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This week was very awkward for me. To live in the same house with three loves in my life was unusual. Not that I had any doubt who my love belongs too. Sven was number one. But when you was in love with somebody you can not turn off a switch to forget about him or her. You remember, if you want or not. And seeing my very first male love,initiated something in me I couldn't explain. Every time I saw him, doesn't matter here right now in our house or at prison my thoughts went back to the time we spent together. We didn't had only good memories, we also had a few bad ones as well, but when you think back only the good one are stuck in your head. I caught myself thinking about my first actual night with him. How tender he handled me. How sweet he was. I must have starred at him. Sven wasn't home but Susan pulled me out of my daydream. "V, V hello " I only heard the hello and looked at her. "Sorry I was far away right now. What did you say Susan?" She rolled her eyes on me and I caught Sean smiling at me.

It was not right I had known that but I couldn't chance it. And with Chris, it was almost the same. When I saw his gorgeous body I thought on the shower scene I witnessed. Was that right? No it wasn't.

At the second week I excused myself earlier in the morning going to work Sven usually goes at 6.30 and I left house right after him only to be away when Sean or Chris crawled out of their bed. I felt not good, thinking so much about my exes. I talked to Sven about my thoughts, but he only told me I had it in me to do the right thing. He always helt me in his arms when I told him and somehow, that calmed me down.

Jesus came more often now and at the beginning I thought he and Chris would become a couple, but it seemed that either Jesus or Chris didn't wanted to make the next step. They talked a lot and I think the did some kissing as well but Jesus never stayed over night. Nor stayed Chris at Jesus's place. So as far as I know they didn't slept witch each other. But every time Jesus came and chatted with Chris, Sean left the room at first and later, the house. It probably was to much, seeing his ex-lover with somebody else. Sven and I had more than one conversation with Sean but when he was asked if he still had feelings for Jesus he denied it. He could say what he wanted, Sven and I could see it.

It was hard in the first two weeks but I managed to deal with my ex lovers pretty good the following weeks, until Sven told me he had to go to New York for a case. For about one week. All my confidence in myself left with him. I brought him to LAX and when it was time to say good by he kissed me and held my head in his hands." Victor, you can do it. You can handle it. I am sure about it. I love you and I love you because you are a good man, with a good judgment. So trust yourself" he finished and kissed me again. I didn't said anything and he left the car. Before he closed the door he stuck his head inside again. " I love you" he whispered and tossed me a hand kiss. "I love you too Sven, you know that" I answered and also tossed a kiss. On the way home I missed him already.

I still left early for work and before long Sean was up before me. So I had to sip my coffee with him. We talked about almost everything except feelings. He was up that early because he was looking for a job. I knew in my company, i could give him a job as a janitor. We needed one. But first I didn't know if he wanted to work with me as his boss and secondly I didn't know if I wanted him to work for me. That evening I came home and found Susan playing with Hans, Chris was preparing food. He was good as a chef. He really could cook. "Victor" Susan started "you should go and talk to Sean. He came home very frustrated and I think he started drinking. Please be careful" she added and I know why she told me that. I had told her about his aggression against his brother when I was with him.

I knocked on Sean's room. "Sean it's me , I wanna talk to you" but I heard no answer, so I knocked again. More forcefully this time.

