I was determined to by that ugly shirt for Sven, but he looked at me and with a unfalteringly voice he said."If u gonna by that shirt for me I want a divorce." And he bursted out in laughter. I left the shirt behind and we both made our way out of the store in laughter. We didn't had reached our car when we heard footsteps behind us. It was the cute Mexican. He had all kinds of grocery in his cart and was on his way to his VW Beetle ,witch was standing near our Prius. He looked at us and flushed a little, but smiled and kept looking in Sven and my eyes. "Hey man, what's your name?" I asked. "My name is Elliot. Hey, just wanna say you two are hot. Thanks for the show." Now Sven was faster and answered. "We'll you are very welcome. Actually it was a pleasure for me" he said and when I hit his elbow he added "for us". Elliot smiled. "Are you two a couple?" He wanted to know. "Yes we are married" I said. His eyes opened up and his smile seemed to brighten also. "Hey Elliot, you are cute. Do you got a cell phone?" Sven asked and I looked puzzled in his face. He just smiled at me. "Of course I have a cell phone. Why?" And his face showed the same question marks as mine. "Type in the number. 424-........."Sven kept saying and gave him my number. I hit him again. Elliot was eager to type as fast as he could and dialed the number right away. My I-phone started to ring and Sven explained. "My name is Sven and this is Victor. You got his phone number. Since you liked our show and apparently we liked to be watched it could be, that we text you one day to do it again. Or more if you would like." What the fuck I thought. Sven's body was host to an alien . What did they do to my so shy husband? I looked still in disbelief but smiled at his idea. I thought almost the same about our short encounter but he wanted another show. I kissed him on his lips and Elliot went red again but he kept staring at us. Now it was my turn to asked him. "Are you gay?" Now he looked to the floor. "No I got a girlfriend but always wanted to try out how it is to do it with a boy or men. I liked his answer so I continued. "Listen Elliot, whenever you need help with anything just text me. I would be glad to help. " I said and smiled at him. By now the reddish face was gone but instantly it came back and he turned around and placed all his bought items in his trunk and drove away.

