With only two hours of sleep, Sven and I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen. We joined the rest for breakfast.

I wanted to tell them that we would be in Hawaii over Christmas and we wanted to talk to Susan to let us take little Curtis on our trip. Sean and Jesus sat almost at each others laps. They kissed and giggled the hole time.

To see Sean like this made me smile. Sean caught me and smiled right back with his head in an angle. Chris was sitting on the other end if the table. Curtis was still in his bed. Susan and Chris had made breakfast. Egg Benedict. Delicious. Enough to feed an entire army.

We sat down and wanted to start when Susan looked at as and asked. "Where has you been last night?" Sven and I looked at each other and smiled. "We had some private time" Sven said.

Everyone was quiet all of a sudden. "I have to ask you for a favor." Susan continued. "Mom called last night. Daddy had an accident with his bike. He is fine but he is still in the hospital. Mom is scared to death over there. I won't be here for .... " and she let out Christmas so Hans wouldn't understand. He was really good on English by now.

" Can you take care of the two, as long as I am in ...?" And again she let out Germany.

Chris was first to answer. Of course we will take care of the two. Am I right?" He asked all of us.

Now it was time to drop the bomb, I thought.

Before I could open my mouth Sven already addressed them. "Actually, Victor and I wanted to take the kids on vacation. Over Christmas." So it was out and all eyes were staring at us. Only Hans, who understood Christmas was asking. "Where are we going?" The rest was very quiet. "That's good,so they won't miss me to much" Susan said. I looked in the eyes of everyone. All seemed to be a little upset or down. I felt sorry for them but I was determined to stay my ground. "Yes, we decided last night to go to Hawaii over the holidays". I told them.

Susan came around and kissed us on our cheeks. Hans came running and hugged us both.

And now Chris was speaking." I should probably go home to Germany too. It's about time. I don't want to overstay my welcome". He said sadly. I didn't wanted him to leave, but on the other hand I wanted to be alone with Sven, so I didn't know what to do or to say.

It was Sven again after he had a brief look at me. "Sean can you do me a favor and play with Hans outside for a little while ?" Sean and Jesus left, chasing Hans into the back yard. "Chris don't leave please I want to talk to you" Sven addressed Chris when he was about to go too. "But first I have to talk to Susan." And he turned his head in Susan's direction. " when do you wanna leave and do you have a ticket already. I'm gonna pay for it so please tell me." Susan flushed lightly. "Yes I bought it online and my flight goes out on the 22. You don't have to..." But Sven showed her to stop talking by laying his finger on his mouth. "Of course I'll pay for the flight. It's the least I can do "Sven told her. If it wasn't clear, who had the saying in here, now I knew and everyone else knew who was the hubby and who was the wifey.

I searched for Sven's hand under the table and when I grabbed him he squeezed my hand as to say I love you too. Yes I loved that man.

Susan came around, crying now and hugged first Sven and then me. "Love you both" the rest was muffled bu sobs.

Chris was still sitting on his chair, watching us. I couldn't read his mind but the impression on his face told me more than 1000 words.

"Chris," Sven started " you are more then welcome in this house. You are part of Victors past and I accept that and the fact, that he still has feelings for you." I flushed red like a lobster, and thought shut up Sven, but didn't said a word. "And you are a good cook, we all agreed on that." Chris eyes wandered from my face, to Sven's. "Thank you, but it's about money. Since I don't got another shooting I'm running out on that. And I want to be honest with you. Yes, I still have feelings for Victor . Not the way it was, but still feelings."

Now I wanted to vanish like a drop of water in the see. Sven held my hand the hole time and now he squeezed it lightly.

" Yes i know but you are not the only one in this house who has still feelings for him." I looked at Sven's profile and squeezed his hands now. "Let me make you a deal." Sven addressed Chris, without dealing with me. " As long as Susan is in Germany, you can take care of the house and you can cook for us. Maybe we need you to take care of the kids if Susan decides to stay longer. But I have seen you, you are good with kids". He finished and I added. "Only during our work hours. As soon as I'm home, I take care of the kids. So you would be our male nanny." And I smiled at him. Sven's hands squeezed mine and he kissed me on my cheeks.

