PE Teacher's Physical Part 16

Just before lunch time Steve decided to go to the sports complex, Keith and his assistant had just finished the morning classes, and they were tidying up ready for the afternoon. Steve asked Keith if he could have a word with him in his office.

Keith said "Yes, Headmaster follow me", as he walked towards his office followed by Steve. They went in and Keith closed the door and locked it, then turned and grabbed Steve, he kissed him hard as his hand went down to rub and fondle Steve's dick.

"Feels as though those boxers are doing the job", said Keith with a grin as he unzipped Steve and pulled his dick out to gently wank it. "I must admit they do give me a good feeling" replied Steve, as he pulled out Keith's dick from his sweat pants and started to pull the foreskin back and forth.

"It must be my turn to give you a blowjob in your office" Steve said as he slid down to his knees. He started to lick the head of Keith's now hard cock, then opened his mouth to swallow it. Steve's head started to move on the shaft sucking away.

Suddenly there was knock on the door, Yes, who's is it?, Keith asked as Steve scrambled to his feet, both men were stuffing their dicks away, "Its Andy Sir, I just need to get some papers".

Keith quietly unlocked the door and opened it, "OK Andy, help yourself" he replied. Andy looked at both of them in an odd way, then went to a cupboard

and got out some papers, "Thanks Sir, got them", as he left the office.

Both Steve and Keith let out a sigh, "That was close Keith, we need to be more careful, as he did give us a funny look", Keith was looking thoughtful and just nodded, Steve asked what he knew of Andy, "Not a lot, good at his job, about 34 and single and the kids like him".

"Single and 34, do you think he could be gay?", asked Steve, "He could be, I had never thought about it, we just need to be more careful at school, no more fun at lunchtimes", replied Keith. "Oh well, it happened, at least he did not catch you sucking me, so best not to worry", replied Steve as he left to go back to his own office.

Andy was sitting thinking, he had been wondering why the Head and Keith had suddenly become friends, he had spotted him before a couple of times after school heading for Keith's office. And just now, they had both looked flustered, and why was the Head's shirt tail poking out of his unzipped fly, he had a good idea of what was going on.

The afternoon passed as normal in the sports complex, Andy and Keith both cleared up and got things ready for the morning as usual. Keith said he was going to stay on and use the gym for a while, Andy suddenly replied "Yes, that's a good idea; I've not worked out for a couple of weeks either",

Keith was shocked and replied "That's fine Andy, but I've just got to make a call", as he went to his office and called Steve to warn him, "That's OK, I've got some work to do here, so I'll see you later".

Keith got changed into shorts and a t shirt and went back to the gym. Andy was working out also in shorts and a t shirt. Both men got on with their own routines for 30 minutes; Andy finished first and waited for Keith to finish,

"Time for a shower Sir, shall we use the boys as there's two of us?", Steve replied "Yes, why not and please call me Keith when were not working", while thinking this is a first, but we've never worked out before together.

They headed for the showers picking up towels on the way; they quickly stripped and got in the communal showers. It was the first time they had been naked together, Andy had checked Keith out, noting the hairy chest and large uncut dick, Keith had looked at Andy with his rugby player's body, a light covering of chest hair, but his uncircumcised cock was smaller than his own.

They stood side by side under the jets of water, washing their hair and bodies. Andy suddenly reached out and started to wash Keith's back and said "It's so difficult to do yourself, you can do mine next". Steve was shocked by this but replied "OK Andy", as he felt a stirring in his groin as his shoulders and back were washed carefully.

"OK my turn now" said Andy as they both turned. Keith started to wash Andy's shoulders and back gradually moving lower, his dick was starting to stiffen up, "That's it Andy, all done.

Andy suddenly turned, their dicks knocked into each others, then they both looked down to see two semi hard cocks pointing at each other. They looked at each other as Andy reached down to grasp Keith's cock, "Are we all done Keith?".

Keith looked down at Andy's hand clasping his now rock hard dick, his hand reached out and around Andy's stiff cock. Their hands started to move gently wanking each other, as their other hands clasped each others balls.

After a few minutes Keith suggested "Come on let's dry off and go to my office?", they left the shower and dried off, then walked naked to Keith's office.

Once there Andy started rubbing his hands over Keith's chest "I've always liked really hairy men", then he knelt down and engulfed Keith's hard dick, sucking on it as he swallowed it.

Andy sucked away for a few minutes, the door opened quietly, Steve came in and watched Andy going down on Keith's dick. He noticed Andy had some chest hair, and an uncircumcised dick. Keith looked at Steve as he smiled and winked at him, and Steve nodded in return.