The oncoming week was very busy for me. We had an audition at the office and that meant overtime every day. I came home late at night almost every day. The first night Sven was still awake and asked politely how my day was. After the second night he was in dream land already. I could only kiss his forehead and told him good night. Friday came but we didn't finished the audition, so another week was necessary to complete the work. And I had to go in on Saturday, damn it. Sven didn't complain one time. He only pitted me every morning I had to go up earlier than him. On Saturday I had one of auditors in my office when my phone rung. But it was only a text message. Only a number appeared. I didn't now the caller so I didn't opened the message. I am glad I didn't. After two more hours we had accomplished enough to call it a day and I was out of the office around 2 pm. Sven wasn't home, he went with Marie to the grocery store. I took a shower and he still wasn't here when I finished, i took my phone to call him. By swiping to open the screen, i saw the icon on the text with the red 1 on it. I had all forgotten about the text but now I had time to read it. " you two made me do this " it said and attached was a video. I could not make out what it showed because it was very unclear. I hit the play button and couldn't believe what I saw. It showed a fist beating an uncut dick. I could hear moaning in the background and some fuck fuck fuck between. The fist was extremely fast and the for skin was rapidly moved back and forth. The angle of the camera changed and now you could see dark, hairy legs coming into focus. The pubic area was covert by curly black hair. A dark stain of hair was leading upward to the jerks belly bottom. The guy angled his legs to 45 degrees and pushed his butt up of the,I guessed, bed. The camera moved over the beaten stick and now I could see the ball sac with big nuts. The moaning slowed down, but the fuck fuck fuck continued and increased in volume. Now the camera moved again and showed for a split second the celling but came right back to the scene. Now I watched the legs up in the air and moving over the guys head. I could make out who it was. Elliot laid on his back and had his legs way over his head. The one hand was holding the camera and he used the other one to push down his ass, witch I sadly couldn't see. Moving deeper and deeper the camera angle showed Elliot's mouth only inches away from his dick. I didn't had to wait long and he engulfed his own dick head with his lips. The breathing thru his nostrils became wilder by the second. I wish I had tried that in the past. To give myself a BJ. I should have dammit. Lol. After seconds he let go of his dick and began to beat it again. " oh my gooooooodddd he let out and blasted his man juice all over his face. I counted 5 big jets of the delicious looking cum. My little friend in my pants was hard already. Elliot licked with his tongue the rest of his cock head and forced his dick deeper in his mouth than before. He almost had it in full. Wow. As soon as he let his legs down he used one finger and wiped the sperm in his face and sucked it off. Finally done he smiled in the camera and I could hear. "Thought I give you two a show too." And then the video stopped. I was perplex. Wow. Elliot wasn't not only cute, he was fucking hot. To bad he didn't showed his ass crack into the camera. And he was a hell of a self sucker. I heard Susan's voice calling out my name. "Victor, Sven is back, can you help him to bring in the stuff?" I yelled a short ok, laid down my phone on the nightstand and went downstairs. On my way down Sven came up and kissed me briefly. "Gotta go pee like a horse" he joked and went on. Sven and I made the rule to leave the two bathrooms downstairs to the girls and kids. We used our on suite, even we both sat down peeing. Hans was shopping with Sven and Marie and he held a Nintendo Ts in his hands. "Look papa, daddy bought me that. Now I can learn to calculate and to write." And he laughed at me. I picked him up and kissed him. With his 6 years now he was still small for his age and skinny, despite he ate like a caterpillar. I brought in the groceries, all of them because Sven was still upstairs. Well I thought maybe not only a pee break. Lol. Susan and Marie were responsible for storing it away, so I took Curtis and played with him for a while. Sven didn't showed up and now he was in the bathroom for over half an hour. I was curios and went upstairs. He held my phone in his hand and with the other hand he kneaded his big bulge in his pants. "Oh I see you having fun without me" I said and he froze. If he wouldn't be black I can swore he would have flushed. Lol. "You saw it before?" He asked. "Elliot is damn hot don't you think "he added. "Yes I can see it in your pants." I answered and smirked. It was the first time that I saw him getting a boner by someone else. Should I be worried? I thought. He came closer to me and played the video again. "Too bad you can not see his hot butt." He said, still working on his hidden boner. "Hey buddy do you want me to help you or you want to do it alone?" I asked with my head pointing at his action. He only smiled and reached out to grab my crotch too. "Well well well, somebody need a whopping. It's in the middle of the day and somebody is horny like hell" I smiled but never less gave him a BJ anyway. He watched the video on and on and blasted his sperm not quite 2 minutes later down my throat. I thought he gonna return the favor but he wanted something else. "Let's make a video for him" he suggested. Actually I was thinking the same thing but what he said made me somehow suspicious. What was going on with Sven. He acted weird lately when it came to sex. I never expected him to let a stranger touch his dick, nor that he would jerk off without me. But he did and that was strange, very strange. "What you got in mind?" I asked to see how far he would go. He took me by the hand and lead me to the bed. There he undressed me without any kissing or fore play. He just stripped down my pants and my briefs. My boner was still standing like a boulder In the ocean. He laid me down and went to the closet to take out his laptop and turned it on. It took a few minutes for the com to get in gear but as soon as I heard the bing when you turn on the camera he came to the bed. My little friend lost some if his power. Watching him I still thought of how awkward it was to see the man of your life acting in this behavior. Sven pulled his shorts down, no boxer today and pushed away his flip flop to get rid of his pants totally. He saw my dick straggling and gave him a mouth diving to bring him up again. When it was rock hard again he squeezed some Vaseline on his crack and on my dick head. I laid there and couldn't believe that this was happening. Love making without any love at all. Just a quick fuck. When he tried to sat down on my rod I couldn't stand it anymore and yelled at him." What the fuck are you doing here. This is not what I had in mind." He looked at me with his big brown eyes, stood up and went to the bathroom. My eyes followed him. What in the hell is going on with him. I searched for my briefs and also went to the bathroom. He sat on the toilette bowl with his face buried in his hands. My hand touched his shoulder and he looked up. "V I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I jerk off twice a day without you and still get a boner when I see you. It's like everything is all about sex right now. No, that is not correct, it's all about to cum for me. Even if I ejaculate I want more. I don't know how to explain." I lifted him up. "I'm not mad at you but I'm worried. His dick was still erected. "How long are you in this condition? I wanted to know. Sven looked really sad. "I don't know. It started harmless. I took a shower and had an erection. So nothing knew right?" He explains with a smirk." But it was getting worse until I jerked off without you in the shower. And now it's so bad, since you are working overtime and Saturdays that I have to go out of bed at night to beat my meat." I tried to interrupt him when he mentioned Saturdays, it only has been 3 this year so far, but I thought not to. Now I was worried. I thought our sex live was perfect, at least good above average. " you should see a doctor, maybe it's related to your attack. You were heavily beaten and you has been in a coma. So we shoulda make an appointment as soon as possible. Ok my love." Now I kissed him lightly and he kissed me back.