Chris looked away and after he wrestled with his thoughts he agreed. Sven told him what he would pay and Chris flushed again. "What?" I said in a joking manner. "Why you are not paying me that money?"

Chris laughed, and that was my intention. Sven topped it by saying " you shouldn't have married me. You should have been my sex slave and you would be rich by now". And now we all laughed.

After breakfast I went upstairs to our bedroom to change into prober cloth. Sven came 5 minutes later. He stood behind me when he started talking. "What do you want for Christmas. Since you gave me my present early, I wanna give you whatever you want". I turned around and looked in his handsome face. "I don't want anything. I have everything I need. Only your love, your everlasting love". I gave back.

Sven took me in his arms. And his mouth came pritty close to mine but he didn't kissed me. "You have my everlasting love, you know that, but..." He made a pause. "But I am not the only one who has those feelings for you". I looked at him and laid my head to the side. "What's that supposed to mean? You said something similar earlier to Chris" Sven eyes were glued to mine and I saw something in it, but I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. He lowered his eyes and tried to turn away, but I held on his arms,which made him to stay. He only turned his head instead. I could swear if Sven would have been a white guy, he would have been red in his face. His eyes went down to the floor, but his head was still up. I waited several seconds before I asked him again " What's bothering you?" And now it hits me. He was jealous. My hubby was jealous. "Tell me my love, are you jealous?" And I smiled at him.

I read one time a article about relationship and jealousy. It said in there that a little jealousy is not so bad in a relationship. Now I was standing here and looked at my handsome husband. I know he loved me deeply. I never thought he would be jealous about my ex lovers. "I see it in Chris eyes that he still loves you and..." and he made a pause "...i can see it in my brothers eyes too". Sven said, more whisperer it.

I didn't told Sven about the move Sean made one me, well,I thought he made on me, but now Sven is telling me that Sean still loves me and that situation raced thru my mind again. "You know you have nothing to fear. You are the love of my life and only you are the one i desirer." I answered. With my hand I lowered his head and closed my lips around his and started to push my tongue inside his still closed mouth. He let it happen and kissed me back.

Around noon that Saturday we all ate together at the big dining table. I saw Chris twice staring at me but Sean was worse. He practically never left my face with his glance. Only as Jesus caught him too staring at me, Sean left the table, despite he had some food left on his plate. Jesus left with him. Maybe Sven was right, but what was I supposed to do? Talk to him ?

"Chris what are you doing this afternoon?" I asked Chris. He shook his head. "Nothing, why do you ask?" I looked at Sven, but continued to talk to Chris. I saw in Sven's face the same impression,I saw this morning. "I want you to come with us for a coffee. Sven and I are supposed to meet with a friend. I want you to come with us" I continued. And now Sven's face lightened up. He looked at me and smiled. Chris looked at both of us, not knowing what to say. But he nodded his head." Why not, I'm bored anyway" he told me and finally smiled.

As we arrived at the Starbucks, I looked around to check if Elliott was already there. He sat in a corner both. As he saw me and Sven and waved his hands at us.

"Hey you two, how are you. I am so glad you texted me the other day. I already thought you have forgotten me" Chris said as he first hugged me, than Sven. "Of course not, how could we. So tell us how is it going? We are sorry you didn't hear from us" I told him after he let go of Sven. "And that is Chris, my, better, our German friend" I added. They both shook hands. "Nice meeting you. " Elliot looked into Chris face but Chris wasn't looking at him. He was staring at Elliott's pants. You could literally see the tent he carried around. I follows Chris eyes and saw it too. "We better sit down before.... And I made a gesture at his guts. He flushed and sat down again. "Sorry, but to hug you both, reminded me of that excellent show you gave me at the target store." Elliott said, not looking at us at all. Sven and I had to smile and Chris's eyes were wide open.

We told him what we had done in there and that Elliott was eager to watch. Finally Chris smiled too. "How is your girlfriend ?" I asked as i would know her. Elliott was silent for a minute. "Ahhhh, I don't have a girlfriend anymore. We split up." "Oh sorry to hear that" I gave back.

