We drove home in absolutely silent each of us was having our own thoughts. Mine went from Snoopy to Sven and to Sean. Snoopy is probably the first person I wanted to be executed for what he did. Well he didn't kill anyone but he ruined the lives of two person who are very important in my life. Actually there are three. Jesus, i thought. Even I haven't seen and heard from him in a while I still loved him as a friend, so yes he was important for me too. I was determined to give him a call later on today to ask to meet me so I could tell him the news and make it up to him.

Sean, poor Sean he felt in love with Snoopy when he was 14. I don't know if it was love back them but I guess when you discover you are into men and one older guy is attracted to you, even takes your virginity, you feel something for that man. But is it love. I know I was deeply in love with Sean. Some of me still is. But not the kind of love I feel for Sven. I looked at him and questions myself what was going thru his mind right now. He just stared through the windshield at nothing in particular. I don't know what to say to him. I thought it will be the best to wait on him,until he opens up. My mind went back to Sean. He had a relationship with Jesus too. And I know Jesus still loved him very much. Sven interrupted my thinking. "V I am sorry." I looked again at his profile. "No need too my love. You know I'm here for you when you need me". I answered. But he didn't replied at all. Silent again.

At home he went straight upstairs without seeing Susan, who was home already, but more important, his son Curtis. I felt so helpless. I opened the living room door and heard Hans yelling." Papa, papa have you seem my new brother?" And jumped into my arms. Yes I saw him already at the hospital yesterday" I replied after I kissed him." Where is daddy?" He wanted to know. "He is tiered and want to take a nap. He will be here soon." I told him but looked at Susan. Her glance showed concerns and I couldn't wish it away. She sat on the couch and breathed feet little curtis. "Papa my brother need a bath. Has you seem how dirty he is?" Hans said innocently. I had to laugh. In all my sorrows today I had to laugh. Curtis was much, much darker as Hans. But I never thought somebody would see it as dirty. I kissed him again and let him down. I played with him for a while until Susan was done with Curtis. She gave it to Marie, the nanny, Sven hired to help out Susan until the birth. But we decided to keep her but she didn't know it yet. "What's wrong with Sven?" Susan asked and I told her everything. After I finished she looked sad and told me to go check on him. I kissed her on her cheek and went upstairs to see Sven. He laid on the bed, staring at the celling. I sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed his hand, he stretched out for me. I saw tears running down his face. With me sitting on the bed he moved himself up in a sitting position next to me. "I don't know what to do? I always thought he raped me, back then." He started and his body was shaken by sobs. "When I woke up, that night, he was naked, you know and I really thought.... I hated him for what he had done. I heated him and now I know I hated him for nothing. I tried to forget everything and he was a different person, after, so it was better over the month. And shortly after you left us, he came back with Snoopy and I was raped again. I thought again he did it. Mom started drinking because she thought her adopted son was a rapist. It's my fault, it's all my fault." And he crushed on the bed crying. The only thing I could do was to rub his enormous back, witch was shaken rapidly. It took him 5 minutes to calm down and he finally sat up again. I felt so sorry for him. I laid my hand on his shoulder and pulled lightly to gesture to kiss me. I didn't wanted to do it because I know it was something he had to do on his own. My eyes were looked in his brown eyes and slowly his face came closer. Half a way I couldn't wait anymore and I pulled forward to kiss him briefly and hugged him tied. "I am so sorry" he sobbed on my shoulders. "I'm not the one who you have to apologies to, mom and dad is coming today, maybe you can start there, to do it right." I said and pulled him even closer to my chest. I started calling Sven's parents mom and dad since their last visit. They both took me into their arms and told me to stop with that mr. and ms, BS. I was glad to hear that and started to say mom and dad right away. It took him another half am hour to get in shape again but then we made the way to the kids. The first thing he did was kissing Susan and took Curtis in his arms. His face lightened up and I was very pleased to see that. Susan still looked suspicious at him, I caught her once and shook my head at her. She was like mother Theresa, always wanted to please everyone. But right now it was better to let Sven decide, when and how he comes out, to them, with the truth. Hans told Sven the same he told me and I was so relived when Sven started laughing as I did earlier.

