Gay and married 3

The next morning everything was set. We will have our wedding on June 14. Man, almost 6 more month until i will have the best husband ever. Sven was also sure to come to Germany with me. What made me somehow proud. He will leave his patents and his brother behind, for me. Well with his brother he isn't quite close but I thought with his patents it will be different. "Dad knows about you and he will understand, i guess. And mom, I don't know if she even sees whats going on. All the drugs she used and now the medication she has to take. I don't know." He had a very sad face when he talked about his mom. " btw I wanna ask you something?" He said and looked in my eyes. "You are living with one kidney. Wouldn't it be better to quite drinking? Don't want to sound like your father or wife but I saw it once, what alcohol can do to a human body and i don't want to see it again". I kissed him softly. "For you my love I stop drinking but one or two beer should be allowed once in a while." I said with a smile on my face and he nodded.

After we took a quick shower and got dressed we were about to cook some breakfast when his cell phone rang. I heard " lady in red" coming out of his phone. He looked at me and picked up the phone. "Hey Cassandra good morning how are you?" After a while of listening to her he said " let me turn of my speaker so V can hear you". " hello Cassandra how are you" I asked politely." Thanks V good, boys I need your help. I just had a phone call. A German boy is missing. He is 15 years old. I couldn't understand every word but I think his brother called because the dad and the 15 year old had a fight about being gay. The caller was speaking in German and I'm really bad, in german, he tried to explain it in English but his English is as bad as my German. I only got an address in Torrance. The holiday inn. The name is shunk or shrunk". " Could it be Schunk. It's a common name in Germany?" I asked. " Yes please can you check on the family". Sven looked at me and nodded. " of course we are on our way" he said and hung up. " You want me to come with you?" I asked. " of course your are German, and your english is way better than my German. Its a bid rusty since I left Germany 5 years ago." He said. Ok if he wanted me to come with him I'll go.

Half an hour later we knocked on the hotel room door, Cassandra gave us. A women, about 40 years of age opened the door. She was crying. She was expecting someone else because when she saw us she started crying again. Sven looked at me and nodded his head in her direction. I spoke in German. "Hallo Frau Schunk....hello

Miss Schunk my name is victor and this is Sven. We are here because we had a call from your son, I believe. " in this moment she looked at me and recognized me. So did I she was the mother of that boy in the airplane." You" she said. " you were on the air plain. You are the one with that black boyfriend". She spoke German but Sven understood enough to look at me in surprise. When I told him about my ex lovers I told him about Luis but not how I met him." Yes I'm the one but he was not my boyfriend. He only was sick" I said more to Sven as to the mom. " But let's talk about your son. We had a call and we know he is missing. But can you tell us what happened and why he Is gone," she looked at me puzzled and fearful. " I didnt called the police" she said. Now Sven talked to her in his good german. " We are not with the police, we are from a gay teen support group". Now I could hear a voice from behind the door. " I called mom. I was on the phone when you were fighting with dad. Someone has to find him. " he said with tears in his eyes. " why did you called? Dad will be furious about that." The mom said with fear in her eyes. The boy looked in her eye and shook his head " I'm not here when that son of a bitch comes back. I'm done with getting beaten up for nothing. When will you finally see he is sick in his head. How often does he hit us before and how had we found excuses for his abuse. How often has you seen the doctor and told him you felt or hit something. I'm done." I looked ad Sven and he nodded with his head to let me know he understood everything. He whispered in my ears" take the. Boy I stay with the mother". I blinked with my eyes and turned to the teen aged boy. " please come with me and tell me about Steven". " you know his name?" Sven asked. " yes he introduced himself in the airplane." I could see question marks all over his face. " I'll explain later" I said and took the boy on his shoulder to the other room. " what's your name?" I asked. " Brian" he answered. "So Brian please tell me since when is Steven missing?"

