We had amazing sex that night. Not only once lol Afterward I couldn't hold it any longer and asked why he was back. "First of all I missed you so much. And mom is doing better, the doctor said. Her vitals showing improvements but they can not say when she will be out of her coma". Yes I thought. I was in a coma for 9 month after the car accident. He tried to kiss me. I blocked his attempt. " Sven Goldman you are a terrible liar, so now tell me the truth" he stood up and started walking around. When he began to speak his voice was serious. "With my job in the United States I had known guys like Taylor. First they are good and friendly but they can turn out violent. His behavior shows symptoms you see with a stalker. Maybe he is just a nuts but after the freaky outburst of him at the Stadtcafe I assume he is more than that. And when you told me somebody is watching you or better the apartment I'm convinced he is that guy. But he's not stalking you I believe, it's me. The reaction he gave me when I told him that I'm not in Germany anymore let me think that I'm the one he is targeting. So I called Susan..." I cut him of. "What Susan know about your returning?" He stopped walking around and looked me in my eyes. " yes I told her to take you and Hans to spend a day together. And I may have flipped that I'm on my way back yes" he said with a smile on his face. "Wait till I see Susan tomorrow. "I said with a fake sadness in my voice. "You will leave her alone. You hear me". He started chasing me thru the living room. When he finally get his hand on me he whirled me around and kissed me. "I really missed you. And I didn't wanted to be without you anymore". I kissed him back. "I feel the same way my love" I replied.

Two more days went by so fast. We had so much to organize and to pack. Most of my belongings I stored already in a storage in the basement. I told Margot that she could rent out the place if she wanted but she wanted to let it untouched. Just in case we decided to ether come back or come for a visit. Sven assured her that we would back at least twice a year. Christmas and to my or Sven's birthday. And whenever she wanted to visit us she was more than welcome and he would pay for the flight. Never less the last day was filled with tears. Susan's parents came with her and Hans to the Munich airport. It was hard to say good by. Margot left early to avoid crying. So did Susan's mom. Her dad hugged her and didn't wanted to let her go. He whispered in her ear and she started crying but kissed him on his cheek.

After all the kissing and crying I was glad to sit in the very comfortable first class seats. We had four seats in one section. Hans could play with his I-paid ( Sven's gift) and could watch cartoons on the long flight. Susan was still shacking with emotion. I asked her what his dad said to her. "He actually apologized. He never did that in the past. He is one of those hard head you know. His way or the highway." She said with a smile.

The flight was smooth. No turbulences at all. So Susan had no problems with the flight. Out of precaution she had asked her doctor about the flight. But she assured her it would be safe. Susan was only in her 17 week in her pregnancy. So there should be no problems except the safety bell during a rough flight. We also had no problems with the immigration officer. Susan went thru pass control as a visitor of the United States and I had a marriage certificate and a permit of the American embassy to stay in the United States. The alien registration card was still pending. We did that, right after our wedding in June at the consulate in Munich. The officer didn't showed any emotion when he checked the papers. And for Hans I had a official birth certificate that showed that he was my biological son. It took longer than usually but we made it thru. We were the last at the baggage claim and finally we left the airport. Los Angeles here we come. Lol. Sven whistled for a cap big enough for 8 suitcases and four people. He found one and one hour later we arrived at the house in Torrance.

