They all laughed at that and headed off back inside and up to the bedroom,

Keith got on the bed with Ian and Steve at either side, they both started to kiss and caress him, soon all three had erections, Steve slid down the bed and started to suck them both in turn, it felt great to him to be sucking both Father and Son in turn.

Keith said 'Ian I am ready to feel your dick inside me' as he raised his legs ready to receive him, Ian move between his Dad's legs while Steve got the lube and applied it around and into Keith's asshole with his fingers, then he masturbated Ian's hard dick a few times with his lube covered hand and aimed it at Keith's asshole.

'Are you ready Dad?' asked Ian, 'Yes Son, I want to feel your dick in my ass', Ian pushed his dick against Keith's asshole applying pressure, the head slipped inside where he paused, 'You OK Dad?', 'Yes just keep going in',

With that Ian gradually pushed forward until his entire dick was inside, he slowly pulled backwards, then forwards again, increasing speed as he fucked his Dad. 'That's it Son, give it to me' gasped Keith, with that Ian started to fuck as fast as he could. 'Dad, I'm going to come!!' with that Ian hammered his dick in one last time, and exploded shot after shot of hot cum into his Dad's ass.

'Wow that was fantastic Dad, your ass felt so tight around my dick', Keith replied 'It was great to have your hard dick in me, and feel you shoot your cum deep inside my ass, so you've had your double first now', that caused them all to laugh.

Keith looked at Steve and said 'Now for another double, come and fuck me please, I need your dick inside me now', Steve looked surprised 'Are you sure Keith, Ian just fucked you hard?, 'It was great to feel Ian inside me, now I need to feel you there, to be fucked by 2 men I love'

Steve took Ian's place as Ian lubed his cock for him, Keith told Steve 'I want you to go in all the way with one thrust, Ian has lubed me well with his cum', 'Are you sure Keith?', who nodded at him. Steve aimed his cock at the hole and pushed hard, sliding his whole length in one stroke into Keith.

Keith groaned, 'That's great, now I want you to fuck me as hard and long as you can', Steve started to hammer his dick into Keith as hard as possible, he fucked away for 20 minutes or so, in and out panting with the effort. Steve could hold back no longer, with a last hard final thrust his dick exploded shots of cum deep into Keith.

Steve then shocked Keith and Ian by sliding down the bed, he lowered his head to Keith's asshole, and started to lick up cum that was dribbling out of Keith' ass, a mixture of his own and Ian's cum, he licked and swallowed it all up.

When he had finished he looked up at them both and said 'That was good, all that protein', with that he stood up and asked them 'Shower or another dip in the pool?', Ian quickly replied 'Swim I think, Dad?, Keith just nodded and they all returned to the pool with their dicks swinging as they walked.

After the swim they laid on the loungers and dried off, Steve then suggested they took a afternoon siesta, so they all returned to his bedroom and got back in bed, they cuddled up together and soon drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours.

Steve woke up first, he studied the two sleeping men taking in their bodies, their chests covered with dense dark hair, their soft dicks nestled in dense bushes of pubic hair. He felt a welling of emotions, what did it all mean,

where would it all end?.

Keith slowly awoke to find Steve looking at him, he smiled and lent over and kissed him, soon they were touching and caressing each other, hands rubbing over hairy chests and down to hard cocks. Ian woke up and seeing what was happening joined in, soon all three were fully aroused.

Suddenly Steve said to them 'I would like Ian to fuck me next, for me to be the second man he fucks, to feel his hard cock in my ass', Ian grinned and

kissed Steve rubbing his hands through the greying chest hair, 'I would love to fuck you, I dreamed of what you would be like naked when I was at School, so to get to fuck you is totally amazing'.

Steve laid on his back and opened and lifted his legs so Ian could get in

between them, Keith got the lube and massaged around and into Steve's asshole, then lubed Ian's stiff dick, gently sliding the foreskin back and forth.

'Are you ready Steve' asked Ian, 'Yes I am Ian, I want you inside me' with that Ian pushed the head of his cock into Steve and paused, then he gradually pushed further until his dick was completely inside, looking down at Steve he said rubbing his hairy chest 'I never thought I would see you naked when I was at School, let alone have my dick up your ass'.

Steve smiled at this 'Nor did I Ian, or having your Dad fuck me as well, but your dick feels so good inside, now I want you're cum in me', Ian started to fuck the ass that engulfed his dick, building speed up as he went, faster and faster he hammered his dick into Steve, until with a cry he exploded shots of his thick cum deep into Steve's ass.

Quickly Keith said 'As we are going for doubles it's now my turn to fuck Steve, let me get there Ian', Ian moved and Keith replaced him between Steve's legs 'Are you ready for another ass pounding Steve?', Steve looked up at him 'Yes, give me your dick and hot cum'

Keith lined up his dick and slid it all the way into Steve with one easy motion; Ian had lubricated the ass ready for him, Keith started to fuck away faster and faster pounding his rock hard dick as far as he could, with a final cry he deep dicked Steve and his dick exploded stream after stream of hot cum to coat Steve's insides.

Keith pulled himself off, looked at Steve and said 'That was great, to be inside you, to feel Ian's cum as I fucked you', he scooped up the cum that was dribbling from Steve's ass and licked it, 'Dad, let me have some, I want to taste our joint cum please' as he lent over and started to lick some of it from Keith's fingers.