And he started crying and told me everything. All started when Brian was 17 and had his first girlfriend. Afraid what his father would do he kept it a secret. One night he sneaked into his bedroom that he had to share with his brother Steven, with him his girlfriend. He wanted to sleep with her that night and couldn't find a place so he brought her home. It turned out she had her period and didn't wanted to be fucked. So Brian asked for a BJ and she declined that as well, it would be disgusting to have a penis in her mouth she said. So Brian kicked her out. When he started to jerk off with his playboy, his brother asked him if he would let him take care of his boner. With a boner and horny as hell he agreed. And 15 year old Steven sucked his brothers cock for the first time. Since then Steven is more than willing to suck and swallow the sperm out of his brother hard cock. Everything went fine until they flew over here and witnessed the scene with me." Steven felt in love with you,i guess, he said so ". Brian said. He hasn't seen him that euphoric since the first night. And that his dad was very upset about all that gay shit. On their way to the hotel the father started to argue with the mother and they were fighting so bad that the taxi driver kicked them out of the car. And that was the moment he started beading his wife and poor Steven for applauding in the air plain. Finally in the hotel it escalated and the manager called the cops. The father was arrested and came out of jail two nights ago. " he came to the hotel room with a baseball bat. Can you believe that? We all run for our live. He demolished the room and swore to kill us all. And then he said something I didn't understood. He gonna kill all of us except the fagot. He's getting rich with his ass." He finished his story with difficulties because of the crying and sobbing. " so Steven is missing since the day before yesterday? I asked. " no he was here in the lobby yesterday to tell me, he found a boy he can live with. He said he is in love with Norbert". That name rung a bell in my head. It was quiet in the room expect Brian's sobbing and I heard from the other room loud shouting. I opened the door and saw the dad entering the room." Who the fuck are you?" He asked Sven. " I'm here because of Steven" he answered. " oh that is fast. He's not here right now but I can get hold of him any minute" the father said with a false grin of his lips. " we don't have time for that" Sven said and looked the man in the eye. " we'll I've got another son for 10.000 dollar more you can have him too" Brian was right beside me when his dad said that. He started crying and cursing " you motherfucker wanna sell your boys" I screamed and only now he realized that we weren't here to pick up the boy. Sven looked at me and I screamed. " Hold him, that son of a bitch was here to pick up Steven to sell him". Sven didn't waisted one second and with one big jump over the couch he pushed the guy to the wall. The impact was so hard that I thought I heard bones crushing. The dad tried to whirl around and hit Sven with his fist at his face. Sven ducked his head and the fist flew inches over his head. Coming up Sven stroke the dad with his right fist exactly on the chin. He was knocked out and felt to the floor. Brian came closer to his dad and tried to kick him in the face. But I was faster and pulled him away. "No don't do that. He is not worth it" I said. The mom was sitting on the floor and held her head in her hands. She was sobbing and crying. Brian went to her, hugged her and joined in crying. I told Sven what Brian told me in a fast English because I didn't wanted them to hear my concerns about Norbert. When I finished Sven said " we can not loose one more minute. If he's with Norbert and he is missing since yesterday already, than the chances are high that he is already in the hands of those..." But he shut down when the mother asked" do you know where Steven is? Please bring him home. Please". She looked at both of us with fear in her tearful eyes. " can you stay with them until the police will be here. I don't want them to be alone when that asshole wakes up again. I gotta go" he kissed me briefly and whispered in my ears." Love you". As soon as Sven closed the door,the dad was moaning on the floor. Dammit he's waking up. I told Brian to go and search for a belt or a tie so we could tie him at least. Brian came back with two belts. I tied his hands and Brian his feet. As the dad opened up his eyes Brian came close to his face and spit him right in the eyes. " you bastard " the dad said. " that's the thanks to raise you bastards even you are not mine. " Brian looked at him and then to his mom. " he's not your dad nor Stevens. Your dad died in an car crash and Sven's left me because I cheated on him with that piece of shit" she screamed at her husband.

" you bitch wait till I'm cut open your throat." He spoke like a maniac. I believe in love and that was far away from love. Brian now addressed his dad. " If you try to raise the hand against her or Steven I'm gonna kill you". And he spit on the floor again. There was a knock at the door and the police finally showed up. They took the husband Into custody and told the mother to press charges. While the police interviewed the mother and Brian they discovered the missing child. And they asked me how I'm involved in all that. I didn't know what to say and gave them Cassandra's phone number. They called and 20 minutes later they knew that a street worker already was on the search for that kid.

