Keith stood up and took his t shirt off, then dropped his shorts and stepped out of them to sand naked before Steve, Steve looked up at him, then down over the hairy chest and onto the limp cock hanging between Keith’s legs.

Steve told him, "You have a nice body Keith", then reached out to pick up the limp dick in his hand, then gently squeeze and fondle it, pulling back the foreskin to expose the head, he lent forward and engulfed it in his warm mouth, his head moved up and down sucking, soon his mouth was full of Keith’s rigid dick.

Keith was moaning with enjoyment as Steve worked on his dick, soon he pulled away from Steve and said "Now it’s my turn", pulling him to his feet, he removed Steve’s t shirt, undid his shorts that fell to the floor, he sat down as Steve kicked them off to stand naked

Keith looked up at Steve and smiled as he lifted Steve’s dick and started to

masturbate him, Keith bent towards Steve’s dick and swallowed it all down, sucking away, while with one hand he fondled Steve’s hairy balls. His head increased speed as he sucked away; Steve pulled back from Keith and sat next to him.

They sat there quietly in the evening sun, two handsome, hairy chested men with their two rigid dicks pointing skywards. They reached out at the same time, each to take the others uncircumcised dick in hand, pulling back the others foreskin to gently masturbate each other.

As they gently masturbated each other they picked up speed, hands moving faster and faster over their shafts, moaning with the pleasure of giving and receiving from the other, hands moving faster as their balls tightened, their dicks going rigid.

They both cried out as they shot at the same time, their dicks firing load after load of hot cum, their spunk flying upwards to land on hairy chests, dicks starting to soften in hands, as the cum matted in the hair on their chests, soon they were holding soft dicks just dribbling out the last of their cum.

They sat there side by side panting with their efforts as cum dried on their matted chests, both drained but content. They looked at each other and just smiled, then lent towards each other and started to kiss passionately.

They broke apart and looked at each other, "That was so good, thank you", Keith told Steve who replied, "It was a pleasure, Thank you Keith". They both sat there contented in the warm sun, and let their minds drift.

Steve thought to himself, what is happening to me, the sex is great, the best I’ve ever had, am I gay, I really like him, he was handsome, good company, fun to be with, and he turns me on. But where would it end, can I really love another man, can Keith love’s just confusing.

Keith was having the same thoughts as Steve, could it be love between them, was he gay, was Steve gay, was there a future for them, and there is Ian his son to consider, now he has come out as gay what will happen to him, what does the future hold for them all.

Steve turned to Keith "It’s getting cool, shall we go inside and have a shower then an early night?, as its been a long day", Keith replied "Yes, that sounds good to me", as they picked up their clothes and headed inside and upstairs.

They quickly showered, dried off and climbed into bed together, Steve put his arm around Keith, who laid his head on his shoulder, Keith’s hand was on Steve’s chest playing with the greying hair that covered it. Both felt relaxed and comfortable with each other.

Steve asked Keith "Have I managed to take your mind of things?", "Yes you really have, its been great being here, instead of on my own", Keith replied continuing "I hope Carol is happy in Brussels, but after what’s happened I am not so sure about her new guy", "What do you mean Steve?" who replied "I will tell you what happened when I visited Carol last year".

I went out in the school holidays for 6 days; I had never been to Belgium before so I thought I would do some sightseeing. I went over on Eurostar which was nice, I arrived in Brussels in the afternoon and Carol met me and took me to a Hotel she had booked for me, in the centre just off the Grand Place, which is the main square.

I spent the first 2 days sightseeing, I had Dinner with Carol on the first night, she told me she was going to Theo’s for the weekend and he had invited me as well. I was a little unsure about this, but Carol said he had a beautiful house between Brussels and Antwerp and I would enjoy it, so I agreed.

I met Carol at the railway station late Friday afternoon, we took a train and it was only 20 minutes before we got there. Theo met us and drove us out to his place, it was huge, more like a mansion than a house, set at the end of a long drive. He showed me to a large bedroom with an en suite bathroom, and asked me to return downstairs for drinks and dinner when I was ready.

I went downstairs at 6.30, Theo herd me and came into the hall, over here Keith. I followed him into a large living room, with high ceilings and 2 massive crystal chandeliers, we had drinks and chatted, at 8 he led us into a dining room with a long table with a dozen chairs around it.

