They both felt good with the sun warming their naked bodies, it was making them feel drowsy. Steve got up and went inside to return with a bottle of suntan lotion, "Stand up Keith we had better both use this before we burn".

Steve pored some onto his hands and Keith, then he started to rub Keith's shoulders, then downwards and through the dense mat of dark hair that covered his chest, going lower over his belly to the dense bush of pubic hair and gently holding his soft cock, "Better not let that burn" he said smiling.

Keith laughed "Very nice, my turn now" picking the bottle up and pouring some onto his hands and Steve. He started on the shoulders, down through the greying chest hair, downwards to grasp Steve's cock; he felt it start to stir in his hand, he laughed and said "We're supposed to be relaxing, your cock tells me otherwise" he gently squeezed and felt it grow in his hand.

Steve laughed, broke away and told him, "Yes that's true, let's just enjoy the sunshine and peace and quiet", Keith looked down at Steve's cock standing at half mast, "You look good, standing with your cock pointing skywards"

Suddenly the phone rang and Steve went to answer it, he soon returned to say "That was Mike, he wondered what I was doing, he had tried to get hold of you, I told him you were here, so he asked if he could come out as he had a free afternoon, I told him he was welcome to join us, hope that's OK with you".

"Yes, that's fine with me, but we had better shower and get some clothes on,

before he gets here" replied Keith, Steve looked at him and said "Why?, he's seen us naked before, we've all fucked with each other", Keith laughed at that "Yes, it was a bit silly of me", they sat back down and drank some more wine.

The doorbell rang, Steve went to answer the door, Keith was surprised to be greeted by Steve in the nude. "Come on out, we're just relaxing with a glass of wine" said Steve as Mike followed him out to find Keith also nude sitting on the terrace.

Mike greeted Keith, and looked at his body, the chest covered with a thick mat of dark hair, the large balls and dick hanging between his splayed legs.

Mike remarked with a smile, "You both look comfortable".

"Why don't you join us then?", replied Steve. "Well, I will take my shirt off", he replied as he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, his broad chest, which had a light covering of hair spread between his nipples.

Keith laughed and remarked "Is that all, feeling shy are we?", as he stood up and walked over to Mike, he reached out and rubbed the front of Mike's trousers, "Lets get these off" as he unbuckled Mike's belt and pulled his trousers and underwear down in one quick movement..

Both Steve and Keith watched as Mike's large, circumcised cock popped into view, Steve remarked as he played with his stiffening dick, "Mike that is a huge cock compared with ours", Mike looked embarrassed as he replied "Yours are bigger than average, and uncircumcised, that must make wanking easier and enjoyable".

Steve walked over to Mike saying "Let's try it and see" as he took Mike's dick in his hand; he lined it up with his own dick and slid his foreskin over the head of Mike's dick and started to wank Mike with his own foreskin.

"Wow that feels fantastic" as Steve continued to slide his foreskin back and forth over his dick, Keith moved behind him and started to rub his hard dick up and down the crack in Mike's ass. After a few minutes of this Mike told them "Guys this is so horny, I love it, but I really need to be fucked by one of you".

Steve laughed and told Mike "Follow us then", as he led them to the pool room, Mike stood in amazement looking at the pool.....and the paintings,

"Steve this is great, and these paintings, I've never seen anything like this before", "They were done by my wife", Steve replied as he went to get a towel and lube.

When he returned he found Mike and Keith playing with each others dicks,

he laid the towel on a lounger, Mike and Keith broke apart, and Keith told Mike to lay face down, Steve then applied lube to Mike's asshole, inserting his fingers to loosen him up "So who gets to fuck you then" he asked Mike who replied "Your fingers are in my ass, so I think you should fuck me".

Both Keith and Steve laughed at this, as Steve lined his dick up and pushed forward, the head went in followed by the whole shaft until Steve's dick was fully inserted into Mike's ass.

Mike sighed and said "Steve that feels so good, now fuck me", Steve started to slowly fuck him, gradually building up speed as his hard dick went in and out of Mike, soon he was fucking as hard as he could.

Keith watched them as he played with his own stiff dick, then he stopped Steve on a downward thrust, Steve was surprised by this, Keith then lubed Steve's ass and his hard dick, then got between his legs and lined his dick up with Steve's hole.

He pushed forward and his dick slipped in, pushing forward he buried his 9 ½ inches in Steve's ass. Both Mike and Steve were groaning, "What is happening" asked Mike, Keith replied "Steve has his dick in you, and I now have mine in him, I'm going to fuck him and he will fuck you".

Keith started to fuck, and as he did Steve started to fuck Mike, both picking up speed, soon both their dicks were ramming home, they continued this for a while, Steve gasped "I'm close, and you Keith?", who replied "Almost".

