Gay and married 21 The same night , I told Sven everything what happened during the week and especially today. I told him, that I thought Sean tried to kill himself. But i didn't told him that, he made a move on me or i thought so. Maybe it was just my imagination. Why my shoulder was first yellow and later dark blue. And the bruise I suffered, while breaking into Sean's room. And that Jesus and Sean are back together.

Sven listened to everything I told him. After the story about Sean, i also told him that I tried to contact Elliott. I didn't told him the reason of the call or better text. I thought I would tell him if I could see sparkles between Chris and Elliott. But my hubby was smarter that I thought. When I ended my story and rested my head on his muscle packed chest he inhaled deeply. to my surprise he asked. "Do you really think Chris will fall for Elliott?" I could only smile and lifted up my head to kiss him. "I don't know, I hope so".

Speaking of Elliott. He texted me back the following day " I'm glad to hear from u. Thought u already have forgotten me. lmao. There are a lot of changes in my live right now, but it would be to much to text. What about a coffee? My tread. You and Sven? Text me when."

I texted right back "Saturday 3.00 pm" and I gave him the address to the nearest Starbucks coffee.

Jesus and Sean acted like teenagers in love,for the very first time. They giggled and laughed at all and everything. And they kissed a lot at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. The first few days Jesus walked weird, I thought,but I didn't minded it at all. My thoughts went back to the time Sean and i were together. Back then my butt did hurt a lot too. Lol The week went by way to fast. Well Sven and I had sex every night, sometimes twice. Thursday night after a handjob in the shower, Sven asked me. "When you picked me up at the airport and we had that...., you know what I mean, do you know where we had been?"

I looked at him surprised. "No I don't know Los Angeles as good as you do. I just followed your directions". While he rubbed his back with the towel he grinned at me. "It was the back parking lot of a gay club. Only two blocks away from the airport". I took my towel and hit him with it. "How come you know about it?" I asked, but with a jokingly tone in my voice.

"We'll I had to go there a couple of times, while I was undercover. There are a lot of good looking guys in there" he answered back and laughed. "Are you interested to go there one time?" He asked, not looking at me. I thought of my first encounter with a gay bar. The one Susan made me go to. And I thought about those " extra bedrooms" so I asked Sven about it. " Yes, they have a dance floor, a bar and in the basement several rooms " for all kinds of excitement " Sven said. I could detect a grin on his face. I know what was going on in those rooms. I saw it myself in Germany. I looked him deep in his eyes. "So you has been there before. Has you been alone ?" Sven came closer and kissed me. "No, I had my " bitch " with me. Doug was my " partner " in there so nobody would hit on either him or me. They prolly still think I'm the bad street worker. So if we go you will be my " bitch" this time". He ended his sentence and kissed me again.

In my mind I thought about going out with him to a gay bar. Why not? So I agreed to go and he suggested Friday night.

After a very climaxing position 69 ( my favorite ) I rested my head on his chest. My index finger played with his hair around his belly button. I think it's the greatest gift for a loving couple, to lay there and listen to the heartbeat of the other half. I tried to think of nothing at all, just to enjoy the moment we had. Sven's chest raised and felt constantly, until I felt him stop breathing.

"V I was thinking," he started but made a pause after the first sentence. And my thoughts started speeding up, like a race car on a racetrack. But without any clue what would come, i didn't said anything and waited for him to continue.

"I was thinking, you know I love having all our friends and family around us, but...." Fuck I thought, why is there a but. "But when I married you and wanted kids with you, i never imagined a family, like we are right now". I was about to raise my head but he held me down with his hands. "Let me finish, my love. I love them all, my brother, Jesus and even Chris, whom I always feared the most. Because you loved him so much and lost him shortly before we came together". Again,I started to lift up my head and wanted to start speaking, but Sven continued before I could say anything. "Yes I fear him more than Sven, because I don't know him. But it's not about your ex lovers. It's about my dream to be together with you and Hans and Curtis. I always wanted a family. A big family, but our family, you know." And again he made a pause as if he was searching for the right words. "You and me and the kids. No one else."

