Steve and Keith sat in the kitchen having dinner, Keith was thoughtful and asked "Did you mean what you told Andy, about being my boyfriend?", Steve smiled as he replied, "Well aren't you my boyfriend?, we get on so well that I would like you to be, and I think I'm in love with you".

"Yes Steve, I feel the same, and I know I'm in love you", they just looked at each other smiling. both were slightly shocked by the feelings they had revealed to each other. "So where do we go from here Steve?", "Lets see what the next few weeks bring, we need to think about your sons, Ian and Dave".

"That's true Steve, I'm sure Ian is not a problem as he got on so well with you, but we need to talk to both of them", "Perhaps you should get them to come and stay next weekend, get Ian to arrive on Friday for our meeting with Mark, and Dave on Saturday" replied Steve.

"OK I will call them now and arrange it", Keith got his cell phone and made the calls. "Ian will get here to meet with us and Mark on Friday, Dave will arrive on the 9.40 train on Saturday and I will pick him up" he told Steve.

"Well let's hope it goes OK, it's our first big step as a couple" replied Steve, as he cleared the kitchen up. Keith thought and replied, "I think it will be fine, we can talk to Ian on Friday, and he will help us with Dave, as they've always been so close".

"Well come on Keith, I'm tired lets go to bed", Keith followed Steve upstairs to the bedroom. They quickly striped and climbed naked into bed,

where they cuddled up and started to kiss each other. Steve told Keith "You just lay back and relax, let me make love to you slowly",

Keith laid back as Steve pulled the duvet of the bed. Steve started to kiss him while a hand rubbed his hairy chest and played with is nipples. He slid

downwards to start teasing Keith's nipples with his teeth, his hand gently massaging hairy balls. Steve moved downwards and engulfed Keith rigid prick in his warm mouth, gently sliding up and down the shaft.

Keith was moaning with pleasure as Steve got the lube and poured some onto his dick while masturbating him. Steve started to play with his own ass, lubricating his hole ready for Keith's dick.

Steve got astride Keith who was looking up at him, "Thought we could try a different position Keith", as he gradually sat backwards guiding the dick into his ass. He gradually slid downwards to sit on the whole length; he rested there while massaging Keith's chest.

As Steve wriggled his ass to make sure he had every inch of dick, then started to move up and down, building up speed until he was slamming his ass down to impale himself on Keith's dick, soon he felt Keith's dick went rigid.

They were both moaning with pleasure as Keith's dick exploded shot after shot of hot cum up into Steve's ass, Steve kept slamming down to milk all of Keith's cum from his dick.

Steve then lowered himself forwards to kiss Keith, hairy chest to hairy chest, as Keith's dick slipped out of his cum filled ass. "Keith that is a great way to fuck, you will have to try it", "Yes I will, it felt good to me as well, but its time to sleep now"

Steve rolled off him, and they cuddled up together, drifting off into a deep sleep for 8 hours. They awoke slowly and kissed and started to rub each other cocks as Keith told Steve I need your cock inside me now.

Steve turned and laid on his back with his dick standing upwards, "Climb aboard and ride me Keith". Keith reached for the lube and quickly lubed Steve's hard cock and his own asshole; he straddled Steve and slowly lowered himself inch by inch.

He felt Steve's hard dick enter him, he kept his downward movement until he was sitting firmly on the stiff dick. "That feels good to have you inside me Steve", as he started to ride Steve's rigid dick. Steve started to wank Keith's hard dick.

He bounced up and down going faster with each downward thrust, Steve cried out as his cock started to explode. Keith did one last downward thrust, as Steve's dick fired shot after shot of thick cum up deep inside him.

They were both moaning with pleasure as Steve masturbated Keith's hard cock to explode. Keith shot thick loads of cum all over Steve's hairy chest; he must have fired at least a dozen loads.

He then collapsed onto Steve's cum matted chest, as Steve's cock slid out of his ass. They kissed each other passionately, as they rolled together on the bed.

They were both laughing when they got out of bed, "Come on, shower time Keith"

Steve and Keith sat in the kitchen having breakfast as they discussed what had happened with Andy. They both agreed it had been a big turn on for them both, and decided to get Andy to join them again soon.

They decided not to meet up again until the following day, Steve had a busy day and Keith needed to start packing up the house ready to move.

On Wednesday Keith called the estate agents; and arranged to view the house at 5 pm. He then called Steve to tell him about the appointment for later that afternoon. They agreed to meet in the car park at 4.30, then they could have a drive around the area.

They met on time and decided to go together in Steve's car, so Keith would be free to look around. As they drove around they decided that the area was just perfect, close to everything. They pulled up in front of the house just before 5, Matt the agent was already there, Keith introduced Steve then they went inside.

Matt told them "The house is empty, so take your time looking around", they soon decided the house was great for Keith. Big enough for when his sons visited him, but fine for him on his own as well. Keith made an offer of 180k to Matt immediately, Matt said he would bring the offer around for Keith to sign at 7ish.

Steve drove them back to Keith's house, where they got changed into shorts. They sat outside in the sunshine, enjoying a glass of wine and talking about the house. Keith told Steve he was going to start dinner, so they both went to the kitchen.