Not even half an hour later Sven had scheduled an appointment with Dr. Breelan, the doctor who took care of Sven after the coma. He was a specialist in neurology and brain functionality. But unfortunately only at the end of the week. Until then we had to live with the situation. Sven wanted to tell Susan about his condition but I told him to wait until we knew more. "I'll take an eye on you from now on" I said jokingly and Sven smiled.

On the following Monday, Sven did good under my supervision over the weekend, I had to go back to work. I wasn't to happy about leaving and knowing I had to make overtime again. I thought about taking a few days off to be with Sven, because I didn't know how if Sven's "sex addiction" was affecting his work and school. I came home late at night and Sven was already asleep . I didn't wanted to wake him up so I was as quiet as possible. After I brushed my teeth, I went to bed. Again trying not to wake him up. When I finally reached my lying position Sven's phone vibrated. Usually he has it on a theme song but today he had muted it. He was deep asleep and I reached for his phone to turn it off. What I saw let me swallow twice. He had a text massage and he had turned on "show preview" so I saw the short text "for you" and a pic of a men's erect dick. What the fuck. I opened the message, but couldn't find a name only a number was visible.

And while I was watching the image another pic came in. "You made me do this" it said and a cock was visible with cum oozing out of the dick head. That was to much. Was he cheating on me? I had enough and brutally woke him up. "Who the fuck is that?" I said very angry. He only looked at me puzzled and rubbed his eyes to get rid of the sleep. "Who the fuck is sending you pics of his dick?" I asked very angry and louder than I should have done. He only looked at me. "What the fuck ?" He only had to say."Here look for yourself " I barked at him and tossed him the phone. He turned it on and saw the pic with the cum smeared dick head. While he was staring at it in disbelief another message came in and I jerked his phone out of his hands. "Your curved cock fits perfectly in my ass,my love, hope we can do this again" it said. Now I felt tears erupting and my anger raising. "You son of a bitch, never thought you gonna cheat on me in our first year " I cried and tossed the phone back at Sven. It hit him on the head and now he started to get angry at me. "What the fuck V. Why did you sneak at my phone anyway. It's my phone and you, exactly you, says something about cheating. Who got caught in a German coffee shop holding hands with his under aged ex lover. And who promised to show somebody how much you loves him." Sven screamed at me with rage in his voice. That was enough. I don't know why I reacted so bitchy and jealous. "Fuck you" I screamed back at him, under tears and turned around to leave the bedroom. I couldn't stay one more minute in the room or i would have said something stupid which I would regret later. On my way out I slammed the door and did regret that, the next second. It was in the middle of the night and the kids were asleep by now. Hopefully I didn't woke them up. I went downstairs into the living room and cried like a baby. Susan showed up. "Maybe you can be a bid louder so the neighbor can hear you" she said to me in an angry voice. But when she saw me crying her voice now showed concern. "What's wrong V?" She asked and stroke over my head. I told her about the text messages Sven received. "V, are you out of your mind. Sven loves you, he never would do something like that. You should know better." And I told her about the appointment we had with Dr. Breelan and why. " he is acting some strange lately and I don't know how to handle that right now. Never thought I'm gonna be that jealous. But ..." Susan hugged me and with a motherly voice she calmed me down. "Victor, that all sounds terrible and I can not explain those things but I am 100 pro cent sure Sven didn't do what you think he had done. He loves you too much. Maybe you should go and apologies to Sven and talk to him.He deserves better. He is a good guy and we both love him. "


"Sven's thoughts"

Oh my god, why is Victor reacting like this. I never, never, never would cheat on him. He should know that. And what is wrong with me. His accusation are ridiculous but it gets me. I normally can swallow a lot before I explode but tonight? I shouldn't have told him about his meeting with Chris in Germany. I never was jealous about that. But now after i know Chris is coming for a visit i think i lost it. And to mention Victors promise to Jesus,was a mean thing to say. Why did I do that? I know he wouldn't do anything to hurt me, yet, I used it to hurt him. What I did lately is something I can not explain and I'm scared myself. I should go and apologize to him." And in that moment the phone rung again. Another text message. "I love you Sven, now I realize how much I love you. "Who the fuck are you? Sven typed in but no answer. "You son of a bitch leave me alone" and now an answer came. "But we had a perfect time together. You said you love me."