All the time since I knew that I will move into that same house I had lost my virginity in,I had a weird feeling. I don't know why but the thought of it made me sick. The closer we came to the house the more I felt my stomach turning. The house looked the same. I only saw a new entrance at the side of the house. The main entrance had a big new black tented glass window. Sven must have felt or sensed my hesitation. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me inside. Nothing looked the same inside. The celling was still 12 feet high but no more carpet on the floor or staircase. All dark hardwood. And the wall paper i had seen 5 years ago, all gone. Everything looked so new. The living room ( well I never had been in there before) was gigantic. I already imagined a Christmas tree in there lol. Susan's mouth was open. Maybe It was too much. I told her Sven was rich but she probably didn't know how rich. The first floor was only kitchen, dinning room, living room and two bathrooms. The second floor had the master bedroom, two or three more smaller bedrooms as far as I could recall and Sven's and Sean's suite. Not anymore. Where Sean's and Sven's rooms had been was a big living room now. Not as big as the one downstairs but big. Two separate bedrooms with connected bathroom and a small master bedroom with on suite. "Susan you can have that side of the house. You got your own entrance if you want to and access to the house if you want to" Sven told her. Her eyes were as wide open as her mouth. "Are you serious? Is twice no three time as big as my pool house." She said. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. "Yes I am and there is a room for Hans and for my son or daughter". He whispered in her ear while hugging her. "It's the way I can say thank you" he added. Hans was already in one of the big rooms. "Mommy, mommy is that my new room?" He yelled. We left Susan and Hans and went further down the hallway. I saw on the right side a French door. Sven stopped right in front of it. He opened one wing and went inside. I thought I was dreaming. I was standing in broad sunlight. The roof was made out of glass and the entire back wall. In the middle of the glass wall was our bed. King size. And left and right were couches and chairs. On the left hand side right at the outside glass wall I saw another French door. Sven walked over and opened that one too. The glass on the outside wall and at the celling continued thru the bathroom. Bath tube in the one corner and a big walk in shower at the other. Now I probably was the one with the open eyes and mouth. I only looked at Sven with his grin in his face. "Everyone can watch us taking a shower or having sex "I said. Sven shook his head. "No honey they don't" and he switched on what seemed to be the light switch. I heard a summing noise like a bee and the clear glass turned into a milky surface. He switched it one more time and it was clear again. Wow I never had seen something like this before. Yes in some movies but in real live. "Wow that is awesome" I let out. Sven was standing right beside me and he pulled me into his arms. "Is it a surprise or not?" He said with laughter in his voice. "What about the bed room. I can not sleep when it's that bright" I mugged him. We went back to the entrance door of the bedroom and he pressed at a second switch. Shades rolled up from the floor to the celling and on the roof they came down. It wasn't pitch black but it was dark when they finally stood in place. Wow I couldn't speak. I just kissed him and my tongue found his. "Wow mummy come look" we heard Hans voice behind us. We both turned around and I picked him up. "Do you like your new home?" I asked him. He only looked at me with eyes you see on Christmas or birthdays when he opens up the presents. He nodded his tiny little head. " oh yes papa." He gave me a kiss. "It is all daddy today. That was his house before now it is ours ". I tried to explain. He pulled on Sven's shirt. "Thank you daddy" he said and also kissed him. Susan was standing in the door and smiled at us." How do you like your place?" I asked. "The bathroom is equipped like this one" she said with a head nod to the inside" but not that humongous. I can get lost in here "she laughed.

After unpacking the suitcases and store everything in closets and drawers we went out for dinner. Hans was already yawing at 5.30 pm. No wounded with the 9 hour time difference. When he's getting tiered he can be a brat. All of a sudden he wanted to go home to Opa and Oma. Susan explains that we will not see them for a few days now but he demanded his grandparents. It almost broke my heart when I saw him crying so bitterly. "Welcome to the world of parenthood" Susan said with a smile. "It could be worse" I gave back. Well now I was about to find out what it means to be a dad.