"No it's ok. I told you there had been some changes in my live. First of all. I am out of the closet." He flushed red again. Sven and I congratulated him almost synchronized. "Yeah I told my patents that I'm into men more than into women. They kicked me out" he ended. "What the fuck" Sven let out. "Why, because you are gay ?" Elliott looked at all three of us. "Don't judge them to hard. There religion sees it as a sinn to love the same gender And my parents a very religious. Mom cried but let it happen. And dad was furious. They tried to "cure" me with prayers and even asked the priest to perform a kind of exorcism on me." Elliott's voice sounded sad when he told us his story. I felt sympathy for poor Elliott. Also Sven looked at him pity.

"Yeah I am on my own now. Found an apartment. It's quite expensive to life in Los Angeles. Didn't thought of that before". He said sarcastically. "Still looking for a room mate so I could split the rent. Sooner as later I have to find somebody to move in with me. I also thought of taking in a illegal. Mexican or..,I don't know." He made a pause and I didn't know what to say so I stayed quiet. So did Sven.

"I could move in with you. I don't know you yet,but whenVictor and Sven gives you so much credit, you must be a good person. I mean you still could be an ax murderer but I doubted it". Chris said all of a sudden and smiled. I was surprised he actually opened his mouth in front of our young friend.

Sven searched for my hand under the table and squeezed it. He was as surprised as I was.

Chris's glance was focused on Elliott's when he announced his proposal but now he looked straight at me and Sven, directly in our surprised faces.

"What, you told me I could take care of the kids during the day and you would pay me. And I want to live on my own. I don't want to stay in your way...."

And now Sven raised his hands. "You are not in our way and yes I stay to my word." He interrupted Chris.

"So if you want it's a deal" Chris addressed Elliot and held out his hands. Elliot's face went from sad, to surprised and finally to happy and took Chris hand. "Deal" he just said. Sven and I only looked at each other in disbelieve. I wanted to see sparkles between them but what was going on was much better. I smiled at Chris and Elliott and grabbed their hands still holding on each other. And Sven also mounted the three hands in the middle of the table.

We talked about almost everything, except Elliott's parents and religion. He came along with Chris from the beginning very well.

My phone rang and I excused myself, cause I saw Susan's name.

"Hey V, just wanna tell you that Sven and Jesus had a big fight and Jesus left very upset." Damn I thought. One thing is going out so good and the rest still seems to be BS.

I told Sven after I hung up and we both left Chris and Elliott alone. They seemed to like each other. Was it love of first sight ? I honestly hopped so.

Home again I went to the kitchen to see Susan and the kids. Sven told me on the way home, he would talk to Sven and find out what was going on. Hans as always came running into my arms. And little Curtis giggled when he heard my voice. They both made me feel happy.

I played with Hans for a while and took over when Susan started to give Curtis the bottle. By now I was good at it. But before I could start, Sven came back.

He was visibly shaken with rage. Susan saw it too and took Curtis our of my arms and the baby started to cry.

"What's going on my love?" I asked with a concern look at his face. He grabbed me and pulled me out of the kitchen. "It's Sven, he's drunk. And he is ...." Sven stooped mid sentence. I waited for him to continue. "He and Jesus had a terrible fight because of ...." And he stopped again. What the fuck was going on. Sven came closer and a in his eyes I could see anger and desperation. I grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to me. "Sven come on, talk to me" I pleaded. His eyes locked into mine and he inhaled deeply. "Sean still loves you and he said you love him too".

What the fuck. How could he said such a thing to Sven. Yes I told him that I still love him, but I also told him not in the way it used to be. I stared into Sven's eyes. And he stared back. I didn't know what he thought in this moment and I was afraid to ask. I haven't told him that I saw Sean naked and that his aroused dick brought back the old memories. Sven still didn't lower his glance. "I will talk to him. How could he..." I started and wanted to turn around, but Sven held me in place. "I talked to him already" Sven turned around. "I told him that I don't tolerate his behavior............And that I would fight for you if I have too." I saw his head going down. In this second a wave of emotions run thru my body. Sven was moving away from me. I came closer and laid my hand around his body. "You don't have to fight for me. I only love you and no one else. "With my words I pushed my head into his back and I could feel his body stiffen again. But still he didn't turn around. "You asked me if I'm jealous. Yes I am. I don't thought of being jealous, but since we have all your ex partners in the house, that stupid feeling grows in me like weed in the back yard. I am so sorry my love this wasn't supposed to happen. I thought I could deal with it but...."