He lifted his hands off my head and i finally could move. looked him right in his brown eyes. I know he wasn't finished, but I had so many questions in my head. He looked deep into my eyes.

"I promised you a honey moon when we came over here and I am a man of my words. I planed a vacation for us. You, me and the two kids. No Susan, no Sean, no Jesus or Chris. Just we as a gay married couple with kids" he finished.

I was expecting everything. That he wanted to kick out Chris or Jesus or maybe all of them, but when he finished his statement I felt so delighted. So happy that I only could kiss him. He really wanted nothing more than me and,what's more important, the two boys as well. "What about Susan?" I asked after I broke my kiss. Sven smiled and I knew, he already had an answer for that. "Susan want nothing more than for us to be happy. I already talked to her and she agreed"

I,was surprised, again. "You talked with Susan behind my back?" I asked with a smile. His eyes lightened up and he smiled back. "Yes we are like buddy's. she's telling me a lot about you and ....." He made a Ouse and his glance darkened.

" Oh yeah I forgot," he started and slapped the back of my head. "You called her once a whore." I was shocked. Susan really told him about that terrible fight we had in the past. Susan and Sven has been even closer that I always thought ,or better hoped.

"Ow that hurts" I mimicked a little boy and he slapped me again. This time on my still naked butt.

"Victor you know I love you. More than my own live. ". (And I knew, a but was coming). " but I want you to myself. I don't want to share you with others. And I want you and our kids to be one family. One day." He ended. I kissed him again. "Yes I would love to live in a house with you and the kids, playing in the back yard. Yes I understand what you are trying to say. And it would be great to go on vacation only you and me and the two boys. And one day, yes I want that too. And I want more kids." I said without thinking. Sven took my head in his hands and his eyes met mine again. "What did you say? You want more kids?" And he kissed me. "Yes I want at least two more kids." I gave back and kissed him back.

"But tell me what you have in mind for the family vacation ?" I asked after kissing for several minutes. "We'll I thought about Hawaii. Better Aulani , the Disney resort on Hawaii. That would be fun for the kids and we would have somebody to take care of the kids when we wanna do something on our own".

Hawaii I thought. Honey moon at Hawaii. Every couple is dreaming about that.

It was close to Christmas and I really didn't wanted to go over the holidays. It was the first Christmas in America and the very first one for us as family so I asked Sven when he wanted to go. "We'll, not over X-mas that's for sure, cause i know you want to celebrate with all our friends." he said and smiled at me "But in January I think would be a good time. The latest February. I don't wanna wait that long till I am alone with you and the kids. I wasn't quite honest when I said Susan agrees completely. She told me that we should go. Only Curtis would be a problem. Since he is only 4 month, it could be difficult to take care of him, she said. And the fact that she is still partially breast feeding".

Ok that's a point but other "hetero"couple are managing the same difficulties with kids I thought. "We'll let's talk to her again, together I mean " and with that I mimicked a bad face. " but lets wait till after the holidays." I finished and Sven agreed by nodding his head.

On Friday, two weeks before christmas, Sven texted me that he would come home later but that we would still go to that gay bar.

I was home around 4 a clock and watched Susan changing the diapers of little Curtis. I never had done this before, so out of curiosity I asked Susan, if I could do it. I never thought that a handful of human kind could make such a stinky poo. Susan laughed when I gaged twice. "That is a thing patents have to do". She told me. I managed to clean him and put on the new diaper. Curtis was smiling at me all the time. Susan started to give Curtis a bottle now and than. He still was used to her tidies but I tried to feed him with the formula. Curtis was laying in my arms and I was comfy on the couch. He instinctively moved his hands in my chest area, but since I had no breast to feed him with, I gave him the bottle and after a few tries he sucked on it. Susan smiled at me. "Good job papa" I was kinda proud of myself.