After the police was gone I tried to calm down Brian and his mom. " my name is Barbara." She said. Brian looked at me and asked almost whispered. " you and the black guy are a couple?" I nodded my head. " how is it, being gay? I mean can you be happy with a man?" I looked at him. He didn't used the right words but I was sure he wanted to kmow how it is to live a gay life " everyone has to make decisions in his life. I decided to spend the rest of my life with a wonderful man,I love more than my life." Now I addressed both of them. They were siting next to each other in a hugging position. "When Steven comes home he needs you both. He needs his mom to support him and he needs his brother. He mad a decision and he will live with it. And you have to accept that." Brian's sad eyes were looking to the floor but he asked" what about your friends when they find out that you are gay or that your brother is?" I don't know if he asked for himself or for the behalf of his brother. I don't think his mother knows about the secret BJ's between them. So I said carefully." Your friends will accept what you are when they are real friends. If they don't, don't cry about them. They are not worth your friendship. And in Stevens case. Don't try to defend him. Your friends have to accept that you are good with him. If they don't wanna be friends with you anymore because your brother is gay. Fuck them. You will find new ones. In Germany the gay matter is more accepted in young generations. So be his brother like you was before. Don't change the way to interact with him. Both of you". We heard a knock at the door and when Brian opened I saw Cassandra entering the room. " Cassandra what you are doing here. Have you heard from Sven yet?" I asked because after two hours without hearing from Sven let the fear crawl up my bones. " nope not yet" she said. "The police told me to come to the hotel. They will be here any minute. " I thought she's gonna bring some good news but now I felt more down than before. " he's fine." She said more to me I guess. I introduced her to Barbara and Brian and gave her an quick update of the case. She started talking to Barbara in a broken German but the mom told her she speaks English. So they switched the language. Brian came closer and asked." Is Steven all right?" And it was hard to tell him that I don't know. " are you scared that something happens to your friend?" He asked me and took me by surprise. "Yes I am and I'm also worried about Steven."

" thank you" he simply said and went back to his mom. Cassandra's phone was ringing and she shouted" that's Sven." My hart began to beat faster with great anticipation to hear the news. I hoped he found Steven but primarily I wanted to know he's all right. "He found him they are on the way back". Cassandra shouted. Barbara and Brian started crying again. And I thought how their life would have changed if Ben haven't found Steven. But i was happy for them. We had to wait almost one and a half hour until they both came. Steven was wrapped around by his mom and Brian. Sven came up to me and kissed me forcefully. After the kiss I felt my dick rising in my paints. And I saw a tent in his too. I looked in his eyes and he smiled at me. " Cassandra do you need me to wait for the police or can you handle that?" He asked without letting go of my eyes. " no you two go ahead. I'll handle that but I need the report by tomorrow" she said back. We literally run out of the hotel room. In the hallway he turned me around and lifted me up. " hey what's wrong with you. Not here and not right now. Wait until we are home. There are cameras all around us." He let me down and pulled me into the elevator. But he didn't tried it again. I pushed the parking level, but he pushed the lobby. When the door opened he dragged me to the reception area. " I need a room for tonight" he told the concierge. "We'll we don't have a room available. But you can have a suite. " "Ok I take that" and he pulled out a platinum Visa card. Wow I thought not bad, not bad. The concierge took the card and 10 minutes later we closed the door to the suite. Sven whirled me around and lifted me up again. His tongue invaded my mouth and his hands my hair. I took of his glasses because they were somehow in my way. I liked the way he held me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I could clearly feel his hardon. I wanted him and he wanted me it seemed. He carried my to the couch and tossed me on it. With his hands he opens my zipper and pulled down my jeans. The tight briefs showed a big bulge. He was out of his paints in a heart beat. He pulled down his paints and his boxers in one motion. And here it was the object of my desire. I didn't had the chance in Vegas to suck that beautiful dick. Faster as a bullet leaves the chamber I had his dick head in my mouth. He moaned and his hands pushed my head down on his cock. The curved dick made it somehow down my throat. He held me in place with his dick deep inside me. The next moment he pulled at my hair and I knew what he wanted. I let go of his dick completely and blew shortly before I took it back in at his piss hole. " aaaghhhhhhhhh was the sound I heard. And I started again and again. He only played with my hair. After a few minutes I used one if my hands to move him on the side, so his behind wouldn't be on the couch anymore. Right away I started playing with his gorgeous ass. I used one finger to expire the soft skin around his hole. " v I want to feel you inside of me" and he moaned when I forced my finger inside. I felt his dick wiggling and knew he would blew right now. I expected a big load but what he gave me was more like water dam break. I couldn't keep up with swallowing and a good amount of sperm run out of my mouth." Aaaaaggghhhhhh" he screamed. All that made me so horny that I started to fuck the bed sheet. After his climax subsided he pulled me up and kissed me. It didn't bother him that there were still his cum around my lips. He pressed his lips on mine only briefly. " please V now fuck me". I laid my finger on his lips and said. " I don't fuck you I'm gonna make love to you". I wanted him more than ever but i wanted it as comfortable as possible. I pulled him of the couch. " V what are you doing?" he asked" i want you dont you want me?". " Of course i want you but not here on the couch. Come on". I said and pulled on his arms. There has been two doors and I went straight to the French door witch I assumed must be the master bedroom. And I was right. There was the big California king size bed. And it was high enough. I could stand next to the bed and didn't had to kneel down on him. Sven laid down on his belly but i wanted to see his eyes when i would enter his butt. He willingly rolled over and i mad him pull his legs up on the bed. With his hole exposed I went down to his man cave. My tongue circled around his entrance and finally I pushed my tip through. He moaned. To make sure he will feel less pain as possible I spit on his hole and pushed first one finger inside of him. Two, three, four finger went inside without any difficulties. And after I was sure his hole was widened enough I spit one more load of saliva on his hole. I spit in my hand and lubricated my shaft. My dick head was covert in precum.

