The rest of the week was boring for both of us. I went to work and Sven went shopping almost every day.

On New Year's Eve we had a little party. Margot, my half sister cooked for us. It's traditional to eat lentil soup during the day and at night it's either BBC or a roast. In our case we had pizza lol. Susan was here with my son. Hans wouldn't stay awake till midnight so I gave him some child proofed fire cracker before 7 pm. He enjoyed it a lot. Sven and I watched him. I held Sven in front of me with my arms around his waist. Hans looked so innocent. I was so proud to be a dad. But Hans refused to call me dad. He still called me uncle victor. It was a bid sad but he was only 5 years old." You uncle victor , mummy told me that she wakes me up so I can see the fire works" he said and laughed. I picked him up and kissed his for head. " if mommy doesn't, I will ok. " I said and let him down. Sven bowed down and kissed him too. And he had a kind of sad look in his eyes.

Later that night, Hans felt asleep at 8.30 pm, we were talking about what we will do the upcoming year. Susan was already tipsy. Sven had his third mug of gl├╝hwein and was in a very good mood. Only me. I stayed sober. Not only because I promised Sven to reduce my alcohol consumption lol ." I want to have a romantic wedding with a lot of friends around us. And I want flying doves." I said and laughed." And I want to be the best dad of the world" I added. Sven's eyes showed first glimmer than a hint of sadness. He was next." I want the same for the wedding and I want to be the second best dad in the world" he said and smiled at me. I stood up and kissed him. "You will be an awesome dad." I said and drove my tongue again deep in his mouth. Susan's voice was alcohol loaded when she spoke.

" I don't want to lose what I have right now. The three most important man in my live. Hans, victor and Sven" she said and thru us a hand kiss. We both sat next to her and kissed he on both cheeks. "I love you guys" she said and kissed first me on my mouth than Sven. I felt no tongue and I was glad about that. We played pictonary until it was five minutes to midnight. I woke up my son with a kiss. "He little man, it's time for the fire works" he stood up and rubbed his eyes. But he smiled at me when I lifted him on my arms. Sven was right beside me and kissed him too. When he saw his mom his eyes went sad and he said" mommy is sick again." I looked at Sven and before I could say it he asked already" how long is mommy sick?" Hans looked at him. "Every time opa ( German for grandpa) is yelling at her. And Oma ( grandma) cries all the time". He started getting wet eyes. He was about to cry. I looked at Sven and he picked up Hans and told him. "Let's go outside to watch the fireworks." Hans smiled and Sven helped with his jacked. When I was about to turn and address Susan she was already standing there. She must have overheard what her son told us. The countdown started and I heard out if the TV the counting. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Happy new year .Susan was next to me so u started with her. " happy new year" i said and kissed her. Sven was still inside with Hans on his arms. I kissed Sven first and then Hans "Happy new year to my two man" I laughed. Hans looked at me and opens his mouth." Happy new year u... Papa ( German for daddy). I couldn't breath. Did he said papa to me. He laughed and said "Mommy said you are my papa now "and he turned and looked in Sven's face" and you are daddy she said". Sven looked in my face. I thought he started to cry too because I already had tears in my eyes. I hugged the two most important person in my live. Sven whispered in my ears" I love you papa" and I said back" I love you too daddy.

Two hours later Hans was back in bed. Susan laid on the couch with her eyes closed. I had to talk to her about the heavy drinking, but right now I was talking to Sven. "I can't believe he called us papa and daddy." Sven smiled at me." Yes I'm so proud he says daddy to me." Sven gave back. And then I saw his sad eye again." What's bothering you my love?" I asked. "I hope we will find a surrogate mom. I really want a little sven running around. It would be perfect. "Sven looked up while he spoke right into my eyes. "We will find somebody. I'm confident . And did I told you that I love you in the new year already?" I laughed. Susan turned around and stood up. "Good night boys I'm going to bed. She and Hans slept in the spare bedroom.

Sven and I went to bed too. We didn't had sex that night. First of all I didn't wanted Susan and Hans to hear us and secondly I only wanted to held Sven in my arms the hole night. It's a saying what you dream in the very first night of the year will happen one day. We only laid face to face and kissed for a few minutes I heard his breathing going over to a light snoring and I know he was in the land of dreams. In my head was the one thought. I love you Sven.