3 hours later Sven's parents arrived and they only had eyes for precious Curtis. Mom carried him around for hours. She wouldn't let go of him. Lol. Only when Curtis was hungry and started to cry she handed over the little man. But not for long. Dwight, dad, had a sparkling in his eyes, just like Sven, I never had seen before. He also was so proud to have grand kids. He enjoyed his reserved cigar and had a glass of whiskey with it. Mom was to occupied to pay any attention to him or us. She talked mostly with Susan and hugged and kissed her more than once. The later the afternoon went the darker went Sven's face. His mom saw it first and walked with Curtis in her arm to her son. I was not far away and overheard the conversation." What's bothering you so much my son. You should be celebrating with your dad and Victor. Tell me what's on your mind son. I know there is something." She said in her calm voice. "Mom I have to talk to you and dad. It won't be easy but I have to. Would you please come with me into the office, you and dad." And he looked at me. "I need you too my love". So we gathered in the office. There was a big couch two recliners and several chairs to choose to sit on. I sat down on one recliner. Mom and dad at the couch and Sven was passing his rounds thru the office. It was quiet for a long time. Mom and dad exchanged puzzled looks at each other and dad raised his shoulder as to say I don't know. "mom, dad we know now who attacked me. It was Snoopy." Mom dropped open her mouth to let out a oh my good, but covert it quickly with her hands. Dad stood up and also made his rounds thru the office. "And there is more I have to tell you. Sean never laid a hand on me. Not when I was 14 and not when Victor left him. It was Snoopy who raped me. Twice. " now mom started crying and dad stopped in his movements. "I knew it. I never was fully convinced he did it. Even when I saw him the first time naked in Sven's bed." He mumbled more to himself as to Sven. "I am so sorry dad." Sven started to cry now but Dwight came close to him and hugged him. "You don't have to son. All the evidence showed him guilty. But deep in my heart I knew he was innocent." And he held Sven close to his chest and rubbed his back with one hand. And Elisabeth joined them and cried with them. Sven let go of his dad and hugged his mom solitarily "Mom I am so sorry, that all of this happened. I wish..." I started but his sobs let his voice die. Mom took his head in her hand and looked right into his face. "Don't, do you hear me, don't you ever think my failure in faith in Sean has anything to do with you. Yes I believed he was guilty, other than your dad. He always held onto it and denied what Sean had done. Now I know he was right all the time. But I hadn't the strength like he had. I went down the wrong path with starting drinking. But it has nothing to do with you my love." She said and kissed Sven on his fore head. While Sven was talking to his mom I saw Dwight turning his back on them and his back shaking in sobs. I stood up and walked over. I laid my hand on his shoulder and he turned around. Tears in his eyes, he kept saying. "I knew it, I never believed in what everyone was telling me". I hugged him and assured him. "I also kept saying to myself. If Sean had done it, it wouldn't be the same person I felt in love with. I am glad the truth is out." Sven and his mom came over and we all had a group hug. Sven pulled out first and addressed his parents." I'll go with V tomorrow to Orange County to see Sean. I'm gonna tell him myself and I tell him how sorry I am." Mom kept crying but dad took his son into a hug and after a few seconds he kissed him on his cheek. "I know he will forgive you, he always loved you. Always".

After all was said we returned to Susan, Marie and the kids. Dad played with Hans and mom was, again playing with Curtis. I took Sven's arm and squeezed it. He turned and kissed me. "Thank you my love." But he didn't had to thank me. I loved him and all his sorrows were mine too.

We went to bed early this evening. But I couldn't sleep. Sven turned around as soon as he laid down. I snuggled as close as possible to his body and watched him breathing. I thought he was sleeping when he whispered. "V are you awake?" As answer I only kissed his shoulder. He turned around and rested his head on the palm of my hand. It was bright enough to see his eyes. They seemed to look right thru me. "How I'm gonna do it. How can I make that right?" I didn't know what to answer. I stroke his face with my other hand. "You will find a way. And I am positive everything is gonna be fine." I said but honestly I was hoping it more than knowing. He closed his eyes. But I could see tears are coming out of it. I kissed him. And he kissed me back.