I placed myself between his enormous legs and aimed my cock head at his wet hole. He moaned as he felt my dick head touching the outside of his ass. I pushed further and divided his ass lips. I could see his eyes rolled up because of the pain he felt. He stopped breathing. I waited a second and then I pushed deeper. " oh fuck that hurts oh fuck oh fuck". I stood still and gave him time to adjust to the pain. When he was breathing again I went further. " ahhhhhhhh " he sobbed and he quizzed his ass muscle together. Now I thought fuck that hurts. And I slapped him on his ass cheek. He stopped squeezing. I hit his butt cheeks again and again. His muscles relaxed and he started to breath normally now. " If its to painful I stop. We can do it another time". I said. But with his eyes closed he searched with his hand for mine. " no I want that please" he answered. When I was in , the whole way I stood still for a minute and started slowly to pull out my cock. Not all the way only a few inches to make sure I don't have to penetrate his anus again. It was a amazing feeling to fuck him finally. I waited so many years. And he even more. I wanted to last, but my desire wanted differently. After only a few strokes I couldn't hold it back anymore. I looked down at him and told him that I will blew way to early but he smiled and said " don't worry we have the whole night". And I came. I came like never before. I screamed at the top of my lung. And he moaned. He wrapped his legs around my hip and pulled me deeper inside of him. I could see his veins in his neck pumping blood to his brain. And he came only seconds after I had my climax. His cum shot up all the way to his head and landed on his face and hair. He still held me close with his legs. His climax was so intensive that he wouldn't let go of me. He finally removed his legs and I was able to pull my dick out if him. With my cock came a lot of sperm and everything went down on the new bed sheet. I crawled on top of him and rested my head after a passionate kiss on his chest. " what was that?" I asked. He took a deep breath. My whole body moved. " When I left you, I drove right to Norbert's place. I know where he lives. He wasn't home and I decided to wait for him to come home. And here he came with a young boy in his arms. I was glad to see him with Steven. As soon as they went in his apartment I went too. On his door I cached up with them. When he saw me he knew he was in trouble. He pulled out a butterfly knife and held it to Stevens throat. Don't come closer or that bitch will die he said. For Steven felt his world appart. He started crying and asked Norbert why he was doing this and that he loved him so much. The only thing Norbert shouted was shut up bitch. I heard sirens outside because I called the cops before I went inside. Norbert knew the police would be here any minute and he tossed Sven in my direction. He than turned around and jumped out of the window. But the cops were already in the alley behind his house. They shouted at him to drop the knife but he went straight to the next cop and injured the man. The second cop shot him right in the chest. Norbert was only 19 years old. And I thought when I die today I would die as a virgin." I lifted my head and looked him in his brown eyes. He really meant what he was saying. I thought he was joking around but he was dead serious about that." And one other thing. I want that every day now if possible, but I know you getting older and don't wanna do it...." He stopped mid sentence because I tickled his feet. We both laughed. And than he said again with a serious look in his eyes. I want to have kids with you. I know you would be a perfect dad". I didn't know what to say. I only felt my chest filling with proud and love for that man.



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