'Wow defiantly shower time now, then I think we need some food after all this exercise' Steve told them, they all showered and returned still naked to the kitchen, 'I'll just fix a salad and bits' said Steve smiling at Keith remembering their salad dressing, they all helped and soon were sitting down to eat.

Steve asked Ian 'When do you go back?', not until tomorrow as my next lecture is on Tuesday', 'So are you two going to stay tonight?', Steve asked, Keith looked at Ian who winked, 'Looks like it Steve, I can get clean clothes in the morning when I drop Ian at home' Keith replied.

They finished dinner and went out onto the terrace, where Steve served wine again as they chatted and relaxed, Ian suddenly got on his knees between Keith's legs and swallowed his soft dick, he gently sucked as it stiffened in his mouth, his head bobbing up and down as he swallowed its length.

He pulled off and said 'Stand up Dad, Steve please stand beside him', they both did as asked, Keith with his hard dick poking skywards, Steve's just hanging. Ian took hold of Steve's dick and started to suck away, soon it was rock hard; Ian started to suck down each stiff dick in turn.

Keith and Steve were holding and kissing each other as Ian worked away at their hard dicks in turn, hands rubbing through chest hair, caressing, the sucking of hard nipples. Ian suddenly took both their dicks into his mouth,

sucking them down as far as he could, both men were groaning with the felling of their dicks being sucked by the same mouth.

Ian released the dicks from his mouth and stood up 'That was good, both your dicks at once but I want Dad to fuck me again, this will be the last chance till I come home again', Keith just smiled and agreed as Steve led them back to his bedroom once again.

On the bed again Ian laid on his back and raised his legs once more, Steve lubed him and Keith up, once Keith's dick was lined up he gently pushed forward as the head of his dick slid in, slowly he pushed forward until he was fully inside, he started to gently fuck his Son, gradually picking up speed.

Steve suddenly said 'Stop Keith, just rest fully inside, I have an idea' with that he got the lube and applied it to his own hard cock.....then to Keith's asshole. Both Ian and Keith wondered what Steve was doing; and what was going to happen, they soon found out.

Steve got behind Keith and aimed his hard cock, he pushed forward and it slipped into Keith, who grunted with surprise, Steve kept pushing forward until his cock was all the way in.

Keith cried out 'That's great, my cock in you Ian and Steve's cock up my ass', Steve started to fuck Keith as he did Keith started to move in Ian, as they built up speed Ian cried out 'I can feel the pressure of both your dicks pumping into me'

Steve increased speed, pumping away at Keith as Keith pumped his Son's ass. All three were moaning with pleasure as they continued to fuck, Keith cried out and unloaded his cum deep into Ian; that caused his ass to tighten around Steve's dick, which sent him over the edge to deep dick Keith and shoot his load of hot cum into his waiting ass.

They collapsed into a heap on the bed, exhausted with their efforts, it had been an intense experience for them all, and they all hugged each other and cuddled up in a sweaty embrace.

Ian told them 'That was great Dad fucking my ass, and I could feel you fucking his ass, Steve', Steve laughed 'I enjoy fucking your Dad....and you; it seamed a good idea to me'.

Keith groaned and told them 'That was great, to be fucking you Ian, then to feel Steve's dick up my ass, when he started fuck me it made me fuck you, so you could say you've been fucked by both of us, when I started shooting my load into you and Steve started to unload in me.....just fantastic'.

Steve said to them 'Its shower time again guys, and then time to rest and sleep from all this sex as its Monday tomorrow', they both laughed and agreed. After showering they all climbed into bed cuddling up to each other and drifting off to sleep.

Next morning Keith and Ian went home leaving Steve to get ready for the new week at School. Once there Ian sorted out his laundry and started to pack as Keith got changed and quickly checked his emails.

He was shocked to read one from his wife Carol; her new job in Brussels was starting sooner than she had realized, so it was time for the final split up and divorce. Keith knew this was coming but it was quicker than he expected. They had discussed and agreed things a while ago, so now it had finally come.

Keith went to tell Ian, 'Well Dad you knew she was going, it's just a bit earlier than expected', 'Yes it is Ian, we had the house valued and have decided on an agent, better call them and get it up for sale' replied Keith.

Keith called the agent who said they would get things moving as they already had all the information and photos they needed, Keith said he would drop a set of keys into there offices on the way to School.

Ian hugged his Dad as he left for School and said 'At least you will have Steve and Mike around, so you will have some company....and some fun!!!.

Keith thought about what Ian had told him over the next couple of days, he had seen Steve around the School a few times, but they had no time to talk.

Just an odd wink and smile until late Tuesday when they ran into each other in the car park, 'Hi Keith, hope your recovered from the weekend?,

'Yes thanks Steve, feeling good, so is Ian, we had a long chat yesterday about everything and he is fine', 'That's great to hear, glad you both enjoyed it, I know I did' replied Steve with a big smile,, 'Yes I think we have both come to terms with our desires and needs at last' replied Keith.

Keith looked at Steve thinking what a nice guy he was, suddenly he thought and asked 'Steve by the way what are you doing tonight?', 'Nothing, just some chores and TV I suppose', 'Come and have dinner with me then, my wife Carol is still away' said Keith, Steve looked surprised 'Well if its OK, sure I would love to' replied Steve.

To be continued..................



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