The emotions I felt, intensified. Love purr love, I felt for my husband in this moment and I turned him around. "It makes me feel good to know that you are jealous my love. It means you love me". I said and tried to kiss him. Sven moved his head back and answered " I always will love you and will never stop loving you " and now he came closer and his lips touched mine. That kiss was passionate, on both side. I felt the adrenalin rushing in, and my little Victor started to jiggle. But I didn't wanted that right now so I stopped the kiss. "Sven I don't want to go to Hawaii for Christmas" I said and instantly I saw his face, going from excitement and happiness, to sadness and jeopardy. "Instead of sharing you with thousands of tourists and animators, I want you and the kids all for myself." I continued. His expression changed rapidly and he started to smile. "What do you got in mind, my love?" He asked. And I was eager to reveal what I wanted. "I want to spend the holidays only with you and the kids. Just the four of us. And I want the kids to see snow, thou I thought...." But Sven interrupted me loudly. " Germany? Oh my love, that was what I had in mind from the beginning,but since I promised you a honey moon in Hawaii..,," I stopped him by putting my index finger on his lips. Our heads came closer together and we kissed again. And now I felt pre cum shooting into my for skin. I have that when somebody stimulates my prostate or sucks my dick but never with s kiss. I couldn't and wouldn't stop the kiss. My hand automatically grabbed his crotch and he moaned. His cock was already halfway hard. It took us only seconds to move, still kissing, to the bed. None of us wanted to break the kiss and when we arrived the bed Sven laid down first. He pulled me on top, still holding on to my lips.

His pants, expanded to the maximum,was the first thing I fought with. I opened his zipper and let out his beautiful brown cock. But with my lips glued to his I couldn't go down on him. Sven was first to break the kiss. "I want you." he whispered in my ears and drove his tongue again in my mouth. I moved my body higher on him and he struggled with his pants and underwear. I sat up and got rid of my shirt and shorts. No underwear. He moaned.

I lowered my head so we could start kissing again. I pulled his legs on his knees in a 45 degree angle. His dick was now exactly at the entrance of my butt. Sven wouldn't let go of my lips. His demanding tongue fought with mine and I enjoyed that kind of forceful kiss immensely. Without any lubrication, only the precum, Sven produced, I aimed his dick head with one hand in position and slowly let my body go south. As always it did hurt when his massive dick head penetrated my sphincter. But also as always only for seconds. When he past by my prostate and the flood of hormones washed into my system, I felt awesome.

I had to let go of Sven's sweet tasting lips. He did the same and moaned loudly. " I love you so much." He moaned more than he spoke. Centimeter by centimeter I let his 10 inch dick In, until he reached the end and couldn't go any further. I paused to enjoy that incredible feeling. A hard dick up ur ass, felt incredible. I had several fuck buddy's, some i really was in love with, but Sven was more.

His present, his touching, his kissing, all that combined, told me that he was the one. The true love. When i looked at him i was aroused. His hands let me get goose pumps. His kiss made me shoot pre cum. I never felt so much love for any guy.

I looked down on him, with his eyes closed he seemed to sleep. His face was filled with gladness and joy. I couldnt resist and lowered my lips on his again. Sven opened his mouth but kept his tongue inside. He started to rock his hips, slowly. With each breath he took he lifted me up a little bid and his cock left my inside for about one inch. It felt so good. I always liked the slow way of lovemaking better than the fast and loud fucking. Breath by breath I pulled myself up, more and more, until I was kneeing over. Sven's hip. At the end Sven's dick moved in and out slowly but effectively.

I erupted more precum and Sven caught it with his hand to feed it to me. With that kind of sex, I knew I couldn't hold it back for long. When I sucked on Sven's cum-covert fingers, my climax reached the stratosphere and i unloaded my gun on Sven's six pack. I screamed his name" Sveeeeeeeennnn ohhhhh myyyyyy gooood " and jerked with my head furiously.