After Curtis had about 4 ounces Susan told me to let him burp. She showed me how. I had to hold him and to clap his back tenderly. Curtis burped like a grown up.

After the bottle I played with him for a few minutes. He was laughing and giggling. I held him above my head and was wiggling the little man. "I wouldn't do that if I would be you " Susan said while watching me. I looked surprised in her face. She started laughing and I felt a white kind of liquid running down my hair and the side of my face. Curtis puked at me. "You just gave him a bottle papa. You can not do this right after he ate." Susan tried to say but with her laughing like crazy it was hard to understand.

I went to my room to take a necessary shower. It felt great to do parents stuff,I thought. Sven and I never had really tried to do things like this before. But I was determined I will do it more often now.

7.30 pm I was done with the shower and when I stepped out I saw Sven standing there. He was watching me while I washed myself. "Oh you are having fun without me " he said jokingly. I shook my head and told him what accident I went thru.

When I finished my story he embraced me with a hug and kissed me "I'm so proud of you" and he laughed. " I don't know if I can stand it when Curtis stinks that much".

Sven and I went to the bar at around 10.30 pm. It was almost empty and I was kind of disappointed. "It will be packed by midnight. U wait and see." My hubby assured me. Sven showed me the " basement" and to my surprise there was much more "traffic" going on down here. The "rooms",plural was much more one giant open space, only a few of white transparent curtains separated the beds from each other. You could easily tell what was going on in the next booth or even one further down. No privacy at all. But I thought that was the point.

We went thru one isle and in one of the actually roomy separations, we saw a middle aged, handsome, but very hairy bear kneeing in front of a bed with a young beauty on it. The younger guy was laying on his stomach. The older guy had his fist up the his ass. Wow I thought that must hurt. I saw once a gigantic vibrator going up Mario's ass, but fisting?I don't know.

The next cubicle showed two men in a very familiar position. My favorite. 69. Both about 50 years old but not bad looking.

And one further,a very slim middle aged man was on his knees. The floor was tiled. A group of men was standing around him. All helt their dicks in there hands. And urinated at that guy. The one on his knees tried to catch some beams with his mouth.

I turned around. I don't know if I liked it or not,but I thought it was interesting.

The noise in the cellar was more like a constant moaning, interrupted by some yelling or squeaking. And we heard a lot of "fuck me harder " and " lick it, bitch". In my head was the thought that it was almost the same as in Germany. Only bigger.

After half an hour or so I had seen enough. Even Sven gestured that he wanted to go out of that basement. Despite the fact that he loved to be watched while having sex, he disliked this basement as much as I did.

More " clients " were at the bar now. Sven was right, by midnight, that place would be packed. A few couples were dancing to a song called " all American boy " i never heard that song before but it was good. I have to download it on my I phone.

Sven pulled me to the dance floor. I'm not a great dancer myself but I know Sven was. He could move his body. I was more of a broom handle lol. First we danced a bit further apart of each other but with the next song, a slow country song Sven embraced me in a hug and we danced body on body. On one side was a gigantic mirror. This place reminded me a lot of the back door club up in Palmdale. Some other couples looked at us. Some tossed us kisses and others wiggled their eyes on us. I could see why. The reflection showed a very handsome, very muscular and very talented black guy.

When we left home I made a comment about his choice of wardrobe. He wore a tide, a very tide black shorts and a white 5/8 shirt with it. The one you could still see the belly button. I had a neon blue jeans and a shirt which looked like somebody had torn off the sleeves on the shoulders. We looked hot in that mirror.

Sven rubbed his lower body agains my crotch and I felt his dick growing by the second. A young guy, dancing with what looked like a drag queen came closer. "Do you two need some company tonight?" He asked. He looked cute and I was about to say something when he showed us some pills. Sven pulled me away and told the guy to fuck off or he will tell the owners . The guy vanished as fast as he appeared. "Honey, please be carful in here. Don't drink anything open. Don't let anyone invite you for a drink. You don't know what's inside". He whispered, but his voice sounded serious. I nodded my head that I understood.