After a dozen or so more thrusts, Steve started to shoot his cum into Mike, as he did Keith started to fire his cum into him, both men shot their loads deep inside, streams of thick hot cum fired out of their rock hard dicks.

They collapsed into a heap; all three panting, Keith and Steve stood up and then helped Mike up, they hugged each other, when they broke apart Steve dived in the pool, the others followed his lead, after a swim they all got out.

Steve said "Follow me and we will have a Sauna", the others followed him and they were soon relaxing, Steve and Keith on either side of Mike, soon they were sweating, it ran down their chests and around their pricks.

After a while Keith and Steve started to massage Mike's chest, his nipples hardened at their touch, Keith's hands ran down to grasp Mike's stiff dick, he started to wank him and felt it go harder in his hand as he said "Mike will you fuck me?", Mike looked at him and smiled "Yes, I would love to Keith".

They all left the Sauna and returned to the pool area, Keith laid on his back and raised his legs, Mike lubed his cock, then Keith's ass letting a couple of fingers slip inside, then he pressed the head of his cock at Keith's asshole.

Mike slipped his cock inside and paused, then pushed forward slowly and started to fuck Keith, his dick going further in with each stroke he made.

At last his balls hit Keith's ass, his dick was finally all in, all 11 inches of rock hard cock.

Steve had been masturbating his cock as he watched them, he then moved around and pushed his cock at Keith's lips which opened, Steve pushed his cock in and Keith started to suck and swallow his hard cock down.

Mike started to really fuck Keith now, going faster and faster, his massive dick sliding in and out while Keith kept sucking away at Steve's cock. Mike was now ramming his dick into Keith; as he thrust one final time and exploded his cum deep inside.

Keith felt Mike explode inside his ass, shooting thick streams of hot cum to fill his ass up; at almost the same time Steve's cock went rigid in his mouth, shooting its load of hot thick cum down his throat, which he swallowed as fast as he could.

Mike lent forward and kissed Steve, then they both pulled their softening cocks out of Keith, they both looked down at Keith who smiled up at them and said "Thanks Guys, that was great, I am certainly filled up with cum now", they both laughed at this and helped Keith up.

"Come on, time for a shower" said Steve, the shower was big enough for all

of them, so they got in, they messed around while washing each other, then dried themselves off.

They went back to the terrace; Steve went and fetched another bottle of wine and poured glasses for them all. They sat and relaxed soaking in the hot sun, while they chatted about this and that.

After an hour Mike said he had to leave as he was on call later, Steve and Keith watched him while he dressed, then they walked him to his car. He turned towards them, reached out and took a dick in each hand gently squeezing, then he kissed Steve and Mike, "Thanks for a great afternoon, can I see you next Friday at School as usual?", "Yes that's fine" replied Steve while Keith nodded.

After Mike left Steve said they needed to go into town to get supplies, Keith agreed and they both went upstairs, they dressed in shorts and t shirts, then they drove to town where Steve parked near to Marks & Spencer's.

As they got out Steve said "I have to go to Waterstones to pick a book up I ordered, and then some dry cleaning", "OK Steve, I will meet you at M & S in 30 minutes then" Keith replied as he thought of some shopping he wanted to do.

They met in the Food Hall and quickly did a shop for salad stuff, bread, pate, strawberries, cream, coffee etc and some wine. They were soon back in the car on the way back to Steve's. When they got there Keith took his shopping and Steve's dry cleaning upstairs, while Steve took the food to the kitchen.

Keith went back downstairs to the kitchen; Steve had put the shopping away, loaded the dishwasher and was tidying up. "As we are dressed why don't we go out to the local pub for an early dinner" asked Steve, "That's a great idea, Steve". They went out to the car and were soon driving to the pub which was 5 minutes away in the village.

"I've never been here before" remarked Keith looking around as they went inside, the pub had beamed low ceilings and was full of character, then they headed for the bar and ordered 2 Pints, looked at the Menu and ordered some food.

They went to sit outside in the garden at a table under a large tree, they both relaxed and sipped at their pints. Soon the food arrived and they ate while chatting together. Once they had finished they went back to the bar and had another pint, then they left and drove back to the cottage.

They went inside to the kitchen where Steve got out some wine and glasses,

and remarked "Lets go back outside as it's so warm", Keith nodded and followed Steve, and soon they were sitting down having a glass of wine.

Steve looked at Keith and chuckled to himself, "What's so funny Steve?", asked Keith who replied "It's the first time we have sat out here with clothes on" he replied, Keith thought and said "You're right, but we can soon fix that" he said.

Copyright SJC 2011

To be continued..................



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