I know I do that when I'm in trance and exactly like trance felt that orgasm to me. I lifted up my torso and started to ride on Sven's cock like crazy now. With my movements I must have initiated Sven's climax too. He started to growl . His hands moved to my hips and he pushed them down. His 10 inch cock was now buried all the way in. And he held me in position for his final move. He lifted up his hips. Was he trying to go even deeper ? I thought, but when I was about a foot above the bed sitting on his cock, he let go of his body and I was hovering for a split second over his dick. Suddenly he pulled me down, hard. I expected pain but there was none. Only his hot perm, leaving his dick in high speed, was what I felt. His massive load. I moaned and Sven yelled my name. "Ohhhhh fuuuuucccccckkkkkkk Victor." Spurt by spurt he fired his men juice, inside my guts. More and more jets of his sperm entered my ass. And with each blast his dick moved in faster.

Sven literally collapsed under me. Traumatically he exhaled deeply. His eyes had been closed but now he opened them and they were smiling at me." I love you so much" he said and I let my body go down to kiss him. To be fucked like this,is what I enjoyed the most. His tongue entered my mouth and played with mine. My husbands softened dick left my hole and I could move up a little to lay more comfortable on his body. We kissed for several minutes.

After the hot love making I pushed him out of bed. "Let's go to the travel agency to book our flight. I wanna go out of here ASAP." I told him and an hour later we had the tickets for the honey moon he had promised. It wasn't Hawaii but it was better than that.

Home again we took Susan aside and told her the change of plans. She cried again. "Thank you so much, it would have killed me, not to see the kids on Christmas" Susan said and hugged us.

Ok, I thought, we can share the kids at least one day with the German Oma and Opa. And I told her so. She agreed to let us be a family but she also told me, if something should happen, I had to call her immediately, and I agreed. I made her swear to keep this as a secret. To Sean, Jesus, Chris and also to the kids. I wanted the kids to be surprised.

Susan's flight went out on the 21.of December. Hans cried a little but was ok with it after a while. Our flight was scheduled for the next day. Same time, same airline.

Sean avoided Sven and me as good as he could, but I wanted closure. So I talked to Sven and he let me do it. I knocked on Sean's door after Susan left. He opened up and was surprised to see me. "Hey V, how are you?" He said without looking at me, but stepped aside to let me in. Inside, I sat down on one of his chairs, not the bed. Sean was walking around at the beginning. Faked some clean up. It wasn't necessary, but he did it anyway to avoid the conversation. I let him play for a while, watching him. And that made him nervous. "Look V, I ahh, what I said to Sven about you...." He started, still doing useless stuff. "Ahhh, I was drunk and..." He stopped with his back to me. "Sean, please sit down and look into my eyes, when you talk to me. We were in love once and I think I deserve that courtesy." I said, maybe a bid harsh.

Sven turned around and his eyes looked directly at my face. "I am still in love with you Victor, I can not help it". He almost whispered the end. I knew he was and I was prepared for this. "Sean, you has been the very first gay love in my life. And I loved you really, really much. I still love you, and I told you, but not the way you are expect me to do. I still value your friendship, and I still want to be more that just your brother in law. I wanna be your friend. Close friend, but you have to stop being in love with me for that."

Sean looked at me, sadness in his eyes. I was waiting for a respond but he still said nothing. It took him long to stumble. "I do everything what you want, but I can not let you go. Victor, I love you more than my life." His voice was weak. I started to getting angry, but instead to let it out I stood up and walked over to where he was standing the whole time. I looked him straight into his eyes. "Sean, we are leaving tomorrow. And I don't want to be in fear that you will do anything stupid while I'm gone. As hard as it is. There isn't,and there will not be, a you and me again". Our time is over, I love your brother and I beg you to understand that". When I finished my sentence I turned around and left the room without looking at him. I had tears in my eyes and was tempted to turn around, but somehow managed to leave the room and shut the door behind me. I didn't know what Sean did when the door was closed, I only heard a smashing sound as if someone tossed something on the floor. And now I could cry. Sven awaited me with open arms. He comfort me, but didn't asked any questions.

The next day, Hans woke us up around 5 am in the morning. He was so exited to go on vacation. Sven did most of the packing while I had that meeting with Sean, so I could concentrate on Hans suite case. But as always Susan, even she left the day before, was done already with his cloth.

Chris had made breakfast, delicious as always. After we ate, I gave Curtis the bottle and changed his diaper. No sign of Sean. It made me a little sad but I thought about how hard it will be for him.

We had two more hours before we had to leave for the airport, so Sven and I played with Curtis and Hans. Chris cleaned the dishes. He was the perfect "house wife".