We danced one more song and went to the bar for a beer. Sven ordered two bottle of corona "not open" he demanded and the bar tender brought us two beer and a bottle opener. There has been at least 40 chairs on that bar and almost every chair was occupied.

We found two chairs at the end. I sat down next to a stud. I estimated around 25- 30 years but muscle like Adonis. And next to him, holding his hands was an older guy. About 50 years of age. Beer belly and almost bald. Only a few gray hairs were visible. But the two looked at each other as they would be a couple.

"Sugar daddy and lover boy " I thought and that brought a smile on my face. Sven was in a conversation with the bar tender. I must have stared at the two because the older guys eyes left the younger ones and looked at me. Embarrassed I lowered my glance and looked down at their hands. What I saw surprised me. Both had the same ring on the ring finger. And I stared again.

"No I'm not his sugar dad, we are married" the older one said. I flushed. Usually I don't judge people, but my staring must have looked like it.

"Oh sorry, I just...." I brought out. "Sorry, I'm , we are married too. " I said and the older guy smiled at me. "We get that a lot. That an old fagot has a handsome stud like him" he said. And the younger guy hit him on the for head. "You are not a fagot and I'm not a stud " the younger said and both started laughing. I looked puzzled.

"Hey my name is Sven and that nosy man over here is my husband Victor " Sven rescued me by introducing the both of us. "Hi my name is Rob short for Robert and this handsome guy over here is my husband, since two days now, Zachary. We shook hands. Zachary had a firm grip. He wore a sleeve less shirt and a black jeans. I thought ti myself. "lucky bastard, Rob" How in the hell get a guy like him that young stud. He was a stud no matter what he sayed about himself. While I was lost in thoughts, Sven started a small talk and my fore pa was forgotten. Lol.

"I know his mother" Robert started. " she and I went to the same school.

When Zach was 16..." He stopped but Zachary continued. "When I was 16 my god child was born and he was invited to the party. That was the first time we saw each other differently. Not only as the friend of my parents. With 16 I had a lot of girlfriends already and Rob was married by then. So I never thought that there was anything else, but when I held my god child in my arms he accidentally touched me. It was like a electric shook for me. My hairs in the back stood up and my dick was jiggling. I never had that feeling before, not even for a girl"

He stopped and now Rob started again. "It was the same for me. It was weird. I have to be thrustful. I had gay sex when I was in the military and I had some "fuck buddy's "at the gym I used to go too. My wife was the first female love in my live. We were married for over 25 years until she died 4 years ago. Never less, that first encounter with Zach was something I will never forget. And since we have the same birthdate only 20 years apart we decided to celebrate his 20 birthday and my 40 birthday together. And when he hugged me and wished me happy birthday I came in my pants. That brief moment was enough to shoot my load."

" Come on that wasn't brief. My mom told me we hugged for several minutes. " Zach added.

"They thought we would never let go of the other again " and he smiled. "It was such an immense feeling to hold Robert so close. I really wanted to hold him forever. That was the time I started to think of him in a erotic way. You should know he looked like me when he was 40".

He ended. Robert started again." Yes I was very proud of my body. Had a six pack till ....." And he was quiet. "Till he lost his wife 4 years ago." Zach continued the sentence." He started drinking and stopped working out. I haven't seen him in that time. I was in a committed relationship with my girl. 8 years I was with her until....." And he stopped. They both looked in their eyes for a long time. I looked at Sven and thought of us. Would it be the same when I was older or he was older ? I guess not. After a few minutes of silence Robert started again with tears in his eyes. "I moved away for two years. I couldn't deal with the lost. And I started drinking and started thinking of Zach here in a very strange way. I felt love for my wife and as long she was alive I didn't allow myself to think of Zach as a lover. Even when I came that one day I denied my love for him.

