They soon arrived at Steve's cottage and parked their car, Ian said 'Wow, nice place you have here Steve' as he came out to greet them, 'Thanks, it was originally 2 cottages but converted into one place back in the 60's by a previous owner'.

Steve continued 'We remodelled it about 10 years ago, and bought more land so it could not be developed so I have about 15 acres now', 'That's a lot of garden to look after' said Ian, 'Only about an acre of garden, then its woodland and a few fields' replied Steve.

'Come on in and I will show you around' Steve said as the others followed him in, after a tour he led them out onto the terrace at the back, 'Sit down and I will get us some wine and nibbles' as he disappeared into the Kitchen.

'Steve must be wealthy to afford a place like this Dad?', Keith thought and replied 'I suppose so, it does seam a lot on a Headmasters salary'. Steve returned with the wine and nibbles and poured glasses for them all, ' Sorry I overheard you guys, 'My wife was Spanish and came from a wealthy family, she was also a very successful Spanish artist so was fairly rich'

'I did not realize that Steve, I only met her a couple of times, I knew she was Spanish though' replied Keith, 'We kept ourselves to ourselves, Isabel was content living out here and painting, she really loved this house and her art studio behind the garage, she was very happy here....until the cancer struck her down, she has been gone now for over 3 years'

'So she painted scenes around here' asked Ian, 'No she painted from her memories of Spain, which is why her work is so successful there, come on I will show you what I mean' replied Steve 'Follow me'

They followed Steve past the kitchen and through a gap in the tall hedge to the side of the double garage; both were shocked to see that it extended back about 60 feet, 'This is a massive garage Steve' Keith remarked, 'Wait and see' replied Steve unlocking a side door into the garage.

They entered into a large double garage 'Wow, look at that' said Ian spotting the car, Steve laughed 'Yes it was Isabel's, she loved driving it here and down to Spain', they all stood looking at the gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, 'It's an awesome car, I dread to think how much it cost....and costs to run it' said Ian with a grin.

'I think it was just over 300k to buy, I told you she was successful, she also had all this built' replied Steve leading them through into the Studio which was filled with light from the glass roof, Keith and Ian looked around to see stacks of canvases and art equipment over the tables and cupboards.

'Come on there is more' as he led them into a small fully fitted kitchen, Keith and Ian just followed in shock as Steve led them onwards past a toilet and into a large changing room with a shower and sauna at the end. 'All this was Isabel's sanctuary from the outside; she could lose herself in her work here, now you will see what I think is her greatest works'

Steve opened the door and led them through into a room about 25'x 35', they just stopped and gazed around, both Keith and Ian now in total shock as before them lay a Swimming Pool with a Jacuzzi to one side, furniture and plants in various groups, with a glass roof and end wall.

But what took their breath away were the walls, they were covered in a series of massive colourful oil paintings behind Plexiglas covers, 'Good God Steve this is amazing, I have never seen anything like this before' blurted out Keith.

'To me her greatest works, her life in Spain, her family and our marriage are in these paintings', leading them around he pointed out 'Here with her sister and brother as children, here the family country estate, here the townhouse in Madrid, here all 3 children with their parents, here us on the day of our marriage, here both our families on the same day and this is us 5 years ago' Steve replied.

'Steve I am no expert but these paintings are amazing, I can understand why she was so successful' Keith said, Ian was just nodding in agreement, 'She was brilliant at her work, but she will live on because of it...these paintings will go to the Modern Art Museum in Madrid eventually'.

Steve disappeared and left them still looking around at the paintings, 'Dad, these are fantastic, they must be worth a fortune', 'I've no idea Ian, they must be if they are going to end up in a museum I suppose' replied Keith.

Steve returned carrying a bottle of champagne and glasses, 'Let's drink to the people in our lives, those in the past, those now, and those in the future' he said popping the cork and filling the glasses, they all raised their glasses and looked at each other and clinked their glasses together.

'Well that's enough about the past, lets live for here and now, how about a swim guys?, the pool is heated' said Steve starting to strip off, Keith and Ian looked at each other and started to strip, soon all three were naked, Steve dived in followed by the others, they spent about 20 minutes swimming.

Steve got out 'Time for the Jacuzzi', as he went over and turned it on and climbed in, Keith and Ian quickly followed him, they all relaxed with the hot water bubbled around them, 'This is so relaxing' Keith remarked, Ian laughed 'My dick keeps floating and bobbing around, it feels great', Steve lent forward and took both their dicks in hand 'Not only that they are both getting hard' he told them.

With that Steve stood up, he was getting aroused as well, 'Sauna time now, come on you two' he told them. Soon they were sitting in the hot Sauna, the water quickly dried on them, but soon they started to sweat instead, it trickled down their body's matting the chest hair, and down through their pubes and around their semi stiff dicks.