Sven loaded the suite cases into the car and we were ready to leave. Still no sign of Sven's brother. If he don't want, I thought,and in this moment he was standing there. My mood lifted up immediately. He hugged the kids first and told them he loved them much and will miss them. When he hugged Hans he went down to his knees. And from down there he looked up at us. Sven and I stood together. Sven had demonstrative his hand around my waist. Sean stood up and came over. "You two have a wonderful vacation". He said almost quietly. Sven let go of me and took his brother in his arms. I only heard "I am sorry"( Sean) and "it's ok" (Sven). I was last and I hugged Sean extremely hard. Again he said "I am sorry" but I only hushed him.

Chris drove us to the airport. "Elliot wants me to move in ASAP, but I think I'm gonna move between Christmas and new year. Sven can I buy a Christmas tree for the....?" Chris was mid sentence when Sven withdraw his wallet and gave Chris 300 dollar. "No,no,no" Chris said but Sven answered "yes,yes,yes, buy the biggest one u can find and we want some picture on our phones."

I was so proud of my husband. I gave him a squeeze with my hand and replied by giving me the kiss lips.

Two hours later we where on our way to Germany.

Hans was very cranky and cried a lot. First he don't wanted to go without Chris and later he pleaded for his mom. It was the first time he was without her. Sven told me that he was crying yesterday already for his mom, but I was with Sean, so I missed it. The 11 hour flight wasn't a good flight. We had a lot turbulences and after Hans would not stop crying, Curtis started too. Sven and I had a lot of mean glanced of the other passengers. Mostly male. Only a few female flight guest looked at us pity. I was glad when Hans finally dosed off for a little while. Shortly befor we reached our destination, my little son started again to cry. And this time he was bad. " I want my mama". I almost lost my nerves. And that was just the first day without his mom. Sven was cool. He hugged Hans and talked to him in a very slow voice. I looked at them both in disbelief. But Sven made him to stop. At least for a while. My nerves were to a point, they would rip any moment. I stayed with the kids behind while Sven booked the rental car at the counter. Hans was a brad today. I never had seen him acting so badly like this before. As soon Sven was gone he started crying again. . Now he wanted to go with Sven, but he was gone already. And now Curtis started again too. Oh god please let them stop, I prayed and with my sleep deficit and the stress I had lately, I snapped at my son. "For heavens sake, give it a rest Hans". Probably I shouted, louder than I should have. Hand stopped crying and looked at me. His tears were running down his cheeks. I knew I made a mistake and was about to apologies to him, when he turned around and ran away. Oh no, I thought and yelled his name. Curtis was still crying into my ears. I had him in one of those shoulder bags. He was sitting in the front, on my chest. I ran after Hans, left the suite cases behind and with all the crowd at the Munich airport, I thought I'll never find either Hans or the suitcases again. I yelled his name after and after. And finally I caught up with him. I reached out for him and got hold of his tiny back bag. But before I could pull on him Sven was in front of him, kneeing and embraced Hans with a hug." Daddy, daddy, papa yelled at me. He is so mean." Now I was shocked and hurt at once. I didn't thought about hurting his feeling when I lectured him. But he was only 6 years old. Sven let him cry for a little while and then he pushed him away to look into his eyes. "Hans, papa is scared. He hasn't seen u like this before and now he is scared you don't love him anymore. We adult do dumb thinks when we are scared, you know. So be patient with him. He will learn." And he smiled at Hans.

Hans stopped crying. "But I only want to be with mom. That's all. I still love him and you. But I miss mammy" came out of his mouth. Sven hugged him again and I joined in. Hans let go of Sven and hugged Curtis and me. "I love you papa" he whispered in my ears. I was damn close to burst into tears.

Margot, my half sister, was standing outside the building when we finally arrived. Hans fell asleep as soon as we hit the autobahn. I guess the rocking in the car made it possible.

"I was the same as a kid. Without sleep I was a mean brat. Daddy usually drove me around on bad days so I could fall asleep." Sven told me in the car after both of the kids had fallen into dreamland.

"Finally I meet the little one. Hey Hans how are u" Margot said in German. Hans jumped onto her and hugged her.