"Leave me alone, I don't wanna talk right now" he yelled behind the closed door. "Come on Sean. Susan is worried and so am I. Please open the door and let me in." I demanded and it showed results. He opened the door. First thing I saw was the half empty 50 year old whiskey bottle in his hands. He was drunk, but he let me inside. He offered me a sip out of the bottle, but I shook my head." What's going on Sean?" I asked. The last time I saw Sean drunk, he was violent, so I didn't know what to expect. Sean walked to his bed, and laid on his back. The bottle on his mouth. I walked over and took the bottle out of his hands. He looked aggressive at me. I was kinda scared because I know he was stronger than I was. But he only let out a loud " fuck you". I walked back two steps and asked again what was wrong with him. He only looked at me. After a while of silence he sat up. "Im moving out. Nobody here loves me. Nobody" he screamed the second nobody. "Sean u know its not true. We love you. Your brother loves you and I love you too...." He interrupted me." You know that I still love him!" I guess he was so dunk that he didn't know what he had said. His interruption made no sense to me so I asked. "Sven?" His eyes were wide open when he responded. "What the fuck are you talking about. I mean Jesus." He had not so much control over his tongue and it came out like "whathefhuck rutalking bout ". Yes I assumed that. And I knew for sure Jesus had still feelings for him but I didn't wanted to wake wrong ideas in him so I said nothing at all. I sat next to him on the bed and watched him. His eyes became watery and he started talking. "I fucked up everything in my live. First I felt for an way to old guy. Then I had Jesus, when I was home on vacation from Germany. And you. You are the best thing, ever happened to me. I'm so jealous that my brother can fuck you and I can't. I loved you, really I did. As I loved Jesus. We both were 17. I had Snoppy before but I was Jesus first one. He was so innocent. And I took his virginity. It was no sex. It was lovemaking." He stopped crying and his eyes became more bright. "He was good at blowing my dick. My dick was his first one, just like you. "He said and brought up a smile. And I thought about Jesus. Yes he could suck a cock like a pro. Sven continued " We were so happy at my place in Palmdale. And then Snoopy showed up one night. We had a fight. He accused me on cheating. We were almost 3 years together until he found another young ass to fuck. Yes I was 14 when He picked my cherry. "He added when I looked surprised at his face. "And he was 32 already. Jesus really thought that Snoopy and I were still together and he left, crying and cursing at me. I will never forget that night. Nor will I forget the night you left. Damn why did that happened to me. Two great men and I could not hold on to one." He ended and buried his face in his already wet pillow. I didn't no what to say to comfort him. I only could agree with what he had said, but I wasn't sure if that would help, so I only scratched his naked back.

Touching his chocolate brown skin woke up memories. And in my pants grew something I wasn't prepared for. Ashamed of myself that I still got a boner for Sean, i stood up and walked to the door. Sean turned around and asked me where I was going. I turned around and saw his hard dick hanging out of his pajamas. He saw my tent too, but I shook my head. "No Sean, that wouldn't be right. I love you,but I love your brother more. And I am married." I turned again and closed the door behind me.

In my room my guilty conscience drove me crazy. How could I do such a horrible thing. For me it was almost cheating on Sven. I tried to call Sven but I could only leave a message. "Please call me ASAP" I made it urgent.

About an hour later my phong vibrated and i thought Sven called back but It was Jesus. "Hey buddy what's up?" I tried to be as calm as possible. " V, Sean called me right now. He cried on the phone. He didn't said anything I could only hear him crying. Could you please check on him. I hope he is still in your house." I was already on my feet and run downstairs to Sean's room. It was looked, so I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. I had that picture in my head seeing him with open wrists or worse. No answer. I stepped back and rammed my shoulder at the door. I almost dislocated my shoulder but the door didn't moved one bid. I stepped back further and hit the door with the hurting shoulder again. And this time I broke the door. Sean was laying on the bed. On the nightstand was a empty bottle of medication. "You are not dying on my buddy. I don't to let you go so easily" I yelled and jerked his body on the side so I could stick my finger in his mouth and throat to make him puke." Hey what are you doing?" He babbled. I looked surprised at him. "Are you ok?" I asked. "We'll I past out but I'm ok. Why?" I thought the worst when I saw Sean laying on his bed with that empty bottle. "Jesus called me to check on you. You had called him but didn't say anything and he called me and..." Just now I realized I wasn't alone anymore. Susan came with Curtis on her arms and Chris had Hans on his hand. "Everything all right?" Susan asked. "Yes, yes, I probably overreacted. I thought...." But I stopped my sentence. Sean looked at me, and saw me staring at the medication on his nightstand. "Are you crazy?" He only asked. Even in his buzz he must have read my mind. "I called Jesus to tell him that I still love him but I couldn't say one word. I just cried. So I hung up and past out. That's all." I still hadn't hung up my cell phone and mow I looked at it. Jesus was still on the other end and heard what Sean just told me. I lifted my phone on my ear and i only heard" I love you too. Please forgive me..." I looked at Sean and gave him the phone. "I think it's for you pal" I whispered and turned around. Susan was still standing there while Chris has left with Hans. She looked at me. I knew what she was thinking. She thought the same I had thought when I saw the empty medication bottle. While closing the door behind me she asked. "Do you think he took some pills? Should we call an ambulance? Did he tried to ...? But I shook my head. No I don't think he tried to commit ...." But I left it unspoken " I hope I know him well enough, but when I saw him laying there and the nightstand I thought the worst. " I tried to smile a bit, but it came out like a grimace. It was enough to let Curtis laugh on Susan's arms.