Dinner was served by a maid, we had 5 courses, Theo was a good host and I felt relaxed, Carol cell phone rang and she answered, Theo and I chatted, he said he would show me around tomorrow. Carol finished her call and told us she had to go into Brussels in the morning to meet a client, she would be back by 2. Dinner was over by 10.15 and we said goodnight and I went to bed.

The next morning I went down to find Carol had already left, Theo showed me into a breakfast room where we had a continental breakfast. Then he showed be around the grounds which were beautiful, formally laid out with fountains and statues, then we went inside to continue the tour, the house must have had 20 rooms.

Theo then asked if I had some exercise clothes with me, I told him I had shorts etc, so he said go and get changed and we will go to the gym. I went and changed then back downstairs where he led me to the basement; it had a fully equipped gym, showers and a Sauna, It was very impressive, but the whole place was.

We both exercised for an hour, then he asked do you like Saunas?, I replied that I did. He led me out to the Sauna and shower area where he striped naked, I followed his example and we went into the Sauna and sat down.

We were both soon sweating, I could not help glancing at him and checking him out, I had often wondered what sex would be like with a man; Theo was a few inches taller than me, well built and had a nice hairy chest, a dense bush of pubic hair, an uncircumcised cock and nice sized balls.

We sat awhile, glancing at each other and our dicks; he suddenly said to me your dick looks bigger than mine. I then turned and really looked at his dick; "It looks almost the same size to me". He laughed and said "No I’m sure yours looks bigger"; I smiled at him and said "Well perhaps it is", with that I closed my eyes enjoying the heat.

After a few minutes he told me "Saunas always made him horny, did it do the same to me?", I opened my eyes to see him fondling his dick; I laughed and said "Yes they do the same to me". He was now gently pulling the foreskin back over the head of his cock.

I felt my cock begin to stir, and reached down and held it, then pulled my foreskin back to reveal the head of my cock. Theo was now beginning to wank slowly; I started to wank as well, we were both watching each other.

We both became fully aroused, Theo stood up and said "Lets see who’s the biggest, stand up and face me Keith". I stood and faced him and he took hold of my cock. He put it side by side with his own, I felt the tip of me cock touch his skin through his dense pubic hair. "Yes Keith you’re cock is slightly longer than mine".

He started to masturbate both of us with his hand, he reached out and rubbed my hairy chest, it felt good our 2 dicks together, I started to rub his chest in return, feeing the hair with my fingers. Theo let go of our dicks, then took my hand and wrapped it around his dick, then he held my dick again and started to wank me, my hand started to move on his dick as I wanked him.

We both picked up speed, our hands moving faster and faster along the hard shafts, we were both moaning in pleasure, suddenly we both shot our loads of hot cum over each others cocks and into our pubic hair, we were both trembling from our orgasms.

Theo hugged me, our hairy chests rubbing each others, we broke apart and sat down again, I looked down to see Theo’s dick covered in my cum and mine in his cum.

Theo asked me if it was a new experience, I replied it was. I then told him I was confused and asked if he was bi, he told me that he just enjoys sex with either a woman or a man, but finds men understand how to get another guy off better than a woman.

We left the Sauna and had a shower together, it was nice to be washed by someone, and I enjoyed washing Theo, we washed each others cock and balls which was fun, we dried off, and got dressed and went upstairs. The rest of the weekend and holiday went as expected.

"So that’s it Steve, it looks as though Carol has picked a bi man twice to marry", Steve laughed and said "Theo sounds a hot guy, shame I have not met him, your story has got me excited have a feel", I reached down to find Steve’s dick was rock hard, as I closed my hand around the shaft.

"Very nice Steve" as he slid down to his dick, he gently peeled his foreskin back and started to lick the head, lapping up his precum, opening his mouth he sucked in Steve’s hard dick.

"Hold on Keith, lets try this" said Steve as he got us head to tail, I sucked him down again, while he played with my dick, Soon we were both sucking on each others hard dicks and fondling our balls as our lives depended on it.

After a while they felt each others prick harden, as they both exploded shot after shot of hot cum into each others mouths; they both sucked away and swallowed as fast as they could until both sets of balls were drained dry.

Their softened pricks slipped from each others mouths; they lay on their backs panting. "That was great Steve, to suck each other off at the same time", "Yes it was Keith, I love your prick and the taste of your thick cum", then they rearranged themselves and pulled the duvet up. Then they turned towards each other and kissed goodnight.

Copyright SJC 2011

To be continued..................



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