Steve stepped back and rattled the door handle, "What the hell is going on here", as he stepped into the office. Andy startled looked round in shock to see his Headmaster standing in front of him; he quickly got up and stood in front of his headmaster.

Keith what the hell are you doing?", Keith thought quickly and winked at Steve. "It just happened Sir, we were having a shower, then Andy grabbed my cock", "So you like sucking cock do you Andy?, well I think you had better strip me and suck mine then".

Andy looked at Steve nervously, he reached out and slipped off Steve's jacket, then his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off. Andy was looking at Steve's hairy chest, "Like what you see Andy?", "Yes Sir I do",

"Have a feel then", Andy ran his hands over Steve's chest and through the greying hair that covered it.

Then he went on his knees and reached out and undid Steve's belt buckle, then unzipped his trousers letting them slide to the floor. Steve stood there in his silk boxer shorts; Andy reached up and slid them down to reveal his semi hard uncircumcised cock surrounded with a dense bush of pubic hair.

Then Andy slowly reached out his hand and took hold of Steve's cock, he slid the foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head. Then lent forward and took it into his mouth, and started to suck, Steve's cock soon became rigid in his mouth.

Steve was smiling at Keith, who winked back at him and silently mouthed "What next", "Keith come here and stand beside me" which he quickly did.

"Now Andy I want you to suck Keith as well as me".

Andy reached out for Keith's cock, so now he had a hard cock in each hand. He released Steve's cock from his mouth, turned and started to suck Keith The next few minutes passed with Andy sucking at the two hard cocks in turn. Steve turned to Keith "Clear your desk, we need it". Keith did this as Andy continued sucking Steve then went back to stand beside Steve.

Steve told Andy "Stand up, which he quickly did, then Steve asked "Do you like what you see now?", Andy looked at the two hairy men and down at their uncircumcised stiff cocks. "Yes Sir, I like the look of both of you", "That's good Andy because we are both going to fuck you, I did not like to walk in to find you sucking off my boyfriend!!!!.

Keith looked at Steve in shock; "Boyfriend" is that what had happened...did Steve consider them together now, well thinking about it they had become very close and spent a lot of time together. Yes he thought it was true, they had become a couple, but where was it all leading?.

"Andy lay on your back on the desk", "Yes Sir" Andy replied quickly doing so. Steve got between Andy's legs as Keith passed him some lube; Steve quickly applied the lube to his cock and Andy's ass, "Have you been fucked before Andy?", "Yes Sir, a few times", "Good because we are going to fuck you long and hard" Andy.

Steve lined up his cock and rammed it into Andy, Andy let out a yelp as Steve pushed the whole length into him. Steve started to fuck Andy, faster and faster until he was jack hammering his dick into Andy's ass. Then he slowed down and pulled his dick out an said, "Your turn now Keith"

Keith replaced Steve between Andy's legs; he thrust his dick inside in one quick movement. Keith started to fuck, faster and faster until he was drilling Andy's ass with his rigid dick.

Steve put his hand on Keith's ass and told "Just lean forward and rest on a downward stroke", then Steve lubed Keith ass. He lined his dick up and entered Keith with a thrust; he started to fuck Keith with long hard strokes.

As Steve fucked Keith it caused Keith to fuck Andy, soon their two dicks were hammering hard. Andy on the bottom was sighing with pleasure as he had the fuck of his life, Keith in the middle was moaning with excitement while his dick thrust into Andy and Steve's thrust into him..

Steve on top was just enjoying himself as he jack hammered into Keith, thinking how exciting this was. He had really liked ordering Andy around; it gave him a new feeling of sexual power.

Soon both men reached the edge; their dicks stiffened and started to shoot. Andy and Keith's asses were filled as the two hard pricks shot load after load of hot cum deep inside them.

Steve pulled his dick out of Keith, who then pulled his out of Andy. Both men helped Andy to stand up, Steve asked him "Were you fucked hard enough?" and he replied "Yes Sir, I was, It was great to feel your two big dicks inside me. Can we please do it again Sir?, Steve looked at Keith and replied "That depends on your behaviour".

Steve went on "Now we will all shower" as he led them to the shower room.

"Now Andy I want you to wash us both", Andy got some shower gel and started one by one on them, washing their hairy bodies, heavy cocks and balls with gentle hands. Then he washed himself while the two men watched him.

They all got out and dried themselves then standing their naked Steve told Andy "We will let you know when we need your services, keep yourself ready", Andy replied "Yes Sir, anything you say".

They all left to get dressed, Andy went home feeling totally fucked out by the encounter. Steve and Keith were both tired from their efforts, so they decided to spend the night together at Steve's house.

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To be continued..................



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