Shaken by emotion I reached out and touched Sven's little man. I couldn't control myself and tears were running down my cheeks. Susan moved closer to my side and hugged me with her free hand. I kissed her fore head but shook my head, because she was about to say something. Fast I turned around and walked away. In my room I trashed myself on the bed. Now I was sobbing like a baby. Did Sean really try to kill himself ? I thought. My feeling for him are still there and that's probably why I had that break down. After I calmed down a bit I tried to call Sven. I needed to hear his voice right now. Acutely I wanted him to be here right now and take me in his strong arms. I missed my hubby. Lately I called him that and he always called me hubby back. I don't wanted to deal with that all alone anymore. I made a mistake to let him go but on the other hand it was not my decision to make for him to stay home. Since Sean had still my cell phone, i called Sven on the landline.

The call went right to the voice mail. He was ether on call or he had turned it off.

I didn't wanted to be alone anymore and decided to go and play with Hans for a while or Curtis. That always makes me happy so I went to the kitchen. Hans was playing with Chris on the floor with remote cars and Curtis, well he had his nap time. So I strolled to the living room and was about to sit down when the doorbell rung. I opens the door and Jesus flew by, yelling Sven's name. "Where is he?" He asked and I pointed the direction. Sven must have heard Jesus's voice because I heard him yelling too " Jesus, I love you " he shouted and run in Jesus's direction. When the both meet in the living room they just hung on each other like flys on a fly trap. They kissed passionately. "Iiiiuuui" Hans yelled " they r kissing."I turned my head. Chris was standing there looking like a puppy when beaten. Did he had thought that Jesus and he could have been a couple one day? I thought. He turned around and left and I followed him. Chris left the house to the enormous back yard. I caught up with him close to a iron bench. "Chris, wait " I told him and reached for his shoulder. He was crying. "First you and now... I thought we could be ...." He cried on my shoulder. "I know, but they both love each other for so many years. You have to understand. " Chris looked in my eyes. " He told me he loves his first boyfriend but I thought that would be you." I looked him right in his eyes when he said it. I was surprised to hear that Chris thought Jesus and I.... I smiled at him. " Jesus gave me a blow job one time, well I have to admit he is good in cock sucking, but we never had a relationship. To tell the truth, shortly before Greg's wedding I wanted to fuck his beautiful ass. But somehow I couldn't do it." I still looked into his eyes. "Do you really have feelings for Jesus?" Chris eye contact broke and he shook his head. "Actually I never had that klick moment with him. I had it when u were fighting those old assholes in the sauna. When I saw your shadow on the bench,it made klick and I knew I wanted you. But with Jesus, no. I thought about a one night stand with him or maybe some more nights but never thought of having a relationship. I just left the party because I realized I'm alone. You got Sven, Jesus has Sean and I am alone." He finished sadly. I pulled him into a hug and scratched his back." I told you before every pot finds his lid. So you gonna find somebody too,my friend."

Inside the house again Chris and I played with Hans for a while and at around 9 pm Hans went to bed. He protested a few times but Susan didn't wanted him to stay awake any longer. He was in his bed and I kissed him good night. "Papa when is daddy coming home?" I looked at him " hopefully soon. I don't know for sure buddy. " I only could tell him what I knew. He didn't returned my call and right now the creepiness of not knowing what's going on with him crawled up my bones again.

Since sean still had my cellphone i went to his room and knocked in the door. I heard footsteps and the lock and the door swung open. Sean was standing there with only a towel around his hip. He smiled at me and let go of the towel. I couldn't prevent my eyes not to look down on his half erect dick. He smiled at me. I smiled back at him. Jesus was laying on the bed, the sheet covered him but you could still see the tent underneath. "Sorry to interrupt your... But I need my phone Sean." I said. Sean gestured to come in but I refused. "No thanks, you two have enough to share without me." But Sean responded quickly. "Hey you can join in, Sven will never know. "He said it with a smile on his face, or was is a grin? Was he joking or was he serious about that. I shook my head and laughed. " my phone please " I demanded. He still smiled at me and gave me my phone.