Home again Susan called her mom. It was in the middle of the night but when Hans heard her voice he calmed down and not half an hour later he felt asleep. Susan also went to her rooms and Sven and I were finally alone. I just took him in my arms and gave him a kiss. "Now what do you think about your decision ? You still want to live here with me ?" I slabbed him on the backside of his head. "The question is do you want to live here with us? And yes I will. I love you Sven Goldmann. " I answered him. My lips found his and I opened my mouth to welcome his exploring tongue. His kisses became more and more salacious. And with his hands he moved up my shirt. The sun was still up and we stood there for everyone out there to watch us. We had a back yard but next to that there was that big mansion. Even bigger than the goldmanns. It was too far to see anything but if someone used a telescope or binoculars they would be able to watch us. So I broke the kiss and turned the switch. Sssssmmmm and the glass went foggy. Sven took my hand and pulled me to the walk in shower. He undressed me until I stood there only with my briefs. I did the same to him and finally in his boxers I returned to his face. I had already a bulge in my briefs but Sven's boxer showed a big tent. He opened the shower door and music started playing. Inside was that big computer panel with a touchscreen. He hit some spaces behind my back and the light changed. The room itself went darker and on the shower celling the warm reddish light came on. It changed the color with the music. Without letting go of my mouth he stripped down his boxer shorts. His hard dick hit my balls. I wanted to do the same but Sven stopped me. I opened my eyes and looked right into his dark brown iris. He must have watched me the entire time because now his eyes showed a smiling grin. I wanted to go down in him and give him, what I thought, he liked the most but he stopped me again. He just continued to wrestle my tongue. My hands had been on his back and lower body. I loved to squeeze his ass cheeks. Every time I do so he's inhaling loudly. His eyes made a small move to the left. He still was playing with that remote behind my head. I let go if his ass and squeezed the hell out if his balls. "Au that hurts" he said finally focused on my eyes now." What you are doing?" I asked. He smiled and started kissing me again. He must have found watch he was looking for. His kisses was forcefully now and after a while he let go of my lips. He concentrated his attention to my neck now. While sucking in the side of my neck he took my hands in his and lifted them up. I thought I knew what he wanted and tried to get out of his hands, but he held on. In a smooth movement he turned me around and laid my hand on two rails left and right to the screen. Like the one you see in a handicapped bathroom. He must have installed them with a purpose I thought and now I was about to find out what purpose. I held on those rails and I felt him moving down on me now. I still had my briefs on and he pulled them down. I expected to feel his hot breath or his tongue on my ass crack. But no I felt some warm liquid running down my spine. It smelled like baby oil I thought and when he started massaging my body it felt like baby oil too. That sensation made even more horny and I moaned without Sven touching my dick or ass. His hands went up and down on my back. First he circled around my cheeks but soon his finger found the center of my ass. With that baby oil all over my back, his six pack and his chest just slides like a good greased tool. It felt so awesome.i felt his finger gliding in and out if my man hole. When he withdraw his finger for his dick I felt anticipation growing in my guts. It won't take long and I would feel his curved dick inside of me. I loved that feeling especially while standing. Sven's cock head was in position and I only felt my sphincter widened. My butt lips almost melted out of the way. The split second of pain as always, but after that, only enjoyment put. It was as we still stood on that window in the Bellagio. His breath became wilder and out of his mouth came a delightful agggghhhh. Sven started with slow strokes. His hands tried to get a hold on the hand trails as well and he bended his knees more so I practically sat on his impaling cock. He pulled himself up with his hands and stretching his legs. I could feel his chest and his six pack sliding over my spine and it made me even more horny. His man rod inside me flexed with every stroke. I could feel his hot breath and started to turn my head so I could kiss him. The position must have been totally uncomfortable for him I thought but I was wrong. Sven seems to enjoy that a lot. His rhythm became harder and faster. And each time he pumped his cock inside my ass he lifted my body of the floor. My feet lost contact to the tiled floor and shortly before he reached his heaven he was standing behind me and pressing my hard cock against the remote panel. He screamed and let go of his man juice. I know him for a big cummer but this time I felt stream after stream leaving his stone hard dick. My ears started to hurt because of his pitch high screams. I never heard him like this before. With his climax lasting what seems forever he searched for my mouth and tongue. I felt his dick leaving my man slut and I turned around completely so we could hold each other in out arms. My desire to shoot my load was do overwhelming that I started to rub my cock. He stopped me. I thought he was gonna down in me because I knew he liked to finish me off in his mouth so he could swallow all my cum. But instead he whispered in my ears. "I love you victor please I want you to fuck me" and he turned around and bended over to expose his man cave to my eyes. I was already used that he played the top part in our relationship and I was more his dame. He let me fuck him before but most of the time he sucked me off or I came while he climaxed. His offer was a surprise. I took some of the baby oil and lubricated his behind. I knew I wouldn't last long, couldn't hold it back, so I forced myself in his ass crack. It may have been to hard because I could hear him exhaling. 4 ,5 strikes and I felt my cum elevating out of my shaft. I tossed myself deeper as necessary and made him moan again. Aaaaaggggggghhhh, my climax was enormous as always.

After I pulled out a d he took me in his arms. Sven started the water and it came out like a warm summer rain. Soft and slow. Sven took a sponge and started cleaning my body. Very gentle and careful. He paid extra attention on my genitals and ass. I returned the favor and after we were clean as new born baby's we went to bed. We started to kiss, but with the time difference and the exhausting sex I felt asleep. T



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