Keith and Carol spent the evening sorting out the last few things and chatting about their futures; Carol had rented a flat in Brussels, but she would spend the weekends at Theo's home near Antwerp, Keith told her "Theo seams a nice guy, I hope it all works out for you and your happy"

"Oh Keith, I hope so to, I want you to find someone and be happy as well,

we were too young when we married, it was just a mistake, but we had some good times and we have the boys to show for it".

"Yes, that's very true" Keith told her giving her a hug, "Time to move on with the rest of our lives" as he kissed her forehead. "I'm just glad we can still be friends" she replied, Keith smiled and said "Better have an early night, as you will be busy tomorrow", as he led the way upstairs to their separate bedrooms.

Next day Keith went off to school, leaving Carol to deal with the final bits and the movers. When he got home that evening, he found a note from Carol to tell him she had decided to leave after the movers had left; she thought that was better for them both.

Keith spent the evening moving things around so the gaps left were not so obvious, he had a sandwich and went off to bed early, next morning he went off to school as usual, thinking it was going to be a lonely weekend in a part

empty house.

Just as he was about o leave Steve phoned him to ask how it had gone "It was OK I suppose, Carol left on Thursday afternoon before I got home, she

thought that would be better than spending an awkward last evening, in a part empty house", "Well that was probable for the best for you both, all things considered" replied Steve.

"I suppose you're feeling a bit down, even though you had it all agreed" Steve asked him, "Yes it was difficult, the end of a chapter in life, once the house sells that will be the end" Keith replied, "You sound really down, why not come out to my place for the weekend Keith?", "I'm not sure that I would be good company for you" Keith told him, "Nonsense, don't go home, come back with me now" Steve told him, with a sigh well "OK"

They met in the school car park, "OK Keith into the car, leave yours here for the weekend, you won't need it or anything else". Keith got in the but asked "Can we go by my place, I need to pick up a few clothes and shaving stuff etc", "Sure" Steve replied, when they got there Keith went in but was back out in a couple of minutes, then they continued a silent journey to Steve's place.

"Right come on Keith you need to relax and rest" Steve told him as they arrived, Steve went inside and to the kitchen with Keith following, "First thing a stiff drink...perhaps a lot of them" Steve told him pouring them both a large whiskey.

"Right, follow me, time to relax" Steve said as Keith followed him out to the swimming pool, "Get those clothes off and have a swim to start with" Steve

said as he was stripping, Keith stripped as well and they both dived in, they swam for about 10 minutes or so and got out.

"Get in the Jacuzzi Keith, it will help relax you" Steve told him as he disappeared, Keith got in and sat in the bubbling hot water, he lent back to enjoy the feeling of the jets of hot water, Mmmm Steve was right it was helping to relax.

Steve returned with a large ice bucket with several bottles of champagne in it and two glasses, "This will help" he said as he uncorked a bottle and poured glasses for them both, he handed one to Keith as he got in the Jacuzzi.

They both laid back sipping the champagne, just relaxing and not talking, they had soon finished the first bottle, Steve opened another one and that was soon finished as well.

"Do you feel more relaxed now Keith", "Yes I think I do, its nice to lay back

in here, its very soothing" Keith replied, "Well time to open the pores up and sweat a bit ,come on lets go to the Sauna". They both got out and went to the Sauna; they sat side by side enjoying the heat.

"Thank you Steve, this is helping a lot" Keith remarked, "Well there's more to come yet Keith, just enjoy" replied Steve. After about 25 minutes Steve said to Keith "Come on time for the final part of my relaxation program" as he led Keith out.

There was a massage table set up, "OK Keith get up and lay on your front, and I will give you a massage", Keith complied and Steve poured massage lotion over his back and his hands.

Steve started on his shoulders, then downwards to his arms and hands, then to his back, rubbing the lotion in, down his buttocks, legs to feet then up again to his hairy ass, spreading the cheeks as the lotion dribbled into the crack, around and into the asshole, inserting first 1 then 2 fingers moving in and out as Keith groaned with pleasure.

Steve asked "Keith turn over onto your back" which he did, Steve started to pour lotion over his chest and downwards over his stiff prick, then started to massage the shoulders again, then down to his chest, rubbing the lotion through the thick mat of chest hair, which soon matted up, down to each leg in turn, up the legs to touch the heavy hairy balls, one hand grasping the thick hard cock.

Keith was moaning with pleasure as Steve massaged his balls with one hand, with the other he held the hard dick, gently pulling the foreskin back to expose the bulbous head, gently squeezing the balls, his hand started to move up and down the hard dick masturbating Keith, picking up speed

his hand moved faster and faster as Keith squirmed with pleasure.

