Keith moved and took Steve's place, 'Are you sure about this, there will be no going back to our old feelings and relationship afterwards, this will alter everything for us', 'Yes I know Dad, that's why I started with Mike and Steve first to make sure I wanted to go this far'.

Keith smiled at Ian, 'Do whatever you think or feel you want to do to me'

'Thanks Dad, I will' he reached out and hugged his Dad; rubbing their hairy chests together he could feel their semi hard dicks poking at each other. Ian pulled back then ran his hands through the thick hair covering his Dad's chest; Keith could not help but do the same to Ian, it felt like his own chest hair.

They both felt their nipples hardening as each others hands rubbed them, they looked at each other and smiled, they both looked down to see that each of them had rock hard erections.

Their hands moved down at the same time to grasp each others stiff dick, it felt so good to them both, Ian looked at his Dad then slid to the floor, he held Keith's throbbing 9 ½ inches of hard dick, he peeled back the foreskin to reveal the bulbous head that was leaking precum like a river.

Ian started to wank his Dad's cock, sliding the foreskin back and forth over the head and along the shaft, it felt so much like his own dick, as he moved faster and faster Keith was groaning with pleasure.

Ian lent forward and opened his mouth and engulfed his Dad's cock into his warm mouth, Keith's eyes flew open with surprise, he had not expected that

to happen. Ian's head moved faster and faster on his Dad's 9 inch cock, he gradually managed to take it all, he felt the balls banging at his chin.

Keith was moaning and groaning with pleasure, he was getting close to cuming, he was past the point, he felt his balls tighten up as his spunk started up his cock, he grabbed Ian's head as he started to explode thick shot after shot of creamy cum into his sons mouth, he felt he had shot about 15 loads of cum.

He shuddered with the intensity of it; he had not shot like that since he was a teenager, he pulled out of Ian's mouth and looked down, Ian smiled up at him, he had cum dribbling from his mouth, Keith pulled him upright and hugged him, then kissed him tasting his own cum.

They broke apart and Keith told Ian 'That was an amazing experience, I never expected you to do that, but thank you', Ian replied 'It just felt so natural to me Dad, that it would feel good to suck you off, I loved feeling your cock in my mouth and your cum shooting in mine, it tasted great, cum from the dick that made me'

Keith kissed and hugged Ian, he signalled to Steve and Mike to join in with them, they went into a group hug, four handsome hairy men of different ages; Steve 54, Keith 47, Mike 39 and Ian 23.

Ian looked around at them and told them all 'This has been the most fantastic experience of my life so far, I now know that I like men and want to further with my exploration of my sexuality'

'Are you sure Ian?, it's a very big step to take', 'I'm sure Dad, but I'm so glad that my first experiences are with you three, I love you all!!!!' replied Ian smiling.

Steve asked Ian 'So what do we do next Ian?, you seam to be in charge of this show now'. 'Well...I think I would like to watch some fucking, not me but two of you' replied Ian looking serious, Steve laughed and replied, 'Well its your show, so who fucks who?', Ian thought about it 'If its OK I would like to watch Mike fuck you Steve, he has such a big cock and I would love to see him slide it into your ass'

Steve laughed as he went and laid on the mats and lifted his legs to expose his asshole, 'Come on Mike, let's give Ian a good show'. Mike walked over and got between Steve's legs, he was masturbating his dick which was soon hard; he picked the lube up and fingered Steve's asshole then spread lube on his dick.

Ian had followed them and sat at Steve's side to get a good view of the action to come, Keith sat down at Steve's other side to watch; they looked at each other and smiled.

Mike lined his dick up and pressed against Steve's asshole, the head slipped in and he paused, he then gradually pushed forward until he had 6 inches inside Steve who was groaning with pleasure, Keith started to rub Steve's hairy chest, Ian quickly followed his example.

Mike asked Steve 'Are you ready for it all now', Steve just nodded as his ass was slowly filled with 11 inches of rock hard dick, Mike paused again to let Steve get used to it, then he slowly started to fuck away.

Ian looked at his Dad, 'I cannot believe Steve is taking Mike's entire dick up his ass', Keith replied 'Its surprising what will fit in an ass, Mike has fucked me as well you know', they both turned their attention back to the sight in front of them.