I didn't know how he felt for me. After my wife past away I started watching gay porn. Not only sex scenes, i watched movies with a story. Coming out or first timers. And i had to confesd to mysel that i loved him. That i loved him all the years.I was scared I would loose him by telling him. Or his parents as friends.

Last year I came back. I was gone for two years. I called his mom to see if I could come by to say hello. And I saw him again. When I looked in his eyes I felt something I only had felt for my wife before. Love. Endless love. I just came to say good by. I was ready to go....." And his voice gave up. He was shaken by sobs. Sven squeezed my hand extremely hard. After a while Zach started. " when mom told me he would come that evening I was in her house two hours early. One of his former "fuck" buddy's is working in the same gym I used to work. And when I started thinking of gay love and sex I asked Dennis, about it. He was gay, anyone had known that. And as we spoke about it Roberts name came up. So I knew he had same sex experience. I wanted to tell him that I love him all those years. I bought wine, beer and his favorite vodka just to have a nice evening with him. The day he was supposed to show up at my moms, I called in sick at work. My girlfriend and I had a big fight this day.

At the end she screamed at me.

"Do you really love that man so much ". She had a point. Yes I did and I wanted him. In my rage I told her to go to hell and left. Mom saw it also. When I told her about the break up she knew why. She always suspected that I was in love with him. In never showed a gay side but she knew".

Robert, still tears in his eyes looked puzzled at his husband. "You never told me that". Zachary kissed him and continued. "Yes mom knew that I loved you from the beginning. I don't know about dad, he never said anything. He died two years ago in a car accident. But mom suspected it, yes."

And Zach kissed Robert as gentle as possible. Robert started again.

"Like I said, I just came to say good by. I only wanted to see and feel him one more time. Zach offered me beer and vodka, but I declined. I wanted to stay sober that night. I didn't wanted to do anything stupid. And with his mom watching us, now I know why , I was glad that night was over soon. But with my 50. And his 30. Birthday coming up, he asked me if we would celebrate together again. I was happy. I agreed. I thought I could delay my "departure" one more week.

I came to his house that evening with beer and vodka. When I saw him with his short pants and his t shirt I couldn't hold it back any longer and hugged him and kissed his cheeks." He made a pause. "All his friends were there and a face I hadn't seen in over 30 years. Dennis. And he had a good looking boyfriend in his arms. He knows, I thought Zach knows my past with Dennis. I started drinking that night. My brain wasn't functioning anymore. He knows, he knows was all I could think off. I had a small talk with his mom. Couldn't concentrate what she had to say. And when Zachary came into the kitchen,she left. Zach stood there only staring at me and I thought what the fuck, I tell him. And I did. I told him that I had loved him all the years. That I was In love with him and that I would go forever. But instead of calling me an old fagot he took me in his arms and kissed me. I lost it in that moment. I picked him up and kissed him back."

They both looked at each other. You could see, practically feel the love they cherished.

I looked at Sven and he moved his head closer to mine to kiss me.

"I wanna grew old with you my love" He whispered in my ears. And we told them our story. We sat together for another two hours just for small talk. I liked that couple a lot. At the end, Robert told us that they had been here in Cali only for a few days of honey moon. They will leave the very next day back to Arkansas.

Sven and I left the bar at around 4 in the morning. I wasn't tiered at all and even with only two weeks to Christmas, we decided to go to the Beach. At 4 am, in December.

I never had been at the beach at that early hour but it was really nice. It wasn't cold at all. We had several very hot days lately, so it didn't felt cold at all that night. I always have a blanket in my car for emergency's. We took it and spread it out and made it as comfy as possible. We didn't spoke much, both of us just listened to the surf. I could feel Sven's hand in my hair while I was laying with my head on his chest. Yes I wanted to get old with the love of my live. And in moments like this it came to me again. I was lucky to have a spouse at my side. A spouse who loved me, a spouse who would do everything to make me happy. And I loved him the same way. I lifted up my head and looked in his marvelous brown eyes again. "You know I love you?" I asked and he pulled my hair till I was close enough to his lips. Sven's bulging lips closed around mine and his tongue was entering my mouth. His hand on my hair moved lower on my neck and even further to my back.