In the morning, both of us stayed awake for most of the night, we both were lost in our own world of thoughts. Two hours later we sat in the visitors room on white tables. Nobody else was there,probably because of the early hour. It was 10.30 am. We waited longer than I had to wait the first time but finally the door opened and Sean came in. He was joking with one of the guards and laughed. But when he saw us both, the laugh left his face. With his head down he came closer and spoke without looking at us. "Oh look who's here. The happy couple." And a faked laugh escaped his mouth. "What do you want? He asked still not looking at us. "Are you here to get my blessings. Isn't that to late ?" He added with anger in his voice. Sven wanted to jump to his feet but I held his hand tide so he couldn't stand up. "Sean, we are here to tell you that we are married, but I assume you know that already. May I ask who told you?" I started the conversation. Now he looked up but his glance was only into my face. "Does it really matter who told me?" He asked sarcastically." None of you two had the guts to tell me, so " now his voice changed into sadness. Now Sven spoke to his brother. "Yes you are right, we didn't wanted to tell you. Better, I didn't wanted to". I squeezed his hands to shut him up but he continued. "V was asking to come with him to tell you but I couldn't jump over my shadow." And I took over because Sven swallowed hard to avoid starting crying. "We are sorry, we should have told you way before, but there was no chance. Tell me who told you ? I know dad wasn't here in a while". He looked at me with a surprised face. "You call him dad?" I nodded my head. "Yes mom and dad just like you and Sven. " I smiled. I saw a small grin on his face but only for a split second. He thought about what to say and how to act next." I only had one visitor who comes to visit me. Snoopy was here two month ago. He told me that you two are married now." That explains a lot I thought. There was an awkward silence for a while before Sven addressed his brother again." Sean I want to..." He swallowed again. "To say I am sorry that I ... accused you of raping me. We know...." And now he started crying. Sean looked at Sven in disbelieve and concerns. Sven sobbed badly and I felt horrible to see him in that stage. "Sean, Sven was attacked a few weeks ago. He spend some days in the hospital and had a temporary memory loss. It took him a while to recover from the blow to his head by a steel pipe. Two days ago he discovered under hypnosis who attacked him." Sean started at his brother with scared eyes. "It was Snoopy who attacked him and tried to kill him." Now his eyes showed even more concerns and fear. "Oh my god, why? He asked with a shacking voice. Sven started again. "He said something about staying out of his business. He also said something very strange." He stopped and looked his brother in his eyes. "He said it was to bad that he had fucked my ass only twice. I guess he drugged us back then and he raped me and let you take the guilt. And the second time u where already drunk and he must have drugged me again. " I saw tears erupting in Sean's eyes". Sven I was mean to you I know, but I never would have raped you. I don't know what happened that night. Everyone was telling me I had raped you and as ....." His body was trembling with sobs now. "... Dad told in tears that he found me in your bed I didn't know what to believe. Maybe I did it." And now he cried too. My heart was hurting, seeing both brothers cry. They both meant a lot to me. My first love and the love of my life, together in a very sad union. Sven moved his hand witch were on the table the hole time closer to the center and Sean took them into his. I looked at the guard and expected to hear again" no touching" but he looked the other way. " I am so sorry Sven that you had to live with the thought I did it." Sean let out and I had difficulties to understand it because of the sobbing. They both squeezed the others hand so hard that you could see the knuckles turning there color. I was about to stand up to let them both time to be alone for a few moments and tried to let go of Sven's hand he still had in his other hand. As soon as he felt my intention he increased he force to squeeze my hand too and Sean moved his second hand on the table in my direction. So did I and now all three of us held on to each other. I also swallowed hard to keep the tears away. Sean was first to speak again. "I am so sorry Snoopy did this to you. He is kinda weird the last few years, I know, but I never expected something like this to happen. I didn't liked his friends, he was hanging out with. And his " work colleges" I even hated more." Sean said and now I could see why Sven will be a good cop. "What colleges?" And he looked Sven straight in his eyes. "Oh he never worked you know that but once in a while he had some mean looking Hispanics in his house in Palmdale. Every time they were there I had to leave the room or the property in one case. And they had guns, and a mean character. " " when was that. I mean when did he told you to leave the house?" " Shortly before I was convicted. Why". Sven looked from his brothers face into mine and spoke to me now. " around two years ago the disappearance of those under aged teens started. It make no sense at all but somehow it seems Snoopy is involved." Sean started smiling. "It's true, you gonna be a cop. Snoopy also told me..." Sean said but didn't finished the sentence because Sven interrupted him. "He know that I'm working for the police?" Sven looked puzzled. " I guess, he mentioned something about you being a cop one day. Yes." That explains it, I thought. And if its true and Snoopy is working for the kidnapping organization, that would have been the motive for the attack on Sven. We talked about other stuff for another half an hour before we told Sean that we gonna leave. "Dad is coming tomorrow with mom." Sven said still holding his brothers hand. "Mom hasn't been here since..." Sean couldn't finish what he was about to say. He was back to crying. Sven hugged his brother and whispered something in his ear. With that Sean stooped sobbing. "I'm not mad at her. I always thought she's mad at me." Sven shook his head and hugged him again. I looked in the direction of the guard expecting again a " no touching " but there was none. I interrupted the brother to give Sven a good by hug. He held on tide and before he released me out if his arms he kissed me on my cheeks. "I love you V, always have, always will." The only thing I could say before the cotton ball was back in my throat was love you too. Sven hugged his brother. And before Sean let go of him he said loud enough so I could hear it. "Sven, you take care if V. I was stupid enough to let him go. You better hold on to him." And both looked in my face. "Brother, I never let him go." Sven said and kissed his brother, who was 2 inch shorter on his for head.

