I was in shock. Sven told me they were fighting. Why didn't he told me the truth. I felt betrayed. He didn't trusted me enough. All I could think was negative. Dwight and I were sitting for a long time in silence. The bottle of brandy was long gone. I asked him if he had a whiskey. I needed one. When I'm drunk I calm down, I'm not the one who gets violent . I wanted confront Sven with his lies but here and today was not a good idea. And I wanted him to be pissed at me for drinking so he would leave me alone. I promised Dwight I wouldn't fight with Sven when he comes home." He loves you, you know that?" He asked me with tears in his eyes. I never had seen an older man crying like Sven's father. I looked at him and nodded my head but in my brain was that question. Does he really?

Dwight brought out the whiskey and I filled both glasses up to the rim. I emptied mine with one gulp. I know I will regret that tomorrow with a bad hangover but right now I wanted get drunk.

And I was successful. I was drunk like hell. But Dwight on the other hand started to get sober. I don't know how he did it. When Sven came home and saw me and his dad, he was kind of proud. He took me close, kissed me and whispered in my ear." I didn't meant that you get drunk instead of him but he seems good. Thank you V". What the fuck you are supposed to be mad at me, I thought but my plan didn't worked out. When he kissed me again I felt the love I always had for him. I don't wanted to deal with him so I faked a black out and he rested me on the couch. He returned to his father and they both talked awhile about Sven's mother. She was doing good and that she was looking forward to spend the holidays with Dwight. Sven hasn't the guts to tell her ,he's living before that. And then I heard Dwight saying" Sven, he is a good man your Victor. And he loves you a lot. Don't screw that up". Sven was silent for a second. I didn't dare to open my eyes. "I know dad and I love him more than I can tell. And dad sorry I never told you that I'm ...gay." I heard footsteps and than Dwight said. "It's all right, son I always knew that both of you were gay. And I don't care". I opened my eyes a little bid and saw them hugging. Sven whispered something in his dads ear I couldn't hear. Then both said good night and I felt two heavy arms lifting me up. Sven carried me to the bedroom and laid me smoothly on the bed. He stripped naked and laid right beside me. I could feel his hand on my stomach but I turned and he took it away.

The next morning I woke up and wanted to die. I had a headache and my stomach repelled to the delicious smell of bacon, eggs and fresh coffee. I was determined not to break into a fight while we were at Dwight's place. I politely said good morning but refused to give Sven a kiss. He only looked at me puzzled." Everything ok V?" He asked. I only gave him a short yes as an answer. Dwight was already out of the house to pick up Sven's mom. "If you don't mind I want to be out of the house before dad comes home with mom." He said. I agreed only with a nod. I declined bacon and eggs but helped myself to coffee. I don't know what was going on in his mind but he stopped talking to me. He probably sensed that something was going on. We packed our cloth in silence. He looked at me a few times but I avoided looking at him.

We drove away and I caught him looking at the house with tears in his eyes. How much sadness does he felt this moment. I was about to forget all my sorrows and tried to touch his hand but he shook it of. Miles by miles , minutes by minutes went by and my fury reached the top. Out of the blue I asked" when exactly did you plan to tell me that Sean raped you. On the air plain or on our wedding?" He didn't seemed surprised. His eyes stared thru the windshield. No word came over his lips. And that guilty silence mad me more angry. I started yelling at him. That he didn't trust me enough, that he never reveals his feelings to me and that we may think twice before we fly out tomorrow together or about our wedding at all. That was to much. He stopped the car. And now he turned to face me. I still pray today that I will never hear his angry voice again. "What do you want to hear. That the first guy you felt for is a serial rapist. Or that he don't only fucked me once, that he probably did it twice. If I had told you 5 years ago would you had believed me. I would has been the jealous teen brother. You didn't had anything for me back than. And yes we probably should think about our marriage twice". He turned away but I saw tears are running down his cheeks. He started the car and we drove for another two hours without any word spoken. I only thought about what he had said. That he was raped twice by Sean. How in the hell could I be so wrong about Sean.

We arrived my aunty's house and I went straight to our bedroom. Greg and Andrew were on the living room. Sven stayed with them. I only could hear them talking " everything all right?" Andrew asked. " yeah we had a little discussion that's all." Sven answered. And Greg joked around. "Oh oh thunder in paradise". " you know that we have that party planed tonight. " Greg added. "We only need a few more drinks". And I heard Sven " I take care of that." And then the door closed behind them. Now I left the room knowing that I wouldn't run into Sven. But I was surprised to see Greg still on the couch. Playing wii. "Hey dude, everything ok?" He asked not looking at me. I had tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks. I must haves sobbed because he let go of his game and looked on my eyes." Hey do you know how much fights Andrew and I went thru or still going thru. You think you fall in love and everything is good. Nope and don't count on' that was your last fight'. There's always sunshine and rain. Light and darkness. Yin and yang. Good and evil. The only thing what matters is don't let your love you have for him go away." He said and hugged me. " I know you two belongs together whatever is between you it's not worth it. Don't let the devil win". I cleaned my face with the sleeve of my shirt and faced him. "Did you ever questions Andrews decisions ?" He smiled. " of course I do and he does mine but don't hold it back. Talk about it. And sometimes you simply have to fight for your love" he finished. "Greg thank you I never had a friend like you". And he laughed. "Nope we are relatives. You can choose your friends but you can not choose your relatives."