"I have news for u Victor. After the break in I put in new looks and did some remodeling to your apartment. It's modified for disabled persons now. But everything is the same,only bigger doors and a new shower " Margot informed me. I was to exhausted to pay any attention to what she just said. I only wanted to take a shower and with the help of god, a few hours of sleep, without crying children. What was I thinking. I really thought its gonna be fun to be parent. "

I also filled the fridge, just in case u are hungry and I let food on ur stove, so u can heat it up anytime" Margot continued and hugged me. "I am glad you are here." She whispered in my ears. I kissed here cheeks and nodded my head. "I am too " I answered.

I really was hoping of a relaxing, family vacation, without any disturbances of others. But with the day today, I had serious doubts that It could be a good vacation. And I thought about my lack of being a good dad. I blew it today with Hans, big time.

In our apartment, we found still warm food in the oven and Hans was first to say it aloud. "I am hungry." Just now I realized that my stomach was graving for food too, so I took the delicious smelling lasagne, (Margot knew what was the best right now) out of the oven and we all ate until the last bite was gone. Curtis was next to get his bottle and I gave him his formula. I was good with Curtis. And now I thought about Sven. He was good with Hans. He knew how to handle him. Probably better than I did.

After half a bottle I let Curtis burp, and tried to feet him more but the little man felt asleep after the gigantic burp. Hans was yawing already while eating the lasagne. He hasn't slept well in two days now. First night without mom and now the 11 hour flight. Only a few hours in the car. I picked up my son from the chair and carried him to the extra bed room. For the days we were here, he didn't had to share the room with his brother. We had asked Margot for a baby bed for the living room, so Hans could sleep as long as he wanted. I laid my son on the bed and kissed him on his for head. " he looked at me with sleep in his eyes. "I love you papa, don't forget that" and again I had the urge to cry. I had difficulties to answer. "I love you too son, I will always love you" I brought out and kissed him again. His eyes were already closed when I lifted up my body.

In the living room seven did the same with Curtis. He kissed his son. I also was tiered but wanted a shower first. I came closer to Sven and kissed him. "I need a shower, would you like to join me hubby?" He kissed me back. "You go and I clean the table. The rest can wait till later." He said and I turned to the bathroom.

Despite the modification to the shower nothing else had changed. Only a few holders for,what I assumed, a bath tube lift, were visible over one side of the tube. I was undressed in 1seconds and turned on the water. Inside the shower both I saw some holding bars. Almost as home, I thought. The water felt so great on my skin. I just stood there, forlorn in my though,when I heard Sven entering the bathroom. He still was fully dressed and he stood with his back to me. Slowly he pulled his sleeveless pullover over his head. U really could made out the v shaped body he had. After he swirled his first cloth to the side, Sven pulled his gray and red shirt out of his dark gray jeans. Slowly, very slowly he unbuttoned the front of his shirt and finally done with that, he moved the shoulder part down to expose his, in my eyes, beautiful skin. Sven literally peeled himself out of that Armani shirt. I could make out his perfect formed neck muscles, his well build shoulder muscles and his back muscles.

He turned a little to the side to slide out his left arm. His biceps and triceps were gigantic. Three times a week going to the gym paid off eventually. After he tossed his shirt to the pullover he fumbled with his jeans at the side. I couldn't see no underwear. I was quite sure he had his boxers on this morning when we left LA. And by letting his jeans down to expose his awesome butt, my little Victor started wiggling. My hand automatically started stroking my growing dick. Sven butt cheeks! I still believe, he could have cracked open nuts with them.

His beautifully formed, apple shaped ass was worth dying for. I didn't wished more,as to lay my tongue on his back entrance right now.

I let out a few drops of precum. It took him almost a minute to get rid of his pants and now, finally, he turned around. I only saw his eyes. For me, the most effective weapon he had on me. When he looked into my eyes, I melted away like frosty the snowmen in the sun. A brief glance at his body revealed, that he was as aroused as I was. His curved dick stood almost vertical and leaned against his six pack. Sven openedthe door and pulled me into a hug as soon as he stepped in. His lips closed around mine, but he kept his tongue for himself. "I am glad we are here." Sven said. With my glance on him I nodded my head. "Me too, hubby. Me too". I gave back and pulled him closer. The standing cocks touched watch other and it felt great.