I was glad when we were in the car and on our way home. "And my love was it that bad? I asked Sven after a while if silence. He took my hand and firmly squeezed it. "Nope but that's only because you are with me my love." I kissed the back of his hand. "I'm glad it's over. Thanks to you my love. "I replied. He turned his face and smiled at me.

Susan, mom and dad bombarded Sven with question over question. Mom started crying again when Sven told her about the reconciliation of the brothers. Dad took me aside and asked how Sean reacted when Sven told him they both would come. "He had tears in his eyes. But I guess it has been tears of joy. And dad go easy on him if he react kinda strange. I'll bet he don't know how to deal with his guilt right now. And how he should handle mom. Sven had difficulties with it now imagine how he must feel. "Dwight just hugged me and went back to the others. I took Sven aside and asked him if it would be ok to call Jesus and tell him about the outcome of the attack. He looked concerned but assured me that it will be ok and kissed me. In that kiss he tossed his pation, his desire and a lot of lecherousness. I pushed him away. "Hey your parents are right here in the room with us, you horny little man." I whispered in his ears. I saw already his zipper expanding. "You will wait till tonight" and I kissed him back. This time I drilled my tongue in his mouth and he moans so loud that Susan let out a fake cough." You are so mean to me" Sven said quietly and smiled.

I called Jesus's number and after the third ring he picked up. "Hello?"

Me: it's me V how are you buddy?

Him: oh V.... Good good how are you? Me : doing good my friend. Listen I got news and I wanna speak to you anyway so why don't we meet at Starbucks for an expensive coffee my friend. Him: oh, eh I'm kinda busy right now. Can't that wait ?" He asked. My curiosity woke up in me. "You got a new boyfriend?" I asked jokingly. He was quiet. "Look V I don't know if its a good idea to meet." What was wrong with him? "Come on buddy what's going on? It's just a friendly small talk. Actually I have good news. It will affect you too." I didn't wanted to give up. "Ok then in half an hour. On PCH? See you" he said quickly and hung up. Something was going on with Jesus. But what?