When he closed the door behind me I could hear Jesus talking to him. "How could you ...." But that was all I heard.

In my room, alone I dialed Sven's number again, but still no answer. I was worried a bit. It's not Svens usual behavior to let a call unanswered. Bored and feeling lonely I strolled thru the messages Sven left on my phone. Almost every day he's sending me little icons on my phone. One said I'm missing you, the other one I love you it wanna be with you right now. I feel so euphoric every time one of those icons pops up. And happy. At the end I saw the video Elliott did for us, and a lightning struck me. What if Chris and Elliott would come together. It was worth a try.

I typed into my phone. "Sorry buddy, you didn't heard from us in a long time, but we had some problems to manage. How are you doing so far? Hope you are not to upset with us."

Two minutes later my phone rung and I assumed it would be Elliott. But it was Doug's phone number." Hello buddy " I heard Sven's voice. "I took my phone into a pool, long story I'll explain later. Can you do me a favor and pick me up at LAX in 15 min ?" He asked. While listening to his tenor voice my little V became hard. It was so nice to hear his voice. "Of course,with the tragic right now I'll be there in 10."

I only grabbed my car key and left. Only when I entered the freeway I realized that I was only dressed in my lakers shorts and t shirt. My hard dick was building up a big tent in those shorts but I didn't care. I only wanted to see Sven as soon as possible. When I arrived at the airport, on gate 7 there was a lot of police presents. And now I felt uncomfortable with my hard on. What if one police officer would knock on my window, or worse asked me to step out of my vehicle. But I arrived the gate without any of this and saw Sven standing there already. By his side more police officers. He waved his hand, when he saw me. I couldn't go out, so I stayed where I was. Sven's glance showed some question marks when he saw me sitting inside the car. Not two minutes later, Sven shook one of the officers hands and headed my way. He opened the passengers door and asked "everything all right ?" I only lifted up my shirt, witch covert my dick head hanging out if my shorts. "Oh that's a welcome I really like." He sat down in the seat and moved over to kiss me and squeeze my hard dick inside my pants.