With the other hand he hovered my body on top of him. Now I was laying on his stomach. The kiss didn't stop. I felt so happy. It was like heaven. With his tongue in my mouth, my little V started to waken up. I was looking at him. He had his eyes closed, but popped open as soon as my dick started to grow." Oh you naughty boy". He said after he broke the kiss. "You know it's against the law to have sex on the beach?" He asked with a smile on his face. "Look around, do you see anyone around here?" I asked back and drove my tongue deep in his mouth.

It wasn't pitch black but I hoped it was dark enough so nobody could see us from the surrounding apartments or condos. And the streets were leveled higher about ten feet or so. Sven's hands were already in my red zone. He was massaging my butt. I pressed my hard dick , still inside my pants on his mid section and rubbed it. It showed results. His cock was raising. I moved off his body into a sitting position right next to him. I fumbled with his belt and the bottoms of his tide shorts to let out his expanding cock. Sven moaned in relief. I bet that monster was hurting inside the way to tide shorts.

His gorgeous dick was standing in the morning breath and I couldn't resist and kissed the piss hole on his dick head. I earned the first drop of pre cum and a loud moan of Sven. I knew since I'm with him he loved to get sucked. And he loved to get off in my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth to let in his, now precum dripping dick. In one slow motion I slurped it down my throat and Sven cried my name. "Victor, oh I love the way you show me your love". I kept his dick inside my throat for several seconds before I let go of it totally. It wasn't cold on the beach but the steady blowing wind must have giving Sven the chills.

His hands had already reached my crotch and he was squeezing my hard dick. "Move around I want you too" he whispered. Here and now I was his servant and I did what he wanted me to too. As soon as I moved into the 69 position I felt his mouth on my tent in my shorts. His hot breath went thru the fabric and I could feel his softly biting on my cock. Now it was my turn to moan. "Ohhhhh fuck " I pressed out. My hands moved up and down Sven's very well build legs. Down at the outside, up at the inside and when I reached his nuts I gave both a good squeeze. His dick was wiggling in front of my face and the longer I looked at it, the more I wanted to take it back into my mouth. Sven stopped breathing hot air into my midsection and opened my pants. He only pulled them and my brief down. In one elegant stroke. My dick hit him in his face. But he wanted that. He even moved closer so it would hit him harder. His hand were knitting my nuts already and I felt the urge to shoot my load soon.

Sven's tongue licked up and down my shaft and rested at the bottom close to my nuts. His finger massaged my butt around the entrance and circled closer and closer. I could hear the sucking sound when Sven sucked in my left nut and pulled it with his mouth and let go suddenly. Sven's head moved upward again and licked my dick head with the tip of his tongue. I, myself had started the up and down motion on his dick.Sven moaned his approval.

When I felt his middle finger entering my backside,I fingered his sphincter. His moaning became louder. I let go of his cock and pulled myself deeper so I could reach his butt hole with my tongue. While I was spreading apart his butt cheeks with both hands, I licked softly over the little hsir around his hole. I loved the taste of his butt hole. It tasted kind of sweet. After several liking across the sphincter,I penetrated it and drove my tongue inside of him as far as possible. Sven stopped breathing. I knew when he would start breath again it would be with a scream. And here it came " fuck , oh V ohhhhhhhh" and I continued to fuck him with my tongue. He also licked over my back entrance. I loved this feeling. But I wanted more,so I moved further and further. After Sven's first attempt to hold me back, he let go of my legs,probably knowing what was coming. I moved my body down all the way that I reached his feet with my face. Finally I pushed myself up and turned around so I sat on his hip, facing him.