I was there early, didn't took me 15 minutes to go there but I had to wait over half an hour for him to show up. When I finally saw him he looked sad, tiered and I even thought he had cried just recently. I stood up to hug him but he only gave me his hand. Weird. So we sat down and he asked what was going on. What news I had for him. I told him everything about Sean and Sven and the attack and who did it. First he avoided eye contact but when he heard Sean's name and that Sven was attacked by Snoopy he looked up right in my eyes. When our eyes met I saw a glance of joy and brightness in his eyes but not for long. After a few seconds he lowered his head again. "So now tell me about yourself. It's quite a while that I had seen you around Greg and Andrew. What are you doing the whole day. Jerking off ? I asked with a laugh. Still his eyes on the table he cleared his throat. "Nope I have a new job and.... What the fuck, why should I lie. I'm not with them anymore because I can not stand seeing you with Sven when I'm over there." He shocked me with that. I only could ask why. "V, I don't know man. I felt for you. I know we never had something except the one BJ I gave you but I don't know why my feelings for you are so strong. I really thought we could be together at Greg's wedding. And then you felt in love with Sven, and I thought I can handle that. You are the first man, after Sean ,I really feel love for." He made a pause and looked me straight in the eyes. I didn't know what to say or how to respond. It felt somehow good to hear you are loved but on the other hand it felt weird. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. And this silence showed reaction on Jesus. "It'll be the best for both of us to go separate ways from now on Victor. Thx for telling..." But I cut him off. " I had no idea that you have feelings for me man. I love you too, my friend. I really love you and I don't wanna loose you as a friend and I want you in my life man. I value you as a close friend. I'll find a way to show you how big my love is for you. I'll promise. Yes I'm with Sven and I love him to death. But I also would die for you and Greg....." He had tears in his eyes now and stood up. "Victor I am sorry. Right now every word hurts when you talk about others. I need time to..." And he walked away. I tossed 20 bucks on the table and went after him. Outside I could get a grip of him and whirled him around. I hugged him. He started sobbing and tried to get rid of me. "Jesus I love you man. I will show you how much. I'll promise. But please don't, do you hear me don't turn your back on me. I need you in my life. "I knew I lent way to far out of the window with that but Sven will understand. Well I hope he will. Lol. Jesus stopped fighting my hug and hugged me back. Sobbingly he said. "Give me a few more days, Victor, I will try to get my feelings under control. And I would never turn my back on you. I would die for you, that is how much I love you man." He said and turned around and left. I watched him walking away. His BJ was the bomb I thought and I always wanted that cute ass. I promised him to show him how much he meant to me but I didn't know how I could do it.