Mike was picking up speed as he fucked away; Keith started to play with Steve's cock which soon became hard as he masturbated it, Ian was playing with Steve's hairy chest and hard nipples.

Mike was really slamming his dick into Steve now, after 10 minutes or so Steve gasped 'I'm cuming' as he shot loads of cum onto his chest Steve felt his ass tighten up around Mike's dick, that drove Mike over the edge as he plunged one last time and exploded load after load of cum into Steve's ass.

Ian and Keith looked at each other over the two exhausted men and smiled,

Mike pulled himself up then helped Steve to stand, they hugged each other

then turned towards Father and Son, Mike asked Ian, 'Did you enjoy seeing us fuck?', 'Yes I really did, I never thought Steve could take all your cock'

replied Ian, Steve and Keith just looked at each other and smiled.

'I think that's enough for now, time for a shower' Keith told them leading the way to the showers. He adjusted the temperature and they all got under the water and started to wash each other, Ian smiled to see them having fun washing his and each others bodies.

They got out and started to dry off when Mike suddenly said 'What about Ian?, he hasn't cum yet', they all turned to look at Ian who just smiled and shrugged his shoulders and replied 'Its OK, you guys were to busy showing me what man to man sex was about'

'No Ian we need to take care of you as well' said his Dad reaching out to fondle his dick which immediately responded, both Mike and Steve started to caress his body while Keith went to his knees and swallowed his sons now hard dick into his mouth.

Steve and Mike got on their knees and started to lick Ian's balls, Keith removed his son's dick from his mouth and pointed it at Mike who then swallowed it in and sucked away for a few minutes, Mike took it out and aimed it at Steve who then swallowed it in and started to suck it harder.

Ian was whimpering with pleasure as his Dad took it back into his mouth again and started to work up and down the shaft, he knew he was close as he held his Dads head in his hands, he felt his cum rise, then he started to shoot load after load of his spunk into his Dads mouth, he shuddered to halt.

Steve and Mike looked on as Ian removed his cock and cum dripped from Keith's mouth, Dad...Guys that was fantastic feeling your hot mouths on my cock, just awesome', they all smiled and Mike said 'Back in for another shower guys, then time to go home.....and get some rest'

After they had finished showering they left the building and walked to their cars, Mike said 'Goodnight' as he got into his car and drove off, Steve asked them 'What are your plans for the weekend?', 'No idea yet and you'

replied Keith, 'Nothing special, why don't you two come out to my place for a drink and dinner tomorrow evening?', Keith looked at Ian who nodded and replied 'That sounds good to us, see you tomorrow then'

With that they went home, Steve back to his cottage, and Keith and Ian to the detached house on a small development where they all lived, they went into the kitchen where Keith opened the fridge and got a beer, 'Want one Ian?', 'Yes please Dad' as they both sat down at the table.

'How do you feel about what has happened this evening Ian' asked Keith to whom Ian replied 'Just great, it was so intense as I thought it would be, I now feel I know where my sexuality is....I must be gay as I certainly enjoyed the men and all the cock this evening'

'Well Ian, sleep on it, and think about it more before you make any final decision, I know I feel worn out, time for an early night I think', OK Dad,

can I sleep with you; I want to cuddle up to you?'

'I suppose so Ian, but in the spare room, I have been using it for a while now, your Mother and I are going to separate and get divorced, we have been leading separate lives for a while now' replied Keith, 'I know Dad she has spoken to us and we understand' with that Ian hugged his Dad.

Ian followed his Dad upstairs and they watched each other strip naked and climbed into bed together; they turned to each other and kissed while their hands roamed over each others hairy body exploring, they held each others hard pricks and gentle masturbated each other until they both shot their loads over each other.

'Wow that was good' Dad who replied 'Yes it felt good to me as well, but its time to get some sleep now Ian, turn over and I will cuddle you' Ian did as Keith asked and said 'Goodnight Dad'

They woke up in the morning, had some breakfast and did household chores like the laundry etc. Steve phoned at 2 and asked them to go out earlier, so they both got changed into clean shorts and t shirts and drove out to Steve's

To be continued..................




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