Leading the way home as Steve followed to an expensive detached house, on a small private estate on the edge of town. Keith's wife was a top lawyer with a European firm in London, so it was no surprise, but what did surprise him was the For Sale board in the front lawn.

Keith opened the door and led Keith into the house, 'Come on I will get some wine out' said Keith leading Steve into the Kitchen, which was fully and expensively fitted, with a table a chairs at the far end.

'Sit down and I will get the wine out' Keith remarked getting a bottle and glasses he sat down opposite Steve, 'Looks as though your moving by the board outside, somewhere bigger or smaller?' asked Steve. 'It definitely

will be smaller, just 2 bedrooms, one for me and one for either boy when they are staying' replied Keith.

Keith looked at Steve and explained to him Carol and I are getting divorced, its been planed for a few years now, its all very amicable', 'Sorry to hear that Keith, it must be hard on you' replied Steve, 'Not really, we will sell the house, split the proceeds equally, I should have just over £200k left to buy a flat or smaller house' Keith answered.

'Well that's not to bad then, mortgage and fancy free you could say' replied Steve, Keith smiled at him 'Yes true enough, time to start a new chapter, it will be strange being on my own', 'I know what you mean, I found it very difficult the first year or so myself'.

'Yes and to add to it there is sex, now that I've discovered that I must be Gay, I need to work that out as well' replied Keith, 'Very true, I wonder as well, but I'm just enjoying the best sex I think I've ever had, and the beauty of the male body' Steve told him.

'It's certainly been fun so far, and last weekend with Ian surprising us with his coming out as gay, that was amazing for me', 'Yes that's true, I really enjoyed having both of you' Steve replied with a grin.

'How do you feel about it all? asked Keith, 'Well I knew I was attracted to men for years, but suppressed it for a normal life, but times have changed for the better, so I'm more comfortable now with going with my feelings' replied Steve, 'That's the way I feel as well, and now its time for me and a new beginning' answered Keith.

'Well let me get some dinner sorted, is chilli OK with you?, I have some in the freezer, that's fine Keith replied Steve as he watched Keith move about

the kitchen, and remarked it's strange not to be naked after the weekend.

'Well we can soon sort that out, come and strip me if you want' replied Keith, Steve stood up and walked over to Keith 'Yes please' as he removed his t shirt and rubbed his hands thru the mat of chest hair, then bent down to pull down Keith's sweat pants and underwear in one movement, he got to his knees, removing Keith's trainers so he could step out of his clothes and stand there naked with his dick and balls at eye level.

Keith helped him up 'My turn now' as he removed Steve's tie and unbuttoned his shirt to slip it off his shoulders to the floor, to reveal the greying chest hair, his hands unbuckled the belt, letting the trousers slip downwards, he knelt and took Steve's shoes and socks off, then slid the tented boxer shorts down and off, to reveal Steve's dick at half mast.

Gently he took it in hand and peeled the foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head that was leaking precum, he cupped the heavy balls in the other hand gently squeezing them, as he lent forwards and lapped up the precum and opened his mouth to swallow Steve's hardening dick.

Steve moaned as his dick was swallowed by Keith, who started to suck away

eagerly, soon it had expanded to its hard 9 inches, as Steve moved the shaft in and out. 'Keith stop it or I will explode' said Steve, Keith looked up as he let the dick slide from his mouth and stood up.

Steve hugged Keith and kissed him, 'That was great, but I do not want to come yet' he told Keith as his hands ran through the thick chest hair, and down to hold the stiff cock and heavy balls in his hands, 'I would like you to fuck me now, I need you inside me shooting your load while I shoot mine at the same time please Keith'.

'Come upstairs then' replied Keith grabbing Steve's cock and leading him up to the spare bedroom, they laid on the bed kissing and playing each others hard dick, after a few minutes Steve told Keith 'I'm ready for a good hard fuck, ram your dick into me please' as he laid on his back and lifted his legs to show his asshole.

Keith reached over and removed some lube from the bedside drawer, which he gently rubbed around and into Steve's ass; he inserted first one then two fingers to loosen Steve up, then lubed his own cock.

Keith got between Steve's legs and bent over and kissed him, 'Are you sure you want a hard fuck?', Steve replied 'Yes I do, get your hard dick in me and fuck my ass please', 'OK Steve you've got it'.

Keith lined up his dick and thrust forwards with one movement, his dick sliding all the way into Steve until his balls bounced, Steve cried out 'Yes that's it', as Keith started to fuck away, speeding up with each thrust until he was pounding away at Steve.

Steve was groaning in pleasure as Keith hammered his ass, at the same time he was wanking his own rigid cock, after 15 minutes or so he felt his cum rising from his heavy balls 'I'm almost there' he cried, Keith replied 'Me as well'.

Keith pounded in a few more times then exploded deep inside Steve, shot after shot blasted from his dick filling Steve's ass , then there was a cry from Steve as his own dick shot out load after load of thick cum onto his hairy chest.

Keith collapsed onto Steve where his own thick chest hair became matted with Steve's thick cum; he lifted himself up and kissed Steve passionately,

then he slid sideways to lie beside Steve. 'That was the best fuck so far, it felt so intense between us' said Steve, 'Yes, I think you're right there, and it's great to feel my dick shoot deep into you as you cum at the same time' replied Keith.

They both lay there tired side by side, both chests matted with drying cum and holding hands. 'Shower time I think', said Keith getting up and leading Steve into the en suite wet room. They washed each other and dried off, then

back to the kitchen, where Keith finished the meal and they both sat down and ate.