Kith got on with dinner while they chatted about the alterations Keith wanted to make to the house.

At 6.40 the doorbell rang, Keith went to answer it to find Matt had arrived early. He showed him into the kitchen, Steve asked "Would you like a glass of wine?. Matt replied "Yes please", as he wondered why Keith and his boss only had shorts on.

Matt handed the offer over to Keith saying "Please read it and if it's ok just sign it". Matt studied the two men, both older, handsome and with nice chests covered with hair. Keith read the offer and signed it saying "That's fine Matt".

Steve asked how quickly Keith would get an answer; Matt replied "I would hope by midday tomorrow". "That's great, can completion be done by next week", Steve asked, Matt thought and told them "I do not see why not".

Keith looked totally surprised, "I cannot complete until this house does Steve". Steve smiled and said "That's ok Keith, I will pay for now, then you can pay me back when this house completes". Keith was shocked "Steve it's a lot of money to lend me?", who replied "It just makes sense, then the work can be done before you move in". Keith turned and hugged Steve, "Thank you so much, it will be a lot easier"

Matt was thinking during this conversation, looks as though there is something going on between them. He then told them "Well that sounds good to me, I'm sure the seller will be pleased, Keith can you pass me the offer?".

As Keith passed the offer over, he knocked Matt's still full wine glass over. The glass and contents landed in Matt's lap, soaking Matt through to the skin. "Shit, I'm so sorry Matt" exclaimed Keith; as all three men were looking at Matt's drenched trousers.

"Come up to the bathroom" Keith asked Matt, who quickly followed him upstairs. Keith pointed the boy's bathroom out and told Matt to use the shower and he would get some clean towels; Keith quickly got the towels and took them back to the bathroom.

Matt had taken his suit off and was standing in his shirt and boxers. Matt started to unbutton his shirt, "Here are the towels Matt" as Matt pulled his shirt off and dropped his boxers to stand naked in front of Keith.

Keith looked at Matt, his chest covered lightly in hair, a nice size cock and balls. Keith once again apologised, Matt laughed and said "No problem" as he got in the shower Keith told him, "I'll find something for you to put on".

Keith went and got some shorts and a T shirt and returned to the bathroom just as Matt got out of the shower. Matt picked a towel up and started to dry himself as Keith put the clothes down. Keith turned to see Mat drying his cock and balls, his cock now looked semi hard, Keith apologised again but Matt just laughed.

Matt finished drying himself and gave a stretch; Keith saw that Matt's cock was getting hard. Matt looked at Keith "I always get a stiffy in the shower", Keith smiled and said he did sometimes. Matt looked down at Keith's crutch, "Looks like you're getting one now Keith, do you like what you see?".

This surprised Keith, but before he could say anything Matt reached out and rubbed his hairy chest, then his hand slid down to grasp his dick. "Very nice Keith, now lets lose these shorts", as he quickly undid them so they fell to the floor.

Keith was now naked as well, Matt started to pay with his cock saying, "I had a feeling when I saw you together that you liked men". Keith laughed and reached for Matt's cock, they stood wanking each other. Steve had wondered why they were so long, so had come upstairs and was watching them.

"Very nice guys, can I play as well?, Matt and Keith turned as Steve dropped his shorts and started to play with his dick. "Very nice Steve", remarked Matt, Steve walked over and Matt grasped his cock, so he was now wanking both of them as Keith wanked him.

Matt then sunk to his knees, he opened his mouth and swallowed Keith's rigid dick to suck on it. Keith started to wank Steve as Matt was sucking on his cock, Matt released Keith's cock and turned and swallowed Steve's and started to suck away.

Soon he released Steve's cock and looked up at them, "You both have nice big cocks, do you want to fuck me?". Keith and Steve just nodded as they helped Matt up; Keith led them all to his bedroom. Matt laid on the bed and lifted his legs to expose his asshole, Keith started to lube his hole and inserted two fingers to loosen Matt up.

Keith lined his cock up and pushed slowly in; he paused then continued to slide his cock all the way in. Meanwhile Steve had positioned himself so he could play with Matt's nipples and cock; Keith started to fuck Matt picking up speed until his cock was pounding in and out. Matt cried out "That's it Daddy, fuck my ass, fill it with your hot load". Keith felt his cock go rigid as he shot his cum deep inside Matt, when he had finished cumming he pulled out to make room for Steve.

Steve quickly replaced Keith, and pushed his rigid dick all the way into Matt's ass. He started to fuck, building up speed until he was slamming into Matt. "That's it; fill my ass with your Daddy spunk", this sent Steve over the edge as he deep dicked Matt and his cock exploded with burst after burst of hot cum.

All three lay on the bed panting as Matt told them "I've always wanted to be fucked by two older hairy Daddy guys, it was great". Steve and Keith looked at each other and grinned, "We enjoyed fucking you, hope we can do it again soon", Mat quickly replied "Anytime you want, just call me".

They all went for a shower, Matt then left. Steve and Keith agreed that they would see each other again on Friday, when they were to meet up with Ian and Mike. They were both shagged out and agreed it was time for bed.

Copyright SJC 2011

To be continued..................



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