Steve stood up and faced them and took a dick into each hand and gently pulled the foreskins back, Keith and Ian both sighed and leaned back, slowly Steve started to masturbate them both, gradually picking up speed, he then lent over and swallowed Ian's cock and worked on it for a few minutes, he then moved over and took Keith's hard dick into his mouth. Both men were now moaning with pleasure at his attentions.

He pulled off Keith and went back to masturbating them both , he picked up speed, faster and faster, he felt Ian's balls tighten and aimed his dick at his own chest, it exploded shots of hot cum over him, Steve then pointed Keith's rigid dick at his chest which also shot out loads of cum over him,

Steve stood up, Ian and Keith looked at him to see him smiling, thick cum matting and dripping through the greying chest hair, they both reached out at the same time ruining their hands through the hair and spreading their own cum downwards and around his cock.

Keith started to wank Steve, using their cum as a lubricant, while Ian ran his hands over Steve's chest and through the cum matted hair and downwards to cup his balls, Steve was groaning as Keith was wanking him faster now, Ian felt the balls tighten as Steve shot his thick cum onto his chest.

Ian was rubbing the cum into his chest, he then turned to his Dad and started to rub Steve's cum over him, Steve saw this and rubbed his own cum matted chest to gather some of Keith and Ian's cum in his hand, then he also started to massage Keith's hairy chest.

Steve remarked 'Well that was fun guys, all that cum as body lotion, just look at us, were covered in it, our chest hair is matted in the stuff, so now I think its shower time'. Keith and Ian followed him out to the walk in shower, where they proceeded to wash the cum of each other.

They dried themselves and dressed, Steve led them back to the terrace where they sat and chatted for a while, Steve then said he had to prepare dinner and for them just to make themselves at home.

He called them in 'We'll eat in the kitchen as it's a simple Spanish dinner that Isabel taught me to prepare, just fresh crusty bread, cold Gazpacho soup and a sea food Risotto served with Rioja'. They all sat down and started to eat, they chatted easily about their lives as they enjoyed the food and wine.

Once they had finished dinner they all helped to clear up and load the dishwasher, Steve said 'It's a beautiful evening so we'll have brandy and coffee out on the terrace, come on guys'.

Once seated and served they resumed their conversation, they chatted about sex and how much they were enjoying it with each other and Mike, both Steve and Keith agreed that they had enjoyed sex with women, but they had found gay sex better and more fulfilling for themselves now, and were glad that they had finally discovered that out.

Ian then told them of his past 8-9 years of frustration he had gone through struggling with his sexuality, he now felt at ease with himself and was glad that his first experiences were with his Dad, Steve and Mike who all made him feel loved and cared for.

They fell into comfortable silence all lost in their own thoughts, each one wondering what the future held for each other now they had discovered their real feelings and sexuality.

Steve looked at Keith and Ian; he thought how his life had suddenly changed over the last couple of weeks, now he felt content and relaxed for the first time since Isabel died. He found Keith a very handsome, caring, warm and loving guy...also a great sex partner...he wondered if he was falling for him.

Keith wondered what would happen as he felt drawn to Steve; he had known him for a few years but only at school, now he was getting to know him as a person with many great qualities also handsome and great fun in bed. Carol would soon leave for Brussels and he would be a single man again, what did the future hold for him he wondered.

Ian just felt at peace with himself, finally coming to terms with what he had always known deep down, he looked at his Dad...what a great guy...and to find out he liked men as well, to have his first experiences with him...and the others; his old Headmaster, Steve what a different guy he turned out to be from what he had thought and there was Mike, athletic, handsome, sexy

but unfortunately just bisexual. Oh well, all in all he was lucky to have come home this weekend and make these discoveries.

Keith looked at Ian and said, 'Its getting late we had better go home', Steve looked up and replied 'You've been drinking Keith, you had better stay the night, there is plenty of room'; Ian looked at his Dad and told him 'Steve is right Dad; we've both had too much to drive'. Keith looked at them both and replied 'Yes, you are both right, thanks Steve for the offer'

'Come on then, follow me' as Steve led them inside and locked up, he then led them upstairs, 'There are a couple of spare bedrooms pointing at 2 doors,

or you can both sleep with me, the bed is big enough' Steve told them with a grin, Keith looked at Ian who nodded, 'Looks like we agree, we will sleep with you, it will save on laundry as well' Keith replied laughingly.

They all went into Steve's bedroom, which was elegantly furnished with antiques and a 6' wide 4 Poster Bed, Steve started stripping 'Who is in the middle then?' he asked, as Keith and Ian were also stripping, Ian replied 'I will go in the middle', with that they all climbed into the bed.

To be continued..................



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