I never said something like that to anyone other than Victor. How can that motherfucker say such things. Well today after school Doug and I went to the gym. And after one hour of sweating our asses off we took a shower. Yes I had an erection when I saw Doug's hairy ass crack. And yes I phantasies about fucking it, but I would never... Actually I would never had those thoughts in the first place. And when he saw my dick hard, Doug told me to go home and look for Victors garage for my Porsche. And I left. And the next thing I know I was in my shower and jerked my meat like crazy. Never had black outs before. What was going on? I'm gonna try to see the doc today.


"And Victor I don't know if Sven told you there was a phone call from Germany. Chris called and I talked to him. He was devastated. His boyfriend cheated on him. He wanna spend some vacation days here in LA. he asked if you could pick him up from the airport. He's coming in at LAX on Friday. I told him yes either you or I will pick him up and I also told him he can stay with us, so he don't need a hotel. Sven was ok with it." Susan told me after she saw I was calming down. Oh, I thought, Chris is coming to town. That's why Sven mentioned him. Right now I didn't had the nerve to think about Chris, I was more concerned about Sven. "Susan, I don't know what's going on. I...." Susan's came closer and hugged me. "V,go talk to Sven. You two need to find a way to figure that out." She whispered in my ears.

Yes, I had to talk to Sven.and I wanted to do it right now so I went to our bedroom but Sven wasn't there. I called his name and checked the on suite but no Sven. Then I heard the buzz of his cellphone again. He left without his phone? Weird. I picked it up snd looked at the screen and a text message was visible again. "Does Victor know...." Was the only thing I could see in the preview the anger rising again I opened the full message and read the rest. "Does Victor know about us? It is all his fault that we can't be together. I'm not mad at you for your words, my love. I know it must be hard to break up with him. I love you Sven. " what words? Was running through my mind and I checked the previous conversation. And now I could see the words leave me alone and who the fuck are you by Sven. He didn't know that guy that's for sure. My anger left my mind and I typed in" I know and I love you too. I didn't recognized the number, sorry. Lets meet for a coffee. "Two minutes later came the answer. "That is you Victor? Right. You stay out of Sven's and my live. We are meant to be together. And you will pay for his misery he is going through right now." That son of a bitch threatened me.With Sven's phone in my hand, there was no way to contact my husband. First thing came to my mind was Doug. I know Sven had him in speed dial. "He Sven, where the heck are you? Doug asked right away. "Hey Doug it's me Victor, I just wanted you to tell Sven he left his phone at home. But it seems he's not with you." I said with sadness in my voice. "Nope he didn't showed up today, maybe he was to embarrassed after he had that monster hard on yesterday" Doug answered with a laugh. "Hope you did something about it " and he laughed even more. I played the game and laughed to. "Of course I did" but inside of me I was about to burst out in tears. After I hung up I called Dwight, Dad, but before it could ring, I hung up. Didn't wanted them to be worried too. It was in the middle of the night.

The only thing I could do is wait and pray that he wouldn't do any stupid stunts or worse. It was 10.pm and I couldn't go to sleep. My thought were all about Sven. At almost midnight I dosed off into a terrible dream.

----------------------------------------------- Sven left the house without saying good by to avoid the confrontation with Victor. He didn't wanted to hurt his love of his live even more. On his way sneaking out he overheard the conversation between Susan and V but couldn't and wouldn't hear it till the end. It was to painful to see V crying because of him.

Susan was right they had to talk but right now Sven was to embarrassed and to pride to do that. Something was going on with him and he had to find out. The biggest fear was that it actually was, that it could be the result of his brain injury. He only will know for sure after he had seen Dr. Breelan. Without his phone, witch he left purposely, he drove to the doctors house. It was only 9.45 so he was probably still awake.

Dr. Breelan answered the doorbell and was surprised to see Sven. "Hello, Sven." He said with an curios face and let Sven in.

Under tears Sven told him almost everything and with each minutes the doctors face showed more concern until Dr Breelan stopes him. " I am absolutely sure that has nothing to do with you injury or your coma. But to make sure I make a MRI tomorrow morning. Be there at 8am."

After the short visit Sven left but didn't wanted to go home. By now probably Susan know about it and that made it even worse. He went to the holiday inn in Torrance where he spent that beautiful night with Victor. Laying in bed,shaken by sobs and feeling regret what he had said and done. He felt asleep and ended up in a nightmare.