January went by way to fast. With school in the morning and work in the afternoon I barely found time to spent quality time together with Sven. Only at nights we had time for talking and lovemaking. Unless Susan and Hans spend the night with us. She stayed over night more often now. One night I tried to talk to her about her drinking but she only said she was fine and I didn't wanted to push the subject.

February came and with it Valentin's day. I only bought my loved ones a baccarat rose. One for Sven and one for Susan. For my son I bought chocolate. When I woke up I went to my car and took the rose I had for Sven and placed it next to his coffee mug. Sven came out of the bedroom with one red baccarat rose himself. He looked at my rose than a at his and starting laughing. I couldn't hold it and laughed too. We both had the same idea.

I went to school after a unbelievable blow job with a smile on my face. And Sven whistled " what a wonderful morning" after I kissed him good by. That day I took the evening off and picked up Hans from preschool with Sven. We took him home to us because I know Susan will come by later on. We played with my son for a while when I heard the door opened. It was Susan and she brought me a gift. It was one of those jewelry boxes. A red one. "Happy Valentin's day" she whispered when she kissed me. I opened the box and there was a silver yes inside. I smiled at her and asked." Did I asked you to marry me?" And laughed. She hit the back of my head. " aua" I said. She looked at both of us because Sven had me in his arms, and said" no,you asked me something else on Christmas."

We both knew what she was talking about. Sven was first to jump to his feet and I followed a split second later and we both hugged her." Really you gonna come with us to LA. What about your patents?" I asked. Her eyes darkened and she said very sad. "My dad don't approve it but I don't are. He don't like the fact that I practically live with a gay couple. We are fighting a lot and I started drinking a lot to forget about it. Mom approves but she don't want to fight with dad anymore. Hans and I, we live our own life from now on. And btw can I sleep here for a few days?" Without thinking I said" of course" and Sven joint in" sure Susan you are welcome" he added. I sat down again but she wasn't done yet. She pulled another box, white, this time and gave it to Sven. She wished him happy valentine and gave him the box. He opened it. In there was also a silver yes. He looked at me and started smiling. He couldn't resist and asked her. "Did I asked you to marry me?" Susan hit him also on the back of his head. "No, actually you didn't asked me anything but I want to be the surrogate mom you are looking for. I want to give birth to your baby" she said. Sven's eyes opened up and also his mouth dropped open. He looked so surprised. He couldn't stand anymore and he sat down on the couch. I saw tears coming out of his eyes. I was first to asked Susan." You are sure you want to do that?" Sven stood up and pulled Susan on his chest. He sobbed when he talked to her. "I always thought about you but I would have never asked you to do it. Susan I love you. More than you think. And now we can be one big family." And he kissed her on her mouth. I hugged them both and after he let go of her Sven kissed me.

We opened up a champagne to celebrate her decision to move with us and giving birth to Sven's son or daughter. Hans was playing in the living room with his race cars Sven bought the other day. At 7.30 Susan said good night to us and left with Hans. Finally alone I took Sven in my arms and we cuddled at the couch. "How is it to sleep with a women?" Sven asked. I was surprised. I looked in his eyes and tried to read his mind. "You don't have to sleep with her, you know that. We can find a clinic or a doctor." I started but he stopped me. "No I want it." Now I took his head in my hands and looked him deep in his eyes. "Sven I slept several times with Susan. I was in love with her. It was incredible every time we made love. Like it is with you. But since you never slept with a women you wouldn't know. But if you decide to do it the ' old fashion way' I'm with you. If Susan agreed to a threesome." He kissed me. "Victor I love you so much. Yes I want you to be with me when I'm gonna slep with her. But I don't know if I will have an erection or what to do." I started laughing. "Oh yeah like you didn't know what to do in that hotel room in Vegas right." Sven started laughing too. "But I will not do it if you say no Victor. Your love is more important that my wish to have my own kid" I thought about his statement for a while. " Sven, I'm totally ok with it. Like I said I'm with you. We can have a threesome or you can sleep with her alone but I will stay outside the door. I promise" Sven laid a finger on my lips. "No you will be with me till the very end." He said and I nodded. Now we only had to wait for the right moment to tell Susan. But Susan surprised us both.

