I've been thinking during the week, I would really like to undress you and explore your body, you're used to examining people, and it's new to me if you don't mind?' asked Keith.

Mike laughed 'Sure if that's what you want, I'm all yours, do what you want and take all the time you need' he replied.

Keith moved towards Mike, he lifted his hands and ran them over Mike's

short cropped brown hair, then through his slightly longer beard. 'Your beard feels very soft, not what I was expecting', as he lent forward and kissed Mike slowly.

Pulling away he undid Mike's tie and pulled it off, slowly unbuttoning the shirt to expose Mike's hairy chest he pushed the shirt off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

Keith ran his hands through the hair on Mike's chest, 'This is nice and soft as well, your nipples are smaller than mine though', Mike felt his nipples harden as Keith played with them and let out a sigh.

Keith then lowered himself to the floor, undoing Mike's shoes and taking them and his socks off; 'Now we get to the fun part' Keith said looking up and smiling at Mike.

He undid Mike's belt buckle and the top button, then slowly lowered the zip, puling Mike's trousers down, Mike lifted his feet so Keith could remove them.

Mike was left standing in his boxer shorts; Keith ran his hands around the waistband and slowly pulled them down as Mike's semi hard dick and balls were revealed in their nest of pubic hair.

Keith's hands reached out and held Mike's stiffening dick, he moved one hand to weigh the hairy balls, 'You have a beautiful dick, it is so big and the balls are really heavy with your spunk, I can see precum leaking already' he told Mike.

Keith looked up at Mike then lowered his head to the pulsating dick, his tongue came out and liked up the precum, then he opened his mouth and swallowed the head, slowly he slid his mouth down taking more of Mike's

throbbing dick down his throat. Mike let out a long sigh, 'That feels so good, but if you go on like that you will get a mouthful of cum again'

Keith pulled off Mike's dick and looked up at him 'I enjoyed your cum last time, it tasted strange but really good, remember you tasted it yourself?'

'Yes I did, and you are right it tasted good, I had a wank the other day and I ate my own cum and enjoyed it, I am wondering if yours tastes the same?

Keith laughed and stood up, 'Only one way to know, I'm all yours, if you want to find out you will have to get it out of me!!!!'

Mike grinned 'That's an invitation I willingly accept' he said, reaching out for Keith's sweat pants he dropped to his knees pulling them down to expose Keith's manhood.

Mike reached out and grabbed Keith's growing dick, 'You dick is thicker and uncircumcised, so that must give a different feeling to mine', he bent over and pulled the foreskin back exposing the head which was leaking precum. Mike lowly started to wank Keith, the foreskin moving back and forth over the head.

'That feels so good, makes me miss my foreskin' Mike said, then bending forward he opened his mouth and started to swallow the rock hard dick. He pumped his head faster and faster finally taking Keith's entire dick, his nose buried in the pubic hair on each downward movement.

'That feels fantastic, if you keep on like that you will soon have a mouthful of my cum' Keith said, Mike's head was moving faster and faster, he felt Keith's dick stiffening then shooting load after load of hot cum into his throat and mouth.

Keith was griping Mike's shoulders hard as he moaned and shook while he shot load after load of cum into Mike's mouth. He slowly pulled his dick out of Mike's mouth which was leaking cum into his beard.

Mike stood up facing Keith and licked his lips, which were covered in cum; Mike lent forward and kissed him, then started to lick his own cum from Mike's lips and beard.

'You were right it does taste good, slightly different from yours' said Keith, Mike just smiled as he continued to lick his lips and said 'It's supposed to be full of protein, so that's good for us both, and a lot of fun!!!'

'I feel exhausted and all I've done is stood there while you gave me the blowjob of my life' said Keith; 'Let's lie down together on the mats and get our breath back' replied Mike.

They both laid down hugging and rubbing each other's hairy chest, 'I never realized that another man could feel so good to me, it just feels so natural to be holding and caressing you' Keith told Mike, 'I agree this is so good, I wish I had tried it before, but I'm glad my first experiences are with you' he replied.

Keith meanwhile was playing with Mike's dick which had risen to it's full

massive length, 'You have not come yet Mike, if you have the energy I would love you to fuck me again' said Keith.

'Sounds a great idea to me, I loved fucking you last time, do you have the lube handy?', 'It's just at your side of the mats' Keith replied.

'Get on your back Keith and grab your ankles, let's try it that way', 'Sure Mike' Mike got the lube and spread it on Keith's ass, then gently pushing a finger in...then a second finger to losing Keith up ready for penetration.

Mike aimed his dick at the hole and gently pushed until the head popped into

Keith's ass and rested there...then he gradually pushed in another 4 inches or so.....he rested again.

Keith was moaning, 'Are you ready for all of it' asked Mike, 'Yes just go slowly' Keith gasped, 'Here we so, it's going in, that's it, my balls are against your ass now...are you ready for a good fuck now? asked Mike.

'As ready as I'll ever be Mike, go for it' replied Keith, with that Mike started to pump Keith's ass, faster and faster, harder and harder he pumped away with Keith groaning 'Yes, that's it long and hard' under him,

They were both losing themselves to the moment, suddenly a voice shouted out 'What the fuck are you 2 doing here, screwing away like tarts!!!!'

Mike quickly pulled out of Keith and scrambled to his feet, reaching out to help Keith up, they both stood there stark naked with their shrinking cocks


It was the Headmaster, Steve Johnson standing in the doorway looking totally shocked. 'I've been wondering why you have been around here so much Doctor Hardy, now I know; you've been fucking coach here'

'I'm......we're both sorry Sir' replied Keith feeling foolish and scared of what would happen, Mike said 'We have no excuse for our behavior Sir, it just started a couple of weeks ago'.

Steve just stared at the two men, both good looking, hairy chested and fit trying to hide their shrunken genitals behind their hands. He had often wondered what sex would be like with another man, what it would be like with these 2 hot men.

Keith and Mike stared at the Headmaster wondering what was going through his mind, what they saw was a good looking man in a suit and tie, with short dark hair turning grey at the sides, looking fit for his 54 years.

Steve was thinking that this may be his chance to watch and maybe even try man to man sex, with no one knowing, he had a hold over these two men, he was a widower with his children grown up and no ties, he was going to retire early next year.

Steve decided........'Put your hands at your sides, I want to see all of you',

He took his cell phone out and to Keith and Mike's surprise started taking pictures of them.

'Why are you doing that Headmaster?', asked Keith, Steve replied 'It is evidence of what you two have been up it insurance' He finished

taking photos and put his cell phone away for the moment.

Steve walked up to the two men and circled them taking in the sight of their hairy bodies until he stood in front of them.

He looked at them and said, 'What am I going to do about this, if I report this it will destroy your careers and maybe your families?

'Please Sir, do not report us it will destroy my career and family and maybe Mike's as well' replied Keith.

Steve circled them again looking at their bodies until he was in front again, looking down their hairy chests until his eyes reached Mike's huge uncut dick and Keith's smaller uncircumcised dick.

'I'm just not sure what to do; I do not want to destroy you both, today gay sex is now legal and acceptable to the majority, but you are both married men and it's on school property' sighed Steve.

To be continued..................



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