Now I searched for his lips, and as soon as we connected I pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He moaned. I lifted up my right leg to rub my cock on his and he moaned even more. His hands moved up and down my spine, as couldn't decide where to go first. His left hand went down to my ass cheeks and gave my right butt a good squeeze. His right hand followed and they both pulled my ass apart. I felt one finger rimming my sphincter. My turn to moan. My hand, one in his hair, the other on his hip, moved to his shoulder and I gave him a little push, so he knew what I wanted. His lips left mine and his body moved down. Licking over my nipples and belly bottom and finally Sven had his head right in front on my cock. He probably thought I wanted a BJ, but as soon as he opens his mouth to engulf my dick, I turned around and pulled my ass cheeks wide open. "Oh yes let me tongue fuck your hole" he said , realizing what I wanted. And he was goo at this. He told me I am his first and only one but he was so good at it. He was a natural bro in add rimming. I was facing the tiled wall with the hold on bars and I grabbed both wit my hands and leant forward to stick out my ass even further. Sven's tongue felt so awesome on my behind. He circled around my hole and licked across it several minutes before he finally buried his tip of his tongue inside. "Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk". That was the only thing I could think off. Sven entered my sphincter all the way, only his nose stopped him to go deeper. In and out, first slowly but increasing. I could get enough of his caress. "Sven please fick me pleasseeeee" I pleaded. I wanted him. I wanted to feel him. His warm and soft tongue left my ass hole and he stood up. As soon as he stood behind me, my hole body shivered out of excitement. But before he aimed his dick head at my entrance, he pulled my head back and to the side, to kiss me. " I love you Victor" he said and pressed his cock inside of me. "Fuckkkkkkkk" I screamed. Pain, no it wasn't pain what I felt. It was more than a happiness rushing thru my body. And on my ass I only felt his dick going in. Inch by inch. Not slow, but not fast ether. As soon as he rubbed over my prostate I screamed again. Out of joy. Precum were dripping on the shower floor. He was in all the way and now he rested for several seconds. Our lips still enclosed. It felt so great. Sven started to pull out and push in. Slowly, very slowly. He knew I wanted it that way. He found a steady rhythm, which made me crazy. I don't know what came to my mind when I said "fuck me harder hubby, harder". Sven's eyes showed some surprise but he obeyed. "U asked for it " he said and started to push in deeper. He also moved away from my face. His hands found the holding bars where I still was holding on too. He grabbed onto it. His movements now started to increase, in speed and force. His dick penetrated my ass more forcefully then ever before. Now, I felt something like pain and let out a "aggggggghhhhh". Sven slowed down, but I yelled at him. "No, don't stop. Fuck me hard, harder, harder" and he did, what I asked for. The pain felt so awesome good. The adrenalin and hormones in my body came to a boiling point. With his increasing the tempo and the intensity, his balls are started to hit mine every time, he forced his way inside of me. My thought went black, I couldn't think of nothing at all. I just enjoyed the hard and fast way Sven fucked me. But after 30-35 strike I couldn't suppress my climax anymore. The "harder, harder" changed into " fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk" With my dick dancing in all directions, I blasted my cum all over the place. Wall, tiled floor and even my face, which I held down so I wouldn't hit the wall in front of me with my face.

While I let go of my men juice, I heard a well known growling. Sven was close to his climax. His voice was first almost in audible but was screaming into my ears seconds later. "Yeah you love to be fucked by my black cock" he screamed. "Fuuuuuuuck" I thought he would slow down as always, but he kept going. Oh my good, I thought he will burst my ass. The pain now reached a uncomfortable level. Sven's movement stopped abruptly. He only moaned and exhaled loudly. Fuck, I thought, that was fucking awesome. I stepped one step forward and Sven's dick left me behind.

The water was still running down our body's and washed away my sperm, as well as Sven's, dripping out of my ass. But not only white stuff was running down my legs. I saw a few red swirls running down the drain. Sven had seen it too. " are you ok?" He asked still standing behind me. I turned and kissed him. "Yes, my love. Thank you that was fucking awesome." I told him and kissed him again. He looked in my eyes and I saw his eyes smiling. I broke the kiss. "Can I tell you something , hubby. I loved it too. But the next time please give me a warning. " Sven whispered and kissed me again.



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