------------------------------------------------ In my dream somebody texted me to come down to the LA morgue to identify Sven's Body. Next second I saw myself standing there in a white tiled laboratory and a corpse laying on a tiled table. I reached out to remove the sheet. By doing it I was interrupted by my phone ringing on the nightstand. Covert in sweat because of the dream, I grabbed the phone and looked for the caller I'd. Only a phone number. Not the one with the text. "Hello" I only said and waited for the caller to identify himself. It was Dr. Breelan. "Hello Victor, I only call to see if Sven came home safely?" Oh my god he was there. I let out thousand question at once but he told me about doctor-patient confidentiality, but he was worried about Sven so he called in. Suddenly I knew where to find Sven. I thanked the doctor and after I hung up in him I dialed the Holliday inn in Torrance and asked for Sven Goldmann. The concierge gave me the suite number and wanted to call him but I stopped him. I made the short distance in less than 15 minutes and knocked on the same suite, Sven and I had the first time we were here. After the third knock Sven opens the door and I could see he had cried a lot. When he saw me he turned around and started crying. Before the spring on the door could close it I stepped in and took him in my arms. "Sven, I am an asshole. I am so sorry I was so jealous. I should know better." I started but he just shut me up with his lips on mine. His kissed weakened my knees and I searched something to hold on. After he let go of the kiss he said" Victor, I don't know how to explain all this but let me assure you I had never had anything with another....." But now I pressed my lips on his. We kissed passionately and his tongue battled mine. But he broke the kiss again and let me to the couch. He told me about the messages and the visit at Dr. Breelan's house. I told him I knew already about the messages but I wanted to know what the doctor had to say. After Sven told me what happened I was some kind of relieved. "Sven can you think of anyone who could have sent those texts?" I asked but he shook his head. My first thought had been Snoopy but that was unlikely. He was more the brutal type. It has to be someone with a brain to figure out how to split me and Sven to get what he wants. Sven also told me about Doug but I had to tell him again,I know. He wanted to apologies again but I laid a finger on his lips and pulled him into a hug. I held on to him as it was our last day together, before he he had to leave somewhere. I felt his penis in his pants expanding. He felt it to and wanted to push me away but I stood my ground he only whispered in my ears how sorry he was. He had no controll of his dick lately but right now he was aroused because of me he told me. I took his head in both of my hands and looked in his handsome face. "I know my love and I am aroused right now too. I want you to take me Sven. I want to feel your dick deep inside of me. I want you to lay me down, take my legs over your shoulder because I want to see your face while you fuck me. Sven take me now " I moaned. He has his hands already at my belt and loosened it. When he stroke over my hard dick I even moaned even louder. I also untied his paints and dived with one hand under his waistband. I felt a pulsating rock instead of his dick. He moaned louder as I did. Not two seconded later I laid on my back and his dick head, covered in precum targeted my man cave. With one sharp movement he entered it and I felt pain for a split second but the adrenalin rushing to my body let it felt soothingly. His rhythm increased rapidly and with every inch he trusted his hard cock inside of me he let out a short ah ah ah. I watched his face and when he started to jerk his head up and squeezed his eyes shut I knew he was about to shoot his load. I loved the way his face mimicked his climax."Aaaaahhhhhh " I couldn't get enough of it. His hot sperm blasted the inside of my guts but he didn't stopped at all. His face came down and he kissed me. I still could feel his man steel in me. Yet his movements were down to a minimum, he kept going fucking the shit out of me. And exactly that slow motion made me cum seconds later. With his abdomen pressing on my dick, his six pack was stimulating to me exposed dick head and in a furious climax I thrusted my sperm in the middle of our body's. My mouth clothed with his lips I only could moan inside of him and his kiss loosens and I saw a smile on his face but still his lips on mine. As soon as I emptied my balls on him his activity increased again. With letting go of my lips he pulled my legs up as far as possible. My knees and my head was on one vertical line. That exposed my butt hole even more and close to his second climax he pushed his dick deeper than ever before. Every time he past by my prostate I felt it and with him, cumming the second time I came too and saw fireworks in my head. Sven stopped breathing and I saw the veins erupting on his neck, whichh I thought will burst any second. He sometimes does that when his climax lasted longer or when he reached heavenly pleasure. Finally he started inhaling again and laid down on my stomach. He let go of my legs and I could lay them back on the bed. He pulled out his still hard cock. His face came very close to mine and he looked me in the eyes. "Victor, I love you more than my own live. I would never ever cheat on you. You are the light of my live and without you it would be dark again." I tried to stop him again but he insisted to continue. "It's been a hard time since we are married. I know. But those moments are the happiest I ever had and I don't want them to end. Whatever the doctor says tomorrow, and I'm afraid of what he will say, I don't wanna loose you..." And he started crying. I pressed his head against my shoulder and whispered on his ears. "I love you Sven Goldmann". Hearing him crying I felt some tears running down my cheeks myself.



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