She came with Hans and a few of her cloth and moved in with us. More or less. She slept half of the week here and the rest of the week in her pool house. I think every time her dad was bitching she only left without getting into a fight with him. I felt sorry for her. One day she took Sven and me to her gynecologist. Ms Schmidt explained everything to the smallest detail. Button line was, Sven could sleep with her but there was no guaranty to get her pregnant. The better way was to donate some sperm and let her do a medical implant to her Uterus. But she also told us that the procedure could take up to 18 month. Never less the chances are much higher to get pregnant. After a short discussion about the three if us. "Susan no offense, but I don't know if I can sleep with you. " Sven said even after our conversation. He looked at me with anxious eyes. I hugged him and Susan took his load of his shoulder. "Sven I would have never slept with you in the first place. I love you, I love you both but not in that way. It was clear to me to do it that way, that's why I talked to Dc. Schmidt in January already." Sven stood up and kissed her on her mouth and I did the same. We went back into dr Schmidt's office and she told us,Sven could do the donation here or at home. But doing it here would be saver for the sperm cells to survive. Sven agreed and the receptionist gave us a key for a private room. "Please no contamination with saliva or anal liquid" she told us after she saw us both heading for the room. So that means just a plain hand job I told him and smiled when he answered. "She didn't said anything about giving YOU a BJ " and he turned up his eyes in pleasure intuition.

The room was furnished with a big chair, a TV and lots of porn magazines and DVDs. Straight porn also as gay porn." Do wanna watch one of the porn?" I asked but he only took my hand and pulled me onto the chair. "Nope I just want you" he answered and kissed me furiously. His tongue was all over the place inside my mouth. His left hand searched for my hand and his finger took mine in a praying manner. I fumbled with my right hand under his shirt and found his already hard nipples. His hand went south all at once. He stroke over my growing dick inside my jeans. Letting go of my hand he opened up my zipper and pulled down my paints. Only my brief prevented my hard dick to hit his all to close lips. He started to suck my tent in my underwear. I already freed his dick out of his prison. I was fighting about the urge to deep throat his beautiful cock. He made me step over the chair so I stood in front of his face. Pulling back my for skin, his tongue played with my piss hole for a while and then he took my dick head inside his glorious mouth. I could only moan. My hands were stroking thru his hair. With his left hand he started to rub his hard dick. I had to turn my head in a painful way to watch him jerking off. Sven took my dick deeper in his throat than ever before. I don't know how he managed to suppress his gag reflex, he showed a few times already, but this time he didn't gaged or coughed. In and out, in and out. And with each stroke he looked me in my eyes. I saw his veins on his neck coming out and with each heartbeat I saw it pulsating. I know he was close. I pulled out my dick and turned around. He instantly was fucking my anus with his tongue. And I took over his dick to jerk him off. I already had the plastic jar in my hand and when I felt his hot breath on my behind getting heavier I was ready to bent his penis as far as possible between his legs and held the jar in an angle so he would shoot right into it. It must have been painful for him. His moaning vibrated my sphincter. And I felt his dick hardened even more. He needed three jets to fill up the cup. Like doctor Schmidt said I tried to close the filled up jar as fast as possible with its lid. But Sven wasn't finished yet. He pumped out more of his man juice. With no hand available i engulfed his dick head with my mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum. When Sven was done I placed the closed plastic jar inside a black envelope and sealed it. I hardly could put it onto the counter when Sven turned me around and drove his tongue inside of my mouth. "We have to bring it out right away" I said. "Then you better hurry up" Sven whispered and turned around. Exposing my favorite spot of his beloved body. His man hole was there to welcome my still hard dick. With only a spit of my saliva I lubed his entrance and aimed my dick head right onto it. With more force than necessary I pushed inside. He moaned loud. I'll bet the receptionist had heard his moan. After only a few strikes I filled him up. I muffled my scream with my sleeves. But I came like crazy. After I pulled out my dick he pulled up his pants I stopped him and held his head in my hands. " I love you Sven Goldman "I said.

" I love you too and thank you for sticking with me". I kissed him again. "You are so welcome " I said and pulled up my pants. On our way out we gave the black envelope to the nurse outside.

Now it was all up to Susan.

She went every three days to her doctor. Sven bought every time a pregnant test. One month past with only negative results. Every time Sven had a sad face. But finally shortly before Mai her results showed a plus. Every time before it was a minus but this time it was clearly a plus. Two days later it was confirmed by doctor Schmidt. Susan was pregnant with Sven's baby.



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