But I meant what I had said. I never had friend in my live and I was glad I found them over here.

Sven and Andrew came back with all kind of alcohol. Tequila, Whiskey, even Jaegermeister. And Sven had already one of those mix drinks in his hand. He was laughing and shaking with Andrew. I tried to look him in the eyes but he turned away. I let him. I probably deserved it.

Later that night everyone had a buzz including Sven. I stayed sober that day, maybe because I had a bad conscience. All my friend were here. Charlie, Robert, Monika even Jesus showed up. And around 10.30 they all went nude into the jacuzzi. I doubted that Sven would go in naked but here he was, striped down to his skin. He was drunk. When he stepped into the hot water he had all the eyes on him. Either on his marvelous dick or on his muscle ass. I smiled. He would have never done this when sober. He sat next to Greg and Andrew. I was glad he didn't had to sit next to Jesus. Now I started to get jealous. Half an hour and a few shots later he was so drunk that he started babbling. But he stood up with his beer in his hands." Friends " he started" look at that handsome guy over there. He is love of my live and I would do everything for him." I stared at him, and forget the others in the pool." And now I messed it up, the best thing I ever had in my life. I screwed it". And tears were running down his cheeks. He had problems to stand on his feet and felt right into Charlie and Monika. I jumped out of my lawn chair and grappled his arms." I think you got enough my love. " I said and pulled him up so I was eye to eye to him. " V I love you and I am terrible sorry I didn't told you the truth" he babbled. " it's ok Sven. I love you too." I gave back and pulled him out of the jacuzzi into the house. Luckily he was able to walk more or less lol. In our room I let him slide on the bed. He pulled me to him. "Are you still gonna marry me?" He asked. " of course I do" I said and kissed him. I could see his penis getting stiff. He was drunk and his legs gave up but that tool was working fine. He jumped out of bed and run as fast as he could to the sliding door. "We are getting married and all of you are invited. I pay for all of you". He said and lost balance. I picked him up and put him to bed. This time I laid beside him and held him tight.

Not even 6 hours later we were on our way to the airport. All of our friend came to say good by. Sven was looking at the crowd, he was hoping his dad and mom made it. We checked in our luggage and headed to the check point when we heard his dad calling his name. Sven's dad and mom were standing there. Sven gave his mom a hug and whispered something in her ear. She came my way and hugged me. She was a very good looking women and right now and without knowing her condition you would say she was as normal as it gets. "V please take care of my baby, will you. He loves you and I love you for that. He is happy, so am I" she whispered in my ear. Sven said good bye with years in his eyes. Mom and dad started too and I had a tight throat. I was about to cry. And right there I made my decision. When I'm done with school Sven and I gonna move to the USA.

We left them all waving at us and after boarding I asked Sven" you are all right?" He nodded his had but still had tears in his eyes. It was as always a long and boring flight. I held his hands the entire time. Shortly before we left flighting attitude he excused himself for the restroom. I had to go to , so both of us went to the toilets in the first class. No waiting line in front of it. When he opened the door to go in I checked for other passengers and with nobody in sight I pushed him in and closed the door behind him. "Hey what are you doing?" He asked. "Well how does it look like" I answered and kneeled down in front of him. It took me two seconds to unzip his pants and pull out his soft dick. It was growing in my mouth to maximum size. After a split seconds of hesitation he gave in and moaned his approval. His hands in my hair pulling it closer to the root of his cock. Sven is one hell of a pre cummer. He produces almost as much precum as I shoot an entire load. I enjoyed it, every drop. ". Bing bing, we are starting with the landing procedure now. Please get seated and fasten your seat bell" the intercom speakers announced. " come on you better hurry or we are in trouble". I said letting out his dick, but sucked it right back in. His dick was again deep in my throat when he exploded. I tried to keep up with his load shooting out of his dick head but it was to much to swallow. Some streams were running down my cheeks and landed on my black shirt. Finally done he pulled me up and kissed me. "Thanks but how do I deserve a treat like that after yesterday?" I smiled at him. "Forget about our feud and welcome to Germany" I whispered in his ear. When we reached our seats the male steward looked at me. "Sir you got something on your shirt" he said and smiled. I was s o embarrassed that I turned red immediately.



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