His hard dick buried under my butt. I could see Sven's eyes glowing in anticipation. I lifted up my ass, spit in my hand to lubricate it and pointed his dick head to the center of my sphincter. By letting go of my body, I stopped breathing, expecting the pain when Sven's enormous dick vanished inside of me. And as always it only lasted seconds. The pain turned into divine bliss. Sven also didn't inhaled. . He told me once, he had that unbelievable feeling,anytime his cock entered me. And he enjoyed it enormously.

I started breathing again but Sven held his breath even longer and finally he let go of his oxygen deficit by inhaling a loud " ohhhhhhhhh" and exhaling a louder " fuuuuuuck". I stared to move my body up and down on his brick, but Sven pulled on my arms, do that I had to lay down on his body. He embraced me with a kiss. And now he took over. He angled his legs and stared pumping his dick in and out of my ass. His rhythm synchronized with the surf. Very slowly but after a few strikes he rapidly increased his speed. I only felt happy. His dick entered and left my anus but I only felt his love, his undivided love for me. He went on for several minutes before he asked me to change my position do he could knee behind me and fuck me dogy style.

As soon as I knelt in front of him I could feel his dick again in my anus. It went in like a hot knife in butter. Now he could enter his full length. 10 inches of beautiful man meat. And I enjoyed it. My cock, lightly down, started now growing again when his 7 inch in circumference scratch over my prostate and produced the precum,which was dripping like water of a leaking pipe. His moaning increased in volume with his movements. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh " I heard him breathing and his hips were clapping on my ass. Sven's hand moved down to my now standing cock and jerked it like crazy. I was so close to let go, but I wanted to cum with him. As he had read my mind his action stopped immediately and his growling occurred. "Gggrrrrrrrrrrrr GRRRRRRRRRRRRR " and it ended with a deep "fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk" and he started moving in and out again, fast and hard. While he was filling up my guts with his lava like hot sperm,I let mine go on the blanket. He didn't stopped jerking until I grabbed his hand. "Fuck, fuck, fuck " Sven let out, every time his dick drove inside of me. 10,12 strokes and then he pulled out and let the rest of his cream running down my ass crack. I was exhausted and I believed Sven was too, but all of a sudden I felt his lips closing around my butt hole and his tongue entering. He sucked his own cum out of me. Oh my god I thought what a incredible feeling that was. He never did this before and I only tried it once, but I always dreamed about somebody doing it to me. And here he was, sucking out my behind. His mouth left my ass and I let gravity take over and laid down. I could feel his body hovering above me and I rolled on my back. As soon as I found my position he lowered his body on mine. In his face I could make out some more cum around his mouth, so I started licking. "What was that?" I asked and smiled at him. He smiled back. " it felt so great when you did it to me. And I always wanted to do it to you too. And here, with nobody around it felt right". He said and kissed me. His mouth tasted like his cum. Sweet.

It was 6.25 already and on the horizon you could see the first orange appearing. It wouldn't take long and the sun would rise. "We better get dressed before the first runner coming to the beach." Sven said.

We stood for a few more minutes to enjoy the sun rise. When we left and reached our car I felt the cold wind. Sven turned on the engine and drove to the closest entrance to the 405. My head was spinning. I wanted that man next to me to be happy. As happy as he makes me. And I knew how to do it. "Sven after we met with Elliott today, do you think we can stop by at the travel agency?" He looked at me with question marks in his eyes. " I wounded if its to late to book the flight to Hawaii next week, so we can stay over Christmas until new year." Sven hit the brake, and came to a compete stop on the right lane. He looked in my eyes and asked. "What did you say you wanna go over Christmas. I thought you wanted to stay at home with all our friends?" And his eyes were drilling a hole in my head. "No, I changed my mind. I want to be alone with you and the kids, as long as Susan agrees. Only we as a family" I stuttered. Sven unbuckled and moved closer to me. His hands around my face. He was only inches away when he whispered. "You gave me the biggest Christmas gift ever. I love you Mr. Victor Goldmann" and he pressed his lips on mine.



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