Steve lent down and started to suck on the head, moving downwards to swallow Keith's dick, Keith's hand reached out to grasp Steve's hard dick while he was receiving the blow job of his life, Steve felt the balls tighten, the dick go rigid as it started to shoot load after load of hot cum which Steve was swallowing as fast as he could, with one final blast it was over.

Steve kept sucking and swallowing the hot cum as Keith's dick softened in his mouth he let it fall from his mouth, looking at Keith with cum dribbling

from his mouth he asked "Are you more relaxed now Keith?", Keith groaned and replied "Yes, that was fantastic Steve".

"Turn onto your stomach again Keith, lets move on to the next stage", Keith turned over as asked, wondering what else Steve was going to do, he did not have to wait long as Steve climbed up and sat astride him.

Steve fingered Keith's ass again, then lined up his hard cock, he pushed forward with one continuous movement to bury his 9 inches of hard dick inside Keith. Keith moaned as Steve filled his ass, Steve started to move,

in and out, faster and faster until he was hammering his dick into Keith, then his dick went rigid as he fired load after load of cum deep inside.

Steve lent forwards, his dick slipping out of the cum filled ass, to kiss Keith on the back of his neck and asked "More relaxed? , "Oh yes Steve, that's what I needed, a hard fucking", Steve kissed him again and climbed off and started to massage him again.

"Time to turn over again Keith", which he did, then Steve applied more lotion and continued the massage, as he did so he watched Keith's dick grow harder and harder, he took it in hand and slowly started to slide the foreskin up and down.

Once again he climbed up astride and facing Keith, who was looking up at him, he reached around and grasped Keith's hard dick, he moved backwards and downwards, to line up the dick with his ass, he started downwards as his ass engulfed all of Keith's 9 ½ inches of hard dick in one fluid motion.

They both sighed, Keith looking up at Steve who sat astride him filled with his dick, his hands reached up to rub the hairy chest, Steve started to move up and down on his dick, faster and faster, bobbing up and down on the dick that filled his ass.

Steve increased speed, sitting up and down on Keith's rock hard dick, with every movement impaling himself on the stiff dick that filled his ass, he felt Keith's dick go rigid as he shot deep inside, continuing to shoot load after load of thick creamy cum deep inside him to fill his ass.

Steve lent forward to kiss Keith, as he did the softening prick slipped out of his cum filled ass; he slid downwards as he continued to kiss Keith, then to lie on top, hairy chest to hairy chest, cum drained dick to cum drained dick.

Steve climbed off and helped Keith up; they were hugging and kissing each other, they pulled apart and Steve said "Lets go back into the Sauna, we can sit and relax for a while", Keith followed him and sat down at his side, the sweat started to pour through their hairy chests, downwards around their soft dicks and cum drained balls.

Steve put his arm around Keith "Are you relaxed enough now", Keith replied "Never felt so relaxed and exhausted at the same time, that was amazing Steve, it just gets better between us all the time", Steve hugged him and replied "Yes it does, glad to know you feel the same as me" then lent over to kiss Keith passionately.

They broke apart as Steve told Keith, "Time for a shower, then I think an early night for us", Keith smiled and followed Steve out to the shower, they washed each other, dried off and then headed back to the cottage and to bed.

They cuddled up together in Steve's big bed, both relaxed but exhausted from their exertions, gradually they both drifted off into a deep sleep. They woke up refreshed the next morning and headed naked for the kitchen.

Steve fixed them coffee and a light breakfast and said to Keith while they had it, "I need to mow the lawns and some weeding done, do you feel like helping me out", Keith smiled and replied "Sure I'll help, I'm not going to sit on my ass watching you, and its best to keep my mind occupied". Steve laughed at this, "Come on then follow me"

Steve led them outside to the garage, he started up a ride on mower, and showed Keith how it worked, "Think you can do the lawns while I get on with the borders?. "Sure, it looks easy" as he drove out to start mowing and

Steve collected some tools to start weeding the borders around the cottage.

After an hour or so Keith had finished, he cleaned and parked the mower back in the garage. He then went out to help Steve finish the borders; they worked on together for another 40 minutes to get them finished, then they returned the tools to the garage, and went to sit on the terrace.

Steve said "I think its time for a glass of cold wine", as he got up and went inside; Keith watched him as he returned, thinking to himself that Steve looked good, a nice body with a chest covered in greying hair, with a trail leading down to a dense bush of pubic hair, with heavy balls and a good sized dick swinging between his legs.

Steve returned and put the wine down as Keith stood up and hugged him, hairy chests rubbing, their dicks pressed together and said "Steve I feel great when I'm with you, the sex is amazing, but my feelings are all mixed up and confused, am I gay?, I think that I may be falling in love with you".

Steve looked at him with misty eyes "Keith, I feel the same way, lets just take things slowly and see what happens", as they lent towards each other and started to kiss each other passionately, then they broke apart and sat down to enjoy the wine in the warm sunshine.

To be continued..................



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