Keith's cell phone rang, he answered to find it was Mike, he listened then said hold on, turning to Steve he told him it was Mike and he could not meet them on Friday as planed as he was on call, tell him 'We will call him back to arrange another time' replied Steve which Keith did.

Steve told Keith 'I had better get home, work tomorrow', Keith looked disappointed and replied 'I hoped you would stay tonight', 'I need a clean shirt and underwear for tomorrow' replied Steve, 'Mmmm, I know, come back upstairs', Steve followed him back to the bedroom, Keith opened one of the wardrobes 'There you are shirts and ties', then opened a drawer and tossed clean socks and a pair of boxer shorts at Steve.

Steve laughed and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the boxer shorts, which were red silk and covered with a motif of a pair of large balls and a hard penis shooting cum, he laughed, 'Unusual taste Keith', Keith replied

'Ian's idea of a fun present last Christmas'.

Stave threw them back at Keith 'Put them on, I've never seen you in boxers,

only jock straps', Keith slipped them on and walked over to Steve, 'Nice the way your dick moves inside them' as he slid his hands up Keith's hairy legs and into the leg openings to massage his cock and balls.

'Very nice' Steve said as he pulled them down and kissed the tip of Keith's penis and licked the hairy balls, but time to sleep as its work tomorrow, they both got into bed; Steve put his arms around Keith and massaged his hairy chest while his cock nestled against Keith's ass, 'If that thing gets stiff you can fuck me hard' muttered Keith as they both drifted off to sleep.

Steve woke next morning to find Keith lying on his stomach, and he had a hard cock, he smiled to himself and reached for the lube and applied it to his dick, he straddled Keith, then he gently pushed his dick into Keith's ass.

Keith moaned as he woke up, 'Mmmm, that feels good', as Steve continued to push his stiff dick in his ass until his balls hit, 'You said if it was stiff I could fuck you hard Keith, so that's what I'm going to do'.

Steve started to fuck Keith, increasing speed with each thrust of his hard dick, Steve was pile driving his dick into Keith faster and faster, Keith was moaning with pleasure, after fifteen minutes or so of hard fucking Steve felt his balls tighten, as he deep dicked Keith one last time and exploded shots of hot cum inside.

Steve collapsed onto Keith's back and lay panting from his efforts, he rolled off onto his back, Keith pushed upwards and lent over and kissed him, 'That was a great way to be woken up, Thanks Steve, but we had better shower and get ready for work'

They washed each other in the shower and dried off and went to get dressed,

Steve picked the boxers up, 'Never worn silk ones before' as he slid them up, Keith walked over and felt Steve's dick 'Feels good through the silk as he gently pulled back Steve's foreskin', 'Wow that feels great, but you had better stop before you arouse me again' replied Steve with a smile.

They finished dressing and headed back to the kitchen where Keith made coffee and toast for them and they chatted about when they could meet up with Mike for some fun, Keith told him his wife Carol would be home at lunch time, 'Just until Friday, to pack her stuff which is already sorted and the movers to collect it on Thursday, this has been planed for a year, she has a new guy in Belgium anyway'

Steve looked at Keith and replied, 'It must be difficult for you both, to end your marriage', Keith thought and replied 'Yes, but we stayed together for the boys, we just drifted apart, but were still good friends, that's the funny thing, I even met her new guy...Theo last year, we stayed at his home, but I will tell you about that at another time, we had better get of to School now'

Keith was working in his office at lunch time when there was a knock at the door 'Please come in', the door opened and Steve walked in with some papers in his hand, 'Keith, these silk boxers are keeping me excited, I have a semi hard on all the time'.

Keith laughed as he stood up and came around his desk, he reached out and fondled Steve through his trousers, 'Mmmm, we will have to do something about that', he turned and locked the door, and got down on his knees in front of Steve.

He looked up as he unbuckled Steve's trousers and pulled them down, his hands ran up the hairy legs and disappeared into the boxers, one hand feeling the heavy hairy balls and the other sliding Steve's foreskin back along his shaft, he felt the dick harden at his touch, then he slid his hands down to pull the boxers to the floor.

Steve's now hard dick now bounced up before his eyes, one hand went up under the shirt to rub his hairy belly, as his other held the hard dick, to pull the foreskin back, and expose the head which was leaking precum.

Keith lent forward and licked the precum off, then opened his mouth to swallow Steve's hard dick, his head started to move up and down, his speed increasing with every swallow, as he was gently massaging Steve's heavy cum filled balls with one hand.

Steve was moaning with pleasure as Keith felt the tightening of the balls in his hand, he felt the prick go rigid in his mouth, as he plunged down one last time, Steve exploded his cum deep into his throat, he kept sucking until he had received every last drop of the hot thick creamy cum.

He gently pulled Steve's softening cock from his mouth, looked upwards, cum dribbling from his mouth and smiled. Steve helped him stand up, he then kissed Keith, tasting his own cum.

They broke apart for Steve to say 'That was great; my balls needed to be drained of cum to get some relief, those boxers are great', Keith laughed and replied 'Perhaps you should ware silk, instead of cotton all the time!!!'

Steve laughed as he pulled the boxers and his trousers up, 'And have a semi stiffy all the time?', Keith also laughed 'You know where to find relief for

your personal problem!!!', 'Thanks Keith I will remember that, but people may wonder why I have to see you every lunchtime!!!.

Keith unlocked the door, as Steve left he asked 'Will I see you after your wife has gone back?', 'That's a sure thing Steve', with that they both went about their normal day.

To be continued..................



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