With his hands on my little friend and his tongue in my mouth, I was about to let go off my 6 days load. "Are you crazy, there are a lot of police outside. Do you really wanna get caught" I said after I broke the kiss. "We better get going or ..." " oh no buddy, I want that right now and right here " Sven whispered in my ear and lowered his head. I put the car in gear and drove off. As soon as I was on the 105 he had my cock down his throat. "Stop, please I can not drive like this. We gonna have a accident" I moaned, ready to explode. Sven let go of my dick and gave me direction where I should drive. Only two blocks later we found a empty parking lot near a park. Sven was holding my dick the entire time and now he fumbled with his zipper to let out his already rock hard dick. But before I could dive on his cock he was already on mine and sucked like crazy. Now without worried to get caught I let go of myself and 30 sec later I almost drowned him. My climax was so intensive that I saw the white light for several seconds. Sven moaned and sucked as fast as he could but still he couldn't manage it to swallow all. 7-8 jets of my white cum disappeared inside his mouth and two more on his face." Oh my gooooooooodddd" I screamed when my man juice left my pole. This is a incredible feeling to let go of your men milk in such a high climax. After the white light I saw stars inside my head. I fellt Sven's bulging lips closing around mine and tasted the last drop of my own cum. Finally my vision cleared and I looked in his beautiful brown eyes. Sven's tongue was more aggressive as usually, I guessed he had missed me too. The weight of his body and the strength oh his neck muscle pushed me down deep into my seat and head rest. I tried to found his hard dick, witch was out of his pants already. He moaned loudly. "Oh my good I missed you so much my love" he said still kissing me. Abruptly he let go of my lips, turned and opened the passenger door to get out. What the heck, I thought and watched him cornering the front of the car. His 10 inch dick leading the way. Finally right beside the driver side door, he Pressed his genitals flat to the window . Both balls and his dickhead was crushed against the glass and he started to fuck the outside of my Prius. I only could lick the inside but I wanted more so I cautiously opens the door. His head was thrown back in his neck and he exhaled loudly." You better wait my friend" I let out and left the car. He just waited for that moment. As soon as I stood on both feets he wheeled me around so I stood now facing my car. I could feel his hot breath in my neck. It was chilli outside the car but we both didn't care to much. His lips rolled over my skin in the back of my neck and I could feel his hard on pushing against my anus. I still had my shorts on and a t shirt but that not for long. He hovered my shirt over my head and outstretched arms. Sven just tossed it on the dirty pavement. His hands scratched, by coming down the inside of my arms, my armpits and the side of my torso. That gave me the shiver and I must have wiggled with my ass out of excitement. "Yes I want you, right here and right now" Sven whispered in my ears and licked the left one. Oh my good, what the fuck, I thought. He want to fuck me here, right here in that parking lot. Well it was dark, as dark as It could be in Los Angeles and I only saw a few parked cars further away. "Nobody would watch us" went thru my mind and I agreed to get fucked right here by pulling down my shorts. My dick was already hard again and now I was pressed to the window. The cold glass felt something good and when I felt Sven going down to his knees I mumbled "Yes take me here, fuck the shit out of me". I heared Sven laughing" oh we are very naughty today, but believe me I will do my best and fuck you till you beg me to stop." With that I had the feeling of his hot tongue on my ass crack. He pushed his tip inside as deep as his teeth allowed him. In and out, in and out. I yelled his name and told him to finally fuck me with his cock. And he surrendered. He stood up and I felt his dick head right on my sphincter. Before he stood up he spit a load of his saliva on my hole and now he lubricated his cock the same way. With one massive move forward he went inside of me. It did hurt much more than usual. I yelled in surprise. "Fuck oh god that's hurts and feels so god in once. Don't stop honey fuck me, fuck me deep". And I heard him moaning loud and almost aggressive. " ohhhhh fuck I won't stop I told you " and he started to drive his stick in and out. With each stroke he whispered " fuck fuck fuck" he did this for ca 2 minutes. All of a sudden a metal door opened not far from us. I heard music playing " same love " by Macklemore. I loved that song since I heared it the very first time. An older guy walked out of a dimmed interior. Reddish/ violet light glowed inside. When he stepped outside he saw us standing there, no better fucking there because Sven didn't stopped at all. On the contrary, he increased his speed and his volume of his voice. So the other encounter with Elliott wasn't related to the drugs at all. Sven loved to be watched. The older guys hand went down on himself to his crotch and he gave the inside of his pants a pritty good squeeze. He stepped down to the parking lot and by then he had out his had dick and worked on it fiercely. Sven also seemed to accelerated his base and moaned extremely loud. Not a minute later a car entered the parking lot and came in our direction with his lights still on. It casted a shadow of the guy jerking on the wall behind him. It looked like a giant was jerking off. The vehicle turned off the lights but still came closer and stopped about 15 feet from us. The driver didn't left the car. He probably sat there and enjoyed the action we provided. Sven's movements increased rapidly and I felt like a piece of fabric in a sowing machine. I loved to feel his dick inside and I loved the feeling he did enjoying it immensely. The older guy moved closer to the park car and he stoped right beside the drivers window. It looked like the driver gave him a good mouth massage. Now I heard Sven's growling. That meant he was close to his orgasm. He stopped abruptly, buried his dick deep inside. His breathing stopped for seconds and with one big "aaaaahhhhhh" he pulled back and rammed his pole back in. Once, twice three times. And with each aaaahhh he released a blast of his cream. With the third blast his dick slipped out my ass and I felt 4 more blast of cum covering my back. Sven still screamed out of his lungs and to quiet him down I turned my head and drove my tongue inside his mouth. While he came inside of me I shoot my second load right on my driver sides window. Sven made me turn all the way but kept kissing me. When his lips left mine he whispered. "My good V I love you so much. That was great and thanks for it" and he smiled at me. Behind us we heard the older guy moaning too and he wiggled like a puppet. His climax must have been as good as Sven's. "Buddy I want you to do the same to me right now " Sven said but I only looked at him. I pointed at the cum at the window. "To late Hubby" I kissed him, but he gently pushed me away. "You know I like dessert " Sven whispered in my ear and licked my juice off the glass.



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