At home I told Sven everything. It was one hour to midnight when I finally finished. He only looked at me, didn't said one word. When I was done he came close to me and kissed me. "Hey I don't give you permission to cheat on me but if you really want it..." I slabbed the back of his head. "What the fuck, I would never do such a thing. You should know me better." I replied and tried to slab him again. He ducked my hit and grabbed my hand with his and pulled me onto him. "I'm glad you said that. Didn't wanted to hear differently my love". And he pressed his lips on mine. A shiver shoot thru my body and all of a sudden I was horny as hell. I pulled up my knee and rubbed it on his crutch. With my hand I pulled his hair so he couldn't let go of my kiss. He moaned. I did the same. And now something odd rushed thru my head. He laid his hand behind my back and squeezed me onto his chest. With my knee on his dick he needed only seconds to get a hard on. I broke the kiss "not right now my love, let's go shopping. "I said and he looked at me as I would had stabbed him with a knife in the back. "What the fuck. It's the second time today I'm standing here with a boner, and you wanna go shopping. In the middle of the night?" He asked puzzled. I smiled at him. "Yes I want to go to target to by you a shirt my love." I said but had something totally different in mind. It took me a few more pleased and come on but he agreed and we went to the Torrance target. Big store on the first level. Underneath all parking space. A few cars had still be there but I was not sure how many customers would be inside the store. I walked straight to the men section and picked out the ugliest shirt I could find. I picked out a pink one with green strips." Oh my good. What happened to your taste. You never had such bad taste in cloth before." Sven laughed but I gave him the shirt and told him to try it on. "Let's see if a handsome guy makes a ugly shirt fashion." I laughed and pushed him in the direction of the dressing room. That was sitting in the center of the store. When he reached to one stall I checked if somebody was in one of the others and when I couldn't see one other customer in there I pushed Sven inside and looked the door behind him. He whirled around and wanted to say something in protest but I shut his mouth with mine. My tongue was inside his mouth in a heart beat and I conquered his tongue for a battle. And I lifted up my knee again and rubbed his dick and his balls with it. He moaned. My hand stripped his shirt over his head but as soon as I had a clear shoot at my target, my lips closed again his mouth. Before I could kiss him he smiled at me. "You little horny bastards. You are getting of by doing it in public. Oh my lord you are a bad man". He said and drove his tongue again in my mouth. Now I moaned. With my hands I fumbled on his zipper and when open,I pulled down his pants. His boxers showed a huge tent and I eagerly laid one hand on his best friend. He moaned loudly. " pshhh be quiet. They call the security on us if they find out" I whispered. I dropped to my knees and by going down I took his boxers with me. My goal was standing right on front of my face and it didn't took me long to swallow it whole. Deep in my throat I felt a drop of precum leaving his dick head. And he moaned again. Louder this time. I couldn't say anything because his hands on the back of my head made it impossible to let go of his 9 inch clock. I didn't care anymore. He started fucking my face, first slowly but increasing the beat by the minute. I felt he was close and I gestured to let go of my hair. "Don't you dare to shoot your load I want you to fuck me right here and right now." I told him and he helped me to stand up. His lips looked at mine and his tongue was everywhere inside my mouth at once. His hand played with my for skin and I pushed his hand aside because I felt my sperm building up inside my balls. I don't wanted to blast right now. I wanted to have his proof of manhood but tied up my ass when I let go of the cream a la V. He smiled when he broke the kiss. "You asked for it and he turned me around. On the way thru the store I grabbed one bottle of Vaseline of one of the shelfs and now I squeezed some on his pole and a bit more at my crack hole. I knew when he is like that, it would hurt when he expand my sphincter. With my back to him I turned and searched for his mouth. He knew that I wanted to kiss him while entering my inside. He was quite good by now with aiming his cock on my ass without any help by his hands. They held both of my nipples. And now I felt his enormous head dividing my ass muscle and pushing it all the way in. I moaned louder than anticipated. The pain I felt the first time in Las Vegas wasn't there anymore. Yes it still did hurt but not that much anymore and as soon as he past my prostate I felt the adrenaline rushing thru my body. And a big drop of precum left my shaft and my for skin. He fished it with one hand and offered it to me. I swallowed my own precum of his hand. Now he moaned. Loud. Lol he started his rhythm like in slow motion. I could feel every inch going in and out. It made me wild. And with every thrust he let out a agghh but that was muffled with my mouth. After 5 minutes of pleasuring me he demanded now his needs. He let go of my mouth and pulled my hip back a little so that I had to bent more to reach the dividing wall in our stall. The plywood wall made some cracking noise when I pushed it with my body weight against it. And with every impact of his body on my ass the wall made that noise now. Creak, creak, creak. All of a sudden we heard the door right beside us open and closing. Sven stopped instantly. We heard heavy breathing , a zipper open and then we saw a shadow on the floor. As if somebody would knee down and move the head closer to the dividing wall. The walls inside the both left about 10 inch open on the floor so you could see if somebody was inside. I thought that would mean the end of our secret sex play but Sven had no intention to pull out his dick. He looked down, as I did, and we both saw a baseball cap emerge under the wall. And we heard a voice" damn, fuck, fuck fuck". And the noise you made when you beat your meat like crazy. Sven looked in my face and smiled. He started to fuck my arse again. Oh fuck that's hot was what our audience had to say to that. And I also thought what the fuck. I was the one who love to be in public places but my beloved husband liked to be watched. Never thought that would happen. He trusted his cock deep inside my crack and let out a agghh, aggh agghh with each blow. The guys head came further onto our side and now I could make out a face. I guessed Hispanic, about 18-19 years old and handsome. His nose was maybe a little to big but still very handsome. He looked right up and our eyes met only for seconds He moaned. His focus was on Sven's dick fucking my hole. He probably laid flat on the floor because I could see his hip and the shadow oh his beaten cock. Suddenly I saw a steam of cum flew on our side on the floor. But he didn't stopes jerking off. Sven saw the load to and intensified his doing. I was so hot that I started to jerk off myself but Sven stopped me from doing it." Don't I want to swallow your load" he said load enough so the boy could hear it. And he moaned again" fuck,fuck,fuck" he said. Sven's motion were as fast as he possible could drill his dick inside me. And then he stopped and I heared his deep growling again and felt the hot sperm blasting the inside of my guts. Oh what a feeling, I thought and turned my head to kiss him while he was unloading his men juice. Jet after jet and when he finally pulled out there was another blast hitting the floor close to the boys face. He didn't hesitated and wiped it of with his finger and sucked on it. He let go of the second blast himself. "Fuuuuccccckkkk" he cried out. Sven was already on his knees and turned me around. His body fluid leaked out of my anus like out of a broken red cup. It dropped to the floor but not for long,the Mexican boy collected it. He crawled further inside and reached for Sven's leg. I thought Sven would show him to stop but he willingly opened up his leg and let the stranger grab his private part with was btw still hard as a rock. The boy cried one more time and another jet of sperm flew to the floor. Seeing all that made me blast my load as well. Sven collected it in his mouth, stood up and feed me with my own cum. We stood there for another 5 minutes or so,just kissing. I finally said "That was so hot. I can not believe you let him grab your dick" he smiled. "Next time you will be the one."



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